First impression – Sacred Seven

Transform and roll out, yo!

Fosh: Time for the first impressions for Sacred seven! One of the many shows I was originally excited for, Sunrise and Code Geass style artwork? Hells ya! Well time to take on this beast of a show with Ness and Hime.


Ness: Oh wow, I can’t believe it that Summer anime is already here!! It feels like it wasn’t too long ago when the Spring anime just started but it’s coming to and end… or is it already just about there? Anyways, yeaaaah!! Sacred Seven! I don’t really know what to expect from this anime since I haven’t looked into it much. So here goes…

Fosh: Plot centers around Alma Tandoji, a young guy who has a strange violent past. After a loud explosion outside his home, it triggers a change inside of him. He is soon visited by a young girl named Ruri Aiba and her butler Makoto Kagami to recruit him to help fight monsters and save the world. Alma attacks a large monster that is attacking the city thanks to Ruri who unlocks a hidden power in Alma.

Alma- “Whoa…I thought I was in Code Geass season three for a second…”

The episode starts out with our main hero Alma drawing a map, and hearing a loud explosion outside. He takes a quick look and has a sudden case of glowing pink eye of DOOM! He falls on the floor and rolls around for a bit, probably shouldn’t stare at red rings of light, buddy. Off in the distance a strange rock monster begins to walk towards the city. Sounds like the perfect start of a school year. After his eye attack, he goes to school on a tiny ass bike! Seriously in need of an upgrade there, hero. Once he arrives at school, everyone gets quiet as Alma walks the halls towards his class. Of course he is feared by everyone! Must be all the angsty hair gel. Meanwhile a short girl named Ruri and her butler Makoto investigate the explosion and track the stone monster.

Makoto- “I think the monster was here.”           Ruri- “Or that damn kool aid man! THAT BASTARD!”

Alma-“Please leave me alone, I was going to jump off the roof…I AM SO LONELY!” </emo>

Stone Kyuubey GTFO now!

Poor Alma, no one likes you! Well, Wakana isn’t afraid to chat with him, this odd girl asks him to join her and some friends at the local museum and check out some rocks. Yes, she’s in a club that collects rocks and gems. OH SO DAMN EXCITING ROCKS!! AHH! Anyway Alma leaves the school and goes home where Ruri and Makoto knock on his door and attempt to recruit him for JUSTICE and what not. However, Alma is not in the mood and yells and powers up, scaring the two off which alerts the Medusa monster to wreck the city.

Oh did I forget to mention? Ruri has quite a few sexy maid assistants!

Ruri- “Please sir! Buy these cookies and SAVE THE DAMN UNIVERSE!”

Alma- “My mom was killed by cookies…time for emo unicorn powers.”

After Ruri’s failed attempt at recruiting Alma, Makoto decides to take matters into his own hands and requests the maids prepare his awesome mecha for battle! They learn the medusa monster is after a gem that will power it up even more. And of course Wakana’s friends are in danger because the monster wants to eat the gem on display at the museum they are at. Alma follows the loud explosions and rushes out to save Wakana; though on the way, he runs into the monster and transforms! Wearing some odd red armor with an evil eye, he starts to attack the monster going a bit berserk.

Check out the wheels! Can anyone say pre nightmare frame?

Ruri- “OH MY, Madoka flashback! Don’t chomp my head off…”

Alma’s red battle armor looks really awesome!

Makoto- “I should have gone with the red model, it’s faster….”

While Alma goes crazy killing the monster, Ruri decides to talk to him, yes very smart move trying to talk to him while he’s in the berserk mode; he almost kills her too. Of course he stops at the last second and Ruri uses her magical gem to help upgrade Alma’s power evolve into something new. He transforms again and looks more like a video game character of a fighting game. With this new power, Alma kicks the monster’s ass and defeats the upgraded monster.

Alma- “I want to be like Captain America!”               Ruri- “Wish granted now, KILL THE MONSTER!!”

Ruri- “Pro tip, hit the glowing crystals.”              Alma-“Can’t I just give it a hug instead??”

Who is this mystery man!? New bad guy! Stay tuned.

