Deadman Wonderland – 03

Too lazy to find someone? Use a killer robot.


Did you guys see our Deadman music post? It is a post. Of music. From Deadman Wonderland.  I’d say that’s a pretty good thing to snatch up and assault your eardrums with. I’m a huge fan of the opening song (that ED song might as well not exist) so I highly recommend it!

This week on Deadman Disneyland, Tamaki has a meeting with some very important people, who don’t seem to be able to do a whole lot about him killing off prisoners willy-nilly. His trump card is that they need his facility to house the Wretched Egg who is none other than the Red Man.

Meanwhile, Ganta enjoys his last meal with Shiro before slinking back to his cell. Yoh enters his cell and offers him a candy as per his orders. As Tamaki’s informant and inside spy, he’s given cast points in return for doing dirty work. He has to protect Ganta and relay any “odd activity” back to Tamaki. Ganta sees it as an act of friendship and suspects nothing at all.

Yoh sweetens the deal and even treats the kid to ice cream. Instead of enjoying it properly, he has a flashback of happier times with his friends, which hits him like a ton of bricks when he snaps out of it. Oh right. His friends all died. As if mocking him, the Red Man appears in the court yard and stirs up a whirlwind. Ganta becomes enraged and uses his blood powers again, but the Red Man easily blocks it like one would a friend request from your high school teacher. He grins then leaps away. It seems the security system is back in place now to make it easier to recapture the escapee.

Shiro wakes up in the infirmary with Shiro watching over him (and eating all his chocolate). He hears the other people in beds beside him talking about the Red Man incident and how one of them saw a guy with powers just like his a while ago in the prison. He’s rumoured to be held in block G. Ganta completely ignores Shiro, and decides on his own that he must go to this “G Block” and kill the Red Man with his own two hands. Except he doesn’t really know where to go.

NOOO KYOKAI NOT THE DUNGEON, PLEASE DON’T…Oh, it was just a nightmare, whew.

Makina determines that Ganta is an extremely dangerous criminal after realizing he has crazyass superpowers and sends a ballistic robot after him. Because THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! The prison is changed to lockdown mode, but Ganta is still determined to find the Red Man right this moment and kill him. Yoh, trying to keep his end of the deal with Tamaki, tries to talk him into giving up since there is no G Block…to which Shiro insists she knows a way to one.

Remember the rampaging robot I mentioned? It finds Ganta in no time and starts charging its lasers to shoop da woop the hell out of his ass. Shiro only tells them how to escape to the G Block after a lot of begging, finally kicking open an air duct for them to crawl through. They all squish in and avoid the attack, ending up in an odd, dark, neon-green lit area.

Well, of course the robot just follows them there and tries to kill them AGAIN. Yoh manages to short circuit the thing by ripping out one of the wires with his amazing thief skills. Instead of going back, they decide to venture further into this G Block area. But one wire wasn’t enough to stop the robot, so it comes after them again and causes an inferno. Trapped!

Just as the robot is about to kill them for the 4th time or so, Shiro kicks it. Yes, she kicks it out of nowhere and then calls Ganta a baka as if the channel was suddenly flipped to a rom-com. But wait, the robot revives AGAIN! The deus-ex machina this time is a G Block prisoner who has the same powers as Ganta and the Red Man. But…he doesn’t look like the Red Man…Who is he?

Bonus Screenshots:

Time to show off how sexily I can eat this ice cream! *slobber gulp drool*

I don’t understand! We used nonbulletproof glass and everything…HOW DID HE ESCAPE?


Tch, do you have any idea how long it will take to de-frizz my hair from this humidity?!?!

