Usagi Drop – 02

Kindergarten and commute troubles~

~Last season, Friday seemed to be the fantastic day all my favorite shows would appear, but this season has surely changed that to Thursday with Mawaru Penguindrum and Usagi Drop dropping their quirky and cute anchors on the time slot. Not that I’m complaining; as long as I get my weekly dose of Rin-cuteness, I’m game for any day for this lovely show to air.

After taking in Rin, Daikichi needs to buy her all sorts of necessities, starting with clothes. They enter a department store and as Rin picks out what she likes, Daikichi realizes that tomorrow is Monday and she needs to be in a Kindergarten! Getting home from the department store, he calls Haruko, asking how to register for Kindergarten. She tells him that they won’t accept her instantly and that he would have to put her in a temporary Kindergarten. With a little internet searching, he finds one close enough but there’s no doubt that it’ll double his commute.

The next morning, the two start their long trek to the Kindergarten, going from subway to running just to make it in time. They finally arrive and Daikichi quickly drops off Rin to get to work. Seeing her sad look however, he goes back to her and makes a pinky promise to come back for her as fast as he can after work.

Throughout the day, the two are shown going about their day; Daikichi working hard at his job while Rin has her fun at the Kindergarten, each waiting for the end of the day. Daikichi finally finds the opportunity to leave work, but suddenly gets a call that forces him to stay more until the Kindergarten actually calls him. When he arrives, Rin is happy, but quickly changes her expression and gives Daikichi a box filled with paper Burdock (a thistle, I had to google it). Keeping to the pinky promise song, ‘I’ll eat 1,000 needles’, he grabs the paper and pretends to eat it.

The next few days, Daikichi manages to repeat the routine with his work being affected a bit in the process. However, he continues on diligently, having a little fun with Rin in the process.

Late one night, he flips through Rin’s Maternal Health Record book, which Daikichi was given when he decided to take her home after his grandfather’s funeral. He had went through it previously on the train home, but now as he goes through it once more, he wonders if her mother, Masako, really is the evil villain that the family makes her out to be~.

The absolute cuteness that is Rin and Daikichi~

Pink and blue contrast~

“It’s sweat!”

End thoughts: Excuse me while I go cry tears of pure sugar. These two are just so cute together! I’ll admit I’ve gotten teary-eyed a few times in this episode. It’s just so…agh, what other words are there other than cute, sweet, and adorable?! I also have to admit watching Daikichi buy clothes for Rin and seeing Rin going to Kindergarten has me feeling a bit nostalgic to when I was that age. They’ve done a great job so far portraying a typical kid’s experiences and actions, with Rin’s and Daikichi’s characters adding their own little zest to these experiences.

My mother still does this to me….

After last week’s solemn atmosphere, I’m happy we got to see Rin being livelier and acting like the kid that she is this time around. That beginning scene with her asking for a green leaf, her jumping on the futon and comforter,  her waking up Daikichi every morning; she is just the pure epitome of cuteness. I don’t know about anyone else, but I found it comforting to see that Reina and Rin are a bit like friends, even though Reina is annoying as hell and I would like to smack her upside the head for being a rude kid. Last episode when she was telling Daikichi that she was boring, I thought she would become her enemy of some sort, but now, I can totally envision them being odd friends when they’re older.

As for Daikichi, he’s pretty hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing at his expression when he realized about having to find Rin a Kindergarten. Yet, he’s also sweet and I love that he also thinks of her feelings, from both this episode and last episode. While his family just saw her as a nuisance, an object that needed to be removed, all he thought of was how she was dealing with all this herself. When he saw that worried look on her face before he left the Kindergarten, he managed to think maybe she was afraid that he would leave her and never come back, and so he made that pinky promise with her to lessen her worry. While Daikichi may have taken in Rin a bit spontaneously, he’s certainly trying his hardest to take care of Rin and give her all that she needs. I find myself a bit anxious to see what these two will go through next~.

Preview: Seems like Usagi Drop has opted out previews in exchange for some cute last minute scenes. Let’s enjoy the extra sweetness~ Until next week then~!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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34 Responses to “Usagi Drop – 02”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Daikichi! Such a boss well for now we will see how long he can keep his work and taking care of Rin, I was happy they made Daikichi such a cool character and not a pedo! This could have easily been taken that way thank god xD

    and yes Rin is very cute I liked the scene with Daikichi on the phone and Rin in the background on her new bed lol major Daaaawwww moments ;D

    Summer season = cute kid season!? We have Yune and Rin and a few others lol

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Definitely, that would’ve been odd and totally taken the sweetness out of this show |’D He’s definitely the hero of the show. Hopefully he keeps it up!

