Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san – 02-06

Akutabe the sex god, Rinko the stupid apprentice, and some demon slaves

School and exams prevented me from watching lots of anime few weeks ago, so I wasn’t able to watch Azazel-san two to six. Exams were done, yet I still didn’t watch Akutabe goodness. Don’t blame me for procrastinating! Blame Gintoki for his awesomeness! No, really! *crawls in a corner*

Since there are lots of demons in this anime (It can be seen from the OP. Why can’t they just name this anime “HOT SEXY AKUTABE” instead of “AZAZEL-SAN”, huh?  Obviously Akutabe is the star here), one or two episodes are dedicated to new demon(s).

Episode two introduces the royalty Beelzebub aka. Kamiyan *fangasm*.  The only human girl in this anime, the idiotic Rinko, helps his vegetarian dogs-loving (eww dogs) professor to search for his dog in exchange for extra credit. Damn Rinko, I guess you are actually evil and corrupted.

Even the teacher knows Rinko’s true character

Reluctant Akutabe decides to summon Beelzebub in order to search for the ugly dog. And look at that, I guess Beelzebub is useful because they found the dog doing number two in public without shame thanks to his demonic power. Rinko takes the dog to her office, while Beelzebub takes the dog’s, um, dung, putting it into his Tupperware. EW BEELZEBUB, EW. NASTIEST PENGUIN EVER.

But I guess everybody in this anime isn’t that normal, even the dog. The dog has a little bit of sadistic side, who keeps on biting Azazel until his face needs mosaic since it’s that bad. They should’ve done that since the first episode, what were they thinking anyways? If the dog is into blood and gore, then Beelzebub is into, um, dung and into eating them. BEST EATEN WARM TOO. Thank god Rinko comes into rescue, slamming the Tupperware with the dung in it onto the ground. Since Akutabe is a detective, his sixth sense tells him that the dog’s, um, dung is a special one. Or maybe I’m just that stupid when it comes to science. Turns out that the professor has been abusing his dog, forcing the dog to eat vegetables only. That’s what I call a true abuse, since I don’t eat lots of vegetables myself.

Very, very sophisticated of you, Beel-san

Big revelation of this arc? Beelzebub’s power is NOT making people extremely eager to purify themselves from all the physical evils inside their body; his power is to make people at their weakest state and number two is one of those conditions. AND he’s not a penguin. He’s a FLY. THAT’S  RIGHT, KAMIYAN IS A ROYALTY FLY! *cries*

Rinko’s face + tears = My face when I found out that Kamiyan is a dung-eating fly

Episode three to four is about the salamander demon. He’s summoned by this hikikomori stalker who wants to hook up with this particular artist. That guy is creepy. Just look at his face.

Since Akutabe is away, Rinko has to serve the stalker. Dumb Rinko being smart, she refuses to help the stalker to hook up with the hot artist. This is where the salamander demon that’s very fond of spitting on everybody’s faces comes into action. With his power, he makes Rinko, Azazel, and Beelzebub to be pro-stalkers, wanting to help the stalker now. Salamander’s power is to change a person’s will or opinion. I wish I have that power when I was in high school *evil grin*. Anyhow, Akutabe comes back only to find Rinko begging him to help the stalker. Unfortunately, Akutabe’s new job is to get rid of Hebi-chan’s (the artist) stalker. Like Superman in a phone booth, the pro-stalkers with the stalker himself run away from Akutabe because they can’t stand his he’s that scary. However, Salamander Spitter forgot his grimoire, making Akutabe find out about his awesome power that I will master soon. Deciding that he needs some extra help now that his slaves are gone, Akutabe summons the ugly mermaid demon called Undine. It’s amusing how the sacrifice is just Akutabe saying “I love you” to the mermaid. I guess Undine is a virgin. EHM *cough*, by the way, Undine is one jealous woman too, so be careful when she’s jealous of you. She can make your smooth legs hairy.

Koe de Oshigoto: Azazel-san’s Version

Akutabe’s wet and he’s still smoking hot <3

I’m willing to sign a contract too if Akutabe is the contractor, no matter how ugly he is

To cut this summary short because I don’t like episode three to four that much, Akutabe starts to praise Hebi-chan in front of Undine, making her jealous. With her powuh, Undine changes Hebi-chan into some stony cavewoman that looks as if she was born in the wrong timeline because her cursed face will be considered normal if Hebi-chan lives in the Stone Age. When the stalker finds Hebi-chan with her new face, he refuses to stalk her. YAY! Now how can Hebi-chan be changed back into a smokin’ hot woman? Akutabe “apologizes” to Undine and she forgives him. Yup, Undine’s curse is gone once she feels happiness. Which didn’t last that long as Akutabe soon slammed her onto the ground because she smelled fishy. She IS a fish after all. Anyway, Hebi-chan is saved, and Akutabe gained a new slave! Yay! Poor stalker though, he used grimoire without any training whatsoever, and he broke the law. He will be punished by the grimoire. I guess it’s that bad, since Akutabe refused to tell Rinko what the punishment was.

