Mayo Chiki – 02-03

Fun by the pool.

Surprise surprise! Mayo Chiki returns on Metanorn and will be reviewed by yours truly. This series is a lot of fun, sure the story isn’t really anything groundbreaking or deep for thoughts. I think it’s great and very random at times, there is a small story somewhere I think it’ll be mostly around Jirou and Subaru getting together eventually. It does have lots of harem vibes from it though Jirou’s sister isn’t in love with him. Anyway, time for a double episode review.

Episode two centers around Subaru and Jirou going to school together where rumors are quickly developing around Jirou and Subaru going out, which makes everyone believe that’s he’s really into guys! To make matters worse Subaru has to attend the guys physical exams and Jirou has to come and rescue her all the time. At the end Kanade finds Subaru sleeping near Jirou for the D’awwww moment! Seems they are becoming friends. Episode three follows everyone going to the pool together after Kanade invites Kureha to tag along. Shortly afterwards, Kanade and Kureha are both kidnapped by a mysterious man wearing a wolf mask. Jirou knocks Subaru out and attempts to save the girls on his own. Until Subaru arrives to kick some ass and save the princess, or something like that.

The inner thoughts of Anaaga in anime form.

The second episode starts out with Jirou walking to school with Subaru and Kureha watching, giving fuel to the already surrounding rumors of love! Of course the two of them have no idea and thanks to Jirou’s friend warning him of the S4. A large group of fans of Subaru are quick to defend him. Jirou then runs into Kanade, who gives him a ticket that basically makes Subaru obey any command. Sort of a forced command. Naturally Kanade gives Jirou plenty of wrong ideas to use against Subaru, oh how I love Kanade; she is so evil sometimes ahaha.

Kanade- “Quiet! I am thinking of five hundred ways to violate Subaru.”

This brings us to the real plan of Kanade. She requests Subaru to have a mini date with Jirou, just to toy with both of them. Subaru changes into a girl’s uniform and the two of them have a short date going to the arcade and the park afterwards, where Kanade puts Subaru through the next two phases of her freaky plans to embarrass the both of them. Before anything can go down, Kureha dropkicks Jirou and has a fight with Subaru. As she really thinks Subaru is a guy, he must enjoy cross dressing. Kureha loses the fight and runs away leaving Jirou confused and afraid for his life.

Subaru- “I will never wash this plushie toy ever.”

Subaru- “You CANNOT defeat the main character!”

After Jirou returns home, he finds Kureha’s stuffed bear pinned against the wall… Better be careful, Jirou, you can’t survive a nice boat ending from your sister. After sewing up the bear, the next day at school is the dreaded physical exam, which Subaru was ordered to attend. But with Jirou’s help, the two of them avoid detection. Well, that and spread more rumors around for Jirou being really into dudes! Not cool man, then again you are saving Subaru. Kanade joins the two of them on the roof to have a chat with Jirou, talking about how she really doesn’t have friends she can trust and supposes the two of them can get along. The episode ends shortly afterwards when Jirou gets home to find Kureha, who quickly confesses to him that she has fallen in love with Subaru… Of course, she doesn’t realize it’s really a girl! Muhahah love-triangle, anyone? Yep.

Anyone else want to play doctor with Subaru??

Possible hot Yuri action in the future of Mayo Chiki?!

Third episode starts out with Kureha walking out after a shower! I guess she walks around the house naked all the time?! Of course she can kick your ass in a matter of minutes. Kureha screams and later at school stalks Jirou and meets up with Kanade, who gives the two some siblings tickets to join her and Subaru at the local pool for some extra fun.

Kureha- “I was waiting for you to walk in on me. No brocon desire at all.”

Kanade really wants to pair Kureha and Subaru up, not sure if she wants Subaru to like girls but I think it’s more of a friendship type of thing. Kanade uses this chance to have some of her own fun! Of course with Jirou’s issue with girls, seems like she is having fun messing with him using her body to excite him a bit too much.

You are welcome Kanade fans!

A little extra Kanade-service shots for the fans.

Kanade sends Jirou and Subaru to get some drinks, while she can go swim with Kureha. On the way to to get the drinks, Jirou saves a little girl from drowning, which triggers his nosebleed of course and he passes out. Subaru saves him from drowning and a little boy hands her a phone which has a message from a kidnapper. The wolfman warns them if they try to get any help he will hurt Kureha and Kanade. After Subaru sees the kidnapper is armed with a knife, she almost goes into shock seeing the weapon. We discover knifes are her biggest fear and this makes Jirou a bit worried. He knocks her out, decides to play hero and runs off to save the girls.


Subaru is a total badass!

