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~I DON’T CARE IF THAT ISN’T A WORD, OR DOESN’T SOUND AS COOL AS BROMANCE. These two are the real deal, man ;A; Throughout blogging this show, I’ve always admired Run and Tooru’s friendship. While sometimes Tooru is a little TOO close for viewer comfort, I still can’t help but love how she and Run have been good, close friends for so long.

For this episode, we start with a dreamy experience of Tooru amongst fluttering cherry blossoms. Run suddenly comes in and nudges her, however she’s dressed in her middle school uniform and holding her diploma. She thanks Tooru, then mutters quiet words and leaves just as Tooru wakes up.

As the girls enter school, it turns out it’s open house day for middle school-ers looking to apply to their high school. This leads Run and Tooru to reminisce about when Run was deciding on what high schools to apply to. Tooru makes a comment that she’ll go wherever Run goes and when Run mentions it to her mother, she immediately wants her to apply for a better school. Her mother even goes as far as to calling a cram school and bribing her that she can eat all the kobe beef she wants.

Run even gets a private tutor, who’s none other than Tooru. With that, Run starts studying and constantly reads the study books Tooru gave her all the way to the day of her entrance exam.Check here rooftopyoga latest episodes are free for you. At the exam, Run accidentally hits Yuuko with a broken pencil point and ends up talking to her about it afterwards. Through it all, Run managed to pass and get into their current high school.

Poor Yuuko. Seriously.

The next day after reminiscing, Run surprises Tooru with cake for her upcoming birthday! However in the excitement she accidentally drops it. While Tooru looks somewhat devasted, she opens the empty box and reveals she was kidding, and shows her the real box filled with the cake.

Tooru is definitely not amused when she’s trolled.

At school, the girls gather around the cake when Run suddenly announces one of them is “secretly” filled with wasabi. Seeing the obvious green piece of cake, Tooru offers it to Yuuko, who actually eats it. While the other eat theirs, Tooru saves hers and tries to take a picture of it, but Run blocks her shoot. They end up taking a picture together, then add Nagi and Yuuko. For some reason Yuuko ends up blurry in the picture and they keep taking it, even though in the end she still keeps moving.

Yutaka catches Tooru eating her cake during class, and immediately thinks it’s her birthday. She quickly scribbles “Happy Barthday” in her notebook and shows Tooru, who ends up correcting her on the misspelling. The shock makes Yutaka stand up and get called on by the teacher.

After school Run shows them the photos they took on Tooru’s birthday two years and one year before. They start talking about eating cake for Tooru’s birthday next year, but Nagi brings up the dreaded topic of exams. Tooru suddenly realizes it herself and starts to look quite saddened.

Walking home with Run, memories of the two together spring up in her mind just as she passes by two look-a-likes of them. Her mind immediately flashes to when the two of them were middle school students, together. But when Run calls out to her, she quickly says nothing is up and smiles, and the two walk on~.

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MOE MOE RUN~ (You look like you belong in some cheesy shoujo manga…)

End thoughts: (My captions are so lame, lulz) I think I may have found my favorite episode of A Channel. While there weren’t many laughs, it did have a lot of bittersweet, sentimental scenes that were, may I say, beautifully animated and I absolutely loved them, even despite how much they pulled at my heartstrings. For example, the last scene where Tooru is just watching Run walk in front of her and has flashes of past memories with her. I had tears literally streaming down my cheeks when I first watched it. This was such a bittersweet episode overall because you see all these good times they’re having, but then you’re reminded that it’s not going to last since they are going to college soon and will most likely be separated.  It’s especially bittersweet when concerning poor Tooru, who has to face that burden of being just a year younger than her best friend and always suffer that one year of school without her. I knew that feeling myself not too long ago so I felt particularly close to this episode, and will probably name it as my favorite.

Now for my not so serious comments, TOORU WITH GLASSES, UWAAAH~!! YOU CAN BE MY SENSEI/PRIVATE TUTOR! /shot That was hysterical how Tooru had to be Run’s tutor, even though she’s younger than her. Even their friend was like, “…What?”. I have to say, Run’s mom was pretty funny herself! I’m glad we finally got to see more of her, and in such a hilarious way too. Goodness, I also loved Yutaka’s face expressions this episode~ Did I ever mention I absolutely love her voice? It’s kind of annoyingly high-pitched, but sounds so unique I can’t help but love it. All in all, an absolutely well-made episode. I hope that here is where they give out the final serious aspect so that next week’s final episode will be filled with laughs because I would love to see A Channel leave on its typical silly comedy~.


