SKET Dance – 12

Let the battle of the megane commence!

Guns, glasses, suits, this episode was just full of things that are epic. Yeah, the whole tournament so far has been pretty epic, but this episode was SO INTENSE its not even funny. It was a great for getting my mind off of Boku no Pico (….thanks again Hime and Anaaga xD).

Sket starts where it let off last week with the battle of Shinzo and Tsubaki and Shinzo drawing the first blood. However, despite his advantage, after the first hit, Shinzo fails to land any more blows. When his Friske power finally runs out, Tsubaki reveals that this was his plan from the start and then proceeds to pop three of Shinzo’s balls. The Sket try to recycle the Friske slingshot plot device from episode 2, but unfortunately Switch has failed to bring any mints with him.

And through that whole thing either they moved so much that they’re back to the center, or they haven’t moved at all.

Tsubaki then claims that any samurai that has to rely on breath mints for power isn’t a real samurai at all (gasp!), causing Shinzo to realize that he hasn’t really changed since the last episode that revolved around him. He then remembers the debt he has to the Sket for helping him before and this brings back his fighting spirit. Then he does the only thing rational- he pops one of his own balls himself. However, this act of showing his resolve increases his gar levels and causes Tsubaki to take back his words.

Even Bossun can’t resist the gar

The two go in for an extremely climactic final blow and Shinzo uses his final move which apparently can pop 4 balls without him moving his sword. Ecstatic over the victory, the Sket promptly congratulate Shinzo by beating him up in their enthusiasm. Meanwhile, over on the Student Council’s side, the president points out that Tsubaki lost because the person Shinzo was fighting wasn’t Tsubaki, but instead, himself.

And here’s where I started having Katanagatari flashbacks.

The next match is Switch versus Daisey in a shootout. This worries Bossun and Hime because Switch doesn’t appear to have any ability to aim, but he leaves them determined to win. The two contestants move to a nearby building and are given new outfits to wear for atmosphere… or something (not that I’m complaining. DAMN Switch looks good in that suit). The basic rules are whoever scores 3 points wins and each opponent has 6 ‘bullets’ to use. Switch starts the match by listing off a bunch of random facts about Daisey and Daisey insulting Switch. After they separate, they quickly meet up again in the hallway and Switch fires the first shot…. only to miss completely. Daisey lands the first hit on Switch and shortly after lands the second. With only one more chance, Switch runs and hides and while hiding he manages to hit Daisey while firing multiple bullets.

The suit! *drools*

Trying to find him, Daisey hears a noise and goes to investigate, only to find Switch’s abandoned laptop playing audio as a distraction while Switch comes out of hiding and lands another hit on her. The two of them are then at a standstill because both have used up all 6 shots. It appears that whoever draws the quickest will win, but Switch then reveals that he has one shot left. It turns out that out of the multiple shots from earlier, one of them was a sound made from his computer. It appears that Switch has the upper hand, but then Daisey then calls Switch a ‘dull otaku stalker’ which makes him lose his cool and miss the shot. Daisey quickly changes guns and has the upper hand again.

At this point, all the Sket (minus Bossun) are convinced that Switch is going to lose and start freaking out. However, Bossun says that there’s something that Daisey hasn’t noticed and that they should believe in Switch. Back to the battle, Daisey just about fires her gun, but Switch quickly throws his empty gun. This causes Daisey to dodge and gives Switch time to draw his other gun. Both fire at the same time and both hit, making it look like a tie. However, Switch managed to fire a split second sooner, making him the winner. When Daisey asks how he managed to win, Switch then reveals that he is a Switch Hander (which is basically engrish for being ambidextrous) and that he drew the gun and shot it in one hand while throwing the other with his other, causing him to be faster.

With the Sket leading by one point, the next round comes up. However, Momoka is nowhere in sight. Himeko then tells them that Momoka couldn’t make it do to her seiyuu work and that she called in a replacement. Just then, Roman shows up ready to help out her prince. However, she has no idea what is going on, so the Sket have to explain the situation. After understanding, Roman is resolves to help out her friends in need and the episode ends there.

Final Thoughts:

I was waiting for this episode! So much awesome all over the place! Switch’s battle was so intense due to the constant change between who had the advantage. You’d think that Daisey was going to win and then BAM it only took one wrong move and Switch had the upper hand (and then it would happen on the other side reversing the positions AGAIN). Hell, I was really anxious and absorbed into the episode and I knew what was going to happen. And the Shinzo scene! Since when has that guy been so manly? The atmosphere there was pretty intense too!

Overall, this was really fun to watch and it’s probably my favourite episode so far (even despite the return of the sunbeams). The animation team here did a great job with the episode here! (…Though to be fair, there wasn’t really a lot of action going on in the first place, so it would be hard to mess up.) Sure, there probably could have been better animation with the Shinzo Tsubaki fight (that sword didn’t even move!) but comparing the animation to some of the other episodes, this was great. No complaints here =3!

Next episode is with Roman! You know, back when I read this chapter, I was confused to why they would even mention Momoka in the first place if she wasn’t going to show up, but I guess it’s kind of funny needing Roman as a replacement for a replacement. Plus, Roman is like THE person for love related things (her name is only 3 letters off from Romance after all xD) so it’s pretty appropriate for her to do the love related challenge. Thinking back, the organizers of this whole challenge thing are pretty lenient letting the Sket replace members like that. I mean, in any other challenge in an anime, normally if someone doesn’t show up or is absent the team is automatically disqualified (usually the missing person shows up last minute anyways, but whatever). Then again, the company might have wanted to keep the tournament going due to all the viewers present and the hype… Lol I’m probably over analyzing here.


Bossun versus the Student Council President! Er, shouldn’t this be considered a spoiler? Well, whatever. I’m looking forward to seeing how the battle is animated.

No. It’s not Yu-Gi-Oh.


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6 Responses to “SKET Dance – 12”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    I liked Switch’s event! So fun watching him outsmart that girl, but he screw up trying to act so cool at the end ahaha good stuff! I liked that.

    Card battle of course! What this series lacks are card battles ;P

    • Karakuri says:


      This show is just awesome with switching between comedy and seriousness.

  2. Hime says:

    Megane’s = Total Badassess

  3. Kyokai says:

    This is finally getting good! I love this arc with the student council face to face with Sket Dan. Can’t wait for the big leader vs leader mashup. EPIC~

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