A Channel – 12 [END]

Let’s leave on a good thought~

~S-So anyone else need something silly and cute to watch after that Ano Hana ending? ;A; This is why you are here, A Channel. After something so heavy and sad, you are here to cheer us back up! And that is why I shall miss you, very much. At least I can go back and read your manga, which gives off more laughs. ALL RIGHT. TIME FOR THE LAST EPISODE! -tries not to cry-

Continuing from last episode,  Tooru still has dreams of the girls leaving her when they graduate, something she just can’t seem to get out of her mind…

A new semester starts for the girls, and Yuuko seems to be a bit of trouble as she spoils a book ending for poor Nagi and tries to prevent Tooru from attacking the boy talking to Run, at which she tries to hug her to keep her from going inside but accidentally ends up nearly suffocating her. Meanwhile, Nagi is asked by their homeroom teacher to pass out papers, but first decides to ask her a question: what’s her name? While she explains that she doesn’t know because her memory gets away from her, Kitou-sensei ends up stepping in to scold her, scaring Nagi off.

On the first year’s side, Tooru, Yutaka, and Miporin are cleaning outside when they come upon a cat stuck in a tree. Yutaka decides to climb the tree to save it, which she does, but not before scaring the other two as she nearly falls over the tree branch. Luckily she doesn’t fall and they all are just happy she didn’t, even if she managed to drop more leaves.


After school, Run and Tooru eat at a restaurant where Run ends up biting her tongue, causing her to speak nothing but gibberish for a while. Yuuko as her own (Mio-esque) accident when she heads to the bathroom, but accidentally trips and shows off her panties to everyone at the table.

This is what your friends are for, to rate your panties.

Yuuko goes on a points hunt to get a teddy bear keychain, and finds that some people carelessly throw their points away. She decides to wait to ask people before they throw it away, but gets no success. Meanwhile at the table, some ladies come up and give the points they don’t want to them. They manage to gather enough to win Yuuko the prize, and while she shows it off, Run suddenly comes up with a tiny paper crane.  Since they can’t really see it, Run asks Nagi for a magnifying glass, which she calls her glasses.

Nagi gives her glasses to her, but instead of using it to see the crane, she puts them on and does an impression of Nagi. She retorts, saying that’s nothing like her, so they all ask her to do an impression. She does one of Run, but no one saw, thinking, she didn’t want any of them to watch her.

As the girls continue to hang out, Tooru starts to get a little sleepy. They notice quickly, and decide it’s time to go home. However, Run suddenly says she’s an alien! Knowing Nagi, Tooru suspects she’ll have something to retort back, but both her and Yuuko believe her. Suddenly, a UFO appears and starts to beam Run up, leaving Tooru afraid that she’s really is going away. However, she wakes up and Run, who’s carrying her on her back, tells her she fell fast asleep.

Now at home, Tooru still can’t get rid of her fear of them graduating, and decides to head to the convenience store for something sweet to make her feel better. When she gets to the door, she sees Run stepping on the bump in front of the sliding doors. Seeing her there, Tooru starts to tear up and laugh, knowing Run will never change. In the end, as Tooru walks alone out the school, Run, Yuuko, and Nagi appear, waiting for her so they could all walk home together~.

Last Minute Favorite faces Spam~


All my favorite characters<3

Final Thoughts: WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE IT ENDED SO QUICKLY?! ;A; B-But at least I didn’t cry for once!! I knew I wouldn’t be able to cry for the ending of A Channel. I knew they would end the show just like how they began it: with a lot of sillyness, good friends sticking together, and the beautiful sismance that is Run and Tooru. This last episode felt almost too normal to be an ending, but nonetheless, it was cute and had a lot more laughs than I expected. I really loved how they kept stretching Tooru’s woe of missing Run and the other when they graduate, but had it dismissed in the end to leaves us on a good thought that while the worry of graduation is in the back of Tooru’s (and I’m sure all of their) minds, they still enjoy the times they have together at the moment. On a less serious note, I couldn’t stop laughing when Run was speaking in gibberish because of her tongue! It sounded so hysterical, I actually want that as my ringtone. I seriously need an MP3 file of that, my goodness (That and a sizzling meat ringtone, like Run’s, heh). Also, I thought they were being completely serious about the alien thing. I was like, “IS THIS SOME TWIST ENDING?!”. But then when they suddenly showed the UFO coming by, I finally dismissed that thought.