      That was my favorite part~<3 Her face looked so cute!

      It's really a cute girl season, hahaha xD

    • Amutofan123 says:

      This season is the cute kid season. And I’m loving it~

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I do like the art style for this show. It is nice to see a show break out of the conventions without trying to be absolutely wacky. Simply refreshing.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I do too a lot; the pastel-like colors and the watercolor animation in the beginnings really give it a light and childish feel. The premise sounded a bit out there when I first heard it, but now that I’m actually watching it isn’t all that wacky, like you said.

  3. jGLZa says:

    Rin is the cutest!! They way how she switches from mature “Aunty Rin” to cute adorable “baby Rin” is done so well.

    And that “ITS SWEAT!” scene was brilliant, just brilliant!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Seriously! I love when she scolds Daikichi and wakes him up in the morning xD

      That ‘sweat’ scene brought back some memories of my siblings when they were younger, hahaha! A very nice ending for this episode~

  4. Metalsnakezero says:

    Rin is too awesome and what a nice learning experience for Daikichi.

  5. Kyokai says:


    I ROTFL but kids are just like that; my niece and nephew are prime examples.

    Anyways, this is going so good and I’m loving Daikichi’s awesomeness for coping this unforeseen situation. Being a workaholic, I totally understand how a kid can change that and so many responsibilities too! Hopefully, he’ll figure stuff out and get some help for babysitting Rin so that he can match up his daily schedule.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~They definitely are x’D So many stories I have from being the elder sibling…

      Yes, it’s really admirable seeing him manage this situation. I can’t help but want to wish him the best of luck!

    • jGLZa says:

      I would totally breakdown, either just leave Rin at the nursery all day or fcuk off from work and get fired.

      Really admire Daikichi.

  6. Elyon says:

    This episode made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Daikichi is such a good guy.
    I’m kind of surprised Reina and Rin became friends, but I have a bad feeling about that girl, like she might pick on her in the future. >.>

    • Hoshi says:

      ~That same feeling is residing in me as well =A=; I can imagine some drama coming from that as they’re older…

  7. Moni Chan says:

    im going to be stupid and say that im 2 episodes behind in this anime :p

  8. tomphile says:

    ^Moni chan, you should catch up NOW.

  9. Amutofan123 says:

    Oh~ Rin is so cute! I wanna take her home~

  10. Mad Chemist says:

    I really liked seeing Rin get to have fun, go to school and even get mopey about Daikichi failing to pick her up on time. As mature as she is, Rin really is a kid like you mentioned and I’m glad that things are turning around for her despite how unprepared Daikichi is to raise her.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I think her getting mopey over Daikichi failing to pick her up was one of the cutest moments (and I bit nostalgic for me). And I agree, it was better for her to be with someone who may be unprepared, but think of her feelings~

  11. Reaper says:

    Argh, this has to be equal to Ikoku Moire no Croisee in cute /adorable/DAW factor! It’s the shade better though since Rin is the one with the power instead of Yune in this case, especially the shoulder rides…so envious…I really want to see Masako with the back story of why she left but I’d be prefectly fine with another ep of the daily lives of Rin and Daikichi 🙂

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yes, I remember I used to get shoulder rides from my dad ;3; Seeing Rin get them makes me feel a bit envious myself.

      Same here! I think that it would make for one interesting arc, but we’ll just have to see~.

  12. Hime says:

    This show makes me puke rainbows.

  13. Jrow says:

    That last screenshot, Rin’s looking at the screen going, “hey, I’m a cute kid, aren’t I?” And I be all like “YES YOU ARE!”

    I admit I peeked at this before watching the episode, and I was waiting for the sweat scene to come up. Nice caption on that, Hoshi. xD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Aish! Jrow you’re not supposed to peak! xD
      And thank you<3

  14. Zabobinator says:

    HAHAHA! I REMEMBER WHEN I USED TO WET THE BED!!!! I must say, Rin handled it quite well. I also like how Daikichi thought it was himself who wet the bed at first. xD

    I adore this show. It’s SO FRICKIN’ GOOD!

    Daikichi is so great for taking care of Rin. And Rin is just…SO. CUTE. OH MY GOD.

    I wonder if we’ll meet Rin’s mom sometime?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I actually thought it was him before Rin said anything! I was like, “Dude…” x’D

      I do hope they show at least something about Rin’s mom. It’d be incredibly interesting, not to mention the drama that could come out of that ;A;

  15. […] “Excuse me while I go cry tears of pure sugar. These two are just so cute together! I’ll admit I’ve gotten teary-eyed a few times in this episode. It’s just so…agh, what other words are there other than cute, sweet, and adorable?! I” – Metanorn […]

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