End Thoughts: This show just keeps going a mile a minute, huh? Last episode, Ganta was in a dog race from hell and this episode he not only meets the Red Man face to face but he has to escape from a killer robot. I’m all for action, but does it really need to be back-to-back? Couldn’t we get more perspective on how horrible and demented Deadman Wonderland is? Maybe I’m expecting too many psychological aspects out of a show that wants to be more shounen in nature, but the pacing seems a bit brusque nonetheless.  Given the 12 episode span, I guess it’s to be expected though. :/

I started to suss out the manga to see what I’ve been missing. Some events are shuffled around, but it still seems to be following the same storyline. I didn’t read ahead too much since it introduces a character that’s not yet in the anime, and I don’t want to spoil anything for myself quite yet. For now, I can say the anime is quite a good adaptation and once the censoring is gone, could probably pass as being MORE bloody than the manga.

Aside from feeling far too jam-packed with content, this episode still delivered some interesting tidbits. As per usual, any sort of face-offs or battles are interesting. Ganta never fails to look much more admirable when he busts out those blood controlling power. Dat blood magic. As long as Shiro doesn’t end any more battles with one kick, I will be fine. Seriously, what was up with her this episode? Was she demoted to an emoticon-faced girl used for comedic relief? That sort of humour really does not work well for the tone of this show. It’s like putting a puppy in the middle of a murder scene – horribly out of place.

I am really bugged by the fact that Shiro just sort of wanders around without any guards caring and that the robot didn’t even acknowledge her presence. She has no prisoner ID number. Is she even an inmate there? I guess she has to be, but she’s definitely some sort of special prisoner in that case (especially with that weird jumpsuit…why does she need to wear that thing?). I bet she’s some super dangerous criminal despite her demeanor. I want answers about Shiro specifically! I know everyone is allowed to wander around as they please, but she’s the only girl I’ve seen so far. The girls would have to be separated from the guys, right?

Preview: It doesn’t look like Yoh, Shiro and Ganta are getting out of that G Block yet. This preview was actually dreadfully vague, only showing the characters sitting around and talking and a glimpse of a bleeding hand. I’m guessing there might be a blood battle and some flashbacks. We’ll see next time! Remember, if you read the manga and are writing spoilers in the comments, PUT IT UNDER SPOILER TAGS.


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44 Responses to “Deadman Wonderland – 03”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Hot damn this is getting so good! And LOL use a killer robot yes great idea let it loose in the prison sounds really good. Every time I see Ganta say the Red man I think of that rapper….Haha

    Damn it Shiro now is not the time to spaz out! I did love her awesome kick against the robot! Totally owned that thing, well can’t wait to see more of this cutting guy.

    All these odd abilities some of them have reminds me a bit of One piece, long as there is no one made of rubber….

    Last thing ever seen Venture brothers? The robot in this looks a lot like Helper….at least the same head shape+eyes.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s a pretty intense show, both killer robots AND the Red Man in one episode. Wait, is there a rapper called the Red Man? o.o

      Except in One Piece they all has badass different abilities and in Deadman they all have the exact same power :B

      • Foshizzel says:

        Er just Redman xD he has done a few movies too lol

        True! Then again I always enjoy characters with special powers always more fun.

  2. MikADo says:

    love the OP as always 😛
    the series is building up tension, and finally the secrets are going to be revealed 😀 now heading for the main events
    I cant wait to watch the next episode 😛

    • Dan-go says:

      You call this building up tension! this is a full on action packed massive release of awesomeness!!! every episode is action packed, you can hardly call it subtle, but it’s sooooo awesome

      • Overcooled says:

        Yeah, if it’s building up tension, it’s building it at the rate of a runaway freight train XD I’ll have to start expecting more bloody action than slow development from now on.

      • MikADo says:

        not enough madness for me XD but as the series continues, it looks more and more promising 😀

  3. Kyokai says:

    NOOO KYOKAI NOT THE DUNGEON, PLEASE DON’T…Oh, it was just a nightmare, whew.

    LULZ! I can only answer with: ‘But Dungeon is FUN!’ xD

    I actually like the fast pacing. Steins;Gate is making me fall asleep so I rather welcome the progress made by Deadman and Ao-ex to get the plot moving. Also, I’m rather intrigued by Shiro’s randomness because even if it doesn’t make sense now, it’s adding to the mystery of what she is and how she knows Ganta (those kiddie images are a big giveaway). The hints tell me, she’s going to be an awesome killer when she’ll get down to it. I just have a feeling and no, I haven’t read the manga so I can be wrong too.

