Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san – 07-08

School is fun! Especially if the teacher is a sex bomb

Ngh, I don’t know why I haven’t been writing about Akutabe a lot these days. Probably because I’ve been trying to marathon lots of anime that I’m behind of (Sket Dance, Denpa Onna, Hidan no Aria) and re-watch some of my favorite show for the past few days (Sengoku Basara, Natsume Yuujinchou). There’s no way I can write about Akutabe if my mind is filled with Date Masamune and his hawtness.

Anyhow, the seventh episode starts with Rinko finding a child on their look-really-cheap-and-rotten couch. Akutabe explains that the child is the grandson of someone who owes him money. The kid forms a contract with a suspicious-looking demon called Gusion, and the price is the child’s memories with his gradfather. Yes, Gusion’s ability is to eat people’s memories, making them forgetful. Short story turns long, the grandfather died, and Akutabe takes the child to work for him. Look at that, child labor. I’ve never taken a liking with the child (what’s his name again?) since he’s not physically appealing to me. Nevertheless, he has the brain of a genius. His reasoning is extremely logical and down to earth.

This makes perfect sense

The child has to go to school with a guardian, and Akutabe asks Rinko to be the his babysitter. “HELL NAW” is what Rinko said, so Akutabe has no choice but to summon Undine for babysitting. Meanwhile, Undine isn’t so sure of Akutabe’s feeling since he’s such a sadist, and she decides to be girly for a while by picking flowers and refusing her mother/father’s attempt of arranged marriage. With an octopus.

Such innocence

Mother and father, with a closer picture of the father

In school, Undine meets the child’s homeroom teacher, who happens to be a manwhore too. Every student and teacher have the hots for him, and I bet he slept with every one of them; stupid females. Except for the principal. Undine made the teacher sign a contract with her too, so basically she’s not Akutabe’s anymore. Hell yeah, Akutabe is mine! *clears throat* EHM, since Undine is a, ya know, one jealous fish, she gets really jealous of the school when the teacher says that he likes the school’s calm environment. With her demon powuh, Undine turns the school into an institution for child labor.

I bet his “wrestling” skill is beyond excellence. Perfection, maybe?

Reminds me of 300

Remember that Undine’s sacrifice is the word “I love you”? Well, the teacher did say that so Undine can shut up, but Gusion erased that memory of his. When the child broke the principal’s vase, which was given by the homeroom teacher, the principal starts bawling un-cutely. Annoyed, the child tells Gusion to erase principal’s and homeroom teacher’s memory of that accident. AND the homeroom teacher told Undine “I love you” right BEFORE the vase accident, so that memory is erased too. Angry because the homeroom teacher denies that confession, Undine’s grimoire curses the homeroom teacher into a…fish. Now of course, the child realized that everything was his fault. So he takes one moment to reflect himself, and his conclusion is…

I do not want him as my child.

But once more, I praise him for being so intelligent. He makes Undine stop bawling like a fish on dry land by telling her that Akutabe is just “shy,” and that’s the reason why he’s being such a sadist. Undine, since she’s happy now, turns the school back to normal and goes back to Akutabe. And everybody’s lives happily ever after.


Like hell


Such beautiful students!

Teachers in action

Pedobear in disguise

This is why I don’t like sport

Obligatory Evil Akutabe pose

End Thoughts:

Gusion Arc was OK. I had a good laugh, but not as great as the previous episodes. I don’t find the story to be enjoyable either. Maybe because there’s Undine in it, and I dislike her with passion. She’s gotta be one of the dumbest anime characters I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The only good thing about her is that she’s a freakin mermaid. Her chibi form is ugly. Her sacrifice is one of the dumbest sacrifices I know (“I love you”? Really?). And, one thing I can never stand is her excessive jealousy. Like, seriously, woman! Don’t you know why you’re single until now, when you’re in your 3000s already? It’s because you get jealous easily! She’s like a sex friend that’s overly attached to the doode!

One thing I enjoyed here is the manwhore, of whom I still can’t remember the name. I Love LOVE how all of the women are obsessed with him, even the school nurse and the principal. It’s like as if that school lacks hot teachers (at least they have one; my school had none T_T). I swear, I think he has STD. Maybe that’s the reason why he always closes his eyes? STD? Oh, and his reasoning why he always says “Yes” to women because the only way to shut annoying women is to do what they say or something like that? I totally love that reasoning of his. A little bit offensive to us women, but still, funny.

By the way, I also learned a lot about hell, thanks to Azazel-san. Akutabe mentioned that Gusion is a part of 72 Keys of Solomon, and I wikied it because I was curious about it. I’m surprised that Gusion IS the eleventh in rank, and that the demon Gusion actually exists. But the demon powuh is different of course. And I never knew that Beelzebub is actually one of the princes of hell! High ranked too! And that his name literally means “Lord of Flies”! Wow, who could’ve thought that I learned about something religious because of anime?


That dog is ugly



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6 Responses to “Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san – 07-08”

  1. Ness says:

    That teacher so looked like Ichigo and annoying! But this was all Undine’s fault for trying to break her contract. Turning the school into a slave wasteland was awesome! And the teacher turning into a fish and being eaten didn’t seem wrong at all! HAHAHA

    • anaaga says:

      how could I forget mentioning about the teacher being turned into a fish AND THEN eaten by Gusion? D:

      All right guys:

      But I lol’ed so hard at that part. I was like “poor manwhore. That’s what happened when one’s a manwhore, a sad end.” But yeah he looks like Ichigo that pisses me off. But he reminds me of a digimon xD

      • Ness says:

        I didn’t know that you forgot that part! xD

        YES A MANWHORE! But he wasn’t even as hawt as Akutabe. Oh man the next episode is pretty awesome. I’m excited for when ep 10 comes out too.

  2. tomphile says:

    Don’t you just love how everyone in this show is so “beatiful”? I mean, just look at them!

    Haha, but seriously, I just died when I saw that principal all buffed-up. Funny s***.

    • anaaga says:

      Ifeel so bad for the manwhore when he caressed the principal. If I were him, I would’ve caressed her with a glove and then washed my hands seven times

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