Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san 09-10

Mahou Shoujo~

Otaku Arc starts with Rinko acting as if she didn’t get any for the past six months. Which is weird, since her her boss is Akutabe the SMEX BEAST. Rinko doesn’t know what she’s missing in her life; if I were her, I will rape Akutabe every day….EHM, ANYWAY, Rinko is depressed, so Akutabe the tsun orders Beelzebub and Azazel to follow her to find out the cause. Akuma barrier is released, and they’re able to follow Rinko in their original forms! Yay! Azazel and Akutabe look like…

Squeee Beel is a handsome gaijin

Tsun Akutabe is so cute~

Turns out that Rinko asked the Otaku dude to lend her his notes since she has been falling behind in her lectures. But of course, there ain’t such thing as free notes, right? She has to pose as the pretty famous Mahou Shoujo Strawberry. Quick story about Mahou Shoujo Strawberry, she became a mahou shoujo because she ate strawberry. ANYWAY,  Rinko has no choice but to cosplay as Strawberry-chan, while telling herself that she will never ever like cosplaying or such thing…

My reaction every time I see the word “Hatsune Miku” in my twitter timeline

Mahou Shoujo  Strawberry in action

Yeah right. She ends up coming to work late and rushing home early, thanks to Strawberry-chan extra duties. Pissed Akutabe is pissed, and he orders Azazel and Beelzebub to bring Rinko back to the dark forces NO MATTER WHAT. Poor Akutabe minions have no choice but to go the anime con where Rinko is cosplaying as Strawberry-chan, while selling strawberry…curry?

Moe cancels out any flaws in that curry

Talk about bad taste in cooking, but CURRY? Of course, the otakus don’t know how horrible the taste is because IT’S ALL ABOUT STRAWBERRY-CHAN AND HER STRAWBERRIES. Beelzebub, feels insulted because he’s a pro-shitty-curry, throws the disgustingly sweet curry on Rinko’s face. High five. After dragging Rinko in the toilet, Beelzebub tries to convince her to go back to the dark side-er, Akutabe. Rinko refuses of course, because she’s getting all comfortable there. As Rinko’s about to kick Beel and Azazel out, her previously-Hatsune-Miku friend comes in and sees Beel’s hidden potential of cosplaying. Not that he’s complaining, of course, since he’s the center of attraction with that fly costume of his.

Yes, that’s blasphemy

Prince Charming has a new style now

While selling her curries with her friend, Rinko and her friend has a deep conversation about the start of the otaku club. Turns out that the members of that club are people who have been bullied by other students. Rinko is loving this club more and more now. Big bucks, friendly-but-ugly-looking members, not even a drop of sweat, who wouldn’t want a job like that? Huh, wait, why are the customers having stomachache?  WHY ARE THEIR VOMITS CENSORED!?

I laughed.

Rinko is such a nice friend

When the curry is finished, the otaku president took Beel’s SNACK, which happens to be in the FRIDGE for the curry refill, not knowing that that Beel’s SNACK is a whole different type of curry.  Not wanting to get arrested, Rinko runs away, leaving her friendly friends behind. Thus, she’s back to the dark side, unable to go back to the light since Akutabe has pictures of her cosplaying.


What is life without Akutabe?

End Thoughts:

See the lack of enthusiasm in my writing? That represents my feelings toward this Strawberry-chan arc. Lack of interest. It’s not like it’s all bad, it’s still hilarious. It’s just that, there are so many things I’m not fond of that I can’t even like episode nine and ten thanks to that.

First, this arc is all about Rinko. And if you follow my crappy Azazel-san posts, it’s a fact that I loathe Rinko. Rinko is so annoying, her existence irritates me. Sure, she’s getting more evil now, which is good, but she’s still annoying. I think I have this thing against weak female leads. Second, there’s lack of Akutabe. WHAT THE HELL I NEED MORE AKUTABE DAMN IT.  Akutabe is obviously the big bad boss here, so why is he lacking screen time? I need more evil Akutabe! Third, there’s lack of blood in this arc. I am so used to bloods spilling everywhere in Azazel-san to the point where it’s really weird for me not to see blood every five seconds. But oh wait, it’s all about Rinko here! And she’s not as evil as Akutabe, so of course there’s going to be less blood! Grrr Rinko. And fourth, Mahou Shoujo Strawberry and her damn strawberry curry. She’s freakin pink. No, not neon pink, she’s a freakin light pink. That is just disgusting. I can never ever stand anything involved with light pink. And her strawberry curry…Wtf? I work in a food court, so I cook every day out of obligation. I feel a little bit insulted with the curry and strawberry mix. No way, that sounds disgusting how is that even possible. How could those people buy strawberry curries? HOW!? And the climax of this arc, where the customers ate Beel’s, um, snack. I’m into mean jokes and all that, but that’s just so… disgusting! Thanks to that, I imagined myself as one of those poor costumers. Eeww. Definitely don’t want that to happen to me.

What I like the most in this arc though is Beel’s cosplaying clothes. Especially when his fans ask him who he cosplayed as, I burst out laughing because, well, he cosplays as…himself. His costume is so ridiculous to the point where I like it. And…that’s probably it. That’s the only thing I like from this episode. And Akutabe too, of course. I always like him in every episode. But thanks to this episode, I realize that otakus are never portrayed to be good in every anime. I wonder why is that? Does Japan have something against otakus who love anime with passion? Is it a shame in Japan to be an otaku? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking anime/manga with passion though… I guess I am an otaku then xD


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4 Responses to “Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san 09-10”

  1. Hime says:

    Man, I am so behind with this series.

    Must catch up before the summer season starts!

  2. Kyokai says:

    Hey, I actually loved the fact that Beelzebub was his awesome Prince self. =P

  3. pp says:

    nyorin~☆ ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

    i like strawberry arc and is nice to see this sort of moe once a while. More rinko!!!

  4. kuromitsu says:

    A bit late to the party, but anyway…

    Akutabe is pretty much a side character in the manga, too, to the point where Azazel mocks him for it. 😀 So I wouldn’t expect a lot of screentime for him (unless they adapt the stories about Moloch#2 and Lucifer). He’s mostly just there to deal with situations that Sakuma can’t handle, and occasionally to terrorize people.

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