Yes, Subaru wakes up and comes to Jirou’s aid. She ends up saving him and the girls, who appear to be enjoying a nap; well Kureha sure was enjoying her dreams. Before they can hug and be relaxed about things, the wolfman walks in and reveals himself to everyone and we learn he was actually Subaru’s father! Yes another interesting twist provided by Kanade’s mind to help Subaru get over her fears of knifes. She probably could have done something a bit less dramatic to help Subaru, well it worked!

Kanade- “Don’t worry, I won’t have any incest happening around here…”

This guy was actually cool, reminded me a bit of Maka’s dad from Soul Eater.

Jirou wakes up and has a chat with Subaru’s father and I guess it’s his way of saying welcome to the family? Kanade visits Jirou and explains why she did the whole fake kidnapping event; man she will go to any extreme! Subaru walks in and clings to Jirou getting all dere dere on him almost crying! D’awwww so much cute in that scene. The episode rolls to an end after Kureha runs in after hearing from Kanade he might try to violate Subaru. Jirou decides to jump from the window to escape both girls from kicking his ass. And plans to do his own kidnapping of Kanade, well playful type of kidnapping at which she sticks her tongue out to him and laughs it off. She does tell him she didn’t lie about Subaru being her first love! Jirou runs off with her as shouting girls are scary! Well, most girls are.

Subaru- “Careful, I can turn my Tsundere mode on whenever.”

Best expression for Kanade! She does have a playful side to her.

Extra Service

Jirou has a baaadddd mind, well so do I…

Kanade- “Soon, I will teach you how to think just like me.”

A little bit of Kureha-service for the Hanazawa fans out there.

Subaru- “You have fan fiction of Kanade and myself? YOU WILL DIE.”

Jirou- “Yes, boobs, I agree it really is a warm day today.”

End Thoughts:

These two episodes were quite funny for me, sure there are a few scenes that were taken to the extreme; however, with Mayo Chiki they always turn out to be more playful than sexual. Sure there’s fanservice thrown at us, but thankfully we don’t get many pantsu shots getting forced on us. Not that it’s a bad thing! After all Kore wa Zombie had some pantyshots but were always done in comical ways. Episode two was a fun one and they are sure pushing Subaru X Jirou on us, but that somehow feels right to me even though I really like Kanade more than Subaru at this point in the series. I did laugh during the examination section of that episode as I really did wonder how Subaru was going to get herself out of that. Of course, thanks to Jirou for being quick on his feet and hands! Well, it really doesn’t help his whole argument that he likes chicks not dudes.

Episode three… yes the dreaded pool episode; however, many people fear these themed episodes due to all the fanservice, but hey it’s summer! And that means swimsuits and pools and people almost drowning. Yes, the typical anime themes are here sadly, but they did give us some much needed character interaction, which is never a bad thing. Kanade does show off in her small swimsuit being the highlight of that episode for me! Kureha wasn’t to bad looking herself, I would have to bet money this will not be the last we see of girls in swimsuits. The whole kidnapping event that Kanade planned was a huge setup as a part of me actually thought it was for real! That is until the wolfman walked in and I kind of figured at that point it was one of Kanade’s twisted plans to help Subaru somehow.

So far this series has enough going on that it makes me laugh, which is really important for me. I guess with all the lack of big ass mecha kicking each other around makes me enjoy comedy a bit more. After all we all need to kick back and have some laughs here and there, well that and I am following Nichijou with Ness. I would have to say it is hard to choose which girl I like watching more between Subaru who acts all tsun and then dere dere against Kanade’s playful side towards Jirou, or Kureha’s wild and crazy fighting side. Yes another Hanazawa character, which I am starting to call the Hanazawa virus! She really is everywhere! Then again I do enjoy listening to her sometimes. Overall addictive characters and a male lead that I actually don’t mind. He does remind me more of Aikawa from Kore wa Zombie.


If you keep on staring, you might go blind.

Next week! Looks like we are getting a bit of role reversal with Kanade dressing up as a maid, not sure if I would want her as a maid, well maybe. And more alone time for Jirou and Subaru! I did see a little bit of bath fun for next week.

Thanks for reading!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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16 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 02-03”

  1. LW says:

    Never understood why people fear fan service episodes. I’m a woman and I embrace them! if anything, I’m hoping that Kanade still has romantic feelings for Subaru just because I always feel that lesbians get the short end of the stick in anime.

    If she can’t have Subaru at least she should pursue Kureha! LOL


    • Foshizzel says:

      True it’s either a fanservice episode or it’s the dreaded beach themed episode because they can always expect some girls top to come flying off randomly. Yeah I am interested in seeing what becomes of Kanade’s feelings towards Subaru, I have a feeling she will get jealous over Jirou eventually.

