Deadman Wonderland – 04

Birds of a feather flock together

This might be a little out of place in a post about something as gruesome as Deadman Wonderland, but uh, don’t forget to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day~! So in between watching Ganta whimper and writhe around in pain, go give her a hug. Then you can go back into your sadistic reverie as you listen to the full OP single.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest Deadman, Crow. He has a catchphrase (ssslice!), kinky hair, a thirst for blood and a fear for anything with breasts. But for now, he’s the Red Man in Ganta’s eyes. Crow recognizes Ganta as being his next opponent in an arranged fight called the Corpse Carnival and engages him in some pre-match sparring. Which is less of a fight and more of Ganta getting his ass handed to him. He only realizes that his powers use blood when Crow gives him an important hint.

When Crow walks away, disappointed in the lack of a challenge, Ganta uses the wounds he’s acquired to conjure a blood bullet and shoot it at Crow. He manages to withstand the blow with his sword and chest muscles, but that really sets him off. It’s only as Crow’s going in for the final strike that a flip switches in Ganta’s brain that “Oh! This isn’t the Red Man! Apparently there are lots of people with a power like mine in this G Block!” But this is anime, so Shiro does her comedic relief kick (trademark) and saves the day.

Crow isn’t really used to oppai blocking his line of sight, so he has a mini spazz attack when Shiro sits on him. They have a calm talk about Deadmen and how they will have to fight each other tomorrow. It seems like rich people watch the carnage and bet large sums on money on the participants, with Tamaki as the ring leader. The oily bastard also sends people to bring Crow and Ganta back to their cells with tranquilizer darts.

If Makina is a G, then Shiro must be…

Shiro and Yoh and locked together in some sort of confinement cell and are stripped of their cast point cards, which really blows for Yoh considering he was given those points for protecting Ganta. Makina is still out the loop, and starts to get suspicious when Tamaki writes off Shiro’s lack of an ID number as a system error. She will probably raise hell with Tamaki next episode, as she struts down the hall to his office.

It may have looked like Crow was impervious to Ganta’s attacks, but he actually broke his ribs. I always cringe when they make characters with horrible injuries walk around like it’s nothing, and Crow doesn’t hesitate to try and rip that doctor’s hair out when she suggests that he backs out of the fight tomorrow. Rest? Naw man, it’s all about doing one-handed pushes in your cell until you feel better. Who needs ribs anyways, we have, like, a bunch of them.

Crow wakes up to a hot doctor, and Ganta wakes up shirtless, strapped to a table, with Tamaki leering at him. Luck, he doesn’t have it. Tamaki shocks him when he tries to use his blood to attack him, forcing him to obediently listen to what he has to say. He explains how he falsely accuses people of crimes to get them to come to this prison, in search of those with this crazy blood power – the Branch of Sin. The Red Man, also called the Wretched Egg, can infect other people and give them this power…which he did to Ganta for some odd reason.

Doctor? Lawyer?  I only have a degree in douchebagology, sorry.

Now for your tormented Ganta of the week: the kid has his eyes held open as he watches a video of the “Experiment” has has to participate in tomorrow, the Corpse Carnival. In this “Experiment” he must fight other G Block prisoners in a fight to the death. The video is outstandingly gruesome, although most of it is censored at this point D: Oh well, I see someone from the OP song in there~


Bonus Screenshots:

Don’t you just hate it when that happens? ALL THE TIME, MAN!

Censored dub version: “the ketchup fight at the all-night camp cafeteria was getting out of hand.”

