Sengoku Otome – Momoiro Paradox 07

Putting On A Play

Jrow: Looking at my copy of L.A. Noire right now, really wanting to play it…

Fosh: Hello! This week I shall join Jrow as we tag review episode seven of Otome! This series has slowly grown on me with all the fun characters. At first I was skipping this but decided to give it another shot, so far I have enjoyed it.

Jrow: Oh, hey Fosh! Hmm… guess I’ll have to leave the city of dreams for a moment and get into this week’s episode of Sengoku Otome. Hideyoshi offers to direct a play that involves our cast expressing their love for Oda Nobunaga.

One at a time, girls.

With the festival coming up, Hideyoshi mentions the idea of hosting a play. In typical Otome fashion, Mitsu hates the idea, but Nobu goes ahead with Hide’s plan. Even though she recommended it, she’s not sure what to write for the play. The same girl that was telling great ghost stories in episode five can’t come up with a decent plot for a play. So one-dimensional. Anyways, Shiro has some ideas, but they are the same ideas that might come up if me and Fosh were in charge of writing for this show. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have come up with the concept of a woman having a dog’s baby, but I like Shiro’s pitches. Yoshimoto isn’t any more help as she too has naughty fantasies in writing.

Not that kind of anime, Shiro

…my kind of anime

Tokunyan was a little more out there this week in her hopes to take down Nobunaga. She offered Hide the idea of Nobu going hella-crazy and killing all of the others, allowing herself to take down Nobu. Flawed logic, but not nearly as flawed as her genin partner, Hanzou, who has never had a successful plan in her life.

Hide better watch her back

Is there a beautiful woman behind those goofy glasses?

I’m gonna make an out-there prediction real quick. Considering that we don’t know what Hanzou looks like, and that she wears glasses similar to Saori from Ore no Imouto, I’m gonna predict that if Hanzou gets unmasked, we will be laying our eyes upon perhaps the hottest character in the series. Far-fetched? Don’t blame ya, but I’m trying here!

Kenshin realizes that something doesn’t feel right…

…this just feels more right. Shingen, be mine forever. <3

After everybody campaigned for more lines and others (Mitsu in particular) were trying to shake nerves before the play, it’s time for the girls to get on stage and… express their love for each other. As Shingen and Kenshin woo the crowd with their embrace and Yoshimoto busts down the doors with her beauty, Hanzou preps to disrupt the play and destroy Nobunaga by setting the curtain on fire. Though the stage collapses, Nobu’s able to grab Hide and get the heck out of there.

Hiasobi shinaide kudasai!

Nobu grabs Hide and walks awesomely away from the fire

Ending the episode, Date and Mitsu report that they have found the location of the last 3 pieces of the Crimson Armor, which is in Saigoku. So it’s time to move on to a new land and get this series into high gear for the finale!

Bad Acting Girls bonus imagery:

Shiro wants more, and that’s just what I’ll give him (and you)

#3 involves less clothing, but I am a fan of ninja Yoshimoto in #2

“Hey, I saw this thing they did on an ep of Seikon no Qwaser. Check it out!”

Though it’s cliche to say… lucky dog…

Mitsu and I share a similar dream of sleeping with Nobu-sama.

Time to put this blog to bed, girls.

Lowering the Curtain:

Jrow: Welp, Date seems to be taking the place of Tokunyan as Oda’s potential rival. Her appearance in the series was unusual, especially after episode six, and that little thing at the end serves as a precursor to her doing some scheming. Tokunyan’s segment this week proved that, thanks to Hanzou, her villainistic ways should be taken more as comic relief. Date did seem to have trouble lifting a log to help setup the play, so her strength is still in question. Why would Date want to foil Oda’s plans?

Seven was one of the more enjoyable episodes of the series, thanks mainly in part to giving Shiro something to do besides talking to Hideyoshi this week. Shiro’s funny sometimes, but he really got to shine in his pervish superhero/villain role to get the girls naked. I did like that Yoshimoto acknowledged Shiro in their earlier scene. I was wondering if anyone else ever saw Shiro walking around, peeping thru windows and such.

We’ve got five more episodes, so there’s still room for a comedic-centric episode or two before they go to Saigoku to retrieve the last pieces of the Crimson Armor. I went and checked MAL and ANN for the cast listing, and no new people have been added to the cast. With the girls going to a new locale, I’m sure there’ll be some new girls. Hoping there are new girls…

Fosh: This was more of a comedy filled episode; It is always fun to see Hideyoshi adding all these random events for the girls to do instead of fighting each other all the time. This time they decided to throw a play for the people to enjoy, however things don’t ever go as planned especially if it’s something as important as that. The only character I really can’t stand anymore would be Akerin, seriously she gets so damn jealous so fast over Oda and Hideyoshi! It gets quite annoying to watch her whine all the time.

And of course with all these girls we were bound to have some yuri elements and the play was the perfect set up for this. I died laughing every time Shiro was trying to suggest ideas for Hideyoshi’s story damn that dog is the best character! Well that and he is technically the only guy around. Especially his fantasy about himself and Oda! Hahahha that was so great!

Also seems like more plot to over throw Oda has started to appear especially with Tokunyan! Always planning something behind everyone’s back. I don’t think she is a real threat all her plans seem to fall apart on her anyway she is more like the comedic bad guy. And more mystery surrounding Masamune’s character, I think it’s safe to say she is Hideyoshi’s teacher from school. So I am waiting on her to attempt to steal the red armor from Oda, if she even gets that far I don’t think she could take Oda on alone.

Episode 08 Preview:

Oh man, things are gonna break really bad on Sengoku Otome next week. Somebody is going to OD for sure. Betting Tokunyan is the pill pusher.


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9 Responses to “Sengoku Otome – Momoiro Paradox 07”

  1. amado says:

    ah so much yuri. I thought only akerin was interested in those kinds of things.

    and that ninja girl, im guessing she’s that girl in the ED song who has orange hair and an X scar. on the other hand, she seems to have black hair…. we’ll see I guess.

    its my most anticipated anime and its not because of the ecchiness. it has a very interesting plot and seems to go deeper. I never thought it would get this great and it has good comedy with some good drama in there.

    I dare ya to watch up to the latest ep and say you’re not hooked.

    • amado says:

      plus it has great romance im tellin ya.
      go watch it now!
      I feel like its under appreciated…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Yuri all over the place xD

      Well I hear lots of mixed reviews over Oretachi, I have to watch that sometime I heard it’s kind of addictive once you get past episode four.

      I will check it out!

    • Jrow says:

      The girl with the X scar would be Shingen. She does look really different in that part of the ED.

      • amado says:

        ya shure?

        I dont think so. she has white hair.

        and I thought you were gonna try watching oretachi?
        well if you did, wat do ya tink?

  2. edru says:

    props to hidyoshi for finding a way for kenshin and shingen to think they’re better in the play than the other and for figuring it out that tokunyan might be evil, though she isnt taking it seriously for now.

    that being said, I agree with amado about oretachi. its gotten much more better and is probably the hidden gem this season.
    lets just say that there seems to be 5 protagonists instead of 3.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yes! She dodged that quite well! I would be more afraid of Shingen O_O she could crush Hideyoshi easy then again anyone could hahaha

      Yeah this is somewhat different than most spring shows huh? Good stuff xD

      Everyone wants that red armor!

    • Jrow says:

      I give the show credit for making me do a 180 on Hideyoshi. I loathed her character in the beginning, but now I’ve come to enjoy her interactions with all of the girls.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah! All she did was complain now Hideyoshi is actually quite fun to watch! And when shes with the dog lmao good scenes.

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