You’re NOT SUPPOSED to summon them in the first place

But the secret is out anyway, since Akutabe decided to tell what happened to the stalker in Moloch’s Arc (episode five to six). The stalker turned into an iguana. Yup, that’s his punishment. I was shocked, but not because of that. I was shocked because I thought the demon was a freakin’ Salamander. I feel so stupid right now.

Stalker: Before and After

A small agency joins a competition for mascot design, and the client sketched this “I Love Curry” character named Namaste-san, which totally suits the character. However, the rival happens to plagiarize the character, making another Namaste-san. The designer suspects that there’s a spy inside the company, thus he hires Akutabe which passes down the job to Rinko. The demons, however, are useless (especially Azazel) since none of them can make the suspects tell the truth. That’s why; Akutabe calls Moloch to help Rinko. Moloch has no chance to show his power, but from the OVA, we can see that the cute cow has the ability to give you worldly power or tyranny. Who knew that cows can be that dangerous? I will never look at cows the same away again.

I think Namaste-san is Asian (Kyo’s Insert: Yes, Indian)

However, as the designer and Rinko are having a meeting in this suspicious bar, suddenly they see Namaste-san on the tag of the alcohol. Turns out that the designer created Namaste-san when he was drunk, shouting and bragging about it (even to the rival company) unconsciously. SO YEAH, THERE WAS NO SPY. WE JUST GOT TROLLED. And of course, silent Moloch isn’t that pleased when he finds out that he can’t show off his power.

Now meet angel. God knows his name. Nobody needs to know his name. Since his chin reminds me of balls, let’s call him Balls-san. He is a typical angel in that world. Angels are God’s creations, but they are forbidden to get themselves involved with human affairs. However, demons are exceptions. They can’t meddle in human affairs, but they’re allowed to kill demons. And that’s the exact reason why Balls-san came down to earth: he can feel the dark force working in that town right now (Akutabe, Rinko, and his demon slaves). However, due to some strange circumstances involving some black guys, Balls-san ends up being stuck in the same bar where Rinko is, stuck with a neck-less hostess that’s just uuuuuuuuuggggglyyyyyy.


Anyway, back to Rinko. Her client, the designer, is complaining about how sucky the beef strips taste. Moloch, feeling offended since he’s a cow, reveals himself and is about to kill the designer until Rinko stops him. Unfortunately, the designer already sees Moloch and takes picture of Moloch, thinking of him as a cute doll. He IS cute. Rinko, panicking, takes out Moloch’s grimoire and searchs for a spell to make him disappears. The gangsta singers mistake the grimroire as a karaoke book and snatch it from Rinko. Due to some weird event, the griomoire flies out and lands exactly in front of Balls-san. HOLY SHIT. Feeling proud of himself, he reveals his wings (which were in his backpack) and flies off to heaven with Moloch grimoire. That’s how you kill demons by the way: angels take their grimoires to heaven. And that’s how Moloch died. Slowly he disappeared from this world, leaving only jewelry from his antenna. Poor Moloch, he died before he had the chance to show off his power. Everybody except Akutabe (because that’s how sex gods roll) cries for Moloch’s death, even Rinko. I CRIED TOO.

I think he just ate Moloch’s wife…

But the mourning didn’t last long. The designer ended up using Moloch’s cuteness for the contest and wins. Azazel tricks Rinko for making her think that Moloch is still alive; and Beelzebub gets mad because Moloch’s cuteness is being used as a design for curry and slashes the doll into pieces. Rinko, who had some sympathy for the demons, comes out with her original conclusion about demons: demons are still demons, even though they cry for their dead demon friends (which necessarily doesn’t mean they liked the deceased). Well duh.

They are such nice friends


Oh, I love you, Akutabe

End Thoughts:

Phew! That was long! Consequences of procrastination T___T But it can’t be compared with Tenchou’s KnK recommendation. That’s what I call LOOOOONNG.

Azazel-san was able to entertain me until the end. They were able to maintain their level of humor (dirty and disgusting) until the end, and I had good laughs because of that. I was a little bit uncomfortable in couples of scenes though, like how Rinko stabs Azazel-san eyes, how his hands were sliced, and how he spits on Rinko’s face. Yeah, it’s all Azazel. I don’t like him that much. Sure, that’s funny. But it’s also NASTY, like eww eeeww EEEWWW nasty. Oh god, my hands were trembling when I typed the word, um, dung. That’s, um, NASTY. Thank goodness I’m open to many kind of jokes, no matter how disgusting it is. Although I did feel disgusted, since I’m a girlie girl. I said that Azazel-san is hilarious, and everybody should watch it, right? Add this: EXCEPT for those who can’t take hardcore jokes.

