Maria†Holic Alive 07 – 08

Kanako actually gets her swimsuit episode… Kind of.

Due to the subs for episode 7 having been released way later than usual and having a major test at the same time, I’m doing some catch up with Maria Holic this week. Let me tell you, these past two episodes have been fantastic.

Right from the start, Maria Holic begins with one of the things people wanted to see: the Shidou twins having a competition.  While Rindou and Matsurika observe from the sidelines, Mariya and Shidou compare various things like their height.

The scene then changes to Kanako fantasizing. Why? It’s because she actually gets her swimsuit episode via the upcoming pool meet. However, the actual pool part only lasts one line of narration as Kanako had a major nosebleed. Why? It’s because she tried to expose Mariya by removing the top to his swimsuit for revenge. Only, it turns out he switched with Shizu (and really, would Mariya be that stupid in the first place?).

Feeling bad, Kanako goes to Shizu’s house to apologise, only to get caught in a trap by Rindou. We learn that Rindou is a fan of survival games (or survival in general), thus why he lays traps and carries weaponry in the opening credits (also occasionally in the ending credits).  Shizu forgives Kanako and then the siblings hint at something being revealed the next day.

Here’s another thing we haven’t seen in a while: Kanako break out in hives.

The next day, Kanako is called to the staff room by the swimming instructor for a re-enactment of the incident that happened the other day. Just as she goes for it, she is woken up from her dream by Shizu who is switching places with Mariya for the day because hes at Shizu’s swim meet. Kanako of course, is extremely happy with this turn of events.

Shizu later calls Kanako outside to confess her undying love for her. Before they manage to kiss, the swimming instructor interrupts and declares Kanako as hers.  Kanako looks like she’s on her way to a threesome… or not. It turns out to be a dream. Again.

However, not all of it was a dream and Shizu is still Mariya for the day. To prevent Mariya from coming back and ruining her chance with Shizu, Kanako decides to sneak out and sabotage his swim meet to make him stay the night. However, as she’s in the middle of plotting, the lunch break finishes and soon she’s surrounded by a bunch of shirtless men. Rindou makes an excuse for her presence by saying she’s a new teacher/swimming instructor. The episode ends with her being caught in the boy’s cavalry battle which she obviously does not fare well in.

Sick of yuri yet? Well here you go.

Next, summer vaction is almost upon Ame no Kisaki and the semester is coming to a close. Being forced to stay at school for extra summer lessons due to her low marks, Kanako isn’t as upset as she originally thought she would be because others are also staying for extra lessons. Meaning she gets to keep her ‘harem’. We a get a glimpse of what Kanako has accomplished over the year as well: several albums of her friends consisting of stalker photos.

It also turns out to be Sachi’s birthday. Her party is held in the school church and a large section of the school’s population has come as thanks for all the insanely helpful things that she’s done for them.

I don’t know about you, but I totally carry one of these around with me everywhere. They’re really handy.

Asking to inspect Kanako’s present, Mariya finds out the Kanako has bought Sachi (who wasn’t expecting this?) a sexy underwear set. Doing what any sane person would do, Mariya confiscates the underwear. Meanwhile, Sachi receives an assortment of interesting presents from the rest of her friends including a fire extinguisher, an oil tanker and a speed gun.

Now empty handed, Kanako almost (who wasn’t expecting this?) offers herself  as a present, but realising how much thought everyone else put into their gifts, Kanako apologises for not getting Sachi a gift and runs off.

I would ask how Kanako knows Sachi’s bra size, but I’d rather not know.

…And just how large is this campus anyways?

Kanako actually has a serious moment here where she realises that Sachi is the one who has been the nicest to her and that she’s done nothing to repay her. It’s then that Sachi finds Kanako and tells her that she’s received her present. She’s confused when she sees that Sachi has the book of stalker photos she took throughout the year, but then Mariya comes and actually covers for her and says that it’s a record of her life at 16.

Sachi thanks her and runs off. Kanako almost tells her what the pictures were really about but Matsurika stops her because everyone is better off not knowing (seriously). Kanako’s punishment for her misdeeds is that next episode, she will not be allowed any lines of dialogue thus making her seiyuu’s job a lot easier.

“This is so awesome! Ahaha…Wait. Why am I not wearing clothing in half of these?

Normally I don’t talk about the Matsurika’s journal segment that normally happens at the end of each episode, but I just have to mention it here. Why? It has Rindou and Matsurika singing. Oh, it also has the Shidou twins competing again. Also, riddles. Who doesn’t love riddles?

Final thoughts:

Question: How does Mariya manage to stand in for Shizu when his hair is so long? I assume it’s his real hair, so does he cut it when they switch? I also assume that Shizu wears a wig when she acts as Mariya so does Mariya wear the wig after? I’m confused now so I’ll end this here (plus I think I may have answered my own question already).

That aside, these latest episodes have been excellent. What can I say? I enjoy the sibling rivalry (or the sibling non-rivalry in Matsurika and Rindou’s case). Also, SHAFT has also been great at slowly establishing Shizu’s and Rindou’s characters and their relationships between other characters. I don’t know about you, but I find Shizu freaking adorable. I thought she was just another perfect school idol person, but through her interactions with Mariya (especially when she’s flustered), her reactions are actually really cute. I also really love the competitive relationship between Mariya and Rindou.  There’s something about characters who occasionally try to kill one another that’s really entertaining for me.

Speaking of side characters, I’ve mentioned this before, but I like how Maria Holic occasionally focuses on them like with Sachi’s birthday. However the downside to these is no plot (not that it had any in the first place) and Kanako is neglected more often… Which is what will most likely happen again next episode (SHAFT seems to have set it to be similar to episode 6). More Matsurika Holic, anyone?


I wonder who narrates these things, I can’t quite place the voice.


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6 Responses to “Maria†Holic Alive 07 – 08”

  1. amado says:

    not exactly the kind of competition between maria and shizu I was thinking of but it works. matsurika and rindou still have similarities like singing together.

    it was a nice surprise that there was some seriousness in ep 8. maria really managed to kick it in that kanako is getting out of hand.
    now we have some real character development… which will probably be gone in the next few eps.

    and im glad for another matsurika holic. not only will there be less kanako, we’ll get to see the other characters more.

    • Karakuri says:

      Kanako actually having a revelation was pretty surprising. Yeah, its a shame that it probably won’t stick past next episode.

      Yay for other characters! Personally, I’m hoping for more Mariya and Shizu.

  2. foshizzel says:

    Maria and Shizu need their own series! Ditch Kanako and this series will be a lot better to me, just funny how they both pick on each other and the butler/maid interaction was great for me at least.

    Kanako is still fun but wearing out on me quickly, she she provides enough laughs but she’s running out of steam.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes, a spin off series!… But what would they call it? The name ‘Maria Holic’ has been taken already… Shizu Holic? (ahaha)

      I think whats most annoying about Kanako’s character is that she never seems to learn her lesson. Its pretty much the same thing every episode.

  3. MikADo says:

    Maria and Shizu talking is like the best part of the anime :3

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