First Impression – Yuru Yuri

Bring out the girls!

Aahh, YuruYuri, the so-called Yuri anime of this season. Except Kuttsukiboshi. Anyhow, let’s see whether this is yuri or not, shall we? Sometimes this kind of stuff is pretty misleading.

The first episode of YuruYuri starts with our protagonist Akari waking up late for school and using the wrong dress for school (she’s not wearing uniform, which is elementary), so she has to change into her middle school uniform. Yup, it’s her first day of middle school. Like, so exciting.

While changing, Kyoko the energetic gaijin (I don’t know if she is one or not, but hey, she is blond), drags the cool Yui to roam around Akari’s house. After some panty and toilet adventure, Kyoko enters  Akari’s sister’s room that has the DO NOT ENTER sign on it. Typical wild girl. The room is messy, and it’s full of…Akari’s pictures? And yuri manga? And Akari’s pillow being kissed a lot? Shocked, Kyoko runs out the house to catch up with her friends. And of course, she didn’t forget to tell Akari to NOT enter her sister’s room. Some things are better left unsaid, after all. Such as this and my yaoi porn collection.

*Add in scary stalkerish music here*

As for the new students, you know the drill. Introduce yourself, yada yada… In front of Akari sits two girls that can’t stop bickering with each other, and next to her is a cute purple-haired girl. Decided to follow Kyoko’s advice (“Come out stronger!”), Akari decides to introduce herself TOO STRONGLY, which results in an awkward stare. So much for a good first impression.

If I were there, I want to be in the black and white color too. NOW THAT’S AWKWARD.

Akari joins the Amusement Club with Yui and Kyoko as its members, but it turns out that Amusement Club is just a bunch of lazy students doing no shit at all. It also uses the disbanded Tea Club’s room. Upon Akari’s suggestion, Yui and Kyoko think about something exciting to fill up their middle school life. They find nothing except Kyoko’s ideas of transportation and Yui’s discussion about love. Oh wait, there’s one. Kyoko’s obsessed with this certain magical girl who looks like THE NEW AMUSEMENT CLUB MEMBER WHO THOUGHT THAT IT WAS A TEA CLUB, Chinatsu! Kyoko was able to persuade Chinatsu to stay with the Amusement Club, so it’s official now that they have a new member! Yay! Oh, and Chinatsu ends up having an admiration towards Yui, so we have a love triangle here.

Imagine if there’s an anime character based on me…

Thus, their daily life in the Amusement Club starts. They come across one problem though: Akari has no presence at all. Ouch. They discuss about the solution to this problem, going from Presence Girl solution Box to Kyoko’s crazy idea of a saber as an umbrella and FINALLY, Akari snaps.

What Akari is. And I agree

Too epic to be ignored

Suddenly she becomes fiery, unlike the usual Akari. Full of determination, with everybody’s attention on her, Akari is about to say her solution-

Until the Student Council members barge into the room, making everybody’s attention divert to her and Kyoko, while Akari becomes invisible. Again.

Get luck and chance (not)

Fan Service:

Hell yeah

Kyoko is preparing herself for the girls


Yes, she’s meant to join the orgy-er, Amusement Club


End Thoughts:

This is just like how I thought it’s going to be. First, WHERE IS THE YURI!? All I did is making up pairings and couples out of their interactions! Sure, there are some boob-grabbing and panty-peeking and blushing, but…that’s it!? I want moar yuri T_T *cough* Yeah, like what I said before, I knew it was going to be like this, just implied yuri. Usually non-hetero anime with very suggestive titles are trolls. But maybe that’s the whole point. All I can guess is that the daily fan-service (boobs, panties, blushes) is all the yuri we’re going to get. This is more like an implied yuri, and I don’t think we’re going to get more. Put all of that aside, it will look similar with things such as A Channel. But I can’t say that too, since I dropped A Channel. It’s just that I have a feeling that it’s going to be like A Channel, due to ordinary daily school life, friends, friendship trouble, yada yada. Just, implied yuri =( But, oh well, anything is possible. This is still the first episode. And I’ll get my Kuttsukiboshi anyway.

And as for the art, I’m not too fond of it. It’s so…typical. More like I’m too used with that kind of art style? I do love the chibis though. THEY’RE SO CUTE. But the uniform design, dear god who the hell designed that? IT’S HORRIBLE. NOT MY TASTE. It looks as if the girls have short upper bodies with that uniform of theirs D: And I don’t like how the hair colors are so COLORFUL. It’s so unnatural (>.<) I know I’m going to get this kind of hair colors, but I can never get used with purple-haired anime characters. I always ask myself, “Don’t the neighbors think that they’re delinquents!?” And as for the animation, it looks pretty neat to me, so it’s all right. What I don’t like though it’s the lightning. Sometimes the contrast (lightning? Whatever you call it) darkens and brightens itself. I don’t know whether it’s my player or my MKV file or that’s just the way it is, but I don’t like that.

So far, I’m liking Chinatsu the most. The main reason is because her hair is purple, and I LOVE purple. Somehow she has the elegant aura around her, and she’s so sweet <3 The second is Yui, because she’s the type of girl I would go for if I want a girlfriend. She’s cool and modest, just the type of girl I like. The third is Akari because I want Kyoko to be the last. Yeah, Akari really has no presence at all. She’s just “meh” to me. Nothing makes her stand out as the main character; she’s too plain to be the main character. But, just like Kyoko said, “her lack of quality is the outstanding quality she has.” xD And dear god, I don’t like Kyoko AT ALL. She’s such a pain in the butt. I don’t mind hyperactive self-centered egoistic energetic characters, but she’s just too much! Yui keeps telling her to stop, but she’s not stopping AT ALL. I don’t like rebellious girls. Sure, be active as you can, but if someone tells you to shut up, shut up! Ugh. And she’s pretty stalker-ish too and NOT in a cute way =/

Overall, YuruYuri turns out to be all right. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. I expect myself to fall asleep halfway the episode, but it’s actually reversed. I get sleepy in the first half then enjoyed the latter half of the episode. I won’t look forward to episode two since the plot is just too boring for me, but I’ll watch this for the fun. Who knows what might happen later, we might get a sex scene here. :p


It’s not boobs-grabbing anymore…IT’S BOOBS-SMACKING


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13 Responses to “First Impression – Yuru Yuri”

  1. tomphile says:

    Sadly, Yuri Yuri is not a yuri show. Unless you look at Kyoko and Chinatsu. :3

  2. Moni Chan says:

    yu.. yu .. YURI middle school YURI

    i cant wait for the next episode and not because of the preveiw picture. Thats the least of my worries

  3. Foshizzel says:

    This probably will be a cute fun show like a K-on or Achannel style cute girls doing cute things! Such as molesting each other that’s perfectly normal…

    Anyway not sure on this will give it a few more episodes before dropping..

  4. Metalsnakezero says:

    This is a pretty solid comedy with a nice pacing and the sound designs is very nice. Also, this is a good showcase to these new voice actress.

  5. amado says:

    I like it of course. its funny and just got repetitive with akari.
    definitely on the list.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    If there’s actually Yuri in this, I will definitly give this a shot. Yuri is one of my favorite anime genres. The boob grabbing and looking under the skirt got my attention.

  7. […] “Sure, there are some boob-grabbing and panty-peeking and blushing, but…that’s it!? I want moar yuri T_T *cough* Yeah, like what I said before, I knew it was going to be like this, just implied yuri. Usually non-hetero anime with very suggestive titles are trolls. But maybe that’s the whole point.” – Metanorn […]

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