Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 02

Are you ready?

The sparkling bishies are back! I know I said I probably wouldn’t be blogging this, but it was just too good to pass up XD. A switch from the introductory episode straight into the otome-type content here, but there were still some spots here and there that really shouldn’t have been funny but were.

Starting where the last episode left off, Haruka is back at the dorm and Tomo asks Haruka where she was. Flashing back to Haruka’s dilemma with Bishie # 6 (who looks like Hayato but apparently isn’t), she refuses to believe Tokiya when he claims that he isn’t Hayato. Just then, the principal spins in because apparently he was creeping from the bushes the entire time.

He explains that (GASP!) Tokiya is actually Hayato’s younger twin brother and that they are not the same person (how frigging young was Hayato when he made his debut anyways?!). The flashback ends and Tomo points out that she could use Tokiya to become close to Hayato. However, being the stereotypical heroine that she is, Haruka would never even think of doing that.

The next day, classes start and Ringo explains that the class is made up of those who want to become idols and those who want to become composers. Of course, all of the bishies (plus Tomo) want to become idols, so what better to do than pair the idols up with composers (aka Haruka)? To cover the bishies in the other classes, it’s mentioned that the idol/composer pairings don’t have to be from the same class.

However, there is a rule that there is absolutely no romance allowed and that anyone caught breaking the rule will be expelled.

Not that Haruka plans on following this rule

To test their abilities, the teachers announce a first recording test and that the pairs this time will be set by the teachers. Through a random lot, Haruka is paired up with Bishie #1, Otoya. To demonstrate what they’re talking about, Ringo calls on Haruka to play the winning selection from last year. Only, she hesitates because she doesn’t understand the score so her bitchy classmates start whispering about how she doesn’t know how to play piano (and etc). Otoya stands up for her, but there’s nothing that Haruka can do really.

After class, she goes and sits in the rain to show how depressed she is and Otoya appears to cheer her up again. He tells her that it’s okay if she can’t read a music score and that he’s never written lyrics before either so they’re both beginners. He tells her that he wants to give someone courage with his singing and this cheers Haruka up.

Later that night, Haruka studies scores in the library (where Bishies # 3 and 4 watch her because they seem to have nothing better to do) and Otoya tries to write lyrics in his room, which he shares with Tokiya.  Tokiya tries to explain lyric writing to Otoya, but his explanation is too long and Otoya wanders elsewhere.

We learn that Bishie #3 (Natsu-something, his name escapes me) and Bishie #5, Shou, share a room. We also learn that Bishie# 3’s lolicon tendencies extend to shoutas and Otoya walks in on Bishie# 3 trying to get Shou in a frog hat.

If this looks like yaoi to you, you’re not alone

Bishie# 3 tries to explain song writing to Otoya (Shou kind of died on his bed at this point), but his description sounds more like a drug trip than song writing (obviously Haruka has been sharing whatever she smokes to turn her eyes yellow). Shou then explains that Bishie# 3 is a genius, so it’s useless to try and ask him about it. Ren’s explanation is that he’s a lady’s man so he writes his songs for them. Masato (who shares a room with Ren, of course XD) explains with cryptic calligraphy.

Haruka gets a jazzy montage of her studying and she manages to learn to read music within a small amount of time. However, composing is still a mystery to her and she’s afraid of being a hindrance to Otoya, so she falls asleep crying. The cat from before enters her room again and Haruka has a dream about how she wrote a song for her grandmother on her birthday.

This school seems to have everything except door locks.

She goes out to the pond while thinking about how positive Otoya is and she begins humming to herself. Otoya then appears from behind her (by the bushes, like every other character this episode) and compliments her tune. He then tells her that he came outside because he couldn’t think of lyrics, but thanks to her composing, he has an idea. The two then work together to make a song (shouldn’t they have just done that from the start?). Cue montage. Oh and it’s heavily implied that Otoya is starting to like Haruka.

Tokiya watches their recording with sullen face and then stalks off to overly dramatic violin music and a cloudy sky. The episode ends there. For those of you who were wondering what happened to the dancing bishies from the opening, fear not! They’ve been moved to the ending.


