C: The Money of Soul & Possibility Control – 11 [END]

I believe the children are our future ♪

So, [C]’s finale is finally upon us; what a short eleven weeks it’s been. No more eye-rapingly bad CGI after today, no more suave sexy Mikuni, or MSYU slurping on instant ramen. Kimimaro might actually have delevoped a personality…we’ll never know! It’s sad times, but in typical [C] fashion we go out with a bang, and not a whimper.

Mikuni is completely devastating Kimimaro with his attacks while MSYU isn’t doing much better against one of his other Assets. There’s lots of Directs flying left and right and while Kimimaro is trying to land a hit, it seems Mikuni’s untouchable. Even more so when Q starts attacking.

Okay, I feel like I’m just watching an episode of Pokemon now.

MSYU wants to use Macro against Kimimaro’s wishes but Q paralylizes her, leaving them open and vulnerable to Mikuni’s attack. Something backfires however and his attack fails, freeing them up again. With MSYU and Q going head to head, Kimimaro and Mikuni ideals continue to rage as the two of them clash in some exciting kinetic animation.

As the Midas money continues bleeding into the real world, confusing people and making them riot, Q takes on Takako’s form in tears. This distracts Mikuni long enough for Kimimaro to charge in with an attack, just as [C] reaches Japan.

Mikuni is flung into some psychosomatic trip where he’s back in hospital talking to Takako and everthing is in pastel colours. The Mikuni in the vision flicks between the clean cut him then and the more piratey looking Mikuni now, until Takako vanishes. Q is shown to be powerless now that Takako is dead.

“She’s dead, Jim.”

Masakaki interrupts their Deal, [C] passed through Japan and Yen is now worthless. Mikuni admits his loss and it’s left up to Kimimaro to decide what to do. He orders the reverse of the money press in order to buy back the future. Mikuni tells him to make sure he doesn’t regret it.

So with the Financial District dissolving, the boys say goodbye to their Assets. Mikuni seems quite cold to Q as she tells him she wishes she could stay by his side, but he says goodbye to her, in tern saying goodbye to his sister. And MSYU kisses Kimimaro…A LOT. Oh boy, so much for staying clear of incest…

Aw, it would be so sweet :3…IF SHE WASN’T YOUR DAUGHTER!

Kimimaro wakes up and has a little chat with …God, I guess, and the world is set back to the way it was. Well, except for the fact that Japan uses dollars now. Go fig.

We are the Gods of money, we only accept gold as an offering

Kimimaro’s professor has his wife and kids back, Hanabi took some Prozac and is feeling much better now, and Masakaki returns for some final words. While looking over the world he saved, Kimimaro takes out the photo of Mikuni, Q, MSYU and himself and sums it all up.


Epic glare x2

“No one has better abs than Merry!” *lasers*

Who knew Q was also a Slenderman?

MSYU’s been standing in front of the microwave too long, probably waiting on ramen


*lightsaber noises*

I would decorate Q’s branches at Christmas :3

“Bitch, please.”

“It’s sure cramped in this closet, isn’t it Mikuni?”

There’s your nightmare fuel, right there


What we’ve learned from [C]: stay away from evil clowns looking to steal your future



What a climax. Phew~ The constant movement in the battle sequences really helped give you that “something big is on the line here” feeling; the shots were all very sweeping and epic. All the Midas money flying about everywhere was a nice touch, too. I don’t think I mentioned before but I love the black blood, it looks snazzy. The music was also awesome, it really gave off a heart-pounding vibe that had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Kimimaro and Mikuni’s arguing back and forth was very distracting, however. It made some of the scenes bloated and seasicky; with just too much going on at once. On another note; Q’s got some wicked looking forms. Sometimes it’s like she’s just stepped out of Sleepy Hollow she looks so demonic. She really needed more screentime. When she was clawing out MSYU’s back I got chills, srsly. DAT WAS SO CREEPEH D: Q is going to be in my nightmares for quite a while, I think.

I kind of hoped Mikuni would win, since I’m not Kimimaro’s biggest fan, but the way things turned out wasn’t nearly as Deus Ex as I’d originally suspected. Even though Mikuni owned him in beginning of the episode, with Q kind of deteriorating it definitely leveled up the playing field enough for me to buy that Kimimaro could get lucky and actually land a hit. The animation did a lot to aid the impact of the fight. When Kimimaro punched Mikuni and everything went all sketchy I would usually call it unessesary, but since they’d established that [C] was encroaching I figure it was actually a good way to show the kind of dissolution of reality. It’s after that we get the trippy scene with Mikuni talking to Takako anyway so it kind of works. And you know [C], it isn’t very good with it’s transitions. Case and point; the win we never saw in episode 6.

The end was very typical of [C] and it’s love of smash cuts. Or, maybe it’s just bad pacing? Either way the last few moments before it cut out (and yes, CUT is the word because it just suddenly stops) were good and tied most key things up. Still, it was all a little too fast and I was left kind of hanging, expecting more when the screen went to black. I think [C] really needed room to breathe after that big exciting fight, to let everything sink in, and to be honest, I think it deserved that. Not many shows can warrent that quiet moment at the end, and with all time [C] spent showing us people dissappearing you’d think they’d want to spend a bit more time glorifying what Kimimaro saved. If things had just been taken a little slower I think it would have been a much better way to go out.

