Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 07

Bottle rockets are awesome!


Fosh: Time for more Denpa Onna! So far this series always seems to brighten my week, aside from not as much sci-fi theme rather going on the slice of life side of things; works just as well. Summer anime season is just around the corner too when it seems like spring just started. Anyway time to tag review episode seven with Ness.

Ness: Uwah, soooo tired. Too much work lately and there’s more of it with so little time. Two more weeks left of school then I’ll be able to take at least a few days of breather before summer term starts. But anyways, here we are again for Denpa Onna! Not really looking forward to this anime as much compared to Nichijou. Meh…

Fosh: Plot this week follows Maekawa helping Erio, Makoto and Ryuuko to make some pet bottle rockets for a strange local guy. Also some fun in the kitchen with everyone cooking different style rice bowls! So we get a little bit of character development for everyone.

These should have had Pepsi Next on them! They don’t look like sports drinks.

We start things off with Maekawa talking to her boss, as she brings in a few sports drinks that were left outside as a gift. And while on break, Maekawa watches some bottle rockets fly. She decides to investigate the rockets and finds the man from the previous episode with the large number on his ear. The two of them talk and he asks her to make a few rockets for him. He’s willing to actually pay her, totally cool rockets for money.

Guy- “Hey little girl, want to touch my rocket?”       Maekawa-“….I hope you can run fast.”

Styling ear ring buddy.

Maekawa agrees to the arrangment and decides to have a fun project for Erio, Ryuuko and Makoto to build some rockets together, which is also part of Meme’s idea. I do like professor Maekawa! And those awesome glasses even if they were just for show. We also get some cooking fun between everyone! Personally I don’t fully trust Erio to handle a kitchen knife or a box cutter.

All hail professor Maekawa!

Alright students, it’s time to make a robot out of this.

Now for box cutter, Erio cute or deadly?!

Maekawa- “I shall call you flippy the awesome rocket!”

Maekawa- ”We are going to combine these into one super rocket!”

Erio and the other girls prepare their food for the next Metanorn cook off!

Ryuuko and Makoto, best couple ever we shall see.

After dinner Ryuuko and Maekawa end up staying over for the night. This gives Makoto time to actually talk to Ryuuko alone. This was a nice scene and almost felt like Ryuuko actually got to confess to Makoto, how she feels about him; even though she didn’t come out and say ‘I like you’, it was still fun. The episode wraps up with everyone going to the beach to launch the rockets they made and a short meeting with the strange man we have been seeing since last episode.

Erio is armed with rockets and cute twin-tails!

Man- “Hey there little girls want to…”     Maekawa-“Don’t you dare finish that sentence!”

Man-“Yes, you are my very special rocket…”

Extra alien fun

Tsundere Erio, so damn cute! Watch out for this stare.

Meme-face with glasses and those lips!

And the daily dose of Denpa chibi artwork.

Erio seen spacing out.

End Thoughts:

Fosh: Great episode this week! Felt really nice and fluffy. It was fun getting to see all of the various characters hanging out. It does feel like Ryuuko is finally getting along with Erio, well it did help that Makoto and Maekawa were around the two, otherwise I don’t think they would even talk. Giving them all something to do was great! And bottle rockets do fit the whole space and aliens theme.

I remember making those in elementary school. Good times! I laughed a bit watching Erio handle that box cutter and the kitchen knife, I think I was also equally nervous like Ryuuko and Makoto watching her. The other fun part was all of the cooking; I did laugh at Makoto having to eat all of the girl’s dishes and Ryuuko’s odd meal with pineapple and rice? I guess it does reflect her very unique mind.

So do you think this is some huge progress for Makoto and Ryuuko as a couple? I would like to think so even though I know most people rather see him hook up with Maekawa instead or even Erio? I hope we don’t get that! Also heard a few people calling mystery guy a possible father for Erio? Does seem like this and can be Meme’s way of getting them to meet up. But didn’t she say she has no idea who the father is? I do wonder about that rocket he had! Maybe it’s a way to contact the other aliens? Well anyway I can’t wait to see what happens next time.

Ness: I was somewhat expecting a more exciting continuation to Meme and Maekawa leaving Ryuuko, Makoto and Erio alone in the house. Ah well, it’s fine anyways. Cool to see other aspects of the series from other characters. I liked seeing Maekawa’s view in this episode. But who would have thought that the bottle rocket guy is the stalker. It’s so random though that the guy would hire Maekawa for some bottle rocketmaking and that Meme is somehow involved in this. The continuation from the previous episode going with Ryuuko, Makoto and Erio waiting for Maekawa to come back was meh. So random with the tea passing around when there’s 3 cups. As well, Meme having Maekawa involve Makoto and Erio in the bottle rocket making is suspicious.