You WILL give me a lollipop after my needle

I can barely do this normally, let alone with CRACKED RIBS (and stylish boots. Oh, you fashionable killer, you)

End Thoughts: This was an improvement over the last episode, mostly because we get to meet Crow. (I like him~) It was full of a lot of explaining, but I don’t mind that if the explaining is done as either 1. Ganta is getting beaten up or 2. Ganta is getting tortured. What we learned was genuinely interesting too, it wasn’t just racing to fill in gaps with stuff you don’t care about. Does this mean there is a whole slew of Deadman we get to meet? An entire prison block full of uber dangerous criminals whose skills are just as out there as their sanity? Sounds like my kind of carnival. Hopefully there’s a female Deadwoman in there. Wait, would her power increase during menstruation? Actually, let’s not think about that. Ever. Forget I mentioned it. <_<

I was expecting a more elongated battle with Crow, but Ganta is still but a nooblet with no knowledge of the extent of his powers. It’s disappointing, but only as disappointing as it can be to see a man make swords out of his own blood and then stop what was essentially a bullet with his pecs. It was still pretty darn badass. So far all the fights have been in just quick spurts instead of full-fledged battles, so I’m hoping with the announcement of the Corpse Carnival that Ganta uses his powers for more than a couple of minutes. I need more than just a little sip every now and then.

The music really adds to my enjoyment of Deadman Wonderland. That OST is just so perfect. A wonderful myriad of oppressive, tense songs and songs you strut down the street to like it’s nobody’s business. It really helps to give it a leg-up over the manga. But then it has to go and make everything so dark I have to edit half of my screencaps just so you can make out who is who. Minus points for art if I CAN’T SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING.

This show is completely based around being fanservice for violence fans, so it’s a real drag to still have everything censored. It’s not like I watch for the plot. Let’s hope there’s more violence next week, because that’s what this show was about. We’re on the right track but I want more, more, more!

Preview: The Corpse Carnival begins! Looks like Ganta will have to face off against the cold-blooded Crow in a cage death match. Sounds like my cup of tea. Also, Shiro is locked up so maybe she won’t have a chance to be annoying this episode!



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38 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland – 04”

  1. Zabobinator says:

    Crow is just…awesome.

    And I hate Tamaki. So much. I want him to die.

    And yah, my pushup ability is nada. *sniffles*

    • Overcooled says:

      He’s my favourite character so far besides Yoh. All he needs is a better hairstylist. I think it’s safe to say that everyone hates Tamaki :B

  2. Moni Chan says:

    stylish BOOT EXERSIZE

  3. Mad Chemist says:

    Holy hell that last scene was hard to watch. As awful as Ganta’s prison stay has been it was really hard to watch him getting getting tortured Clockwork Orange style like that.

    Loved the episode, though. Action was short but good, same with the comedy and when the show wants to make me squirm it goes all the way. Ganta may be a crybaby but he has balls of steel to charge a guy who slices through concrete and metal with a just lead pipe, and do so multiple times. Also loved how Ganta can tell Crow from the Red Man just by looking at their crazy faces and Crow blocking his bullet with what looked like pure manliness. I’m starting to really get on board for this adaptation, and I cant’ wait to see Carnival Corpse for real.

    • Overcooled says:

      I loved that last scene! I kept blinking to compensate for Ganta’s inability to blink, as if it would help him.

      I really dislike the comedy, but the small bursts of action are good. Ganta has a good mix of courage and defiance to match his breakdowns (which are pretty justified, I’d say) so that he’s still realistic but not a crybaby. I loved how he could tell the smirks apart too, heh.

  4. Hime says:

    Get ready for RANT in 3, 2, 1…

    This episode just did not sit right with me at all. It might be because Crow is my favorite characer so I didn’t expect the anime to capture the sheer awesomeness of him to a T, but it wasn’t just him that bothered me. Tbh I can see myself warming up to him if the writing gets better. Cause the dialoge in this episode sucked.

    The animation quality took a severe nosedive at points as well. I wanted to squirm in my seat while watching Deadman but because of the gore not because Ganta’s face looks like it’s been pinched from an episode of Beyblade.

    Fuck Shiro, while we’re at it. GOD DOES SHE EVER SHUT UP? Someone needs to take a chainsaw to her face for me. UNCENSORED.