So, when it all comes down to it, is [C] a good show? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’ve always wanted to see banking if applied to the Tron universe then [C] is for you. It’s slick and silly and has a rockin’ techno soundtrack. The backgrounds are cool, they help create a very stylized world that might be an aquired taste for some, but really help set it apart from other shows. The concept is flawed; it enjoys spouting technobable instead of any real explainations, probably because it doesn’t have any, but at it’s core [C] seemed to be trying to do something different. It takes a fun and lively spin on a very tedious subject. Presenting it as fresh and unique. I bet doing your taxes will seem a little more fun after watching [C], at any rate. Altogether, it stands out for being creative, if not coherant. All I know is that when I heard that awesome OP, I got excited to see what [C] had in store for me that week.


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16 Responses to “C: The Money of Soul & Possibility Control – 11 [END]”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Oh my gaaawwd this ending was so good! I loved the fight at the end! Even thou I found it hard to read and keep up with the action for some of that fight.

    Yes evil clowns do steal your money don’t trust them! Ahh!! And when Kimimaro recalled Mysu I lost it and thought the same damn thing! WTF POKEMON?! ahahah so fun xD

    The way this series ends can you see a possible season two? Or do you think it’s one of those perfect as is endings? I wouldn’t mind another season but hard to tell if it would end up being the same show again.

    Mysu and Q I shall miss them! Well Mysu a bit more because she was in almost every episode <3

    Last thought so much engrish! Amazing lolol.

    • Dan-go says:

      It was a good ending, a rushed anime, alot of engrish, but for some reason i liked it

      • Hime says:

        On the whole it was good; the uneven pace worked to it’s advantage at times.

  2. Alynn says:


    I’m so confused on many things about this series, but omg I have to say that I really liked it.

    I’m going to miss that Deal lingo. O-OPEN DEAL

    Q is so scary but ECONOMIC BLOCKADE is so cool.

    I can’t believe it’s over! Wow the spring season is drawing to a close, isn’t it.

    • Dan-go says:

      i want to make love to that electronic voice

    • Hime says:

      I was .giffing like mad, it’s like my new obsession.

      The O-OPEN deal and MEZZOFLATION voice was so hot! Well worth the DVD price just to listen to that. :9

      It’s kind of sad to see the [FINAL] tag next to all the shows on AnimeTake. SPRING IS OVER! HALF OF THE YEAR IS GONE D:

  3. Reaper says:

    [C] definitely had the unique element in it, and it at least tried with using economic terms (ah year 12 economics…) I know there are some who’ve abused it and called [C] names but I’ll miss it, even after what felt like a roller coaster ride, (from all the different pacing). No more Deals, no more Clowning around, no more Wincest Msyu…although, I should mention the final fight was quite satisfying, even when the pencilled moments felt like a NGE ending…
    Still, have to wonder if there will be a sequel; they might not but they definitely left things open with the end (which felt like a prologue to another season for me…) 🙂

    • Hime says:

      The economic terms just made it all the more awesome x3 Yeah, I also heard a lot of flack about [C] and sometimes I it deserved it. But as a whole it was a fun ride and no show is perfect. The fight was really satisfying, you always knew Mikuni and Kimimaro were gonna go head to head from the OP animation, so it was great to finally see it realized.

  4. amado says:

    I count [c] as bad as yumekui merry.
    let me copy my forum thoughts:
    only mikuni and Q are the characters I care about, the others can go bankrupt and die.
    they got good romance going until kimimaro decided msyu was his daughter. only mikuniXQ remains.
    the plot is jumbled up and had little explanation.
    alternated too much on the characters.
    main lead took too long to do something useful.
    except for bankrupting guys, he’s never done anything helpfu- no wait! thats also bad.

    ive got a lot of reasons I dont like the show anymore, so il just state its good points:

    mikuni, Q and msyu.

    il be considerate of this show so I rank it 4/10.

    • Dan-go says:

      mikunixQ would be wincest. sister remember?

      • Hime says:

        I did think Mikuni and Q got kind of shafted with the ending. It seems it hinted that Mikuni dissappeared along with the District, or that when he woke up again in the real world he was pretty much just gonna sit and vegetate. HE’S TOO PRETTY TO LET VEGETATE. GRRR.

        Kimimaro was an extremley weak main character. He did pretty much just go around destroying peoples lives for the first half of the series, and being only vaugley disturbed by it. He had no motivation, no drive and seemed to float through his experiances without any real reaction to them. He was too flim-flammery to lead a show like this, or any show for that matter.

        MSYU should have been the lead and Kimimaro the Asset.

        I think I’d rate is 5/10. Average. It had as many good points as it had bad, imo.

      • amado says:

        precisely why, its wincest.
        they are also not shy like kimimaro is.

  5. Kyokai says:

    I was expecting some fast pacing but oh man, this just went like ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Of course, a lot was left to be desired but in the end, when I like the characters in an anime, I tend to end up liking the series overall (like what happened with Seikimatsu with plot decline yet, me still liking it in the end).

    The ending was quite a troll but I just knew that Masakaki would be showing up because he can’t just vanish. Everything is collateral as it seems. Still, this was a decent show.

    • Hime says:

      I know, it went totally crazy fast. Soooo much motion sickness, ugh…

      When Masakaki showed up I actually went OF COURSE to the screen. He’s such a creeper. Hopefully he won’t stalk Kimimaro anymore, lol.

  6. anaaga says:

    I never knew god is a gold digger

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