C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 07

I see you baby, shaking that asset ♪ ~

Hey guys, I’ll be taking over coverage of [C] from now on. We’re quite a ways into the series and assuming that it sticks to it’s 11 episode estimate we only have 4 episodes to go! So you might want to refresh your memory of [C] with the teams’ tag post on episode 1 & Kyo’s look at episode 2. Just to recap quickly, we’ve seen a twice now just how devastating the impact of losing in the Financial District is to the real world. Kimimaro bested his teacher in battle and in doing so pretty much wiped his wife and children from the face of the earth. I’m serious, they were flat out sucked from the space time continuum. Not only that but he also managed to destroy the dreams of small children in Africa that humanitarian Kou Sennoza was campaigning for. So yeah…Kimimaro is a bit of a bastard, but it’s okay MSYU’s cuteness makes up for all the death and suffering. And hey, even though they lost they didn’t have any hard feelings, that might just be the mental breakdowns talking but still…SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS.

This is episode is probably a good one to pick up from as it’s predominantly a flashback episode. We see Mikuni in his rock star phase being laid into by his Father. He eventually cleaned up his act – and got a haircut – to follow his Fathers wishes to get into finance and money exchange. Both legal or otherwise. Aside from having an over-bearing Father, Mikuni is also a victim of the “sick little sister” virus effecting 2 out of 3 supporting characters with shady morality.

Mikuni’s sister looks suspiciously like Q

His Father rises to a new level of Jackass when he tells Mikuni that he pretty much cares more about money than the welfare of his dying daughter. When Mikuni tries to go against him his Father has him knocked out and locked in his room. Jesus, the guy’s like 20 something, do you still make him sit on the naughty step, too?

“You, young man, are grounded!” *PUNCH*

After his little sister slipped into a coma, Mikuni could do nothing but throw himself into his work as a coping mechanism. He no longer had dealings with his Father outside of business. It was then Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter appeared to him like he did with Kimimaro, offering him an Asset and access to the District.

We switch back to Kimimaro, or more appropriately MSYU, whose musing about Kimimaro. She analyses his actions and emotions in an attempt to understand him better, while narrating a little more about Assets in general.

Digital Love

While watching TV, MSYU sees a couple kissing and wants to know more about it. Luckily we avoid the “Where babies come from” talk, Kimimaro hasn’t so much as kissed anyone yet either, and MSYU settles for just having a cute little moment to see us out to the end credits.

Cyber sex?


This turned out to be one of the episodes I liked the most. Mikuni is my favourite character in [C]. There’s just something about him; I love his type. Suave, sophisticated and seedy. Though we did get to see a more emotional and reckless side to him in the first half of the episode’s flashback. To have his Dad be such an asshole was hard to take seriously. It was overkill. I mean, I was just waiting for him to start kicking puppies and burning down orphanages and it made me laugh. I missed seeing the inflation battles but I can’t say it wasn’t a welcome change. I was just surprised, I didn’t think we’d get pretty much an entire episode dedicated to Mikuni. I guess I always had him pinned as that mysterious guy whose back story is always kept in the shadows. Generally I would say that’s a good formula, as it isn’t really necessary to know – unless it comes up later in the series – but I love Mikuni, like I said, so I enjoyed seeing so much of him.

The CGI isn’t as horrifying as it was in the start, as long as they aren’t moving about too much or speaking it blends not to shabbily into the rest of the show. The split screens with MSYU and Kimimaro do help up the cuteness level of their relationship. It’s similar to the whole “talking to someone through a wall” thing, even though there is an obvious barrier between them it somehow makes them seem closer. It’s a neat little trick that I think works well when you’re trying to show the bond between characters. MSYU herself is just adorable. I like her attitude and she’s smart. Kimimaro sure is lucky, she’s such an Asset to him! Hohohoho! Okay, I’ll stop…

With the exception of a few hit and miss episodes, [C] has been a pretty solid show so far. I find the finance stuff to be a bit confusing sometimes and it is very light on plot. It seems to be one of these shows that’s more about dodging questions rather than answering them. It would usually piss me off, but for some reason -cough- Mikuni -cough- I can usually overlook it. The pacing of this episode was very good, everything flowed and it was very easy to sit through. The only jarring part was the sudden switch halfway through to MSYU’s monologues. And again, it covered a lot of stuff we have already seen. Not very well thought out, and it didn’t advance anything at all. On the other hand, now that we’ve got Mikuni’s back story out of the way and we’re up to speed with everything, thanks to that soo needed recap, I’m hoping we get some plot crammed into the last few episodes.