      Oh yes! Subaru and Kureha would be the next best thing.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I agree and think lesbians do get the short end of the stick in anime. I really don’t mind the girl x girl relationship, I like it a lot or maybe I’m just a total pervert. Lol. I saw such a yuri anime but I never got around to finishing it. I think its’ name was Strawberry Panic.

      We’ve got pure examples right here, baby. And if you saw Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, you’ll see that the teleporter Kuroko has a crush on Mikoto Misaka. But alas, her feeling are never being noticed. LOL!!!

      • Foshizzel says:

        Oh yes Kuroko and Misaka! Sadly that is only one sided, this might be something fun if we get Subaru and Kanade or Subaru and Kureha 😉

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Episode 02: This show is twisted. The extreme fan service is on the borderlines of hentai itself. Mayo Chiki is this season’s Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka. Kanade is nuts. At first, she looked like a normal innocent looking girl. Boy was I wrong. She’s sadistic and her red eyes along with her personality make her look like a fierce demon. Rich kids with too much time and money on their hands needing to do sadistic things to keep themselves entertained at other people’s expense.

    If Jirou’s gynophobia doesn’t kill him, his personal life will. Lol, Kureha and the school thinks there’s a boys love relationship between him and Subaru and at the same time, he’s witnessing a yuri relationship between Kureha and Subaru. I’m gonna die laughing from this. And possible yuri moments? I’m definitely on board.

    I can’t believe a single kick made Kureha fall in love with Subaru. LMAO

    • Foshizzel says:

      Totally with you on that BlackBriar! There are lots of hentai themes going on here! Thankfully they push things for fanservice but they don’t go all out yet. Yes I am getting the same feelings from Mayo as the next Kore wa zombibe xD Right Kanade = the best character! For me just because she is random and crazy.

      LOL YES!! Jirou is going to have some issues soon three girls after him! Well his sister probably wants to kick him around for a bit. Ahahah yes! Yuri and Yaoi moments probably happening in future episodes.

      Right that was a bit crazy huh? Maybe Kureha has a bit of a M side to her? xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Episode 03: Kanade is manipulating and underhanded. She enjoys tormenting Jirou to her little black heart’s content. Is she really trying to pair Subaru and Kureha up? I love her already and I love her swimsuit. Awesome swimsuits. Hot fan service all around.

        Come on, Jirou. You’re not Touma. Leaving the girls behind to play hero and trying to save the day. You’re not as thick-headed as him. You’re lucky that your experience with your mom and Kureha gave you the endurance to withstand that dude’s brutal attacks. You’re going to be sore in the morning.

        Subaru is definitely Nagare’s daughter. I see where she got her strength from. Just like her, his attacks break the sound barrier and leaves sonic booms behind. That whole situation was to make Subaru get over her fear of knives? They could’ve used a less theatrical approach but Kanade being the demonic, sadistic little princess that she is, she probably has a taste for the dramatic. And Nagare has made it clear that he hates Jirou. That’s probably because he groped his daughter in the first episode.

        Subaru was Kanade first love?!! She loves her?!! YES!!!! Go Kanade x Subaru. Or it can be Kureha x Subaru. Whichever one is fine by me. Kanade can be best friends with Index’s Kuroko. Kanade x Subaru and Kuroko x Mikoto can both go out together. I’m such a Yuri fan.

    • Jrow says:

      While she certainly has shown off those tendencies, I do like that Kanade has shown a friendly side of her toward Chicken-kun. I wouldn’t have expected that after blackmailing him the way she did in the first episode.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, she’s really being friendly to Jirou. But remember, she’s a sadist. We don’t know what she has planned for him and she’s just getting started. I’m gonna enjoy every bit of agony that she’s going to put him in. And it’ll probably cause Subaru or her father to knock his head off. The father already has a grudge against him, so he’ll be happy to do it.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Kanade and Jirou are so fun together even thou Kanade loves to toy around with him, but that’s what makes her so much fun to watch just to see how crazzzyy that girl can be.

  3. Samantha Zan says:

    This show, I actually kind of like it as well, I mean its fun in its own little way, with all the little jokes and such. But another thing I actually liked was the relationship between Subaru and Jirou. I think its actually really nice XD, especially with Kanade intruding with all her little plans for the both of them X3.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Really fun series so far highly entertaining for me at least I know most avoid it because it’s slightly harem-ish. Yeah Subaru and Jirou are great together! And Subaru isn’t too tsundere like most lead girls.

      Oh yes Kanade loves to mess around with both of them xD

  4. Kyokai says:

    This is my guilty pleasure of this season, ’nuff said. :3

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