The crafts time was cute but what was even more so was the cooking part. When Makoto was patting Erio on the head, it was so cute but seeing Ryuuko’s reaction was amusing. It was bound to happen that at least one person in the group would be bad at cooking, and it so turns out to be Ryuuko. Poor Makoto forcing himself to eat her horrific tasting food was just sad and pathetic. The later scene with Makoto talking to Ryuuko about his choice with Erio was going good until he said that if Ryuuko was by she can stop him. It just proves how much Makoto tries to be neutral and goes with the flow for anyone’s side and that is the main thing that I dislike about him.

Makoto finally meeting the bottle rocket stalker was interesting. Even more so was when the guy glanced at Erio… gets you wondering what’s up. As well, the guy is acquainted with Meme even though he’s… her stalker?! So many mysteries going on and random stuff. I guess we’ll sooner or later find out this guys relationship to Erio.


I wonder whose shadow could this belong to? Might be Meme as a child?

Next week! Looks like Meme is going to hang out with grandma and ask some stuff about god being an alien and more fun with the mystery man with those rockets!





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19 Responses to “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 07”

  1. Reaper says:

    Where’s my Dr Pepper?! Ahem, glad to see Makoto’s adolescent points starting to redeem itself ever since Meme-san aliens came into his life. Especially with the home cooking from three other girls (ham-don!) Denpa chibi art is too cute, I fell off my chair laughing when I saw Ryuuko pull those two with her in their bath towels with that expression. Priceless
    I’m glad to see Ryuuko and Makoto repair their friendship since there was quite a bit of tension from before…as for Maekawa though…let’s just stick to ‘transfer student’…got to love her for her cosplay and…absentmindedness? Her weakness for hot baths is hilarious though 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yepp seems to be getting more plus points more and more, yeah need more alien talks. I love the chibi artwork so good 😀

      Ryuuko! So funny I kind of like that pairing Makoto is nice with Ryuuko yeah Maekawa is also so fun to watch xD

      • Ness says:

        Fosh is such a moe lolicon for liking Ryuuko x Makoto pair xP

        This adolescent points thing is kind of silly imo. As for Maekawa, she’s funny for her blood problems. The whole leaving soda on the doorstep was such a bait to get Maekawa to visit the alien stalker hah!

        • Foshizzel says:

          Rofl moe lolicon is that even possible? Well those two are cute together it could be worse Makoto could be all over wanting Erio….HIS OWN COUSIN!

          Maekawa <3

  2. Dan-go says:

    That water seems pretty dodgy

  3. Toori-chan says:

    The tea roulette was quite funny

    • Foshizzel says:

      HAhahha yes yes I was I was waiting on the tea to get spilled on Makoto’s lap lmao…

  4. Kyokai says:

    I still ship Erio x Makoto and pretty sure that the weird dude is Erio’s father now.

    Also, Maekawa <3 indeed.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Some will ship Erio and Makoto all day! Yeah I think that is safe to say he has some special connection to Erio.

      Professor Maekawa! <3

  5. Mike says:

    The dude is definitely Erio’s dad. He also had another daughter with another woman and that girl is the astronaut girl.

  6. abscissa says:

    I love those chibi pictures. What the heck exactly is clipped on the ear of that rocket guy.

    I don’t care if this sci-fi turn into slice-of-life, that’s a much better and realistic approach.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Denpa chibi’s are always fun to see, as for his ear when people own cows they clip a number to the ear to show they own that animal.

      As for why he has one, I have no idea I guess you can go back to a comment the grandma made about cattle mutilation probably related to the mystery man somehow.

      True some will actually enjoy that, sadly there are a few out there that get bored with slice-of-life stories.

  7. Zyl says:

    I’m personally a Maekawa man – I like her best but the issue of who would go best with Makoto is a separate issue – Ryuushi is cute but the OP visual and song lyrics seems to suggest that Erio needs Makoto most. Then again, using the OP as a guide to the plot didn’t get me anywhere when I was watching Madoka…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ah yea Maekawa is starting to become a favorite of mine, Ryuuko is alright but those random outbursts are killing me lately! Right Ryuushi is there for cute and oddball factor pretty much.

      Hahahha yeah some shows you can use a OP as a guide, depending on the type maybe? and production! As for Shaft they are more random and fun to watch.

      Yeah I can tell Makoto and Erio are going to be paired up in the end anyway.

  8. MikADo says:

    HAHAHA the chibi scene is like directly saying “BUY THE FREAKING DVD, BLU-RAY” to the viewers XD

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