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27 Responses to “C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 07”

  1. Reaper says:

    Last episode felt a little step backwards, since it didn’t keep the momentum right. This one takes a step back but it goes into the other characters more other than Yoga, like Mikuni and Msyu, which is always a win. I really liked Mikuni’s past, and his raison d’entre pretty much, whilst Msyu…is Msyu, why can I say? She’s like a lovable newborn, and her obsession with instant cup ramen…though that last scene with her and Yoga was touching (and the kissing question, ha!)

    • Hime says:

      Yeah, this episode wasn’t so much a step back as it was a step in another direction. Which is acceptable when you like the characters and want to see more of them. MSYU and Mikuni were so neglected until now, haha.

  2. Jrow says:

    Nice to see ya pick this up, Hime! There was a brief moment where I wanted to step in since I was liking it.

    Plot-wise, it could’ve probably done more, but it’s an alright way to begin the end, I guess. There’s still some time to talk money and assets, but I don’t think the financial stuff will ever reach enough sense of comprehensibility.

    MYSU kinda reminds me of what I liked so much about Merry (of Yumekui Merry) when she first came on and how she was trying to understand how the real world works and MYSU asking Kimimaro about things.

    • Hime says:

      Well feel free to send any thoughts on it, I don’t mind tag teaming.

      It would be cool if Mikuni’s father turned into more of an out-of-flashback villain. I’d love to see him get a pasting for being such a douche.

      Funnily enough Fosh said the same thing, and I have to agree with both of you. She does have a certain Merry-ness about her attitude. Her cheeky smile is similar too.

  3. Kyokai says:

    Nice wrap up and damn, this needed to be blogged and I didn’t have time at all. >.<'' So, thanks for volunteering. I've always liked this series even when it had ugly CGI'd Masakaki. As we have gotten a Kimimaro, Jessica and even Mikuni backstory episodes; I can only wish that we get a Masakaki episode too where we finally find out, what's his deal. The new angle between Kimimaro and Mysu is quite adorable. Of course, when you got that kind of an asset, hohooo~ xD

    • Hime says:

      Tis my pleasure, Kyo.

      Masakaki almost seems like an Asset to me. I mean, he sure looks like one a scary one but because he roams around on his own coaxing people to the Disrict he might be more like a ringleader to something. He reminds me of Mephisto from AnE, lol.

  4. Dan-go says:

    Mikunis sister looks like Q, remember that their assets are the physical (if you can call it that) embodiment of their respective partner’s futures. damn i love this show, all these backstories are ssssoooo good

    • Hime says:

      I actually remember reading that somewhere, now that you mention it. So is MSYU a representation of that girl in Kimimaro’s class that he fancies?

  5. Joojoobees says:

    Kind of a recapish episode. I guess the big things we learned are that Q looks like the sister, and that the sister is still alive (though in a coma). At least I previously thought she had died already.

    • Hime says:

      Yeah, it says she’d dead on Wiki, but here all I heard was coma. I hope she doesn’t die later and I’ve just spoiled it xD

  6. Miyu says:

    For one, I really like the characters in this show.
    Msyu is your typical innocent/adorable girl.. *cough* asset. (I still find it quite amusing that they call it an… asset. *waggy eyebrows*) But oh well, she was just born for Kimimaro.. Oh and she’s so abnormally skinny. Like a stick.
    I like Mikuni too! Suave, sophisticated and seedy for the win (Y)

    Personally, though, I’m loving it so far and looking forward to the next episode! 😀

    • Hime says:

      I know XD Asset just sounds so…innuendo-y.

      The remind me of the demons in the Northern Lights/Golden Compass book/movie. I suppose they are kind of simillar.

      & Mikuni is just HNG, all over.

