Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 11-12

Sports are fun.

Welcome back, readers! This week we get our hands on two episodes of Denpa Onna, this is not the true end to this series as the thirteenth bonus episode will be released much later; we all know Shaft loves to keep us waiting for final episodes. Anyways, next week begins the summer anime season! Stay tuned to Metanorn for some awesome first impressions and tag team reviews. Well, time to review these two fun episodes! Enjoy.

Episode eleven follows Maekawa inviting Makoto over. She cooks him lunch and they play some video games together and it seems she’s trying her best to get closer to Makoto. Also, we get a bit of basketball fun with Ryuuko playing her first real game. After a short talk with Yashiro, Makoto cheers for Ryuuko and helps her score some points for her team. While episode twelve has Makoto being recruited once again to play more baseball with the old gang. Meme shows up to play the role of the coach and picks Erio to play the pitcher. Makoto gets a special job to find Maekawa’s father who decided to run away because Hanazawa is too much of a skilled player. Everything works out for the better but this is not the true end. On to the review!

Maekawa’s clothes shrunk in the wash but looks great!

On his way to get some food, Makoto finds Maekawa walking by, only to hitch a ride on his bike’s basket just like Erio. She invites him over to her place in lieu of cooking lunch for him; to score some extra points with him? Heck yeah. They even chill out in her bedroom, playing some video games. Damn Makoto, I would pick Maekawa over Ryuuko at this point in the show, she is practically falling for you. Even Yashiro appears to steal some vegetables from Maekawa’s garden; well she get stopped by Makoto for some legit tomatoes rather than being stolen.

Maekawa has some nice tomatoes, don’t you all agree?

Makoto, you are blind! Maekawa cooks and plays video games! So much win right there, bro.

Maekawa- “Little does Makoto know, I use cheat codes to win.”

After that lovely visit with Maekawa, Makoto returns home and has a chat with Ryuuko on the phone. Erio walks in wanting to look at the stars again with Makoto, and of course Ryuuko hears her and gets jealous over her getting to hang out. The following day Makoto goes to Ryuuko’s basketball game and learns about her first real game. I guess she only got to be a bench warmer before? Then again she probably doesn’t have the best attention span I bet. Makoto spots Yashiro and sits with her as the two of them have a chat about ESP. Yashiro has high hopes for Ryuuko; not sure why but she feels she’s someone special. Makoto notices Ryuuko is having a hard time and stands up to give her an inspirational speech, which helps her score a few points for the team.

Makoto- “I can’t talk, I have a blue alien ready to attack me.”

Ryuuko- “Uhhh it says, distract her with a cute kitten.”

Makoto- “Quick, Yashiro! I need to borrow your head for a spare basketball.”

Makoto- “Take the shot or they will kick you off the team!!”

Episode twelve starts with a peculiar morning routine for Makoto, together with Meme and Erio.

Time for a morning work out! Meme looks tired.

This time for the baseball game, Ryuuko shows up to cheer for Makoto. I do love Maekawa’s cosplay of the week: a manatee or mermaid as she calls it as we have them in Florida! Well, Maekawa looks cute in anything. So, she tells Makoto about her father running away  in stress and due to which they are missing a pitcher. That is until Meme shows up wearing her own baseball uniform. Even Meme loves to cosplay, they should rename this to Denpa Onna cosplay special.

Ryuuko- “HEY! LISTEN! HEY!”     Makoto-“…..Who gave her sugar?”    Erio- “Can I please punch this girl in the face?”

Doesn’t Maekawa make you want to hug her to death?! SO CUTE!

Meme to the rescue! Looks like some TTGL shine right there.

Coach Meme begins to shout orders, makes Erio the replacement pitcher for the team, tells Makoto to go look for Maekawa’s father and bring him back to the game. I can only guess she wants Erio to do things without him around; yes good job Meme, way to be a cool mom. Makoto searches all over town looking for Maekawa’s father and chases him down by bike, and the two of them chat for a bit. After a believe-in-yourself speech YES THEY USE ONE! This gets the man pumped up and he agrees to take another shot, HELL YA! Older dude, you are awesome.

Random BL moment in my Denpa Onna?! GTFO.

Makoto returns with with the “hero” of the game and is up next to bat thanks to Meme, and shockingly he crushes the ball! And hits a home run! Well almost gets out but thanks to a random gust of wind it actually clears the fence. Not sure if Yashiro provided a helping hand in Makoto’s awesome hit or not, because she is seen walking away slowly from the field. The episode comes to a quick end with a shot of the baseball in the river outside the baseball field.

Ryuuko- “Here, take my sweat covered helmet, good, Makoto.”

Best damn scene in the entire episode! THAT ANIMATION!!

Makoto-“You mean I have to wait to see who I end up with?!”                    Erio-“It’s me right? RIGHT?!”

See you later, space girl!

