Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 10

Space girl versus alien girl

Welcome back, Denpa fans! Hopefully everyone is finding the plot and characters still fun, and we finally get to see who’s behind the helmet of our newest space girl character. Nothing much happening with me this week, just dodging lightening storms down here in Florida, thanks to the summer heat ahaha. Well soon I will have more shows to do fan art from; another solo review this week so enjoy the review.

Plot this week follows Makoto and Erio meeting this strange space girl who claims to be an Esper and an Alien all rolled into one. Ryuushi and Makoto have a short chat on their phones as they grow closer preparing for a future date at a festival together.

Erio- “Hmmm, what does this thing do, it’s AMAZING!”

We continue things with more baseball! With Maekawa showing up dressed in her best cosplay so far, and the space girl chasing Erio around who talks like a robot. This strange girl is very weird but did make me laugh! She shares her voice with Iguchi, Yuka and I only know her for voicing Index and a random boss character from Yumekui Merry.

Makoto- “Awesome, a real damn alien!”       Maekawa-“Huh, aliens where?! I thought this was a Predator cosplay…”

Space girl- “GET BACK HERE I WANT TO HUG YOU!!”   Erio-“Nooooo!! GO AWAY!!”

Makoto- “Sorry, you can not have a Erio hug; try again when you are sane.”

After Erio gets chased and clings to Makoto, they return home and are stalked by the space girl, which scares Erio and makes her grab her mattress in an attempt to fight the space girl. Not a very awesome fight. more like a shove, which knocks off the girl’s helmet to reveal her glowing silver hair. This girl is named Yashiro Hoshimiya and she claims to be an Esper and an Alien girl combined. Makoto and Erio retreat inside the house leaving Yashiro outside and Ryuushi has a phone chat with Makoto.

Erio is communicating with her hands! This means stop!

Mattress battle armor versus space suit

Yashiro reporting for duty!

Love these shots and Ryuushi’s bedroom! Look at those colors.

Ryuushi-“So what are you wearing, Makoto?”                    Makoto- “Wait, that’s my line….”

The following morning Yashiro appears in the kitchen with Meme. I guess Meme loves to bring in strange kids, huh? Makoto does end up taking Erio to work after puzzling over the new guest. As Makoto gives Yashiro a ride home, it gives him a chance to have a short chat with her. She does love to wear the space suit for her Esper powers; however, they don’t make it to her house thanks to Yashiro forcing Makoto to stop near the school’s pool. She climbs the fence and jumps right in and Makoto soon follows. I guess this school really lacks security. After the swim, Makoto leaves the girl behind near an empty plot and returns to Erio afterwards to have a chat. The episode ends with the two of them going to check up on Grandma.

Meme- “Can we please keep this one, Makoto?!”        Makoto-“No, Meme, that would be kidnapping.”

Yashiro = Togame’s kid from Katanagatari?!

Pool time, the perfect summer event! Bonus points for being with a cute girl.

Erio- “Wait, am I really a mutant instead of a human!?”

Extra Aliens

Maekawa- “That new girl is taking over this show! I must take her out next week…”

KIRABOSHI~ This needs some stars and sparkles in the background.

Erio might have to fight for the cutest character so far.

Erio-“If only I had a magical power! Then I could become popular again.”

End Thoughts:

Awesome episode this week! Finally our mystery space girl gets introduced. Yashiro does have a very similar personality to Erio. And watching Makoto interact with her did bring me back to when Erio finally met him for the first time. She really is just a strange girl who loves aliens and space. However she isn’t as shy as Erio but more of a tomboy character, and I loved that she was voiced by Index! Well not many people actually like her voice too much. So brand new character that fits perfectly alongside other characters that love to dress up in random outfits like Maekawa and Erio.

I don’t think my idea of Yashiro being the real Erio works anymore, unless she forgot about that event happening? Anyway, Meme did instantly trust her! It did seem kind of crazy but she does like to meet people, huh? And gets quite attached to them. Btw, how did Yashiro splash Makoto in the pool? Ahaha he totally got soaked; maybe she used her super cool Esper powers? And I have no idea why Yashiro wants to fight Erio; I guess she sees her as a pretend alien rival? Anyway, we finally have some more progression between Makoto and Ryuushi, not that I support them as a couple anymore, due to Ryuushi’s attitude lately towards Erio.

So I don’t really know what to think of this show anymore. I suppose we will lose the science fiction theme to this show unless they give us more with the last episodes? Well, maybe Grandma has a few clues to give us next week! I sure hope so. If they don’t add in some more of the whole aliens and space theme, I will continue to watch Denpa as it would be dumb to drop this right now without knowing the end.



Sadly this series will not update for a few weeks! You know how Shaft loves to keep us waiting on ending a series? But next episode has festivals and aliens! See you all in two weeks for a double episode post!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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13 Responses to “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 10”

  1. Toori-chan says:

    Erio’s sparkling as ever. Now comes Yashiro, another sparkler. Erio+Yashiro=Over-sparkles. The Futon V.S Space Suit was short, simple and funny.

    Could it be possible that Yashiro really has esper powers?

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    By now I stop questioning Maekawa’s cosplay habits but an Alien costume?

    I had to laugh when Yashiro did a KIRABOSHI pose.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! I was wondering about that Aliens costume, guess Shaft loves to parody some American movies ;D

  3. Kyokai says:

    KIRABOSHI~♥ Yashiro wins points with me just because of this. So, she’s Erio’s half-sister and Elliot is their father. Not sure if Yashiro is actually an Uchujin but we’ll see how this goes.

    I pretty much dislike Ryuuko and liking Maekawa more with time. Poor Nakamura who got ditched. Damn, SHAFT and their shaftiness. I’ll go switch over to summers rather than pining away for the next 2 episodes. >.>

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL yes Yashiro does scre some points for her Kiraboshi <3

      True I didn't think about Yashiro being related to Elliot lolol good point.

      Yeah by the time this gets updated we will have brand new shows to rant on..

      Yay Maekawa!

  4. Reaper says:

    Haha, loved the Star Driver reference…maybe I should finish it after the ridiculous humour I say with GINGA BISHOUNEN! Anyway, I can’t help but think double ahou with the twin ahoge with Yashiro; funny how Meme-san has twin ahoge as well…I wonder why they get along so well…
    Oh well, looking forward to basketball, ESP, mattress, stargazing, festival, baseball and MEME-SAN! 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thaaanksss! And yes you really should!

      True they do share similar traits with each other more than Erio and Yashiro.

      I know! Looking forward to seeing how things wrap up.

  5. feal87 says:

    Kiraboshi! 😀

    I’m interested in how they’ll manage to complete the story in these last episodes…:O

    • Foshizzel says:

      <3 Kiraboshi

      Same! It's a shame we have to wait for a whole two weeks for this to update, ah well can't wait to see how things finally end.

  6. abscissa says:

    Yashiro is just so cute and adorable. She just bumped out Erio in my moeness scale. Seriously, they should have shown her out much earlier. It’s sad that she has less facetime.

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