Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 03

Sucks To Be You, Haruka~

First off, thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys <3 I love you, and I was sure to fill my day with cake and Jun. Speaking of Jun (and clever segways) Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi! Hinata’s not really in this episode much, but he is revealed to alive! Which is pretty sexy. So let’s see what episode 3 has in store for us.

It starts out with ….Ahhh! Haruka in her pants! Take it away! Take it away! Phew, thank you, OP. You’re actually starting to grow on me. Anyway, back at school Himea is bunking off, playing tightrope on the rooftops, (I guess she’s not one of those, “I can only go out at night” vampires). Gekkou is musing over Hinata’s all too easy defeat, thinking that it just might have been all too easy.

You’re not supposed to admit that

Just then he’s attacked by a giant interdimentional worm, so he kisses Mirai again to unlock her curse and fight it. Unfortunately we don’t get to see Gekkou kick all kinds of ass, as far more important fights are going on. Such as whose lunch will Taito eat, Haruka or Himea’s. Oh, the doraama~ They’re interrupted (thankfully) by Gekkou ordering Taito to come help him deal with the worm.

The school is told to evacuate, because a horde of demon bugs can really put a damper on swim-time, and Taito manages to die at least once before they even get to Gekkou. They meet a military chick whose organisation imprisoned and tortured Himea. So as you might imagine, things are a little awkward. But she’s there to explain, and luckily that’s all she does.


Genderbent Yukio

She says that the two dimensions, where the bugs come from, and the human world are intersecting. Now that we know the world is in peril, what else is there to do but go swimming? Gekkou is too cool for that though, he prefers to act like he’s in a Coca Cola commercial and have twincest-y flashbacks. It makes him kind of sour though, when he remembers walking in on Hinata just after he’s killed their parents to form a nine year contract.

This is for getting chocolate on my rarest Pokemon card!

Turns out Mirai was sent to kill Gekkou by Hinata but he kicked her ass and she became his minion instead. Another demon attacks Gekkou as he’s getting his strip tease on, and unfortunately it’s immune to his main (only?) attack. The demon has a message for him from Hinata.

Himea and Taito meanwhile are struggling with their alone time when it starts raining blood, this acts as a good conversation starter. Hinata’s message was a warning to Gekkou about Himea’s apparent yandere-ness. Oh so now he’s a considerate evil twin! Go figure.

Um, what happened to our awesome ED? What is this moe garbage? Mirai! *shakefist*


You’re such a bitch-tease, Gekkou


Crotch to the face!

“Bitch was like you got 7 lives, yo. It was craaaaazy.”

You can encroach my moon anytime!!! (I don’t even know what that means)


What a shock, Hinata isn’t dead! I totally didn’t see that coming /sarcasm. Nah, I am happy he’s still out there, especially since he has fangs in the Opening. Fangs. HNG. I can’t wait til he comes back proper, it will be awesome. I thought it was both sweet and a bit weird when Gekkou was flashbacking to when they were kids. Sweet because, d’aww it’s big bad Gekkou and it shows he actually has feelings, and weird because…well it’s big bag Gekkou and you just wouldn’t expect him to be that sentimental. I sense a potential male tsundere. It was also a little confusing that despite trying to kill him in the last episode, Hinata is now doling out advice to his brother. I guess he’s just trying to drive Himea towards him, and Gekkou could be a potential obstical so he wants him out of the way. He’s also got to be pretty sour that he stole one of his minions. Mirai is pretty damn fickle.

The best part of this episode though was Taito’s reactions to being killed. It doesn’t even seem to bother him anymore. He freaked out the first time, when he was decapitated, you’d think having your face chewed off by a bug would have a simillar effect. I guess cause he died so much in episode 2 he’s cool with it now. Yup, I died, you were saying? It’s very amusing, either way. I hope he keeps being only mildly irritated by the inconveniance of dying in future episodes. I could get a lot of lols out of it.

The military chick seemed very unessissary. Did they really need to introduce her just for that? Gekkou couldn’t have explained what was happening? I guess it was just to exposite on Himea’s captivity and experimentation, though I felt that could have waited and been explained properly later. Hinata hinting at her yandere-ness was interesting though. The little quip she made when she saw Taito staring at Mirai – about killing all the girls so he doesn’t get distracted or something – seemed to have been more comedic than serious, but could turn out to be pretty funny if it was her yandere-ness seeping through that cute exterior.


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12 Responses to “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 03”

  1. tomphile says:

    Hinata’s never going to die until series’ end. Doesn’t that suck?

  2. BlackBriar says:

    This show is going good so far. A supernatural love triangle. Haruka’s chances of competing against Himea is slim to none but you gotta love the misunderstanding of the other classmates. Haruka, you’re out of your league against her. She’s not human like you.

    Lol. Himea is such a jealous yandere vampire. Threatening to kill the other girls to keep Taito to herself, all with a smiling face. She’s threatened him on several occasions in the other two episodes but I do like her rainbow hair. Blood rain? Maybe she would’ve liked that if it wasn’t killing Taito.

    I agree with Gekkou that it was anticlimactic. There was no way Hinata could have died that easily. He was too powerful to go down like that, so we’ll be seeing him again soon. Is it bad that we sometimes root for the bad guy?

    • Hime says:

      Vampire are sadly infinately more sexy than humans. I do feel bad for Haruka, she’s sweet and the unrequitedness of her love of Taito is adds the bitter. I hope Haruka does get a bigger part, even if the chances of that are slim. It would be funny if she went all revenge yandere on Himea (out yandere the yandere, so to speak) but that also seems unlikely x3

      Yeah, the blood rain was pretty cool. I can’t believe it can kill people though! Crazy.

      When the bad guy is so awesome how can we not, though?

  3. Justin says:

    Gekkou: “It was so anticlimactic”

    Hime: “You’re not supposed to admit that–”

    No, it’s because it’s Gekkou that he can get away with it!

    This show has definitely been one of the surprises of the Summer Season. I have to say, I’m getting more and more impressed with it. Now whether I’ll continue the series this summer…^^

    • Hime says:

      I suppose Gekkou doesn’t have time to be nice xD even in his own show.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Such an entertaining episode! Yes this story is sooooo predictable but hey that can be fun too, I died laughing when the bug ripped off Taito’s head and Himea’s reaction was like hmmmm?

    Yeah the military chick was random, guess they wanted to introduce more girls? Or to show Gekkou had other things on his mind like his evil brother who is alive lolol good stuff.

    I still enjoy watching Mirai! She seems to be so much fun around Taito and Gekkou, I can’t believe I forgot to mention her electric powers! I was waiting for some railgun action lol…

    • Hime says:

      I don’t find the story all that predictable, but it is fun to watch. I love how when the big jumps on Taito’s face Himea’s not bothered, yet when RAIN falls on him (albiet evil demon rain) she’s all like NOOOOOO! RAIN!!!!

  5. amado says:

    I theorize that later at some point hinata would become an invaluable ally against a more powerful enemy(maybe the demon king, if there is one). they’d have a tense truce and gekkou would eventually have to forgive his brother or at least not want to kill him.

  6. larethian says:

    there’s one thing you got wrong. ALL dimensions and worlds intersect at the holy ground of Miyasaka High.

    • Hime says:

      Whoops. I guess I was too distracted by her likeness to Yukio to notice xD

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