Usagi Drop – 03

Progress, revelations, and sacrifices~

~I don’t know what perplexed me to decide to listen to the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – the Worst Album while working on this week’s Usagi Drop post. It felt incredibly wrong to mix something so…risque with something so innocent; I wouldn’t recommend doing that |’D Anyways, let’s see how Daikichi and Rin are holding up!

Daikichi’s rough commute last episode has become a regular routine that’s even got people at his work to notice. As he’s talking with one of his co-workers, another co-worker comes in their elevator. She and Daikichi talk casually for a bit before she makes her stop. His other co-worker mentions she was once in the sales department like them, but when she got pregnant she requested a demotion just so she can get home at the same time everyday. Afterwards, he meets up with her for lunch, telling her about Rin and her bed-wetting problem.

Later that night, Daikichi gets a call from his mother asking how Rin’s doing. He says he’s going to try and find a clue about Rin’s mother that weekend. The two of them catch a train and arrive at his parents’ house the next day, but when his mother leans in to say hi to Rin, she suddenly hides behind Daikichi, scared. Even when eating she acts nervous and is extremely quiet, clinging to him when his sister drops by as well.

The family take notice of her strange behavior, asking him if she’s always like that. Daikichi explains that she was excited coming over, but once she saw the same uptight people at the funeral, she felt different. His mother comes by their room the next day with yarn for Rin to play Cat’s Cradle with. Rin then shows her mad skills the other things she can make, such as an airplane, a slide, and a diamond. His mother is so impressed with her skill that she brings out bean bags too. Soon Haruko and Reina arrive and the two little girls play while the adults talk for a bit.

Daikichi goes to his grandfather’s house in search of some sort of clue about Rin’s mother. He searches through drawers but finds nothing of extreme interest. Laying on the ground, tired, he spots a wire hiding behind one of the drawers, which, as he pulls it out, turns out to be a modem. He returns back home to find his mother putting some of his sister Kazumi’s old clothes on Rin. While the girls do their thing, his father tells him that his mother went to work herself when he was baby and often came home early to take care of them.

The time comes for them to head home, but Rin whispers to Daikichi if she can come back again! He in turns asks everyone else, who are just as shocked, and his mother answers that she’ll be waiting for her so she can come back anytime. On the train ride home, Daikichi asks Rin about grandfather having a computer. She reveals that their maid, named Masako used one! She doesn’t remember much of her, but she didn’t like her, saying she was always angry and hated her…

Back at work, Daikichi again talks with his female co-worker, Gatou, about it being tough to work full-time and raise kids. He then asks if she’s ever felt like she was sacrificing herself for her child, relating to her demotion. She says she thought it was the best decision at the time, which indeed worked out for the best. Later that night, Daikichi wakes up to find Rin’s bed empty, but when looking around, sees her trying to sneak out with her dirty bottoms. When he asks if she had a bad dream, Rin startlingly asks if he’s going to die before her. He realizes the sadness of grandfather’s death, worry of him dying, and fear of she herself dying was creating an emotional mess inside of her. To reassure her, Daikichi tells her that she’ll be fine till she’s a middle-aged lady and he won’t die till then!

At work, Daikichi suddenly asks to be transferred to a department with no overtime work. He explains his situation, and thankfully, his superior will try his best to convince their sector chief. While getting Rin ready for Kindergarten, Daikichi thinks of his decision, admitting it does feel like sacrifice but he would like to think back one day and say that she was worth it~.

End thoughts: So far, this show has not CEASED to make me tear up, mainly because I personally get so much nostalgia from watching this, as I said last week. It really hits my heart with a pang! at times, and combined with the story of Daikichi, Rin, and her missing mother, has me overboard the emotional boat in minutes. This week in particular, when Rin let out that Masako was their maid and that she didn’t like to think about her because she was mean, had me not only gasping, but wanting to scream out, “NOOO WHYYYYY?!”. It’s so bittersweet in the sense that we finally got some information on her mother, but Rin isn’t fond of her, and it may look like Masako wasn’t fond of her either, which could unfortunately explain why she left Rin. I do hope that isn’t the reason though. On a bit of a lighter note, I was happy to see that Daikichi’s parents actually tried to make Rin feel more welcome and cheer her up by playing with the yarn with her. His sister Kazumi really pissed me off though with her insensitivity; another character to add to the wanna-smack-in-the-face list.