Super job, Alma, saving the girl and getting some new powers! After the epic battle Alma goes to school the next day. He passes a few students and arrives at the club room as per Wakana’s expectation, who lets him in. He spots Makoto and Ruri in the club room too! Guess what? Ruri is going to stalk the hell out of Alma now because she has bought the school. The episode rolls to an end with Alma staring in shock at Ruri.

Ruri- “This club rocks!”       Makoto- “Excellent pun there, Ojou-sama.”        Alma- “I really hate my life…”

Extra super awesome transformations

Alma- “Yep…I am awesome, leaning in my cool chair.”

She can shoot me anytime! Wooooo!

Twin maids? Yes!

I don’t mind this power suit too much, needs more red though.

I am sure girls will pair Makoto and Alma up in 3….2…..1……GO.

End Thoughts:

What an awesome first episode for this series! It really has me hooked for now, but it is too early to say if Sacred Seven can be a hit show. I know people will compare this up and down to Code Geass due to the character designs, mecha and glowing eye balls! Yes they share all those common things noticed by any fan of Geass instantly. However, this series feels like saturday morning cartoon to me as you got the angry main lead character with a special power, and a girl to help him when he needs a boost. But those are the kinds of shows I can follow and really enjoy and have a good time with.

The opening video reminds me of Star Driver! And the song really fits nicely, I usually hate hearing FunctionJunction doing opening songs, but this one I didn’t mind because I haven’t heard much from them lately. I did enjoy the background music too! Done by Yuki Kajiura, you might know her from Madoka Magica and Kara no Kyokai movie series, so they should have some epic sounding music during the fights coming up.

Character so far seem really cool! I don’t care too much for Alma but I think he will slowly become a fan favorite. Wakana might be fun too, I do love her voice actress Kanae Itou! She does sound more like Saten from Railgun and a bit of Ohana. Makoto, the butler seems like a cool dude as well and all those random maids! WHAT?! I thought that was kind of random but it does sort of fits Ruri’s style as a rich girl who wants to save the world. And lastly that random stone guide, I noticed every time he did some emote type thing like the water drop; it was stone then turned into dust. Really nice effect there, so you can guess he will be the “comic” relief for this series. Overall great first episode! Can’t wait to see the next and how Alma adjusts around Makoto and Ruri.

Code Geass animation style; Hnng, so sexy. And while I do love the style of Code Geass, I have mixed feelings about Geassyness of this because it really goes beyond just the style and bleeds into the action (even if Sunrise have been retelling the same story of homolust, giant mechs and proto-politcal subtext since the 1980s). Don’t think it makes me anxious because I don’t like Code Geass, either. It’s the contrary. Code Geass is my favorite anime OF ALL TIME. I’m not even kidding. It is the most fun I have ever had watching an anime while it was airing. Without a doubt. No contest. And I am very protective of that. So, I’m not quite sure if this familliar style is going to rub me the wrong way or not. It’s too early to tell. I’m hoping it doesn’t, because all in all I was pretty impressed with Sacred7’s first ep. The OP reminds me of Star Driver’s, but that’s not a compliment in this case. It’s really just another way of saying it’s bland and forgettable, visually and musically. On the plus side though, the show itself is Sunrise animation, which is beautiful and distinct. I can see Gundam Wing influences particuarly in the girl’s designs. I kept expecting Releena’s voice to pop out of Ruri when she was calling for Tandoji.

BUT OH SUNRISE, WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A HARD ON FOR MAGIC EYES? Srsly, the first 60 seconds was like a scene from the cutting room floor of I’m sure you know which show. I suppose I don’t really mind, since bi-colour eyes are very badass looking, but you see what I mean…I’m still see-sawing on whether or not I like the similarities. Gah. Moving on~ I don’t see why Tandoji’s so feared, it hardly sends out a bad boy staus; riding a moped like that around. He’s also totally a unicorn. DID YOU SEE THAT RED SPIKE? He’s an angry unicorn. It made me LOL so hard. I was saying Charlie the Unicorn quotes to myself for the rest of the episode. I know, I know. THIS IS SRS BSNS, HIME ?_? DON’T LAFF AT IT. Can’t help it, sorry.