Balls-san AKA the angel had me thinking about moral codes though. Balls-san takes so much pride with the fact that he’s all “holy and divine,” yet he refuses to help those who are in need. He’s angry at human losers, yet he has no real balls to shout at them. Yet Rinko, who’s a demon contractor, helps the molested girl. I started to wonder, aren’t some people like that too? Some people who claim to be “good” and “holy,” yet they have no balls to stand up and make a difference? Although Balls-san is an angel, why is he portrayed as an ugly guy? Maybe it’s to reflect his inner thoughts and actions? Or sarcasm? And as of Rinko, the “evil” demon contractor; isn’t she better than Balls-san? Because of her, I started to wonder about the so-called evil historical figures. They’re evil because, well, they’re evil in the eyes of other humans. But they’re willing to stand up to their beliefs and goals. Also, they don’t think of their actions as evil maybe? Although that’s not an excuse to do those evil deeds. ANYHOW, that’s not the point. THE POINT IS, although the “evil” Rinko is stupid, yet she’s willing to help the molested girl. Although Balls-san knows that he’s supposed to help, yet he didn’t help because he has no balls. And what’s worse, he’s using the whole “Don’t-interfere-with-humans” principle as an excuse. Oh irony of this world.

Oh wow, Azazel-san made me THINK. Can you believe it? And I don’t think that much when it comes to anime, since I only see anime as pure entertainment (ALL HAIL YAOI!). I guess there’s some serious side of Azazel-san too, if one can see it properly. I think everybody sees it except me, because I’m that stupid T____T Behind that mirth, there’s darkness. Haha sounds so cliché.

Anyhow, although I procrastinated, I’m glad I’m reviewing Azazel-san. Not only because of the hot Akutabe *squeal*, it’s still giving me good laughs. Unlike SIH (Why am I comparing this to yaoi? xD), where I was disappointed with some episodes. So far, I like all episodes of Azazel-san. Some of them I might like less (such as episode three and four), but they’re still great. And what’s better, I have this feeling that I will enjoy Azael-san until the end. Once more, thank you so much Tenchou for making me watch this anime! The only complain I have is the fact that the main character is Rinko, not Akutabe (yeah I just realized that when I finished watching episode 6).


A flying monkey? But I don’t want to guess what kind of animal it is now. I mistook an iguana as a salamander… Did I? Or was I right? I hope I was right >.<


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16 Responses to “Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san – 02-06”

  1. Elyon says:

    Kamiya Hiroshi can do no wrong. I WILL MAKE MYSELF LOVE EVEN THE CRAP-EATING PENGUIN. ;w;

  2. anaaga says:


    • Kyokai says:

      That was a funny insert too. =P

      Btw, you are welcome and I’m so enjoying Azazel-san. It’s wacky and not everyone’s cup of tea but damn, the seiyuu make it a blast. Also, who cares that Kamiyan eats dung? I enjoy whenever he goes into batshit crazy mode. Those high pitched crazy yells~ <3

      I'll go with Elyon here, Kamiyan can do no wrong. xD

      • anaaga says:

        I knowww, but I look so stupid now T____T

        bu-but he eats dung! 🙁 I’m used with smexy kamiyan characters doing normal stuff >.<

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Oh my god so many demons! I only got to the penguin character and his voice awesomeeeee <3

    Must...watch....other episodes!! Wooooo the gore lmao!

  4. MikADo says:

    this show is god damn funny XD
    and we can see how Rinko turns slowly into a sadistic monster ;3

  5. Hime says:

    Such madness, me like. I really need to catch up on this show.

  6. Moni Chan says:

    HOT SEXY AKUTABE i second that title for this anime or if they make a spin off

    • anaaga says:

      and that spin-off will be akutabe in sexy suits or half naked w00t! with him being the usual sadist >: D

  7. Moni Chan says:

    the sound of that makes my noes bleed

  8. Ness says:

    This series is so awesome and funny. Good relief from a bad day. But man! That angel was fugly! Poor Moloch><;; The stalker episode was funny too hehe. Akutabe is soooo evil yet so cool! /fan

    • Kyokai says:

      I think except for our demon-mongering team of Akutabe, Rinko and some rare breeds, everyone in the Azazel-verse is fugly! Wait till you watch the current episode, I can bet they do it intentionally. Man, my eyes… but I still love this. Awesome laughs after a long day. :3

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