First Impression – Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san

Watermelon-sized boobs

Finally I managed to write about Azael-san’s first impression. I’m so ashamed to the fact that I’m still making a first impression when it’s already more than two weeks of Spring Season. I guess this is what happens when one is writing in the exam week. Or maybe I need to stop procrastinating. ;A; Seems like I’ll have to marathon episode two to four now. But it’s okay, more Akutabe awesomeness!

Seems like Azazel-san is one of those anime that will have lots of explicit scenes. The anime just started and they already have some kissing picture which is NOT romantic :’(. Yep, Akutabe’s client is some not-pretty wife who just found out that his husband is cheating on her. With the pride of a woman, the wife demands Akutabe to make his husband suffers first. Women are scary. Boys, don’t cheat on your girlfriends.

Obviously the woman has NO TASTE when it comes to men here

Akutabe decided to show-off his awesomeness to Rinko; since Rinko has been working for two months, Akutabe figures he might as well teach Rinko how to summon demons. Why is he summoning demons? Well that’s how he does his job as a detective. He summons demons to do leg work for him. Clearly, that’s not the best thing you should teach your employee. Anyhow, with his cool pose and sexy voice, Akutabe decided to summon…

…Oh hai there, Azazel.

But what’s a demon if he does his jobs perfectly? Azazel has to screws up twice until he got his act together. First, he gives the wife a natural trash body-odor. He thinks the husband is better off with the mistress.

Although Akutabe did beat some sense into Azazel, he still screws up in his second try. Well, he didn’t really screw up since what he did will definitely reconcile the husband and wife. But it’s not really nice to give someone an undeserved beauty, since the wife doesn’t deserve to have some of extra fat on her chest.

Her boobs are too big it can’t even fit her own panel


After Akutabe promises Azazel that he will terminate his 300 years contract, Azazel gets it right. What a cunning demon he is. Well, it’s not really right either, since Azazel makes the husband’s, um, “best friend” to stop responding. Poor guy, he can’t make babies anymore. So not only his mistress left him, his wife decides to file a divorce since the “best friend” falls into a state of “coma” that will last for eternity.

Another way not to break up: pay some thug to “kill” you. It’s very effective

Rinko, being such a goody-two-shoes, feels guilty for destroying a relationship that’s already destroyed. Akutabe, in his sexy mode, lectures Rinko about the consequences of using demons’ power; one won’t be able to have a happy outcome if he’s using a demon’s power to get it. So nice of you Akutabe, but DON’T HOLD RINKO’S HANDS!!!


Suddenly, Akutabe takes out a big knife and slices Rinko’s finger. Akutabe uses Rinko’s blood as a seal for the contract with Azazel. He uses Rinko to have a contract with Azazel instead of himself. Smart Akutabe is such a genius.

Rinko has too much blood. She should’ve donated to Red Cross

Akutabe ends the episode by leaving the panicked Rinko in the room. Oh, Akutabe, don’t go! *.*

That scene where the main character has to leave the room to end the episode


His evil smile actually looks evil

He smashes cute things on their faces

His teeth are white

He’s into rituals

He has hidden purple aura. I like purple

End Thoughts:

Like the OVA, I enjoyed the first episode of Azazel-san a lot. The gags are superb like the first OVA, it won’t leave your mouth closed until the end. Some people who aren’t into dirty jokes won’t be able to bear this anime though; so if you don’t like ’em, I suggest to stop watching it now.

One thing I don’t get is the timeline. In the OVA, Azazel was surprised that he turned into a cute little animal instead of his ugly mold form. However, in this episode, he’s not surprised at all. That’s not really the problem. But in here, Rinko doesn’t know how to summon a demon. Akutabe teaches her only at episode one. But in the OVA, Rinko knows how to summon a demon; she already made a contract with Azazel (since she says that Akutabe told her to practice). How can Azazel be surprised in the OVA (where Rinko already knows how to summon demons), but not in the first episode (where Rinko doesn’t know how to summon demons)? The timeline just doesn’t match up. I hope I’m just being paranoid here, because I don’t like it when the anime’s and the OVA’s timelines don’t really match up. It makes it look as if the team isn’t putting lots of effort in the anime.

But oh well, that won’t stop me from enjoying Azazel-san. The animation isn’t bad (I do think that they need to make Akutabe has better expressions though), and the story is hilarious. Besides, Akutabe is a SMEX BEAST. He’s just so awesome I decided to spam the screenshots section with his pictures. And I know my excuses and reasoning to spam the screenshot section with Akutabe is just stupid. BUT HE’S JUST THAT AWESOME.


Royalty from the Demon World. I wonder if this is the demon that’s voiced by Kamiyan…


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15 Responses to “First Impression – Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san”

  1. Hime says:

    Oh, lol. This series is just pure crack. I love it. Blue Exorcist, Beelzebub and this need to have a giant crossover demon orgy. Nuff said.

    • anaaga says:

      I agree with Beelzebub, but I don’t think so with Blue Exorcist. Somehow, the crack between Exorcist and Azazel just don’t match >.<

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Scary giant over-sized boobs are SCARY O_O

    This was a funny episode I like this stuff so far haha I have to catch up on 3- recent releases.

  3. Elyon says:

    This show is so weird XD But I love it! Those boobs were so ridiculous~

  4. Zabobinator says:

    Dude…how do those not SAG!? Like seriously??! Huuuuge.

  5. Sebz says:

    It introduces one demon a week, but we only really need the combo of Azazel and Beelzebub + Akutabe <33333

  6. Ness says:

    Awesome show. Good for the laughs. I cracked up at the sex part and the bleeped leg. Hah!

  7. Kyokai says:

    Akutabe for new fangirl material. HNNNGGGG! This series needs more watches and credit. Seriously.

    Also, about the timeline, the OVA released last year and most probably was a pilot so don’t pay much attention to that. Also, Kamiyaaan is going to play Beelzebub-sama~ :3

  8. MikADo says:

    AHAHHAHAHAHAAHA Metanorn is covering this XD
    you guys are the best XD

  9. A-chan says:

    Ha :3 yes Kamiya is doing Beelzebub 8D omg you should see his human version he is sex~~

    I watched the 4 first episodes I am waiting for the 5 >w< !! this anime is crazy !!! and awesome, and has wonderful seiyuus xD!

  10. shizuura says:

    I love Akutabe-han :love:
    Will you be my husband?
    😀 😀 😀

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