    And when they had Ganta tied to the table, holding his eyes open and making him watch nasty videos of the Corpse Carnival I was like “Oh, we’re not doing this are we?” You’re going all Clockwork Orange on us, srsly? I could rage on endless about how shit that book is but I’ll stick to the anime.


    I was totally soured on Deadman after this episode, but I went away and listened to the OP again a few times and well…all the awesomeness came flodding back, lol. The OST is amazing, I agree with you OC. Will definately be raping the download button when it becomes available.

    I would say I’m dying to see the Carnival Corpse but that would be a terrible pun.

    • Foshizzel says:

      OST DO WANT! That is all.

    • Zabobinator says:

      Shiro isn’t as annoying in the manga…but that’s probably because we can’t hear her.

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh Hime, I love it when you start ranting. I don’t really have the manga to compare to, so I can’t say too much. As for the writing, I didn’t notice anything bad about it. I mean, it’s a show about senseless violence, I don’t exactly pay attention to the script.

      The animation is a bit meh sometimes. Mostly because it’s so dark. :/ The only thing I avidly dislike about Deadman is Shiro. That I definitely agree with you on. (Oh, and the badass OST. Can’t wait until it comes out for download)

      I haven’t read Clockwork Orange so I thought the torture scene was cool :B lulz

      • Hime says:

        XD I’m quite bad for nit-picking (no, really?) And cause I write myself I pay more attention to the script, I guess. Same with the animation, I used to want to study animation and have been drawing since I was a sprout so mistakes just sorta jump out at me. I used to annoy my friends to no end pointing out when the style of animation changed in YuGiOh, lol.

        • Overcooled says:

          Well, it’s good to be critical of things and nor just accept them right away. Then you really appreciate the good stuff.

          …lol I can’t imagine how much you had to point out in the Yu-Gi-Oh! animation oh god.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Crow! So awesome, I kept thinking Vegeta with him and how he deals with women hahaha so funny seeing a grown guy like him freak when he sees a girl xD Plus who wouldn’t rock with blades made of blood!

    Have to agree with Hime the censorship sucks! Everything ends up being so dark reminds me of Legends of the legendary Heros. That show also had over use of dark shadows during the actual blood parts.

    LOL Shiro she was crazy and did whine a bit to much, ah well if I can put up with Nessa then Shiro isn’t so bad just looks strange.

    Finally some explanation into the blood powers, and damn poor Ganta at the end my eyes were hurting just seeing that ouch!

    • Hime says:

      VEGETA XD Omg he is like him, now all I’m gonna hear is quotes from Dragonball Abridged. THANKS FOSH ¬¬…

      Legendary Heroes was surprisingly bloody, I’d forgotten about that. There was one fight though that wasn’t gorey but it was still shot in the dark. Oi, lighting.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Hahaha sorry xDDD

        Yepp and I bet Funimation grabs this too, since they are partnered with Crunchyroll well we shall wait and see what they do with the edits..

        • BlackBriar says:

          Yeah, Funimation’s grabbing up all the good shows. I hope they get this one too.

        • Overcooled says:

          CROW AS VEGETA CANNOT UNSEE. Oh well, at least Vegeta is also pretty cool haha.

          Why is everything so needlessly dark? Will the DVDs lighten up so we can see everything a bit better? P..please? Hopefully Funimation or whoever snatches this badboy up knows what to do with it to make me happy o_o

          • Foshizzel says:

            Agreed hopefully Funimation does brighten up the dark areas LoTLH was the same I wanted to see the blood and stuff but nooooooooooo! I think Funi also has Freezing….

  6. BlackBriar says:

    So the main theme of the show that really matters is blood. I guess they need to constantly cut themselves to make their powers work. They’re gonna become masochists at the end of this show!!! I like Crow! He’s awesome!! The Tatsumi of Deadman Wonderland mixed in with a little Vegeta. I want to know how he affects the story now.