LAST EPISODE YOU GUYS -SOBS- It looks like the same silly, fun adventures as usual for the finale episode with more focus on Run and Tooru, and even a little more of Yutaka and Miporin. And Tooru, WHY ARE YOU CRYING?! I KNOW IT’S THE FINAL EPISODE BUT YOU CAN’T CRY! Until next week then~!!



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11 Responses to “A Channel – 11”

  1. amado says:

    I like how run’s mom also cared about tohru.
    I pity yuuko a bit. only a bit. she makes a lot of laughs.
    I love meat but I dont think its enough to make me force to study harder.

    …il miss this show…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Yeah, I thought that was so nice of Run’s mom!
      And I agree, meat wouldn’t force me to study harder…maybe some Korean bbq but eh, I’m not too sure xD

      -sigh- Same here, same here…

  2. Reaper says:

    When I saw Tooru with megane, I was like….AAAWWWEEESSSOOMMEEE! Heh, I mean, she reminded me of Yuki Nagato and who doesn’t like Yuki Nagato (over Haruhi anyway, known for the infamous Haruhi mine after Endless Eight…grr). I agree, Sismance is a word, especially for the friendship (relationship if you want) between Tooru and Run. It’s too cute to be called anything else than Sismance. Sigh…despair for it will be the last ep next week (so many good things finishing next week! AnoHana, C and A-Channel! Noooooo!…we shall remember you with the memories of our youth :))

    • Hoshi says:

      ~WOAH SHE DOES. I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE THAT. I knew she reminded me of someone too, but I could just never but my finger on it |’D Exactly; there is no other word to describe that relationship/friendship between Tooru and Run, and I think I’ll miss their cute moments together most of all (along with the funny characters). I know~!! But, things must come to end for more epic series soon to appear ;3;

  3. Foshizzel says:

    JINGA LOL so funny this week damn Run <3

    Very nice episode this week really can tell they will go the Kon route leaving Tooru all alone near the end, ah well this was a fun little series looking forward to the next episodes and more Tooru! <3 <3 and Nagi and Yuuko of course ahah so hard to choose between them.

    D'awww the kitten with Tooru in the morning was HNGGGGGGG I died.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~LOL she always is x’D

      Yeah, definitely a nice series (THAT NEEDS MORE LOOOOVEEEEE). Hahaha, I can never choose between the four of them. They all have their cute and funny moments ^^

      YESSSSSSSSSSS<3<3 This show just continues to kill with its cuteness.

  4. Tofu says:

    I didn’t have tears and I didn’t get that emotional during this episode but I can understand why you did Hoshi because it was a pretty bittersweet episode.

    ONLY 1 EPISODE LEFT!!! D: Time sure does fly by fast… too fast and Tooru with glasses makes her look very mature 😛 But YES!!! Poor Yuuko.. though that’s so Mio-like of her so I was split between going AHAHAHA nawhh~ and nawh poor you if you get what I mean ;D

    The eyes are a family trait!!! Did you see the mum!? xD I wonder what the last episode will consist. Maybe it might make me tear up though I don’t believe it will be as powerful as K-On

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I think what really got me was remembering how my good friends graduated when I was in my third year of high school, just one year under them. We had so many good times, and they’re still in town, but it just isn’t the same, so I can feel for poor Tooru (hence why I got so emotional during this episode).

      YES IT DOES ;A; Hahahaha yeah I get what you mean xD

      LOL YEAH I DID!! I was like PFFFFFFFFFFFF~ I’m really curious as well as to how they’re going to end it. I doubt it’ll be as emotional as this episode was because it’s a very light and silly series and I’m sure they want to leave on the same silly and light note as the first episode.

      • Tofu says:

        omg now that you got me thinking I felt kinda the same way when my friends from primary all went separate paths… I haven’t contacted some of them up till now (been about 5 years… T___T) and the ones I’m still with are kinda more distant to the current friends I have.

        I’d enjoy the end either way but it would be good for a light and silly way of ending. An ending that leaves you smiling ^^

  5. Dan-go says:


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