    For all the OP lovers, here’s the Full Version:

    • Overcooled says:

      The dungeon…where all the bad writers and commenters go!

      It’s really a big contrast to Steins;Gate which is taking its time and dragging things out. I haven’t lost patience yet, but it needs to pick things up so people won’t drop it. I think Shiro is some vicious killer as well (otherwise, why would she be in prison?).


  4. Elyon says:

    Shiro’s moe antics got on my nerves- I wish they would just ban the word “baka” from anime forever. =.= Aside from that though, I liked this episode for the most part. I’m kind of glad the pacing is a bit fast since it’s only 12 episodes because at least that means there probably won’t be another Pandora Hearts ending. As much as I hate when they try to cram stuff in, I REALLY hate when they leave things open-ended and everything feels like a waste of time.

    • Overcooled says:

      I’ll be honest..I don’t really like Shiro. I probably won’t like her until she bites someone’s arm off or something…I guess it’s better to rush now and have a good ending than give us a crappy ending..Those always leave a bitter taste in my mouth D:

  5. Hime says:

    ENTER BEST CHARACTER OF DW at the end there.

    Hells yes!

    Another orgasmic episode full of SMASHING and CRASHING and VIOLENCE. *fans self with severed hand* You think all this gore will have a negative effect on anyone? Me neither. Shiro continues to bug me, ugh she’s so annoying. And Yoh! lol, Yoh, that evil smirk was so awesome. Subtle, dude. Subtle. I also lol’d at Ganta eating the ice cream xD ITS LIKE THEY’RE DOING IT ON PURPOSE. They probably are.

    • Hime says:

      Also, if the manga is anything to go by…the next episode will be MINDBLOWING. See your mind? Yeah. BLOWN.

      • zabobinator says:

        Hah! I just said the same thing before I realized that you said it too! 😀

        • Overcooled says:

          LOL I didn’t love this episode as much as the second one, but it was still good. XD If Shiro would just stay as the yandere we know she is, I’d be fine with her. I would love to see her smile like Yoh. Ohhhh boyyyy.

          …Yeah wtf was up with that ice cream eating? <___< Anyways, you've both got me excited for the next episode now!!!

          • amado says:

            shiro is definitely not a yandere.
            frankly as far as ive read the manga, there isnt really a yandere in there.

            • Overcooled says:

              I am disappointed. If she isn’t a yandere, she is useless.

            • amado says:

              but she’s a bit like yuno from mirai nikki….

      • zabobinator says:

        It won’t let me reply on the other thing. T_T
        Show ▼

  6. zabobinator says:

    This is action? Just keep watching. If the manga is anything to go by, we have one hell of a ride ahead of us. I AM SO EXCITED AND I ALREADY KNOW WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN!

    • Hime says:

      I usually never have to worry about giving things away since I don’t follow many manga, but this series…

      Show ▼

      • zabobinator says:

        Haha yes. It is so good. 😀
        Show ▼

        • Hime says:

          Show ▼

          • zabobinator says:

            Show ▼

            • Hime says:

              Show ▼

          • zabobinator says:

            Show ▼

    • amado says:

      if its 12 eps, it will likely end with the scar chain arc aka Show ▼

      since that girl didnt show up, it will probably be that.

  7. Alynn says:

    I can’t take Yoh seriously because I keep thinking that he is Ganryu from Otome Youkai Zakuro (THE SEIYUU AKRHE)

    And is it weird that I find the robot cute? LOL

    • Overcooled says:

      I never liked Otome Youkai Zakuro enough to continue so I don’t mind his voice haha XD

      The robot actually looked pretty cute though…lol

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Ganta probably couldn’t have gotten a better oppertunity for revenge than when The Red Man showed up in front of him. He practically gift wrapped himself by being there. I guess Yoh is gonna keep his mouth shut for a while since he’s seeing what is going on.