Ending Thoughts:

I was too busy laughing through the former ending (now opening) to pay attention, but listening now, the song itself is actually is pretty good. I’m looking forward to the character singles for this, mainly because of the seiyuu orgy (as Kyokai so accurately put it XD). Lots of Bishie# 1 love this episode, which is fine by me. They didn’t really go deep into his character, but he really helped Haruka out here and they really portrayed him as a nice guy. Haruka herself is your typical timid yet hardworking character and I hope that changes… but seeing how the focus is more on her relationships with the bishies and their development as opposed to her own, I doubt it. Why does everyone in this school have such an awesome room except for her anyways? Really, all she has is the poster and the desk. It’s like they’re trying to point out that she’s an uninteresting character.

Looking at the game CGs: holy crap, what the hell went wrong with Masato’s hair in the anime form? It looks so much better in the game, I tell you. Yeah, speaking of, I went and ordered the game. I know, I’m sad. I also looked up a couple reviews beforehand to see if I should bother buying the game and it turns out that the random cat that shows up is actually plot relevant. Not sure if they’ll go down the route that involves the cat (it would be extremely strange if they did) but it would be fun nonetheless. Also, it’s confirmed. Shining Saotome is the greatest character here.


Not a clue what’s happening. Most likely more music and more bishies.

+1 bishie to Haruka’s harem. 5 more to go.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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12 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% – 02”

  1. Sabine says:

    I´m so in love with the former op, now in ed nah ed then op? X.X Whatever that song when they dansu on the stage, listening non-stop for an half hour, and not going to stop, Crazyy! >XDDDD *fangirl screaming* brainmelt 95% xDD save youself when you still can..!

    … Am I the only one who loves that song? x”DD

  2. Neena says:

    It totally looked like yaoi =))))) Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so

  3. umi_no_mizu says:

    Uta no Prince… where 75% of the show is a montage and all male characters must sit in bushes for unknown amount of hours and wait for the heroine to walk by XD

  4. Hime says:

    You like must put up a Lets Play of the game when you get it. SO MANY POSSIBLE LULZ~!

    But, yeah, this show is surprisingly awesome and fun. Who would have guessed?

  5. Joojoobees says:

    I was surprised they took such a serious turn.

    Of course they create a ridiculous problem and then come up with a very questionable solution. There was no real reason for Haruka to not be able to read music. It is unlikely that she would have been placed into the A class if she couldn’t read music. Not only does she learn to read music in one day, but she does so by looking at books, and never going near a piano, which would be the most credible way for her to learn. Finally, instead of coming up with the melody by working on her instrument, she is singing out in the moonlight.

    This show clearly does whatever it feels is most dramatic at the moment without worrying about the consequences/credibility.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, you’d think that they would test to see if they can read music before they tell them to compose. Also,according to the game reviews studying for an extended ammount of time seems to be Haruka’s default action for everything so be prepared for lots of library montages.

      • Joojoobees says:

        I wouldn’t mind if it showed her “working real hard” at a piano, but it makes me wonder if they thought through the setting. I went through a music program in college (well, I dropped out of a music program after one year), so I’m pretty familiar what you would see: “Practice rooms”. These are special (tiny) rooms that have a piano in them. You go in there and practice your instrument, and always have access to a piano. Take a look at Nodame Cantabile’s first season. Much of it takes place in those tiny rooms with a piano for a reason: that is what music school is like. People don’t cram in a library! :SIGH:

        BTW, I’m not shocked that they ACCEPTED her without her knowing how to read music, but I can’t believe she placed into the A class, without her being tested on her knowledge of music theory, and having implicitly tested her ability to read/write standard western music notation. The BIZARRE thing is that she learns how to read music at the end of the day, and spends the rest of the time working on her first composition. They didn’t need to put Haruka through that, when the drama could have been about her trying to write her first song. Again, it makes me think they just made up the plot as they went along, without considering what the ramifications would be. Sloppy.

        One last point: I wouldn’t care if it weren’t for the more serious turn in this episode. As long as this show is crazy, goofy fun, it is easy to laugh off illogical plot developments. When they go all, “Damn, she’s seriously hitting those books,” the show invites this kind of consideration.

        • Karakuri says:

          Ahh okay I understand now. I guess practice rooms aren’t public enough for the others to see Haruka studying in. Oh yeah, right the A class is one of the more elite classes…. This just raises more questions. Just what the heck did they test them on then?

  6. hinokami says:

    I actually promised not watching reserve-harem anime show because usually showed it disappointment ..
    but thanks A-1 I watched it and decide to continue this
    anyway miyano mamoru voice I can’t believe his song DAMN AWESOME ..THE OP <33

  7. chimney says:

    I was really excited about this show and I’m extremley happy that it has met all my expectations so far! This series just makes me so happy!

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