Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 06

Ryuuko makes new friends.

Fosh: Hello and welcome back to Denpa Onna! Things sure have changed lately for this show. It seems they are stuck deciding what type of series they really want this to be; from having lots of cute characters to the rather strange and unique types. Well, I still enjoy this even if the plot is still far away. Anyway time to review episode six! Enjoy.

Ness: Hello all! Not much up lately, just the usual busy crap. Though, there’s been some sun lately! But I hear it might rain this coming week! Ohhh when will summer come?! There’s no spring here, seems that it has been skipped. Ah well, that’s Oregon weather for you. Other than that, I wasn’t looking forward to this week of Denpa Onna but here we are…

Fosh: Plot centers around Ryuuko this time around and how she has been depressed lately since Makoto doesn’t get to hang out with her anymore. It seems like she has a past with Erio as well? Maekawa joins in the chaos going over to Makoto’s place with Ryuuko, where they meet up with Meme and play pin the ball between Erio, Ryuuko and Makoto. Of course, Makoto was it.

Erio- “Greetings, insane human, you buy now!”             Ryuuko-“We are both insane, thank you!”

Ryuuko’s friend takes time to enjoy the view.

One day after school, Ryuuko and her friend find out that Erio is working at one of the local shops and start to get the feeling they shouldn’t go there anymore thanks to Erio’s strange reputation. Sure she likes aliens, wrapping herself in a mattress but surely other weirdoes are out there than Erio! Anyway Ryuuko decides to stalk Makoto the next day and has a brief meeting with Meme and Erio. Not to mention, glimpsing Meme’s stalker.

Ryuuko has the cutest stalker sound effects! So mecha like!

Ryuuko- “Wait… are you going to seduce me too, miss Meme?”        Meme-“Hmmmm, maybe!”

Ryuuko- “I want to buy that way up there!”

Erio- “This face is really hard to hold for ten seconds! Hurry up, take the damn screenshot!”

After the visit from Ryuuko, Makoto has a short talk with Erio’s grandma asking for some advice on what he should do about Erio. I guess he questions why he should continue to hang our around her and if it will affect how everyone looks at him, which bugs him and me as well! I guess reputation is everything even in a small town. Thankfully, Maekawa is there to cheer up Makoto as she asks to visit his place taking Ryuuko along as the two girls meet Erio again and Meme.

I do love that sneaky look on Maekawa’s face! Always plotting muhahaha!

Eyes up here, Erio! Unless you are really into Ryuuko…

Maekawa- “All according to plan; chaos in Makoto’s room, mission is a go.”

Makoto-“Maybe I should move to a new anime? I guess can’t go to Madoka world…only girls there…”

Meme- “Ohhh more kids to kidnap er… adopt”

Ryuuko-“Am I going to die??”                 Meme-“You, I will save for last…”

Extra aliens!


Braided twin-tailed Erio! So cute!

Grandma-“I am so going to get trashed tonight…”

Ryuuko-“Hey, Makoto! Which of these is a fish?!”                  Makoto-“…………Wow you are dumb”

End thoughts

Fosh: A whole episode filled with the cutest character next to Erio!? YES! Such a good episode I don’t know why I like Ryuuko so much but she has that addictive personality I tend to fall for. Then again she is the type of character I enjoy watching, although her odd screams or tantrums during this episode did make me go SHUT UP!! Anyway we can tell she feels really lonely since Makoto got out of the hospital, but since Erio takes most of his time, she feels like the third wheel between them and more than just jealous.

I did enjoy Meme meeting up with Ryuuko even though she seemed to scare her a bit, but Meme does have the strange ability to get along with anyone she meets. I still want to learn more about her past and the Grandma’s life too! What was up with her stalker, is he Erio’s father? I am sure she has tons of stories to share with Erio and Makoto. Also why doesn’t Ryuuko get along with Erio, anyway? You would think they would become friends easily as they do share similar personality traits; well some not all.

Hopefully we’ll get the answers to Erio’s past with Ryuuko. I do wonder what Meme whispered into Maekawa’s ear! Maybe something about letting Ryuuko get some alone time? Either way, seems like Makoto’s life will get more interesting soon. I hope people can get over Erio’s past and leave it alone for good.

Ness: It doesn’t like much has happened really. Well, before I knew it, the episode was over. Now now, I wasn’t really bored or anything. It’s just that seeing so much Ryuuko was annoying. Oh how she annoyed me through this whole episode. The main thing that was bad was when Ryuuko was telling Makoto to not be seen with Erio or he’ll be shunned by students. I think if someone told me that, I’d get pissed. Stupid Makoto is always trying to play neutral unless it’s with Erio but I guess how he treats Erio is his main good side.

