Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san – 11-12

Fear the landlady

Azazel-san’s last arc is here! With episode thirteen as the last episode, of course. Oh wow, I’m actually reviewing this anime until the end. Who could’ve thought that I like something that I picked out of a whim of boredom (and Tenchou’s suggestion)? It starts with Beelzebub being worried about his cosplaying pictures, which turns out to be his real form published on the internet. He’s not scared of social banishment unlike Rinko, since nobody can see him, but he’s afraid that the angels might see his pictures. And of course, an angel just does that.

Huge gap between imagination and reality

Meet, um, Angel 2? Man, can’t remember his name because he’s just so UGLY to the point where I refuse to remember his name. Does he even have a name? Anyhow, a hiker angel is roaming around Japan out of all countries to search for a grimoire. He was too engrossed in climbing mountains and never realized that there could never be grimoires in mountains. Desperate for some grimoires for the sake of promotion, Angel-san decided to look up on the internet (with some porn of course), and he found Beel’s “cosplaying” pictures.  He goes to Akutabe’s workplace, only to find the whole apartment being protected by some demonish barrier. Rudely he tells the landlady to go and bring him the grimoire, and he only finds his ass being taekwondo-ed by the same woman. I would do that too, the angel is rude as hell.

Such a hard-working person

Move that sexay body, landlady!

Meanwhile, Rinko is getting annoyed at the landlady, since she’s…well, annoying? She does complain about the late payment (which really isn’t Rinko’s fault), and with her special moves that I need to learn, the landlady steals Rinko’s snacks and three thousand yen. Angry Rinko is pissed, and she decides to use her demon slave Manda to change the landlady into a nice woman.

Before and After

With her bad acting skills, Rinko manages to make the landlady say something nice about herself, and Manda takes that chance to use his powuh to make false words into reality. Not only the landlady gives back the three thousand yen, she wants to give Rinko THREE MILLON YEN. Since she has a little bit of humanity left in her, Rinko runs away so she won’t take the money… Che, she’s so stupid–er, I mean wow applause for Rinko! *mumble mumble*

Money no Jutsu

The landlady, since she’s all nice, starts leaking water through her eyes when she spots the angel outside. She feels guilty for kicking his hairy ass, and wants to make up for it. Angel uses his brain and tells the landlady to bring him Beel’s grimoire. Uh-oh. UH OH. After some mahjong gamble, Azazel tells Rinko to buy gazillion stuff for him, while he himself refuses to help her shop. Beel, wanting to get some curry bun, offers his help. And thus Rinko and Beel leave for grocery shopping. Which only leave Manda and Azazel in the apartment, where both of them fight to their death because Mando cut Azazel’s hand. Can’t blame Manda, Azazel was swapping the mahjong card so he won’t lose from Beel anymore. Too busy fighting, the demons didn’t realize the landlady sneaking into the apartment with her secret skill easily. She opens up Rinko’s bag, takes the key where the grimoires are stored, and takes Beel’s grimoire to the angel. Oh shit.

You know those oldies in stories that always take strangers in?


Akutabe comes back from MY HOUSE, and spots the angel waiting for the landlady. After beating up the angel (go evil Akutabe!), he decides to check with the demons whether the grimoires are safe or not. Not trusting the demons, he checks the grimoire shelve, and he… can’t find Beel’s grimoire. Even though he runs downstairs to kick the angel’s ass, he is too late. The angel is already flying away to heaven, with Beel’s grimoire. Azazel starts to Cry Beel A River, and Rinko can’t find Beel anymore…

Everybody start crying NOW!

Weekly Dose of the Dark Side:


Feminists, prepare your guns

Azazel spurting red rainbow, how sweet

Now that’s more like it, Akutabe. Show me your evil side <3

This is epic

End Thoughts:

Holy shit WOW Kamiyan NOOOOOOOOOOOO. *deep breath* Ok, I’m relaxed now…NO I’M NOT! T____T Shit fly or not, it’s Kamiyan damn it! Why is he the one that disappears!? Grrr! But I guess it make sense to have Kamiyan killed because he’s Azazel’s best friend. Since, ya know, Azazel is the useless main character and all that…Kamiyan T___________T

And the angel, oh wow, the angels are still fugly as ever. Seriously, why are the side-characters here all UGLY!? It’s nice to have Akutabe to be the only hot BAMF in this anme, but I need some eye candy too! And no, Beel’s human form isn’t nice at all. He is not my type. But anyhow, I guess my theory that the angels’ physical form reflects the angel’s personality is right. The hiker angel is one rude asshole, who happens to be a failure in life too. Just look at his, um, apartment in, um, heaven. And how he treats his, um, mother. Ugh I can never stand that kind of people. Also, wow at how heaven is portrayed in this anime. I guess this anime is all about the dark side, eh? This is definitely making fun of the good guys and glorifying the dark side. But I wouldn’t mind the dark side with Akutabe in there *rapes Akutabe*

And yes it’s nice to see Akutabe again, back in action. I just love how evil he is, and his voice OH SO SEXY. ALL HAIL DEEP MALE VOICE. And Rinko is the same as usual. Once more, the root of the problem is her. If she just stops using the demons for her personal benefit only, I’m pretty sure Beel won’t disappear. Didn’t she learn from the OVA already? And what happened with that stalker guy? Obviously, if the demons are used for one’s selfish want, the summoner won’t gain much. I guess that’s the reason why Akutabe only uses demons for work. But anyhow, the episodes are still enjoyable as usual. I just love the little details on the gags (such as the landlady praying when the angel flies away or when Manda cleans Azazel’s blood off his sword). I love animes that always take care of the little things that won’t be noticed immediately. It just shows how much they’re actually taking the original material seriously or not.


Beel T_T


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  2. tanukichan says:

    Haha, do you know that Akutabe is voiced by Namikawa Daisuke (aka Italy and Prince Baka)? He’s one of my favourite seiyuu. The man has an amazingly wide range, but I prefer his deeper voice. <3

    Also, from what little anime I've seen, whenever I see angels they're, more often than not, depicted as evil (or at least not in a good light). One example aside from this anime is Dororon Enma-kun. OTOH, devils/demons/demon world are usually favoured and widely used as main characters/setting in a lot of anime. For example: Yu Yu Hakusho, Beelzebub, Dororon Enma-kun (again), Inu Yasha, Kuroshitsuji, Kyou Kara Maou… I guess anime just prefers dark elements b/c it's cooler.

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