Deadman Wonderland – 10

Drugs are bad! And now back to our regularly schedule massacre.

Deadman Wonderland has started to cross a certain threshold for me. One where it moves from being mediocre, which is bad enough, into becoming something that I just watch to make fun of. I’ve realized that almost all of my enjoyment from this show is from laughing at it. My posts have no crossed the line from whatever semblance of linearity and composure I had before into a series of low jabs and bad jokes at the expense of the show. Continue at your own risk!

Under the impression that all data chips violently explode upon contact with fire, Ganta is furious with Shiro for throwing it into the fire. No one seems to realize it was a bomb, and so their big plan for escape simply ends there. Pissed off that Shiro ruined the last hope he’d been entrusted with, he yells at her and tells her he never wants to see her again. Or maybe he was just hurt that she called him weak. Nonetheless, saving Ganta results in Shiro being alone and bingeing on cookies with some strange, androgynous Deadman to keep her company.

The Scar Chain gang has failed, but Makina and her slightly lesbiankindamaybenotsure assistant are still searching for data in Tamaki’s office. They hide into a chicken suit when he suddenly arrives to have a private meeting about funding more research for being able to manufacture the Nameless Worm. Makina learns about his plans to expose “compatible” people and prisoners to Branch of Sin carriers to try and pass it on so they have more subjects to look at. A never-ending cycle of experimentation!

Wearing suits to blend in….hide in a chicken suit

After all that work, the prison escape attempt is over. From a crazy loli battle into just sulking in the hideout within the span of a few minutes. Scar Chain grieves for their loses, with the only known survivor being Karako, who suddenly stumbles in. She’s also convinced Nagi is alive thanks to the monk’s They plan to build anew and catch their second wind to avenge Nagi and destroy this prison. It’s all very inspiring, although Ganta seems intent to turn back into the little bitchboy he was in the beginning of the series. Whining and pitying himself and all that.

You can barely hear Rokuro make his epic entrance over Ganta’s incessant whining. Hush, pansy, Rokuro is here to reveal that he’s a traitor and to express his anger over Scar Chain still being alive despite his data chip time bomb. It’s amazing they didn’t notice he was the traitor sooner, but it’s kind of late to notice by the time the plan has failed and he’s got Undertakers surrounding you. Rokuro’s plan is to slowly kill them all one by one until Nagi accepts Genkaku’s “persuasions” to join the Undertakers.

Rokuro from every angle!

Well, as I thought, they kept Nagi alive since he’s one of the few handsome characters left. Genkaku has him tied down in his room so he can stick needles in him until he’s high enough to go insane. If you’re wondering why he didn’t kill the guy in the first place, it’s because he thinks Nagi should be an Undertaker. If you’re wondering why Nagi should be an Undertaker, then you did not watch this anime very closely because you should have seen him tear up people into pieces like a dog shreds toiler paper. Nagi is secretly more insane than the whole lot of them, and of course a sick freak like Genkaku would find that hot.

How did he magically survive? Why even ask, can’t you SEE the bandages? He’s fine now.

As Genkaku pokes needles into Nagi and reminds him of how merciless he became after his wife was killed, Rokuro is doing some sadistic torture of his own. Two Undertaker squad leaders are introduced. They’re real candidates for character of the year, that bearboy and flesh&hair psycho. The tubby one was abandoned as a child and raised by grizzly bears while the other one is just a serial murderer who makes clothes of woman’s faces and hair. Charming people, really, it’s a shame Crow kills them before they kill Ganta.

Crow and the Scar Chain gang use this as a chance to retaliate. As the show’s only true badass, Crow uses a supersonic blade to kill everyone without having his Branch of Sin get oxidized. Pressurized oxygen can’t stop a sonic boom! The rest of them retreat while they can, leaving the Scar Chain gang victorious – for now. In order to try and go out yet again to catch the attention of the Inspectors, they try and recruit Crow. He doesn’t accept it, saying that the outside world is just as cruel and that if they’re that short on men,  they’re not really in a position to be launching a huge counterattack.

Bonus Quality:


Om nom nom nom salmonella om nom nom

High five!



End Thoughts: (..Yeah that screencap is the height of my career here at Metanorn. I might as well quit now while I’m ahead.) Continuing to disappoint, huh, Deadman? You’re not painful to watch, but you’re just lulzy. Bad, lazy animation and a plot that’s borderline ADD make for quite the perfect show to make fun of. The chapter-cramming really shows, especially in this episode. Way to introduce two Undertakers as if they were main additions to the cast and then kill them. Did we really need backstories for two characters who never speak? What’s the point of trying to connect me to a character if most of their screentime is spent as a pile of guts – CENSORED guts at that – on the floor?!

I used to be okay with Ganta, but recently he’s been a bit pathetic. I hope this is just a one episode thing and he gets back into shape as the boy who beat Crow. How did he even beat Crow in the first place? That will forever remain a mystery to me. I mean, Crow was BADASS this episode as per usual. He’s one of the saving graces of this show. Him and Rokuro. Wow, Jun, I never knew you could make your voice do such demented things. I like! Now if only they stopped making your character’s neck crack every time he speaks. Cracking joints is a huge pet peeve of mine and even in anime it makes me cringe…

Back to the whole desperately-introducing-a-character tangent this show is running on, who’s this Toto manwoman? It started off with “watashi” and then corrected itself to say “boku.” So it’s a guy? I dunno man, I thought I saw cleavage. Don’t tell me it’s another Shiro thing with multiple personalities. Or a super strong Deadman. I don’t know what to do with myself if the strongest character in this show is called TOTO like the dog in the Wizard of Oz. Still, I wonder what entertainment she shall bring in the next episode.

