SKET Dance – 08

Love Generation- Generation Gap!

I am not joking when I say that I write this from the light of my laptop screen and candle light. Pretty much all of the light bulbs in my house have simultaneously decided to burn out and I keep forgetting to buy more. Oh and I had a root canal earlier today, but my dentist is a sadist didn’t have enough time to actually finish tearing out my nerves and now I have to go in again next month to get the rest finished. Sounds sketchy right? It’s all extremely frustrating.

You know what is not frustrating? Sket Dance. So let’s talk about that.

It starts off with Momoka in the Sket clubroom telling Bossun and Himeko about how she was scouted for a seiyuu audition (the teacher back from episode 6 really liked Momoka’s voice and told her brother, who was a talent scout).  However, knowing nothing about anime or how to voice act, Momoka has come to the Sket for help.

…The animation quality was off some parts of this episode

Upon being asked about anime, Switch then releases his rather frightening inner otaku. He quickly whips out Futari wa Pretty Cure Nervous and then after a crash course on voice acting courtesy of Switch, they proceed to watch it. Commence me laughing.

Switch attempts to have Momoka voice the character Marriage Blue, but is quickly stopped by Bossun and Himeko. Momoka then admits that she would have a hard time voicing a girl getting married when she has no clue what it’s like. Switch then goes to a scene with the other heroine Maternity Blue (… should pregnant women even be fighting in magical battles?) Obviously, Momoka can’t relate to a pregnant woman either and so Switch puts on a different anime.

If the Nervous opening is in the OST, my day will be made.

The anime’s content is questionable. However, upon trying out the character’s catch phrase, Momoka’s inner yankee comes out and she’s scary good at the line in more ways than one.

At last, the day of the audition comes and Momoka does a decent job. Or at least that’s according to the assistant (…? I’m not quite sure what his purpose was other than being a complete creep). He offers to give her ‘private lessons’ at his place to ‘teach’ her how to be a good seiyuu and then proceeds to touch her inappropriately. Momoka then threatens him using her scary yankee voice.

Momoka ends up getting hired, not as a 20 year old magical girl with marriage problems, but instead as a yankee-type character for a different magical girl related series. This girl has amazing luck.

What’s with all the magical girl series here? Apparently QB has been very busy lately.

Second half of the episode, yet again, someone is at the Sket requesting help. This time, it’s a teacher from their school, Yamanobe asking them to help him start a club. Genesis is what he wants to make a club for and to do that he needs at least 3 other people. After a long winded explanation involving yokai and rocks, the Sket have still never heard of the sport.

However, they still agree to help and they get changed and meet outside. To make things even more confusing, the equipment (consisting of flippers, a volleyball and a ‘morning star’ ) for Genesis doesn’t make much sense either. Neither do the names of the moves. Or the customary before game dance.

I understand the rabbit, fox and frog but what the hell is that other thing?

The game itself involves a lot of vaguely established rules and random English words thrown around, but where Himeko and Bossun fail to pick up the basics, Switch seems to comprehend. I would go over the rules more in detail, but I don’t understand it whatsoever. In then end, the Sket Dan are experts at the game and Tsubaki approves the club.

HOWEVER, students are only allowed to be in one club at a time and the Sket are unwilling to disband. Needless to say, the Genesis club never happens and everyone leaves the episode feeling trolled.

This pretty much sums it up here.

Other (sort of) important things:


…and you’re the father.


Momoka has redeemed herself! Yeah! This episode was great for easing back to comedy from the more dramatic episode last time. Momoka’s more serious (well, at least compared to the other half of the episode) story worked as a good transition to the Genesis nonsense. If the story suddenly jumped from the seriousness of the last episode to the straight comedy of Genesis, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much. Once again, Sket Dance paces itself really well.

Do I even have to mention how I love the comedy at this point? I was not very keen on blogging comedy at first (this goes for Maria Holic as well), but I’m enjoying it thus far. A bit of drama is okay once in a while too (I grudgingly admit) and Sket seems to have it all. Also, as per usual, the voices for the characters were spot on (even if the animation was a bit er…lacking in places). The serious(ish) otaku Switch was pretty well done. There was a lot of Switch related humor this time around, which is great because other than the ghost episode, he hasn’t really had an episode based around his awesomeness. Yamanobe’s voice was great for this episode as well. Back to my comment on the animation: yeah, some of the smaller details were not very well done this episode and you KNOW it’s bad when I manage to pick up on these things. I’m kind of disappointed that they’re letting the quality slip only 8 episodes in especially after how well done the last episode was (the fluttering paper! The falling petals!!!!). I just hope this doesn’t turn into another Kamen no Maid Guy. I had such high expectations for that show…


Apparently the next episode is titled ‘Enta Yarimasu’. I don’t have a clue what it’s about, but hopefully it’s more comedy (and better animation quality).


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4 Responses to “SKET Dance – 08”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Caught up to this series! Wow this was actually really funny! The first half and second with that random sport wow I died so good xD

    • Karakuri says:

      This episode was excellent!
      Ahaha just wait until Hyperion (if they ever get to it).

  2. Kyokai says:

    You know what? Root canals are usually done in 2-3 settings and I do have the same feeling of dentists being sadists. >.>

    I’m still enjoying Sket Dance and Bossun is awesome~

    • Karakuri says:

      Really? Well that makes me a bit less suspicious. Sadly, I’m in again tomorrow to get it finished….

      Bossun is SO awesome! Even if we haven’t seen concentration mode in a while.

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