Mayo Chiki – 04

Maids, Butlers and fighting bears… Oh my!

Welcome to more cross dressing butlers! First I want to give a shout out to Jrow for letting me tag on the recent Penguindrum episode! Thanks again, buddy. Well, this is another one of those series I really do enjoy watching every week, Kanade and Subaru make each episode so much fun. Of course I can’t leave out Kureha, she is slowly becoming a favorite of mine; stuck at a current third though. Anyway time for the review! Enjoy.

Plot this week follows Subaru getting booted from Kanade’s mansion and forced to move in with Jirou becoming his personal butler; however after Subaru learns Kureha is away at a camp she quickly begins to panic. The idea of being alone with Jirou causes some chaos for her as Kureha and Kanade also crash their alone time. Subaru and Kanade have a contest to see who can serve “master” aka Jirou better until he passes out from catching a cold. Jirou also gets recruited by Kanade to mend a few issues between Subaru’s father and his daughter. Also, Kanade gives Jirou a special reward near the end of this episode.

Jirou- “I do believe I am suddenly attracted to cats in suits.”

As you can tell Jirou opens the door to find a neko-Subaru outside! Instant moe heart attack anyone? Well, turns out she has been booted out of Kanade’s mansion and requests to stay at his house. Sounds harmless, right? But Subaru learns from Jirou that his sister is currently away at camp, which makes her instantly think all kinds of bad thoughts about them together. Subaru even goes far enough to train with Jirou and even enters the bath to wash his back for him. Damn it man! You will make tons of fans super jealous, Jirou. Before anything can really happen, Kureha arrives! She got into a fight with a bear in the woods and well it broke her arm… I mean don’t you hate it when bears up and break your arm? IT RUINS CAMP! Naturally Kureha is onto her brother after spotting some random girl’s bra and panties and kicks the bathroom door in only to find Subaru in the bath, which causes her to pass out.

For some reason, hearing Hanazawa fighting this fluffy bear was so cuteeeooooo!

Jirou- “Ah nothing like a hot bath, to get away from my life…”

Subaru- “Damn that Kureha! We were about to do lots of censored things.”

Subaru- “Oh there is nothing bad here just a couple of bros taking a bath together, honest.”

Poor Kureha, passing out like that, well she would have killed Jirou in a matter of minutes. After she recovers, she joins Subaru and her brother for some lunch. As they finish up another unexpected visitor arrive: Kanade dressed up as a maid. I assume she was super lonely without her precious Subaru. Kanade even gets kicked out, but challenges Subaru to a battle of service for master Jirou.

Kanade- “That’s right, I will become queen of the maids! JUST YOU WATCH!”

Sexiest fight ever! And Kanade’s outfit so very nice.

Kureha-“Oh my god, this is so wrong but so right!”

During the contest between Subaru and Kanade that involves making Jirou eat an apple slice, he gets a bit light headed and passes out. Kureha begins to panic and cries out for him not to die! Apparently something like this has happened in the past in their family or it’s simply a childhood trauma of losing a parent. However Jirou wakes up in his bed with Subaru playing nurse, sorry there were no nurse cosplays this time. Though, Subaru’s nurse abilities need work! I think she causes more harm than good, but at least she means well enough. Kanade enters the room later on and drags Jirou on a side mission to have a chat with Subaru’s father, who is in a bit of trouble with his daughter. She currently hates him for the previous beat down of Jirou as the wolfman.

Poor Jirou! He doesn’t look so good after surviving Subaru’s medical skills.

Nagare- “Jirou, I am your father! Just kidding, wouldn’t that suck? I MEAN REALLY?!”


Before Jirou can actually sit down to talk to Subaru’s father she arrives to drop kick her old man… ah family bonding, isn’t it just wonderful? Subaru is really worried about Jirou and tells him to get back home, he on the other hand really wants to see Subaru and Nagare get back together and hug things out. Subaru fights the idea but remembers how Kureha acted when she thought Jirou was going to die. She has a similar story about her mother, so she can really feel for Kureha and his family. Jirou passes out after pushing himself too far and gets a nice long hug from Subaru after he releases her from being his butler. The following day at school Subaru thanks Jirou for helping out with her father, Kanade listens in and steals a nice kiss from him which shocks him completely! Can anyone say possible love triangle??

