Beelzebub – 15

Beelzebub does the dreaded “Beach Episode”

I knew it would find me. Once was enough, once was too many. I can’t face it! From MM! to Merry to every god damn anime ever. Balls to the wall, people. Yes. This is the Beach Episode. Ugh. The very mention of it curdles my blood.  Abandon all hope of  substance yee who enter here.

But, hey, it’s Beelzebub. It could surprise us, right? RIGHT? I NEED TO BELIEVE!!

Well, the episode starts out with someone having a sensual bath…


2 seconds in and I’m laughing….Okay, this is a good sign.

So, yeah, Furuichi isn’t enjoying his sexual harassment (unlike us) and suggests someone who just might be the one they’ve been looking for to adopt Baby Beel. Tojo Hidetora. The final member of the TKKH.

So they head to the beach in hopes of finding Tojo, but he’s been fired from his job there and so we have an episode of the cast just wandering around a beach. OH YOU GOD DAMN TEASE.

God dammit Oga TAKE THAT SHIRT BACK OFF! Beach episodes MUST come with fanservice! It’s why they exist!

That’s not funny . . .

Oga fights his way through the MK5 after agreeing to meet with Tojo, and as a result gets there too late. He sees the damage that Tojo dished out to a biker group though and has high hopes for when the two actually meet face to face.


Oh hi awesome plot-point that was ignored, how ya doin?


Gotta have some fanservice for the boys~

That’s my line.

Furuichi knows how to photo-bomb like a pro

Kuneida showing she has abs that could rival Merry

Best. Tan. EVAR.


So…that was a bit of a disappointment. I was looking forward to see Tojo and Oga face off, but instead they spent the entire episode dodging each other and having near misses. Boo! I’m also really pissed to find out I’ve gotta wait to see what that mark on Tojo’s shoulder means. I’m really friggin interested (though, obviously not patient) to find out if he’s got something to do with Satan. Maybe the Lord of Darkness’s been busy and has a whole slew of demon offspring he needs violence-prone babysitters for, who knows? Blegh. The episode itself wasn’t bad, but if this post seems scarce it’s because just not much happened.

I don’t mind fillers if they are genuinly funny, and this one was, but they are doing that thing again where they taunt us with potential plot. It also feels like filler, instead of just trying to build suspense. And for an impatient anime watcher like myself I wish they’d just skip to the good stuff. Even if it means this show would have ended 3 episodes ago.

They definately hooked my attention at the start of the episode though. Stupid brain and it’s weakness to manservice. -shakefist- One day I shall conquer you and become a well rounded human being, casting aside my fujoshi! ONE DAY. But not today…for now I shall sit back with the lights off and enjoy the shirtless bishounen that are thrown my way. Alaindelon continues to be a source of awkward hilarity, too. His harassment of Furuichi keeps getting better and more embarassing, it’s brilliant. Easily the funniest stuff, atm.


The Beach Episode Continued : why don’t you just kill me now?


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4 Responses to “Beelzebub – 15”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Too many fillers on my Beel. What happened to the story man? I do like fun episodes but it’s happening wayyy too much. >.>

    • Hime says:

      Well, it appears we’re in for the long haul either way. YTV says Beelzebub will run for 50+ episodes, but I wouldn’t take that in stone. Regardles I still think it’s dragged itself from the middle-series slump it was in a few episodes ago. 😀

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Gaaahh I need to watch 10-15 sometime hahaha soon! 50 episodes?! Good luck Hime! We might be stuck reviewing Beelebub and Gintama for a long time.

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