Preview: The Scar Chain seem to have a new plan up their sleeves, but it’s not clear what just yet. Whatever it is, Toto seems like he/she wants to help! Will he/she be of use, or end up as an annoying replacement for the already annoying Shiro? Maybe both!



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27 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland – 10”

  1. tomphile says:

    I can’t say enough how much I hate Ganta. He sounds like a preschooler whining for his mother – in a place like Deadman Wonderland, how the hell is he alive?

    • Overcooled says:

      I used to be okay with him, but recently he’s been too pansy for my tastes. He should have died by now for sure!

  2. amado says:

    this was one of the times that ganta annoyed me. he can still be annoying in the later chapters that the anime wont cover.

    heres a great gif I found to show how awesome crow is:

    minor spoiler: toto flirts with wretched egg later.

    • Overcooled says:

      He fluctuates from having a spine to being a spineless worm :/ I’d prefer Senji to him any day.

      Oh wow Toto, good luck with that one.

      • amado says:

        too bad for him cause I ship him with his sister.
        he’s not getting support from the romance expert.

  3. amado says:

    my comment was eaten…

  4. Karakuri says:

    Hahahaha the screencaps are funny because they’re true.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Rokuro OH MY GOD best face expressions, he looks a bit like Luffy from One piece just needs a straw hat lmao.

    I still dislike Ganta he suuuckkksss and always cries to much, now I just want to see more Mocking bird and Shiro! Also Crow whoa so awesome xD

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t see the Luffy connection aside from the big black eyes. I guess that’s because Luffy doesn’t make sadistic faces very much o_o

      I think I’m really going to like Mockingbird! I want to see more of Mockingbird instead of Ganta lol

  6. Snowley says:

    What’s the point of trying to connect me to a character if most of their screentime is spent as a pile of guts – CENSORED guts at that – on the floor?!

    XDDD that made my day.

  7. Kyokai says:

    I’m with you on the raging. MAN, THIS IS MAKING ME SO ANGRYYYYY. It started out so fine and now just look at the mess the studios have created. I’m gonna read the manga and ENJOY it, not throw dried fruits or wrappers on my screen when all the idiocy was going on.

    Loved your screen-capping of the neck cracker. Ah man, I wish I never fangirled this. >.>

    • Overcooled says:

      I’ll be hanging in here for a few more episodes. If this miraculously gets a second season then I’m…I’m not covering it…LOL.

      Bad anime = have fun with crazy screencaps!

      • amado says:

        ironically they are pretty faithful and canon to the manga.
        only cutting out some characters that are important later but wont be notable this season is the thing they modified.

        it seems you do sometimes still have to make changes from the original…

  8. Alynn says:

    I think the only thing I liked about this episode was Mockingbird’s appearance, Crow being badass, and Genkaku’s hair.

    Ohgod that quality. Rokuro get away from me.

  9. Namika says:

    Finally, I cached up! *0* Even thought this just keeps being boring. You couldn’t say it better OC; not painful to watch, but painful to take seriously. TT^TT
    And one more thing – I still can’t get over the censoring. One more minus to the show – censored at first, too boring to check out after the DVD’s out.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty bad if you take it as anything other than a big joke…*sigh* I don’t like the show to check out the uncensored version after either so I’m stuck with this :/

  10. Dan-go says:

    waaannna seee mockingbirds powers *0* will be soooo good, and i really dont think you should take a show like this seriously, it’s always been a bit of an adrenalin watch for me

    • Overcooled says:

      Me too, I love seeing new blood powers.

      Yeah, taking this show seriously makes it impossible to watch >_< I just take it for what it is.

    • Namika says:

      Idk how much of adrenalin can one get from this show, though. With all that censoring.

  11. Hime says:

    OH JUN, WHY ARE U SO AWESOME!? Srsly, I was DYING from laughing so much. His performance was hysterical, and the herpyderp animation just made it better. So much hilarity, need oxygen. *wheeze*

    I actually thought that despite all the lulz this episode was kind if closer to what Deadman should be. Granted you really has to squint to see it. Like the backstories of those two Undertakers; DAYUM, they were good and creepy. Just watch the sick doctor ordered, though killing them off pretty much right a way was stupid and such a waste. Nag’s torture could have been better too but it was pretty close to the manga (not as sexy tho!) so can’t complain.

    Crow is so many levels of hotness that it blows my mind. I loved how when Scar Chain asked him to join he was just like “Screw you guys, imma goin home”. (or back to his cell, in this case) So, Scar Chain fucked up baaaaad. They are all too nice, they don’t seem like they belong there at all. It messes with the already fragile reality they are trying to get us to buy.

    Rokuro just owns the world though. (I’m still dead from laughing btw)

    • Overcooled says:

      Jun’s performance was spectacular, YES! Even more crazy than his role in MM! and that was pretty zany.

      I really felt like the pacing was off moreso in this episode…and the Deadman backstories seemed really cliche and lame. Man raised by animals? Man making clothes out of woman’s flesh? Seen it. :/ It didn’t help that they were so buttugly I couldn’t bring myself to care even if they had the most complex backstory in the existence of anime. I will agree that Crow is hot though. Holy crap, he steals the show.

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