It was incredibly noble of Daikichi to sacrifice his position in his company to make more time for Rin so she can feel comfortable. He certainly stepped it up a notch, even asking his female co-worker for advice. I particularly liked that he did that; really shows he’s trying to get more knowledge on parenting and what he should do instead of just going with only what he knows. Definitely the big issue this week, which continued on from last week, was sacrificing time (I felt like they had meant the word ‘sacrifice’ to have a really negative connotation; I mean, it does sound a bit harsh but I don’t think it’s bad to say). I’m really reminded to give props to all the hard-working parents out there who balance a job and raising children (which I should be already since my parents are themselves bad daughter I am, orz). With that, it’s the close of another episode and the start of another wait for the next one. Until next week then~!!


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20 Responses to “Usagi Drop – 03”

  1. anaaga says:

    I didn’t cry…

  2. Toori-chan says:

    Gambare, Daikichi~~~

  3. Reaper says:

    Fight on Rin and Daikichi! Let there never be anything that breaks there bond! Otherwise, there will be fan rage…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yosh! I know I’ll definitely have a fangirl rage if something breaks that bond…

  4. Metalsnakezero says:

    Something about this episode made me cry ;_;

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Seriously ;A; I don’t know whether it was the thing about the mother or of Rin being scared of dying or what but…bwaaahhh ;~;

  5. Hime says:

    I swear that guy at Daikichi’s work is hitting on him…
    “I don’t want to work for anyone but you!” I totally d’aww’d.

    It was really sweet to the family all fall in love with Rin, too. You can’t help but root for Daikichi and Rin’s happiness, they are both just so deserving.

    <333 fuuu~

    • anaaga says:

      LOL so I’m not the only one

      we’re like yaoi/ero bff *sisfist*

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Good lord, you’ve even found a pairing in a show like this xD My mind is forever tainted…

      • Hime says:

        Can’t help it. My brain is just programed to find ghey in everything.

        @anaaga *sisfist* aw yeahhh~

  6. Overcooled says:

    Ehh, doesn’t make me cry but it makes me “awwww.” Rin is just so adorable, I can’t help but love her and everything she does. :3 Daikichi is really becoming an awesome dad! I want a dad like him!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I don’t think you can avoid saying “Awwww!” when watching this show x’D Daikichi definitely is become even more of an awesome dad each episode and I’m surprised you’re actually watching something like this!

  7. Moni Chan says:

    i’m glad you guys told me to watch this anime it’s adorable.

    I fear that Rin’s mom might come in the picture and take her away ( or try to )

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Whooo! A new member to the Usagi Drop club xD
      Ah, I fear that as well. With the way Rin described her however we’re just going to have to see.

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Dawww Daikichi such an awesome dad! Even taking a hit for work to make her life easier, so much D’awwwwww I really do love this series it’s a nice kick back and relax type of series.

  9. Mad Chemist says:

    I’m glad that Rin is working through her abandonment issues, one step at a time. Going back to that house must have been tough for her, but Daikichi’s family was a lot nicer to her this time for the most part. I liked that talk Daikichi gave her about death, too, poor kid didn’t understand it all I’m sure but just knowing that she’ll have someone to be with her for a while must help.

    I had a feeling that Daikichi would have to make sacrifices for Rin, and having someone from his office to talk about the decision with probably made it easier to see his demotion as worthwhile. He’s still got a lot more to do for her sake, but it’s a very strong step.

  10. Samantha Zan says:

    I didn’t cry in any of the Usagi Drop episodes either, but still very lovable though :3. I really like the fact that in this episode Daikichi’s parents start warming up to Rin as well. I don’t know, but it just gave me a really nice plus feeling XP.

  11. Dan-go says:

    The ed is so sweet and fuwa fuwa, this seems adequate replacement for my ano hana this season, not overwhelmingly out there, but the show as a whole seems nostalgic, and the seiyuu casting is perfect!

  12. […] “So far, this show has not CEASED to make me tear up, mainly because I personally get so much nostalgia from watching this, as I said last week. It really hits my heart with a pang! at times, and combined with the story of Daikichi, Rin, and her missing mother, has me overboard the emotional boat in minutes.” – Metanorn […]

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