The army of french maids was also hilarious. All I could think of when the alarm sounded and they started sliding down fire-brigadesque poles was a loading dock noise and a big booming mechanical voice shouting “DEPLOY MAIDS”. Made me lol, again. But then there’s DAT HOT BUTLER. He honestly looks like Sebby. It’s kinda cool. The mech action thus far was pretty okay, definately not as standard. The mechs, I guess if we are classing them as such, have a more humanoid, rubberyness to their movement and design. Very X’amd. Tandoji’s battle suit, bestowed upon him by Ruri, was more what I was expecting. I can see it working very well in a video game, it had that kind of scroll and select method of attack. Still awesome, though. I like that it has a scarf, cause when you’re fighting evil do-ers you still need to be STYLIN. AW HELLS YEAH. So, like I said, there’s definate Star Driver vibes in this one if you couldn’t already tell, despite the fact that that was BONES and this is Sunrise. But if anything can be said about Star Driver and Code Geass is that they were heaps of outlandish fun, and if this promises to be simillar I will definately be following this show to the end.

Not bad for a first episode. There’s many things that I’m curious about that wasn’t given away yet and I’m sure that we’ll find out about them in time. But first, the opening was pretty good. I like FictionJunction music. At first this series seemed like it would be typical boy who’s an outcast who has mysterious supernatural powers and rich girl who need’s his powers to…. dunn dunn… SAAAAVVEEEE THE WOOORRRRRRLLLDDDD~! But I guess we can move past that and add in some butler (who isn’t Sabastian bleh), maids (a shit ton of maids) and of course, lolicons. Yes! I laughed so hard at seeing the rich girl with her butler driving and then the maids.. The damn headquarter of maids. As well, to add it all up, there’s the opening theme scenes with Ruka jumping into Alma’s arms on the moped. YES! I instantly said “HE’S A DAMN LOLICON!” Oh so humorous, I’m sure this series as much as there’s action and mystery, there’s going to be some good inside humor for myself.

But besides that, as far as the story goes, it seems like it will be an okay one. I still don’t have much thought on it yet since it’s still developing. Though, I wonder what exactly is the Sacred Seven. Is it Seven people with those crystals? Or Seven crystals itself? And man, did anyone find it funny when Ruka did some magical girl thing, kissing the crystal and transforming it onto Alma? As well, I found the appearance of Kagami in that mecha to be so funny! The whole transformation of the mech model reminded me of Macross and Front Mission: Gun Hazard. But hey! It’s Sunrise, guess they can do that.

Alma’s transformation into his ‘real’ power wasn’t bad. Though, I think his uncontrolled state was pretty bad ass and cooler then his real look. Really now, having that one glowing eye shown and looking like a cool ninja monster is awesome compared to having some headgear, mechanical floating scarf and a damn crystal stuck in your chest that’s about to bust out some moon crystal power. Overall, I find this anime to be pretty cool so far. I’ll be following it and probably join in on blogging this with Fosh but not consistently since I have other things to work on. So yeah, maybe I’ll be back for the next episode. Laters~


Hope that power suit of Alma’s can fly!

Next week more monster battles with Alma, Ruri and Makoto! Looks like they are attacked by a large dragon! Well, this series will continue to get blogged by Fosh and Ness! So stick around for more Sacred Seven on Metanorn.


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40 Responses to “First impression – Sacred Seven”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Oh hai thar, Sebby-chan~ Tandoji is so emo but I think I might like him just like how I ended up liking Takuto. I’m more interested in the bad guy because I know he’s voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto… Hnnggg.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes Tandoji so emo but hopefully he does change a bit each episode! He sort of reminds me of Bunny how he was like grumpy all the time I could see him changing some.

      Oh? Nice! I look forward to hearing him talk xD

  2. Junko says:

    Hnng I love old school anime hero genre shutff. What is with the last two seasons and remaking old school? Love it.

    Oh sup Blossum, where’s Bubbles and Buttercup at? How the hell did you steal Sebastian off Ciel and can I be a part of your maid harem?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes it does have that old school superhero thing going on doesn’t it? That will make this show more fun!