Maekawa was pretty cool as ever. She’s just so sophisticated and her messing with Ryuuko is awesome. As for Meme in the rain scene, having a stalker and being cool with that is just so like her. But man was that stalker kinda weird.. wait stalkers are supposed to be weird and creepy! But he had like a wooden earring with the number 2 and closed the umbrella with himself in it. So strange! I question though, what is Meme’s job anyways? Something related to aliens? I don’t think it was made clear in the first episode.

The whole house visit and room scene was amusing. Seeing Makoto trying to stop Erio from wrapping herself in his mattress was funny along with the shuffle with Ryuuko. But Ryuuko being an attention whore is annoying. I wonder though what Meme was whispering to Maekawa when she got home. Though, it was probably about Ryuuko and why they left we will find out in the next episode. But I do hope that Makoto doesn’t get with Ryuuko. Meh.


What if I already forgot? Wait what’s going on!!

Next time! Maekawa has her own episode? Hopefully, we have lots of random cosplay outfits from her.


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19 Responses to “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 06”

  1. Reaper says:

    Cute level for this episode was too much to handle…huh…Erio twin tails, Ryuuko sort like dere dere (i know its not but can’t think of the proper word to describe it) all the while Maekawa is actually the grandmother in disguise with the secret plan…fufufufu…as for Makoto wanting an anime transfer, unfortunately, Durarara!! already has Mikado searching for his own adolescent points ;P

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh yes lots of dere dere from Ryuuko this time around but I liked watching her get all nervous around Makoto really cute stuff.

      LOL Maekawa she is also very fun to watch never know what that girl is going to do next..

  2. Zyl says:

    Ryuushi was super cute in this episode but, for me, the bonus was how she brought out the guardian side of Meme as well as Maekawa’s Just As Planned faces.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh agreed there Meme did act differently when she was around Ryuushi, yep! Maekawa loves to plan things xD

  3. tomphile says:

    More than anything, really, I’m looking forward to the love triangle that’s developing between Ryuuko, Erio, and Makoto. Though I do have a sneaking suspicion that Makoto is gay. I mean, he has to be if girls in his room equals negative adolescence points.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep there is a love triangle slowly forming, might be more between Ryuuko, Maekawa and Makoto thou not sure we will get some Erio X Makoto due to them being cousins. Unless they don’t care and go for that anyway….we shall see!

      Well this is slowly becoming a harem anime…those never end with one girl getting picked! They all just become “friends”

  4. Aro says:

    It was just so so so so so cute. I think I totally overdosed on kawaii today XD

    I really love the characters in this series. More then that, I love what they’re NOT. No tsunderes(which is only okay if it’s Victorique from Gosick) no blue haired anime dude and no air headed best friend….

    God save this anime from blue haired anime guys =0

    Anyway really refreshing characters. Futon girl, cosplayer, mecha reminiscent fruitist and interesting aunt.

    Because character development is for sissies <3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! The cuteness levels were crazy for this whole episode, well the past three episodes have been quite cute as well.

      Right there is no true tsundere character thank god! Well most of the girls are just straight up odd, but it does fit the “alien” theme.

      Hahaha yes character development…soon? I hope.

  5. abscissa says:

    What I enjoyed the most here is when I saw how Maekawa acted so cool while Makoto got so stressed out with Erio and Ryuuko. And, as usual Erio is so cute.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah! Maekawa loves to push Makoto into these set ups doesn’t she? Guess she is a master at plotting and being sneaky!

      Yep Erio and Ryuuko so much cute for two characters.

  6. Elyon says:

    It was so annoying when Ryuuko told Makoto that everyone would shun him for hanging out with Erio >_< I was mad that he didn't defend her too. Gah, I hate both of them.

    But Maekawa was lovely as usual <3

    • Foshizzel says:

      OMG YES! SAME!! Damn telling someone that is super rude, anyway I think she has some deep hatred of Erio I hope we find out why she hates her so much.

      Yeah Maekawa was the highlight of this episode, as much as I love Ryuuko she was falling behind after her two outbursts! So loud xD

  7. Kyokai says:

    Ryuuko has been annoying me for some time and her annoying level just went up this episode. It’s fine to crush over a guy but stop being a total bitch in adding too much drama between Makoto and Erio (who is completely vulnerable).

    I pretty much like the cool attitude of Maekawa and fear that the stalker dude can actually be Erio’s father. Of course, Erio can’t be of normal parents, looking at Meme and if her father has a wooden bling, it all works out. xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahah yeah most have said the same thing her annoying levels were rising for just about everyone, right Erio has really no clue whats going on between Ryuuko and Makoto.

      Maekawa seems the type to just enjoy being around people, she doesn’t appear to have any crush for Makoto yet guess we find out next week about Maekawa xD

  8. amado says:

    you can clearly see the resemblance between erio and meme in that pic. they both can do creepy smiles.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes you can hahah Erio is just the mini version of Meme less clingy and perverted xD

  9. MikADo says:

    Ryuko is sooooo cute XD
    cant have enough of her :3

  10. Dan-go says:

    so where on earth did the fish hobby comefrom???!

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