Amagami SS Special


Ugh, I know this special has been released since FOREVER, but I’ve been blablabla and blablabla and *insert excuse*. Still, I’m sorry guys! Gomen, Tenchou~ *not looking at Tenchou’s eyes*! Well. there are reasons why it takes me forever to write this, but I’ll tell the reason later. So, please forgive me, ne? *puppy eyes*

Miya, our sweet little sister, is worried about her brother. Man, I don’t even know the brother’s name, since Amagami SS is all about the gurlz. I’ll just call him Junichi. I think that’s his name, right? Anyhow, Miya is worried about her brother’s love relationship, since he looks like one of those hopeless type of brother. The one that jacks off at porn and falls down flat on his face every time he goes downstairs. But it’s understandable why Miya is worried. When someone discusses porn in the street with his best friend, something is wrong there.

All hail Queen Miya

Friendship through porn. How sweet.

Not having a good impression about her own brotha, Miya asks her friends’ opinions. Surprisingly, they think Junichi’s actually a pretty decent guy. Miya can’t believe it. Decent!? Her brother!? *gasp* Ehm, because of that, Miya wonders whether her brother is different when he’s at school. Sooo, Miya decides to stalk Junichi. Since I’m too lazy to describe Miya’s Journey of Stalking, here’s some picture spam of Miya stalking. Yeah, anaaga is that lazy. Miya found a friend in stalking too, so don’t worry. Miya is not alone.

That’s right, your bro’s actually a pimp

And, her friends are right. Junichi is actually a pretty decent guy at school! With girls, at least, since he only talks to girls. And his best friend isn’t really a dude too. Sexist much? Jealous Miya is unconsciously jealous, and she thought for a while that Junichi is gay since he hasn’t dated any girl until now even though he has lots of female friends. Yaoi in my Amagami? Yes!!

That’s right, your bro does it both ways

While shopping with her brother’s stalker (what’s her name again?), Miya bumps into her classmate. And believe it or not, he actually confesses to Miya! And Miya is actually pretty famous in school too! But of course, since this is Miya’s arc, she becomes depressed about it. She (obviously) rejected the guy because she “doesn’t get” things such as “love, relationship, dating, etc.” Finally getting some experience from the confession, Miya starts to wonder whether her brother feels the same way as she does about dating and relationship. Oh look, a kitten.

That is one lucky cat

Since Miya can’t keep the kitten, along with Junichi she decides to go back to the place where she found the kitten to find the kitten’s mother. Now we can get to see how Junichi is awesome. He is willing to search for the kitten’s mother, even in such cold weather. As a proper older brother, he’s able to calm the panicked Miya. Later on, they’re able to find the kitten’s mother which happens to be searching for the kitten too. Yaaayyyyy.

Miya starts to panic again seeing the mother bite the kitten. But no worries, it’s just playful bites (Amagami)! Cats do that a lot! Yup, Junichi actually knows something about cats. He’s not that bad after all. Maybe he is a nice guy. He makes Miya blush too, telling her that he will find her if she’s lost, no matter what (d’aaawwww). But maybe…

He is just a pervert after all.

Extra Screenshots:

“Whoa, you guys went on a date without me!?”

Junichi’s the bottom

“Remember, Miya, always use protection!”

Miya decides to take the initiative in their incest love

Sure, he will. He will “play” a loooot with you

End Thoughts:

I’ll be honest, this special is BORING. Yeah, that’s the reason why I didn’t write about this special earlier. It’s just so boring to the point where I can’t even write about it. Man, I don’t even know. I love Amagami SS, and when it aired, I always get excited every time a new episode it out. So I was really sad when I watched this special. How did something so fun became so boring? Is it because the special is based on Miya’s PoV, not Junichi’s? I mean, Junichi’s mind sure is, um, interesting. And the things he did with Kaoru and that doggy senpai are sure interesting. Yeah, maybe that’s why. I enjoyed Amagami SS because of the ero brotha. Miya is so… normal… In this special. She’s such a typical girl who worries about her brother. Except that stalking part, I find the rest of the episode to be slow. And god, that part where Miya picks up the cat? That’s just cliché. Why the hell would you pick a stray cat? Isn’t it dirty? What if it has a disease? Do Japanese people pick up stray cats like that? That’s not sanitary right there.

Oh wait, there’s another reason why I don’t like this special at all. There’s no trace of incest. NOTHING. When I read the summary last year, I expected some romance between the siblings. Is there any romance between them? Nope. Taka-nii is just a typical useless older brother that’s addicted to 2D porn, and Miya is just a famous sister who worries about her brother too much. With the 2D ero part flipped, this is just like Kirino and Kuranosuke from OreImo in the beginning of that series. Which I still need to watch. That’s like a double hit right there, since OreImo has no incest as well. These damn studios need to stop giving misleading summaries. I expect an incest story based on your story. Make a damn incest story or just stop making that kind of summaries. Yeah, I’m mad. I WAS TROLLED.

*Le sigh* All right, it’s not that boring. It sure made me yawn a lot, but at least I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of it like what Clannad does to me. It shows how siblings are supposed to stick with each other. At least, how siblings are supposed to stick with each other. Miya is an annoying worry wart, but she cares about Junichi. And so is Junichi, helping Miya when she needs his help. In the end, this special is all about sibling relationship. Which, is good. The animation is good just like the series, it’s pretty smooth. And, I did get some incest service here. Miya and Taka-nii blush with each other at the end of the show. Something is better than nothing, right?Also, we get to learn the meaning of “Amagami” in this special. Which is surprising and interesting. It’s as if the title “Amagami SS” is meant for Miya, not for the other girls. *gasp* Maybe this is the true ending!? Is it incest, after all? xD


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13 Responses to “Amagami SS Special”

  1. Snowley says:

    Biting scene looks like deva vu *ekhm*Shiki*ekhm*

  2. Jrow says:

    I adore Miya. Such a sweet imoutou.

  3. Elyon says:

    I thought it was kind of meh too. Amagami is the most amusing when it does crazy stuff like the tentacle rape. XD

    But I still enjoyed watching Miya stalk her nii-nii, and more Risa is always good (of course I love the yandere stalker girl…>.> )

  4. Foshizzel says:

    MIYAAAAAA <3 I loves you and that NISHISHISISHSI How we all missed that laugh.

    This was a fun little special! And it's not over! More specials to come 😀

  5. wildfire says:

    i found it boring as well. Ohh well at least it was just a special/OVA.

  6. amado says:

    not enough wincest
    I liked this ep too.

  7. Kyokai says:

    I concur with amado on wincest. This should have had more signature Amagami weirdness.

  8. Dan-go says:

    Best episode ever. and now the title makes sense. kind of. i guess…? NISHISHISHI i dont care!…also meeeega laaate 😉 this was out a while ago. Really more specials? like who? Hibiki? o.O

    • anaaga says:


      …Yeah, I was late. But it’s so booooriiinnngggg, I was too lazy to write something lazy

  9. Reaper says:

    Miya for Junichi’s lover! President! Amagami SS really pulled the wincest off well, unlike other series we can talk about…*shudder and regret…
    Oh well, farewell Miya and her amagami playful teasing with Nii-Nii, Nishishishishi!

    • anaaga says:

      well yeah, there’s some wincest hint here and there…but still, no Miya kissing Junichi =(

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