Sengoku Otome – Momoiro Paradox 13 [END]

The Girls that Leapt Thru Time

Hey all! Your MetaVerse editor here. Before I go on with Sengoku Otome, I do want to note that we have a couple podcast recordings coming up soon. Don’t wanna spoil the topics, but I do urge you to go to MetaQ and drop us a question to answer on the podcast. Maybe you wanna know what our favorite foods are, maybe what weapon we’d take to the zombie apocalypse, anything goes!

Time to put the finishing touches on Sengoku Otome. I’ve had a surprising amount of fun watching the series and doing these blog presentations. I’m hoping for a beach/hot springs episode to wrap things up, so let’s see if Nobunaga is going to be in a bathing suit.

Careful Kenshin… looks like Hide might’ve drooled in the bowl

Ok dammit, what the hell? We’re going for an actual closing to the series? Jeez… anywhoozle, the group winds down after a tough battle against Crimson Armor Tokunyan (C.A.T.), but Date still wants to grab the Crimson Armor for her own righteous reasons. Sliding away from Hideyoshi during another argument between Shingen and Kenshin, Date uses her jewel to locate the armor and observes it before Hideyoshi finds her.

Not a gold, but a Crimson Digger

Date goes on with the same story from a couple episodes back about how it’s important to the world and her family line that she take the Crimson Armor. All of the others (including Nobunaga) show up and basically disapprove of letting Date, a woman they really hardly know, rule the land with the armor. After all, she didn’t appear in the right timeline. Nobunaga shows not only her strength by knocking the Crimson Helmet up in the air and splitting it in half, but her evolution as a leader of a country.

Her hair is (close to) Crimson already. She has no need for that ugly helmet!

So it’s time for all the girls to say goodbye, thus beginning a stretch of whispers as Ieyasu threatens Mitsuhide about being in the way of her new love interest. Hideyoshi and Date go back to their timeline after heartfelt goodbyes and Date giving techniques to Mitsu on how to seduce her Lord. I was wondering where Hideyoshi’s phone went to, but Mitsu was able to find it for her. After a sad goodbye to Nobunaga, the future girls go back to their timeline.

Sucks to see ya go, Hide. You’re a pretty good kisser.

Bye Bye!

After the Credits

Bad dog! Don’t use the time machine! Want me to swat your nose with a newspaper?

Shiro?! What are you doing here! Shiro appears back in Hide’s timeline, but apparently can travel back whenever he wants to.

Going Back to the Future:

Girls, the castle is already messed up enough.

The Elmyra Duff of Feudal Japan, Yoshimoto

Jrow Fun Fact: Has an affinity towards women with nice hair

… so you kiss her neck, and then you <censor>, then you <censor> the <censor>, and then <censor> <censor> <censor>!!

Guess this is a good time to note that doujin of Nobu and Yoshimoto does exist. <truestorybro>

Before I get warped back, the Yankees win the World Series in 1923, ’27, ’28, ’32….

Ichimaru Gin’s sister is actually a nice school teacher. The parents loved her more.

“Wait a second!!? …did me and Nobu hook up?”

This picture taken in the Fuedal Japan period. </notatruestorybro>

Returning to the Digital Era:

Honestly, this episode was a boring, run-of-the-mill finale episode and disappointed me greatly.  The Date stuff could’ve been done in episodes 5 and 6 or something and it would’ve been alright. The conflict was solved very quickly, and everybody went about their merry way. Couldn’t the girls have celebrated by going to the hot springs? How and why the hell don’t we get to see Kenshin, Shingen and the others chillaxing and swimming and having fun?

Hideyoshi’s time in the past has really made a big difference on Nobunaga’s personality and ability to lead. As is normally the case with these kinds of things, Nobunaga realizes that there’s more to being a leader than ruling with an iron fist. Nobusada-sama shaped her desire to be strong, but Hideyoshi brought a sense of kindness that maybe wasn’t there at the start of the series. She’s bad-ass and kind; who wouldn’t want to take her home to meet Mom and Dad? Well, Dad might be drolling over her, that’d be awkward…

Shiro popping up at the end allows for the potential of a sequel series or something like that. It’d be actually kind of fun if (a sequel were to happen) if Hideyoshi did something wear she learned about different timelines and traveled around. Hide’s likable enough to where I go on with a second season. That’s very doubtful, so I don’t want to get any hopes up.

Action was enjoyable in the series, and I wish there was some more of it. Episodes 4, 9 and 12 were awesome, but the show chose to dabble a bit more in the comedic side of things to make Hideyoshi more prominently featured. Now that I think about it, that bit with Hideyoshi knowing some Kung-Fu never even paid off. The last episode is kind of a mediocre conclusion to a series I quite enjoyed, but on the whole I feel the show was fun to watch as it came out. It’s really difficult for me to recommend it to people that haven’t watched it yet as marathoning would produce a nice nap instead of fun times watching anime, so if anything about my blogging of the series interests you enough to check it out, either lower expectations a lot or just simply pass on it.

And that’s it for me on Sengoku Otome! See ya in the Summah for… some show!


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9 Responses to “Sengoku Otome – Momoiro Paradox 13 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Finally one show down on Metanorn, huh?! Congrats! xD

    You should have said another ecchi show but I don’t even remember what you signed up for summer. I should be checking out the sheet soon.

    • Jrow says:

      Thank ya much! The ecchi flavoring for Summer, I’m not particularly fond of.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Ahaha nice ending! I liked how things ended on a happy note! And that ending! OMG I was right! Shiro was a time traveling dog, maybe next season we visit the animal basara world?! LOL that would be epic.

    Congrats Jrow finishing your first series on Metanorn! YAY!! This series was a lot of fun glad I took another shot watching it.

    • Jrow says:

      Thanks Fosh! Glad I convinced ya to hop back on. Finish being a key word since you handled ep. 1, so I’ve yet to truly complete my own show.

      Animal Basara. I think you just informally announced a new anime for 2012 xD

  3. amado says:

    it was a good ride.
    action and yuri. entertaining characters as well.

    also good for your first finished series.

    • Jrow says:

      Good times were had on Mondays with this and TWGOK.

      Thanks Amado! On a side note, with Oretachi blu-ray’s now coming out, I’ll be watching the series that way.

  4. Elyon says:


    I thought this was a pretty boring way to finish off the series too. :/ But I didn't expect much better from it either, so I wasn't too disappointed.

    • Jrow says:

      Conquesting would’ve been fun, but oh well, it was fun for the most part, Nobunaga’s awesome, +1 on MAL, etc.

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