      LOL yeah people will like Makoto he seems very cool.

  3. Overcooled says:


    But seriously, this is just generic mecha fun. I’d have to really think about it to find any shred of originality from this show, it’s kind of sad. Still, it manages to entertain and that’s a good sign.

    Hope you guys (I dub all future tag teams by you guys as team “Nesshizzel”) have fun blogging this one. XD

    • BlackBriar says:

      Mytholigy combined mecha. I bet Fosh is definitly on board.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YAY Mecha fun Woooooooo!! Well long as it entertains I will be pleased either way, long as each episode isn’t like monster appears and Alma has to save everyone and repeat for 12 episodes.

      Ahahaha Nessshizzel works, Oh we shall try to have lots of fun with this one.

      • Kyokai says:

        I dub all future tag teams by you guys as team “Nesshizzel”

        LMAO! xD

        • Ness says:

          Nesshizzel hahah. We should make that into a post author for our tag teams xD

          • Overcooled says:

            lol I’m flattered you like my name for you guys. XD Giving nicknames is one of my favourite things in life~

    • Karakuri says:

      I’d say Ruri’s hair is pretty original. XD

  4. BlackBriar says:

    First episode and it’s already action packed. I’m definitly following this one. When I saw Makoto, I immediatly thought of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. I like Tandoji’s two armor forms. They look great.

    Just how rich can Ruri be that was she was able to not only have those servants and high tech weapons but also be able to buy an entire school? She’s really giving fellow loli Mina Tepes a serious run for her money (pun intended).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Action packed and the main character can fight! Usually it’s the other way around with the main guy having no clue how to use their powers. So that was a great change, I don’t know much about Sebastian but yeah I have seen a few pictures and they do look alike xD

      I like his armor very cool!

      She seems well off all those maids and the tech? Has to be loaded I would say, LOL Mina crazy little vampire. I just love Ruri and her voice! RANKA LEE ftw.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’ll be expecting a lot of destruction and mayhem. The town’s already been torn apart with a high death toll already in effect thanks to that statue.

        Yes! Voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto (Accelerator, Rin Okumura) has role in this and apparently he’s playing a villain.

        Other than the main bad guy, I hope Tandoji has a powerful rival who is the complete opposite of everything he stands. There’s nothing sweeter than a bitter rivalry to help make the story better.

        • Foshizzel says:

          LOL Yeah they are going to destroy everything in the city eventually.

          Nice can’t wait to hear him screaming and kicking ass!

          Right same here a rival would be very awesome to see as well.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Oh, boy. I see there are a lot of people who see Sebastian Michaelis in Makoto. It’s the same thing for me when I saw Minatsuki’s new hairdo in Deadman Wonderland. When I saw her, I was thinking: “Is she related to Mikoto from Toaru Majutsu no Index and Index II?” Such amazing resemblances, am I right?

            • Foshizzel says:

              Hahah yes! Now that I think about it Minatsuki’s short hair does look like a few anime characters out there, and yes Makoto from Sacred Seven does look a bit like Sebastian ahahah good stuff! It probably is tough to design something original.

  5. amado says:

    liked and prefer the one-eyed version. much more cooler and wicked than that pseudo-power ranger suit.
    well its sunrise, the one who made code geass. I doubt it will reach that far but it might get close so its on the list.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! I feel a bit the same the red one looked really cool! But I will grow to like the red white and blue suit. True it might look awesome and then crash and burn, but I hope it can be fun for everyone to enjoy.

  6. jGLZa says:

    LoL, I read ‘Stone Monster’ as ‘Stoner Monster’ and then spent the rest of the post trying to figure out what happened to him – nearly convinced myself that he just passed out on some street corner until I figured out the Stoner & Medusa monsters were one & the same.

    Probably would have made more sense had I previously watched the episode before reading. Spent the entire “End Thoughts” section thinking about how pokemon evolutions where/are possibly the greatest thing in anime.

    Nice post guys.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah yes! Alma got high, then again the club is about rocks and stuff…hmmm yes this could work.