  7. amado says:

    great that someones blogging it again.

    this ep was a great deal for me since I like the romance.

    since previous ep had Q saying that she and mikuni are dating, its clear mikuni likes his sister. I already shipped them since ep 1.
    msyu could probably not be hanabi since they dont look similar enough like Q and takako. she might be a girl he’ll meet later.

    • Dan-go says:

      you just like your wincest! chikan!

  8. Toori-chan says:

    I’m happy that Hime actually picked this up. I had been wondering when will this series’ post would come back (it may not return i thought)
    Watching this series reminds me about reading some of my cousin’s study texts from his uni, especially the term micro, macro and mezzo.
    I was pretty shock when i saw mikuni’s sis. She clearly look exactly like Q especially the eyes. The difference is that his sis can, at least, break out a faint smile.
    When Msyu asked for a kiss, i was like OMG. Too bad Kimimaro turned her down. But still, what’s with the “30 times of your current feeling”, can you even measure feelings?

    • Hime says:

      I’d like to see Q smile, I imagine she’d be quite a good yandere, too.

      MSYU sooooo shoulda just kissed him, haha. Take Kimimaro’s lip virginity.

  9. Alynn says:

    Yes! The past of my favourite character! I’m so glad he changed his hair fdkhjaewkr.

    I also liked the parts with Msyu. She’s so cute! I think she is my second favourite character, haha.

    • Hime says:

      I know, BRIGHT ORANGE HAIR was like lol,whut? I suppose we can forgive him though, it was during his rebelious phase.

      MSYU really is adorable, she needs to get more screentime. I’d like to see her interact with Mikuni. I imagine they would have quite funny chit-chat.

  10. Overcooled says:

    Yay, more C on Metanorn! I think his father was played off as wayyyy too much of an asshole as well. I mean, seriously, who does that? The recap felt really out of place to me after spending so much time on Mikuni, and I’m not sure it was really..necessary. I can only hope they’re not running out of ideas to vaguely explain why Midas money is bad :/

    My favourite part of the show are the battles and the announcer voice. A-A-A-A-ANGEL!

    • Hime says:

      They should have been able to draw Mikuni’s backstory out for the whole episode, and they keep doing this JUMP-CUT thing that is so jarring.

      It’s like when Kimimaro was fighting Kou and suddenly – BAM! We’re on a baseball court and oh, Kimimaro won? Really? WELL THANKS FOR SHOWING IT.

      The announcer does have a really cool voice xD It’s good engrish.

      • Overcooled says:

        Gah, I know. Whenever they cut out a major portion of a Deal, I feel empty inside. Best battle ever? AS IF WE’D EVER SHOW YOU.

  11. Foshizzel says:

    Damn Mikuni’s dad is an ass! I felt so bad for his sister Noooooooo!! But great learning his back story! Is it me or does his demon thing look a bit like his sister? Well hair style’s are similar.

    @OC YES! I loved that A-A-A-A-ANGEL!! Lol so good I love those voices even the attacks are done the same so good.

    And now for Mysu and Kimimaro they are fun together I liked the parts where she was “leaning” against him so DAaawww! I also waited for the what happens after kissing? LOL.

    I still compare Mysu to Merry from Yumekui merry just because both are curious types, and the rest of the world is so unknown to them which make them both fun to watch and Mysu has an awesome outfit xD

    • Toori-chan says:

      Fosh, your so-called demon thing is an asset. Their hairstyle maybe same but colours differ though Q’s look nicer (if only she would smile)

      Kou’s asset looks abit like those angels from Evangelion, especially the halo on the head.

  12. Balloon Thief says:

    It’s great how this episode shows why Mikuni acts all weird and stuff. Though it does take away his mysterious quality.

    The funny thing about this show is that it’s like a group of fifty year old men talking seriously about Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The activity of deals is way more fun than the whole we don’t want to destroy our futures thing. It seems kind of unique.

    I liked the part where Kimimaru got all philosophical after he started that fight and then got beat up.

    Its great that someone on Metanorn is finally blogging it. See you next episode.

    • Hime says:

      It is a bit like that with the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but we all
      know only adults lay a childrens card games anyway!

      See you next time 🙂

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