Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san OVA – 01

Where demons are cute, and humans are cows

Hello, minna-san! It’s been a while. I know, I know, Azazel-san OVA has been released since like forever, but I’m writing it only now. Now how did this happen? You can blame Sakata Gintoki for that. He’s just so awesome I read all 300+ chapters in 4 days. He climbed his way in anaaga’s 5 Favorite Male to number 2 (after Zero), and I basically dream about him at work too. He’s officially in my harem!

*cough* But who knows, probably I can get to like Akutabe? I mean, he really reminds me of Nube and all that. Oh, sorry for jumping like that. I should talk about him when I write about the series.

Like the series, the OVA itself is short and sweet: 11 minutes. Here, we get to see the demons that are waiting to be summoned by humans. Azazel, a demon that can incite lust (sounds so dirty) is complaining because he gets cheap sacrifice by Akutabe every time he’s called to do a job. He’s pretty jealous because Moloch gets Marie Antoinette’s diamond as a sacrifice. Well, hurr, duh, Moloh incites tyranny, and Azazel incites only lust. Every human has that. Even priest does even.

Reminds me of FMA

They’re ugly

Suddenly a green circle appears above Azazel’s head. Seems like he’s being called. He goes through the circle, and he transforms into a….cute thing. HOMG THAT THING IS SO CUTE. Seems like Akutabe has made a barrier against the demons, that’s why Azazel becomes like that. But it’s okay, Azazel, we prefer you that way. Your real skin’s color looks like mold.


Meet Akutabe’s assistant, Rinko. She’s really diligent since she’s practicing to call demons, but she’s also stupid for calling demons without giving them proper sacrifice and job to do. Thankfully, Azazel isn’t that bad to get mad at Rinko for turning him into a cute slave. Maybe because Rinko is a girl? Somehow, I can’t help but connect lust with girls. Oh wait, I’m a girl. What have I done!?

Even Azazel is annoyed by Rinko’s existence

Rinko: “Sway your hips lustfully!” Azazel: Gotcha!”

However, Moloch isn’t as nice as Azazel. Probably because he incites tyranny? Yeah, I’m connecting tyranny with hot-headed short-tempered stupid people right now. Well, Rinko isn’t supposed to call Moloch, but she just can’t spell properly so she spell a letter on the circle wrong, turning it from “Beelzebub” to “Moloch.” Pissed and angry at Rinko for not giving him a proper sacrifice and job (but we all know all he cares about is the sacrifice), he turns Rinko into a cow. I found the detailed process to be disgusting, since Rinko has more than two boobs now. ON HER STOMACH.


That’s just disgusting. I actually sympathized with Rinko for a second

Thankfully, Akutabe comes to the rescue with his black suit. Seems like every demon is scared of Akutabe, since Moloch turns Rinko back into a normal human once Akutabe is there. Since Akutabe is pissed (but oh so calm), he demands for Moloch to eat his sacrifice, a curry made by Rinko.

AKUTABE! *fangirl*

When your dog refuses to eat his food, just glare at him with your purple eyes

With no choice at all, Moloch eats the curry. Now remember that Moloch is a big fat ugly bull? Or cow? Or something that’s edible for us mankind? Rinko made Moloch a beef curry. Poor guy, he might’ve eaten his own wife. Or his brotha.

Poor Moloch

This friendship can turn into something more


Reminds me of Alvin and the Chipmunks

No, you looked like a mold

We just discovered another way of using horns


I like how Akutabe is sitting on the King Chair 😀

End Thoughts:

Unlike Reibai-sensei (or is it Reibei? I can’t even remember anymore), I enjoyed the 11 minutes entertainment Azazel-san gave me. The animation isn’t bad, and the story is hilarious. Not trying to say that Reibai-sensei is not funny, but I’m one of those perverts people that can take violent dirty jokes better than normal ones. And I am just SICK of watching these Sengoku Period anime, so another reason why I don’t like Reibai-sensei episode one. So yeah, Azazel-san > Reibai-sensei.

As for the story, I don’t find it quite appealing. The whole calling-demon-give-proper-sacrifice thingy is just so common; I’m a little bit bored with this. I honestly miss these horror anime such as Nube, no sacrifice whatsoever. But I do find the transformation Azazel and Moloch go through to be funny. I mean, just look at Azazel and Moloch’s real demon forms! THEY’RE UGLY! And look at their chibi forms! SO CUUUUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!!! Thank you so much Akutabe for putting up that anti-demon barrier!

Also, I’m basically fangirling on Akutabe right now. First, he’s voiced by Namikawa Daiusuke. I was surprised because I didn’t recognize his voice at all! It sounds so different from Italy and Baka Prince! I had to check three times whether it’s really him or not, and it’s actually him! I never knew he can make such low sexy voice *fangirl*. I like Akutabe physically (well not really, since he’s just 2D so he can’t be physically real). His eyes remind me of Sakata Gintoki (dead fish!) since it looks so dead, and his suit reminds me of Nube. Don’t ask me why, since Nube doesn’t wear suit. It’s probably because I’m such a hard-core fan of Nube, I compare every male demon experts with him. Akutabe’s hair is black too. Suit + black hair + low sexy voice + interesting sexy eyes = perfection.

Man, I’m actually fangirling a lot about Azazel-san! Who would’ve thought that I would fangirl about this more than SIH but I’m glad tenchou poked me to cover this. I’m lovin’ Azazel-san, and it’s definitely in my Watching List. I hope they’re going to sub the second OVA soon… ;_____; Psshhh… It has Hiroshi Kamiya in it!


The preview was just disgusting. Lots of mosaic.


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13 Responses to “Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san OVA – 01”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Rinko- Misaka <3 yay railgun VA!

    I haven't seen this ova yet but saw the first 3 episodes of the series and I have to say OMG SO FUN! xD

    Also had no idea how epic the demons were on the other side! Damn cool looking monster designs.

  2. Kyokai says:

    I laughed a lot. I can only hope that the second OVA gets subbed soon. At least, we have the main series now and I’m enjoying it A LOT. Hiroshi Kamiya is just a bonus, while Namikawa Daisuke is the cake, which is not a lie! :3

  3. Hime says:

    Akutabe is da MAN, while the strange four titted cow-girl just disturbed me.


  4. Elyon says:

    That cow thing…I just can’t stop laughing xD

  5. MikADo says:

    i cant believe metanorn is covering this as well 😀
    i love this series, i think its one of the best comedy XD

    • Kyokai says:

      I approve of this. More people need to see Azazel-san, damn it!

  6. A-chan says:

    Finally a review of Azazel ! I thought Metanorn will let this Awesome anime 🙂

    ^^ the ova was out long time ago ! And I was so happy to have the anime this season \o/ I always laugh and :’D they are awesome seiyus there!!
    It’s weird, and I love that.

  7. Moni Chan says:

    LMAO it was just the other day someone was asking on why metanorn hasnt reviewed this yet. that was hella fast. i need to watch this still

  8. jack says:

    i would love if she stayed a cow even though she’s cute in human form

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