      LOL Yes lots of evolution <3


  7. Reaper says:

    Damn, it’s Sebastian Michaelis! Seems like he chose the Ojou-sama with thousands of maids instead of Ciel; at least he has better help now (jk :)) The first time I saw it, there were so many comparisons other than ITS SEBAS-CHAN! Maid-filled Section 9? Eureka-7 mechas/knightmares in car form? Though I have to say, the glowy eye powers are back again…with unicorn horns! There should be a warning before the beginning of each ep from now on like this; warning, watching this anime may cause blinding from sudden flashing eye powers, not recommended for epileptics 🙂 IT WILL MELT YOUR FACE OFF! Anyways, going to see how this series turns out

    • Foshizzel says:

      Guess I will have to start calling Makoto Sebastian now? Who wouldn’t want a army of battle maids and mecha?! I am jealous.

      Yeah I can see the Eureka style of cars that transform, long as it doesn’t talk to Makoto I will be fine. THOSE DAMN UNICORN HORNS! LOL I died laughing but hopefully he does not have to do that all the time.

      Yep! We shall see how the story plays out.

  8. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Bahahaha nice captions, don’t have much time to read the full article this morning but I’ll check it out again later.

    While I’m here what anime/manga is the header that has a teddy bear head to the left of the chick and a giraffe teddy head to her right?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! I always have fun doing silly captions xD

      thats Kamisama no Memochou! It’s a good show so far.

  9. pp says:

    I’m surprise at how well this show turns out. and the meido was def. a plus for me =D .

  10. Moni Chan says:

    i saw some code geass black butler combination in this.
    in not really into Mecha anime but ill give this a shot besides the seiyuu list is awesome


    • Foshizzel says:

      Yay Twiinssssss <3

    • Ness says:

      I don’t find this to really be a mecha anime, it’s all fake! FAKE LIKE THOSE DAMN MAIDS IN THAT BUTLER’s HAREM

      • Foshizzel says:

        True that Ness! It’s a lot like Geass there are mechs in that series but they are not part of the main focus.

      • Moni Chan says:

        it might be fake but not as real as


        dont ask why i said that

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ohhh poor emo unicorn! I hope he doesn’t have to do that every time he transforms, but I think it was more for the awesome red suit ;D

  11. Jrow says:

    Such an adrenaline rush, this first episode. I was taken back by how awesome it was. Both versions of Tadoji’s suit are pretty cool (agree that more red is needed). My only worry is that this episode is such a high that the next couple episodes will seem boring and I’ll have checked out. They got me in, but can they keep me?

    About the OP, I’m somewhat of the same opinion as Hime. I like FictionJunction and I like the song, but just wasn’t feeling it mesh with the anime all that well after like 3 watches of it. I think it’s best as an ED theme.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed really gets you excited for the fights! Epic music too really helped a lot. Yeah red suit was awesome but the other suit looks cool too really reminds me of Heroman just a tiny bit. Ahahah yep! That’s where things will be interesting can they keep people addicted? I hope so.

      Yeah it does fit more as a ending song, but it does sound a bit madoka like xD

  12. Azure says:

    Was anyone else reminded of megaman in anyway. The design for the suit was so invocative of a zero/protoman combination that I expected a z saber to be somewhere. Also the robot kinda reminded me less of knightmares and more of the eureka seven robot design in car form.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I have seen a few bloggers compare his suit and power up thing to megaman like, I Saw that thing on his eye was like hmmm different modes? Right lots of Eureka and Geass feels from the machines xD

  13. Sabine says:

    I was all screaming Sebastian when I first saw the opening song O.o code geass, kuroshitsuji, what next?

    What is it with Tandojis moped?? I can´t stop laughing always when he drives with it, no cool at all, give him a bigger bike for the hells sake DX Long men needs big bikes <.<

  14. […] “The army of french maids was also hilarious. All I could think of when the alarm sounded and they started sliding down fire-brigadesque poles was a loading dock noise and a big booming mechanical voice shouting “DEPLOY MAIDS”. Made me lol, again…But if anything can be said about Star Driver and Code Geass is that they were heaps of outlandish fun, and if this promises to be similar I will definitely be following this show to the end.” – Metanorn […]

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