    I’ve noticed that Shiro eats A LOT! Ladies and gentlemen, we have another bottomless pit of a girl! She’ll eat anything that’s not tied down.

    Damn that Tamaki!! Him torturing Ganta is only going to make it easier for Ganta to kill him (and other people, if necessary)! I hope he dies a slow, painful death. I still remember Megumi Shimizu’s brutal death but he deserves one that makes hers look like a joke.

    This show deserves more than 12 episodes and that’s a fact!!!

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s all about blood, blood, blood. It’s amazing they let Crow have those razorblade rings so he can cut himself, can’t he use it to escape? Or maybe he’s just so badass that he enjoys the Corpse Carnival. That man is a beast, I love him too XD

      The more Tamaki tortures him, the more I see him dying in the most grotesque manner possible as revenge to satisfy us. XD He’s reaaallllly gonna get it. Worse than Megumi.

      This show needs 25 episodes at LEAST. Come onnn second season announcement!

      • BlackBriar says:

        From what I saw on the OP and the Corpse Carnival video, they’re also female Branches of Sin carriers. That’s adding fuel to this already fun fire of chaos. Just how many people did the Wretched Egg infect other than Crow and Ganta?

        I’m expecting to see Ganta a changed person in the next episode after that brutal torture session. The mind can only take so much and eventually it’s gonna crack like an egg. Die, Tamaki, die!!! Man, I’m gonna be so relieved when he finally bites it! Hehehehe!!

        I’m still hooked on that awesome opening song for the anime. The band who made the song did a good job.

        • Overcooled says:

          Are they Branch of Sin users or just normal prisoners? Well, that one girl looked pretty batty so I guess it’s not that big of a leap to say she’s a Branch of Sin user. I hope to see her in action soon!

          Ganta is already changing, although only a little bit at the moment. I look forward to any and every future mental breakdown~ teehee

  7. Elyon says:

    I can’t believe Shiro stopped Crow with her boobs. =.= Plus, not enough Yoh! Show ▼

    The torture scene where he made Ganta watch that video was pure epicness.

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, I read that part. It’s not important to the plot so maybe they won’t put it in D: Aww…At least we get to see Ganta being tortured!

      • BlackBriar says:

        *shivers* Oi, Cool-chan! You really are Metanorn’s Queen Sadist. That should be your new title. It’s totally you!

        • Overcooled says:

          ^///^ I am happy to be called both Cool-chan and a queen sadist, actually…Ahaha~ I might just have to change my title~ XD

  8. Alynn says:

    Gotta love the interaction between Crow and Shiro. The best

  9. amado says:

    actually shiro only likes sweet things.

    now we’ll get to some real bloody action next ep.
    and yeah, crow is awesome.

    fun fact: the red man hates sweets.

    • Overcooled says:

      I hope you’re right about the bloody action coming up. We’ll see how much we get with the censors in place.

  10. MikADo says:

    finally getting into the real stuff XD
    and next episode is SHOW TIME 😀
    Ganta looks so funny, and a bit annoying, but considering his age, i guess thats natural

  11. Kyokai says:

    I like Crow. Such a caveman. “Hey, woman, cover yourself up or else I’ll keep getting that tingly feeling down there….” LULZ!

    Also, my push ups are purely on two hands. He sure is a sexy beast to do all that!

    Being such a blood/gore lover, I would so love this to go Elfen Lied on me but I guess, I will have to wait for the DVD released and yeah, OP is honey to my ears!

    • Overcooled says:

      Crow is pretty odd in a good way. I did NOT expect him to have a weakness for women, wow. o.O

      Sadly, anything that reaches Elfen Lied level of dismemberment is censored for now D: Comeee onnnn DVDs!

  12. […] “This show is completely based around being fanservice for violence fans, so it’s a real drag to still have everything censored. It’s not like I watch for the plot. Let’s hope there’s more violence next week, because that’s what this show was about. We’re on the right track but I want more, more, more!” – Metanorn […]

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