Subaru and Kanade witness Jirou being awesome!

Daaawwwww moment of this episode! Lucky Jirou.

Best kiss award goes to these two for summer so far.

Extra Service

Time to que up the WOW!

Kanade is ready to serve you.

Subaru- “It’s not like I want to Nyan for you or anything, nyaaaaaa.”

Kanade-“I might have to steal you away forever, Jirou…”

End Thoughts:

Now that was a highly entertaining episode! Things sure are going quite well for this series. I guess it was nice to see more Jirou and Subaru getting some time to be together even if it didn’t last too long, thanks to Kureha interupting the fun. Ah well this is the kind of random fun that makes Mayo Chiki the type of show it is; fan service without going too extreme. Anyone else die laughing with Kureha fighting that bear?! I got some major Gintama and Softenni flashbacks because there are bear versus humans in those two series as well. I guess Japan has an odd relationship to bears and wild animals? Not sure what bear fight I liked more Mayo or Gintama; even Softenni had an interesting bear fight too.

Now for Kanade’s arrival dressed as a maid! I think she has a jealous side to her character, after all she has been pairing Jirou and Subaru together on these random side events. Either that or she was just really really lonely! Missing Subaru’s attention? I was happy to see her around, she always makes me wonder what kinds of plots or plans she has cooking up in her mind. And that apple move?! LOL nice moves there Kanade, I loved Kureha’s expression when she saw Jirou and Subaru about to lock lips, ahaha such a great reaction from her. So I guess the girls can have a bit of boys love with Subaru x Jirou.

I wasn’t expecting Kureha to flip out after Jirou passed out, then again I get the feeling these two are really close even though she kicks his ass all the time. After all they do say if you hit a certain person you really do care for them, just in their own way of course. I argue with my own sister all the time but I know in the end we always make up afterwards; well try to! Anyway, we will eventually learn more about Jirou and Kureha’s father. I can only assume he died when they were really young or Kureha witnessed him passing? So it was nice to see some special connection between Jirou’s life and Subaru, sure it might be super cheesy and generic but hey it works. Overall another fantastic episode! Really looking forward to more episodes like this, oh and I can’t forget the best kiss ever! Damn that was really like Whaaaaat?! Go, Kaneda! I will admit I cheered a bit on that one ahaha.


Saw a tsundere twin- tail’s panties? Achievement unlocked

Next week! A brand new character joins the series, aka Masamune Usami voiced by Ise, Mariya! She does appear to be the usual tsundere type of character. I guess we will find out soon! Thanks for reading.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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21 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 04”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    The scene with the bear was excellent. Kureha overestimates her own abilities. What could possibly make her want to take on bear? Haha, she’s lucky she got out with just a broken arm. But why did she come back so soon? I bet Subaru had naughty thoughts going around in her head while she was with Jirou. Kureha pulled an awesome Broly look when she broke the bathroom door in though. White eyes and spiky hair.

    It’s tug of war time for Jirou. He’s the prize in Subaru and Kanade’s servant contest. You lucky devil. Kanade is still monstrously hot. It’s her seemingly glowing red eyes that did it for me. Are we sure she’s human? And she’s even more hot in that maid outfit. If you agree with me, we need to add cat ears then I think my heart would stop from an overdose of cuteness.

    Lol. Subaru’s sore at her dad for beating on her boy. Sorry, dad, you’ve been replaced. I can’t believe he got a frying pan to the face by his own kid. That’s a serious blow to his self-esteem. Jirou and Kanade win the award for best kiss. But as long he knows Subaru’s secret, he’ll always be Kanade plaything to be used however she sees fit. Lol. Jirou, you have sold your soul making a contrat with her.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! Kureha versus the bear was great really funny stuff, I have no idea like bears and anime always end up in fighting. Yeah I dunno why Kureha came back, I blame the power of anime! Travel is nothing. Yeaaahhh SSJ Kureha for the win xD

      Jirou does have a small triangle forming between Subaru and Kanade, and we can bet money on the new arrival to fall for him too. Nice! Monstrously hot and cat ears for the win always.

      Subaru’s dad makes me laugh seriously it’s Maka’s dad from soul eater! Super protective and just wants to hug his daughter xD That was an awesome kiss! Right out of the blue, I think Kanade likes when guys talk harshly to her.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Heh, Subaru has traces of perversion for misunderstanding what Jirou said about going to bed and trying to smell his clothes after their match in the basement. What a perverted Tsundere butler.

