Sengoku Otome – Momoiro Paradox 08

What’s for breakfast, Nobunaga? … CHILDREN!!!!!

Hey what’s up people! Animazement 2011 is coming up this weekend, so I’m pretty excited to hang out around there, meet up with fellow Anivision alum Amuro, buy stuff from the Dealer’s Room, and meet people like Hiroaki Hirata, Nakata Jouji and many more! I’ll have a post next week recapping events/cosplay/etc. With that (and also MetaVerse doing a record this Saturday), I warn that next week’s Sengoku Otome post will be delayed. I intend to bundle episodes 9 & 10 together two weeks from today, so after I’m done here, I’ll see yas on June 6!

“READY TO GO!”                                                             “…ARE WE THERE YET?!

The girls are heading out to Saigoku to claim the final pieces of the Crimson Armor. Instead of riding horseback, the girls will take the long hike. Masamune informs Nobu of the ladies holding the remaining pieces. New girls! I’ll get to that later on. Also of note, Hanzou continues to follow the girls throughout the episode.

…Kyokai does what? NO WAY!

Love the white hair, but how about the QUALITY on that bird?

When the girls arrive in town to rest, upon Mitsuhide mentioning the name Oda Nobunaga, the women of the town cower in fear as they remember a rumor in which Nobunaga enjoys eating babies. Where could such a rumor come from? Well… none other than Akechi Mitsuhide. While Akechi was trying to spread rumors of Nobunaga’s kind ways, everyone else is playing telephone as the end result comes to: Nobu loves chowing down on baby flesh!

If that was all there was to eat, I’d probably look like this by the end of the week

The path to Saigoku is… uh, lemme check my GP… ah crap… we are lost.

As the girls leave town and stop for lunch while traveling, Nobu comes to the realization that they are completely lost. Sounds like this one pirate I know… anyways, the girls find another place to rest at, which just so happens to have a Hot Spring. Bout. Damn. Time! It’ll make for some fun bonus imagery later on, but after the swim, Hideyoshi starts feeling ill, thus the episode title of Fever Maiden.

Side effects include overly cartoony faces and departure of soul… and an urge to gamble

For anyone that wishes they lived in ancient times, may I point you to scenes like this before you get back in your time machine and live in an era without the internet, air conditioning, and most importantly, Tylenol. The only medication Oda has is a ball-shaped pill with horse manure, slugs and worms; no way to cure a cold.

“Why couldn’t I have been the one to get sick?”

Fortunately for Hideyoshi, Masamune has been following the girls for sometime and gives the Sister staying there an “overseas” pill that Oda feeds her via, as Mitsuhide saw it, a kiss. Any yuri elements from last week have been easily trumped by this one scene. Somebody make doujinshi of this, stat! Hideyoshi is all cured and the ladies arrive to Saigoku by episode’s end. However, Mitsu is starting to feel neglected by Nobu, so expect her to do something irrational soon.

Mouri, Ootamo, and Chousokabe aren’t ready to give up their armor pieces

I wondered last week about new characters, and that’s what we are going to get! Still no voice cast listings yet, but I’m a fan of the girl on the left, the girl on the right is actually wearing the armor on her, and the blonde in the middle has a clothing style slightly reminiscent of Chrono Crusades’s Rosetta Christopher.

Hot Springs Special:

However she lands the dive, Imma give it a 10. Perverseness effects teh vote.

Opportunity’s a-knockin, Mitsu.

You disappoint me, Mitsu. You understand why we’re watching, right?

Look at her sleeping form as she jumps out of the water!

From badass to kawaii in just two red marks

New Maidens Appear!:

Finally! I must say, anime today can be so impatient with getting to the hot spring/beach episode anymore, so it’s good that Sengoku Otome held the episode for just the right moment; before they arrive to Saigoku for what should be the show’s final arc. Bubbles follow Hideyoshi as she swims, fog covers up Nobunaga and Mitsu as they rest in the pool; you know, typical censorship. At least it’s not done in a comedic fashion, which can only agitate more than excite.

With this being what I would consider the final light-hearted episode of the series considering what is looming ahead for the girls, the episode still kept up the level of fun that Sengoku Otome has maintained throughout its run. The yuri scene was terrific (especially Mitsu’s reaction), the rumor about Nobu eating babies brought about some evil images, and we have the trio of Date, Tokunyan and Hanzou doing their thing in the background. The one missing piece of this episode was Shiro. After some hilarious moments in episode seven, Shiro stayed behind, and I’m kinda disappointed. Hopefully he can sniff his way to Saigoku and maybe help Hideyoshi at some point.

The new girls is just what the doctor ordered for Sengoku Otome. I’m looking forward to these new girls, with maybe only the blonde girl having a more comedic sensibility to her. While we know that Nobu isn’t just gonna negotiate for the Crimson Armor and is going to have to fight the new ladies, I wonder how Kenshin, Shingen and the other gals will factor in.

So many great faces this week! Hide continues her streak of cartoonish faces, Mitsu gets a couple shots, and we got some evil Nobunaga eating kids. The scene with Mitsu’s reaction to the two “kissing” was actually the best I’ve seen the animation in the series.

Episode 09 Preview:

Another reminder, my post of episode 09 will be delayed 2 weeks and bundled with episode 10 on June 6th. See ya then!


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7 Responses to “Sengoku Otome – Momoiro Paradox 08”

  1. Jrow says:

    …guess who’s watching Ore Tachi tomorrow?

    • amado says:

      it was great right?
      told ya.

      anyways the ep…
      knew sooner or later that akerin would get jealous of hideyoshi. it was said in earlier eps that akerin betrayed nobunaga. will it happen or love will happen?

      and hideyoshi’s teacher is quite fun to watch. I wonder if she has good intentions or does she also want to rule? probably former since she helped hide but you never know…

      • Jrow says:

        It’s decent so far. Plenty of ecchi for sure, and Chitose’s pretty funny.

        Akerin needs a hug.

  2. Kyokai says:

    Side effects include overly cartoony faces and departure of soul… and an urge to gamble

    This sadly reminds me of C. T_T

    • amado says:

      you stopped blogging it.

      • Jrow says:

        Episode 6 was horrible. Completely took away the momentum the series had gathered the previous couple episodes.

        • amado says:

          I kinda agree.
          that ep started good with all the diff views of the characters to trouble kimimaro. its just that it was like an asspull when he won without even letting see it that left a bitter taste.

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