Overall, A Channel was a very light, refreshing show, like a cute, friendly buddy I can come to after watching some gut-wrenching, violent, horrific, or tear-jerking show. It actually kind of made me appreciate the simpler things in life, like those awkward, giddy, and hilarious moments at school, and doing simple activities with friends. They made those kinds of things so enjoyable to watch AND fun to do. I know that this has definitely made me want to go do some karaoke, heh. One thing I really wanted differently about this show is that they would have focused more on the teachers. I thought Satou, Kitou, and Kamade were fun characters, especially when they interacted with one another (like Kitou and Satou-sensei, hurrhurr). Kamade was my favorite with her really laid-back attitude, and unfortunately they showed her the least -sigh-. Her and Kitou together were a great, funny combination because of the difference in their personalities.

To be honest, I actually thought A Channel would bore me quickly, but I grew to love the simple slice-of-life episodes, the slower pace they took, the light comedy, and all the characters. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget this series, even as time passes and we are presented with more school-girl, slice-of-life anime. With that, thank you all for the comments you’ve given! It’s been fun reading and fangirling with you all about A Channel. Hoped you enjoyed the series, and let’s get ready for the summer season!

Until next time then! Mata ne~!!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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7 Responses to “A Channel – 12 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    DAWWW~ Simple things in life are quite lovely and yes, some cheering is needed after that AnoHana episode! ;3;

    Congrats on finishing another series here at Metanorn, Hoshi~ <3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Thank you Kyokai ^^ I don’t even know how many I’ve finished currently, heh…

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Just saw this episode! Pretty good stuff not a depressing end for once xD

    Tooru! I will miss her well I ended up liking all the characters each are so much fun to watch, and so many insert songs! Like what one in each episode? Well some episodes anyway.

    Congrats on another finished series! YAY!!

    Guess we will see another season of this.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yes, I was happy it wasn’t depressing, especially after finishing Ano Hana.

      I’ll probably miss Tooru most of all myself ;A; Yeah there’s one insert song for each episode. I’m wondering if they’re going to compile them for a release sometime xD

      Thanks Fosh!
      I’m not too sure of a second season xD Though they could probably make it happen.

  3. amado says:

    love this show.
    fluffy and sweet stuff with a dash of yuri.

  4. Reaper says:

    Oh, high school, how much more enjoyable things were back then compared to university…ugh, defintitely a lot more fun and just stupid compared to you have to be in uni now…sigh, the good old days…definitely going to miss this anime, especially with that final jump of Yay! with all four. Even though it was the end, it still pulled off different things to laugh at, like the point cards and Yuuko’s accident (and Run’s woofing language). Does make you wonder if a new season would be made…gonna miss Tooru’s and her cuteness 🙂

  5. Tofu says:

    Hoshi~~~~~ T____T It’s finally over ey….

    I guess I was expecting something else from the ending but overall I enjyoed watching A Channel. I’m going to miss Yuuko especially out of the rest I must say and it definitely has made me appreciate all the little things in life even more (including all the other slice of life shows I’ve seen in the past). Sure it won’t top K-On but it was a great “relaxation” series 😛

    Remember how I said I didn’t think highly of the show at the start Hoshi? I was gonna dismiss this show and not even give it a try. After you persuaded me to watch the first episode, I absolutely loved it and now I know that I should give everything a try ;D Thanks Hoshi senpai~!!

    I’ve also done a special Bakuman figurine post over at Sekijitsu if you’d like to take a look Hoshi~ :3 Leave a comment if you’d like~

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