        As for the popular hot chick Kanade. She’s as playful, attractive, evil, manipulating and all out sadistic as Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka’s bad girl Kyoko. She’s so much fun. They both take pleasure in causing trouble for others.

        If Jirou ever wants to get together with Subaru, he has to go through her father and wait out the rest of the school years he has left. He’ll be ruined for life if he doesn’t, not only with his classmates but with Kureha who thinks they have a boys love relationship. This anime is so much fun. It’s going along perfectly.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Totally Subaru isn’t so innocent herself heheh and so easy to embarrass, yep the perfect tsundere perverted butler xD

          Yep with you all the way on Kanade, right she is more Kyoko from Kore wa zombie! Nice thought.

          Oh mannn Subaru’s dad cracks me up so much xD

  2. Kyokai says:

    Another entertaining episode indeed. The Hanazawa virus is spreading but she’s done such a cute job with Kureha. Jirou is one lucky bastard, getting fixed in a triangle and man, am I glad there’s brocon vibe from Kureha! Phew.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya! Entertaining indeed, mmmm good old Hanazawa virus. I agree she’s like a blend of Shiro off deadman with the fighting, with her moeeee cute voice.

      Ahahaha yeaaaahh lucky man there Jrow, now let’s hope he isn’t a dense main lead towards the girls. Well I think there is a brocon vibe from Kureha, let’s hope its more of a sibling love nothing more xD

    • BlackBriar says:

      That’s not the only thing we’ve been hit with since summer started. We’re being hit with the Nobuhiko Okamoto, Kana Hanazawa and Jun Fukuyama virus. Hanazawa is just one of many.

  3. tomphile says:

    I love this episode and Suzutsuki stealing that first kiss ftw! I’m curious as to how you took those full-body shots of Konoe and Suzutsuki. :O

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! That was a great kiss wasn’t it? Ohhh I found a few on some image boards, I could use Gimpshop to fix them up like that as well, just takes a few minutes.

  4. Hime says:

    I usually don’t like it when these types of shows go all srs situation on us. They did the whole fever thing in Nyan Koi! but that was both sweet and funny, so I know it can be done. I was actually pretty surprised at Mayo Chiki!s version. It was just as good and also led to Jirou showcasing just how awesome he can be.

    Kanade continues to be oodles of fun, she’s probably my favorite. The kiss at the end looked really romantic (too bad it wasn’t) but other than that she’s still the same evil mastermind/dominatrix/bitch from the first episode. Thankfully, since Subaru’s continual descent into tsundere territory has me booking a spot in one of Sweden’s Assisted Suicide facilities.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right I remember that episode on Nyan Koi! Good stuff, still need another season of that series. Yes Jirou is a fun main lead, usually the main’s in these series always fail or are to dense to know anything. So good job Mayo Chiki! For making Jirou awesome xD

      Yes! Kanade is the best <3 LOL Yes she is still the mastermind behind some fun things with Subaru and Jirou.

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    One of the best episodes so far in Mayo Chiki ^_^. However, I thought the common illness thing near the end was a bit to chessy for me. CUTE, but chessy

    • Foshizzel says:

      I am with you there! Really nice episode, yeah that was cheesy but this is the kind of good cheesy this series can pull off xD

  6. Dan-go says:

    wooo, a new challenger has arrived!

  7. Jrow says:

    I’m really surprised by Kanade’s character, and now I don’t know who really is the main love interest. I like that Kanade has gone beyond what I thought her character would be like, and now that I’d say she’s hotter than Subaru (regular outfit, bathing suit and maid outfit… so good~).

    Love the kissing scene. Looks great too in that screencap with the lens flare effect.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! Kanade is really fun to watch huh? And yeah does seem they don’t want us knowing who likes who yet, ahaha yess the outfits in this episode lolol

      I know right! Best kiss ever 😉

  8. Elyon says:

    I love how Kureha just totally forgot about the women’s underwear that was sitting there XD And the bear fighting was probably the best part.
    I thought they had way too much dorama centered around his stupid cold though.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! Bear fighting was amazing! Kureha is a fun character for this series.

      Yeah I suppose there was a bit more drama than there needed to be, ah well this was still fun ;D

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