    What is that lawyer up to? He’s using Ganta as a lab rat for something. And what’s with that so-called office? Toys everywhere. He’s worse than a 3 year old. Well, heads are going to roll now that the warden has found out there’s a cell block that’s not under her control. LOL, can’t wait to see the bloodshed!!

    • Overcooled says:

      Ganta blew his chance. He doesn’t look like he’s strong enough to face the Red Man in a one-on-one fight anyways though.

      I think they’re trying to make Tamaki look like Near with the toys…except it’s creepier because he’s an adult. I think he knows something about these blood powers and is using Ganta as, yes, a lab rat to test it out since the Red Man is too dangerous to let run about. Anyways, can’t wait to see some inner turmoil between Makina and Tamaki. FIGHT!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Is it just me or does this prison make the others look like elementary schools? Only 3 three episodes so far and it’s nowhere close to being short of lunatics. Like that guy at the end of the episode with the same powers as Ganta and the Red Man. Looks like he’s been down there for too long. Crazy people, a lot of violence and a good story are what makes this anime work out. It wouldn’t be as fun if they were calm and sane all the time. It would be too predictable.

  9. amado says:

    actually, in the manga, shiro kicks a wall not bars.

  10. Mad Chemist says:

    God I love how ridiculous Deadman Wonderland is. Need to capture a prisoner? MURDERBOT.

    This episode wasn’t as crazy violent as the Dog Race, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. I love seeing the characters animated, especially Tamaki so far. He’s quite the crazy douche in the manga and I love how they’ve pulled that off here – his sneaky face was delightful. Shiro can be a bit hit or miss but I lulled quite a bit at her robot kicking rage rant. I’m also pleased that they’re bleeping dialogue instead of changing it, though expect a storm of bleeping during

    Show ▼

    • Overcooled says:


      Everyone from the manga looks pretty darn good in animated form to me too. I love the twisted expressions too, Yoh has a good evil smile as well. Shiro I just…don’t like. -_-

      The bleeping is weird now, but I guess the uncensored version will fix that. YES.

  11. Namika says:

    *~* Hmmm. A new character? :3 Yes, thank you! ^^

    I think, Shiro is one of the ‘guests’ of the real Deadman Wonderland. Well, that’s most likely incorrect, but I still have that thought in my mind. And the jumpsuit….. she’s an albino, isn’t she? So, I guess, that’s why she wears an outfit that covers as much skin as possible.
    And I like the pattern, in which her behavior changes. I just hope that we will see the not-so-innocent side of Shiro…. >.>

    • Overcooled says:

      If she’s a guest I wonder how they convinced her to…go to prison. She really is a mystery. Her jumpsuit could be to cover her skin to protect her from the sun or maybe it’s some special suit that restrains her powers? =O

      …Whatever she is, I hope she brutally murders someone soon.

      • Namika says:

        I see we share similar vicious hopes XD
        I want to see blood in this show, but even if Shiro will brutally murder, the scene itself will be left to our imagination =3=

      • amado says:

        theres really nothing special about her suit. its just there to cover her skin.

        shiro has done pretty brutal murders… and thats an understatement.

  12. Balloon Thief says:

    Great episode though I also think it’s going a little fast. I thought it was really anticlimactic how Yoh just handed him the candy when he thought he was going to die. I wanted to see another absurd circus event before he got the candy.

    The part where the group of prison leaders were in a room reprimanding the lawyer dude was informational. It tells me that this dog race was different than most other dog races. I’m guessing that it was a type of test for Ganta so they could let him into the “real” Deadman Wonderland(or Disneyland XD).

    I think that it would be nice if Shiro turned out to be some badass villain. It would completely change how I view her and make her way more interesting which is interesting because usually when you give up secrets, things become more boring. She seems completely innocent right now but if you found out she’s a serial killer the way she acts wouldn’t really make sense anymore though.

    I can’t remember from which anime but the idea of using blood as a weapon seems familiar but I can’t remember that character.

    • Randome Loser says:

      Show ▼

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