Extra Alien fun!

So much glitter! And look at those legs… so loongggg.

Meme- “WORK MY SLAVES! Errr I Mean play ball!!”

Erio offers a double high five! GOOD WORK.

Ryuuko, you are very cute but sadly not my favorite character.

End Thoughts:

Episode eleven! Good stuff, I really enjoyed watching Maekawa and Makoto hanging out. She is definately the more calm and fun character. She dresses up in random outfits but we can all tell she really does like Makoto a lot. Only wish he wasn’t so close to Ryuuko as much as he is now. I mean she cooks and plays video games! What more could a guy ask for? Unless he really does have feelings for Erio or Ryuuko? I still don’t see the whole Makoto and Erio thing working, she seems too much of a little sister to him. I still want to see and find out more about Yashiro and how she plays a part in the whole story. I think they brought her in just to have more science fiction pumped back into the general theme. After all, she wearing a space suit and claims to have Esper powers!

Episode twelve continued the sports inspired theme with more baseball. The one sport that is always fun to watch in anime form. I usually don’t like sports themed episodes but I am willing to give them a try, I did kind of laugh at Maekawa’s father running away from the game. But it was also great watching Makoto talk him back into going back to play. Of course, it was the reused believe-in-yourself speech from every other show, but it fits quite well here. The best part about this episode had to be when Makoto stepped up to bat! I was waiting on something amazing to happen and sure enough it did! Great animation during that scene and music of course. I do think Yashiro had something to do with that gust, they do make it seem that way, huh? Or can we say that was just a random event?

Well it will be a long time until we get the last episode! Shaft loves to make us wait, but that’s fine really, I don’t mind waiting because this series was fun at the begining but slowly began to fall apart. Plenty of great characters like Yashiro, Meme, Erio and Maekawa. I did originally like Ryuuko a lot but she started to become so annoying to me. Why? I don’t really know, she just has these outbursts where she makes random sounds and has hatred for Erio. And I don’t know why. Hopefully they do explain Erio’s past school life in the last remaining episode. But after watching this episode, I kind of understand what they are trying to get across to the viewers, I can only guess they are telling us to find something and believe in it. Such as aliens, cosplaying and trying your best at sports or whatever you are into! Just to put everything into your beliefs and enjoy it fully.

See you in a while for the final episode! Thank you!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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11 Responses to “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 11-12”

  1. tomphile says:

    Erio and Meme are the only reasons I watch Derpa Onna. Besides that, there are none.

    I was confused for the past few episodes and I can’t remember who won the baseball game. :S

    • Foshizzel says:

      Erio and Meme are quite fun! LOL Derpa Onna sounds like a good title for the series, I like Maekawa! So fun and cute.

      LOL I have no idea! I guess we will find out in the future.

    • Dan-go says:

      *Erio, meme, and erio’s hair

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    I hope there will be a season 2 since this is a fun series and characters need more development.
    Favorite character: Maekawa for pure cosplaying awesomeness.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah well we will see after episode 13 what happens to this series, I can see another season then again they could just end it with Makoto leaving Erio? No idea.

      Fun series yes! Could have been a lot better, ah well I had some fun with it xD

      YES Maekawa is my favorite too.

  3. Oracion says:

    Totally epic. I cannot wait for the thirteenth episode. Do you know the tentative date for the epi? Man this show was fun. It provided me with the laughs amid the drama of Gosick and AnoHana. I think Mako will end up with Ryuuko, but I have some strange hope that he ends up with Erio. I mean the girl has blue hair and sparkles!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I see 168 days from now for episode 13 I use gives a countdown for anime releases.

      Yeah good episodes I wish it could have been a bit better but this was decent it did keep me entertained! As for who he gets with I have no idea, at this point I would be fine with Erio or Maekawa but most see Makoto with Ryuuko.

  4. amado says:

    il again repeat my post again from the forums:

    the anime degraded into your typical harem near the end. it was still enjoyable and I loved erio and maekawa and liked yashiro. they could have incorporated a bit more of the deeper plot but too bad.
    still, it was enjoyable enough so I give it 8/10.

    • Dan-go says:

      eh, it wasn’t conventional in that he didn’t play off any of them, seemed more slice of life to me…but yeah, good characters can always save an ailing plotline

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yes very very very slice of life, I do like how it Makoto wasn’t stuck to one girl at the start. I do think it would have been a bit more fun if he did end up with someone, but typical harem style he will just become friends with the girls.

        Now we wait T___T

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nice that sums it up quite well, I liked Ryuuko a lot at the start of the series sadly she became so annoying and greedy! She wanted Makoto all to herself and gets angry when he is hanging with Erio Lol she has issues.

      Maekawa by far doesn’t seem to be as clingy! Guess we will wait till episode 13 and see how things really end. I would love some more science fiction ending.

      Yeah 8/10 would be a great rating ;D

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