Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 03

Only in anime is it possible to spontaneously lose the ability to play piano

Urgh, it’s too bloody hot outside and I’m not motivated to do anything at the moment. Now I remember why I don’t enjoy summer all that much. Oh yeah, the single for the opening came out too. Anyways, let’s move on to your weekly dose of idols, bishies and whatever else you watch this show for.

The scores from the recording test come in and not surprisingly, Haruka passes. Tomo also announces that she passed as well. Those who did not pass are given a second test, but that’s not really important, because all of the main characters did.

Tokiya, however is not happy with his mark at all and decides to stalk his sensei down the hallway to tell him just that. The teacher tells him that his song lacked heart and that if he doesn’t do better, he will lose his spot in S class. Tokiya turns around and runs into Haruka. She apologises for mistaking him for Hayato last time they met. Tokiya tells her to forget about it and that it doesn’t matter. Also, he’s suspicious that Haruka is trying to get on better terms with him to get close to Hayato.

She walks into the classroom to find that on the chalkboard in big letters that people are suspicious that she passed because of favouritism (oh Japan, you and your bullying). Her friends quickly erase it, but Haruka’s self-esteem is pretty fragile and she obviously takes it pretty hard. Ringo calls her up to play the piano again, but the whispering starts again and Haruka runs out of the room.

Apparently nervousness has the same effect on vision as drinking too much does

Otoya asks Ringo to do something about the rumours, but Ringo tells him that the school isn’t normal and to be prepared for show business, the students need to be able to bounce back no matter what.

Haruka decides to hang out with the school’s flock of sheep to make herself feel better and while she’s there, her bed intruder cat friend shows up again.  She decides to name him Kupuru and goes to the school store to buy him food. There, she meets Masato and she tells him her doubts. She runs off to go find the cat again and she hears saxophone music. Turns out that its Ren, playing for his fangirls. Not quite sure why this is in here other than to point out that he plays the sax and has fangirls.

Haruka then does something. However, when she finally decides to stop moping and start practicing, she finds herself unable to play due to her classmate’s rumours. Tomo comes into the room worried for Haruka, but Haruka lies and says the she’s okay.

At the dorms, it’s time for some role reversal and Otoya decides to make a cake for Haruka to cheer her up. He gets Natsume (who is wearing the manliest apron EVER) to show him how to bake and Shou warns Otoya about Natsume’s cooking. It starts out alright, but things start to go wrong when he adds in a chocolate bar with the wrapper still on it and it only gets worse from there. Otoya is KO’d thanks to being force fed the horrible cake and Shou tries to run away, but Natsume apparently had a parachute hidden under the apron and jumps out the window to follow him.

Haruka goes for round two in her battle with the piano, but she still can’t play. Masato shows up and says that he used to have the same problem with anxiety and couldn’t eat in front of his strict father (oh Japan, you and your overbearing parents). He also said that there were good times too, causing Haruka to talk about her childhood and recall the good times she had with a piano (no, not like that). Rememberingthe good times, she can suddenly play the piano again and you know what this means? SINGING BISHIE TIME.

Little Masato is ADORABLE.

So yeah, Masato sings a song he wrote after meeting her for the first time and during it, Haruka practices on the piano and finally plays in front of the class. Normally I would question why he wrote a song for her when they only met a couple weeks or so ago, but the next scene reveals that he’s known for her longer than that.

Afterwards, Haruka goes up to Masato to thank him, but he ends up thanks her instead. We get a flashback of winter with Haruka and a bunch of tone deaf children singing in a park (Masato was present at the time). Apparently this taught him the wonders of music (LOL how? It’s wonders as a torture device?) and convinced him to go against his father’s wishes and take music. Back to the present, watching the two from a distance is Ren, who seems somewhat surprised that his bromance partner is with a girl. Or maybe that’s just my yaoi filter.

I’m sorry, but with the random colors like that, this scene just looks creepy

Final Thoughts:

Wait. So having a bishie with blue hair sing to someone is the cure for social anxiety? My entire life has been a lie. Also, I understand that she has anxiety problems, but it took Haruka FOREVER to finally solve the misunderstanding. The rumours would have most likely stopped right away if she had just started playing the piano when she was asked to. Even if she didn’t play it that well, she would have at least proven that she knew how to. Sigh, well at least she actually practiced music using an instrument this time. This show just… doesn’t make sense, but I’m going to keep pretending it does.

In other news, Bishie# 1 is my favourite so far. He’s been there for Haruka since the beginning and at the moment, he looks out for her the most. The whole making a cake thing for her was really sweet too, even if the end result was disastrous. I give him points for trying. My views may or may not change due to other developments with the rest of the bishies though, they have a lot of potential too (though I can’t see myself liking Ren’s character anytime soon). Also, the show is focusing a lot on Haruka. Could this mean we get a reverse harem heroine with some actual character development?! I mean, she can’t remain an introverted, depressed main character for the entire series, right?




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10 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 03”

  1. Junko says:

    Fun fact; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was written by Mozart.

    I also was kinda expecting a more cliche ‘omg she’s super good’ piano playing, but sadly, no, she’s not Nodame.

    Also, new fave Bishie, kthx

  2. Hime says:

    Masato was already my favorite but…KYAAA~

    He made me go all wobbily and scream KAWAIII!!! at my laptop screen.



    • Karakuri says:

      Admit it Hime, you’re enjoying this show. I KYAAAA‘d as well and I’m totally enjoying this WAY more than I thought I would

  3. Liza says:

    I thought the episode was adorable and Masato singing for her was awww. The only thing that bugged me about the episode was Haruka’s eyes. Seriously, I’m still wondering who thought that color would be normal for eyes.

    • Karakuri says:

      Wow Masato seems to be popular. Haruka’s eyes ARE strange looking. They were yellow in the game too, but somehow the artwork there made it look somewhat normal. Here she just looks posessed or something XD

  4. kuku311 says:

    KYAAAAAAAAH TBH Masato isn’t my fave with his lame >_< hairstyle, but seeing Suzumura sing in this episode make me <3<3<3 *goes nosebleed*

    • Karakuri says:

      He’s not my favourite either, but he’s up there. And yes!!! The singing made me fangirl quite a bit!

  5. Yvoon says:

    this anime is getting harder and harder to watch….

    i dont thin k i can stand the cliched-ness of this anymore..

    too much! >_<

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