A Channel 06 – 07

Can’t get a more classic Japanese summer than this~

~It’s been forever since I’ve had to do a re-cap post for a series, and unfortunately I had to break my streak to be a normal high school girl for once (One word: PROM). While I did have fun, I still missed the darling A Channel girls and their simple, yet comedic activities, not to mention my Tooru-chan and Nagi-chan! -FANGIRLSOB- Oh well, I’m back, caught up, and ready to fangirl!

The day starts in classic A Channel fashion with Tooru and Run hanging out together, but will a little complications such as the tiny Tooru getting stuck in between the bed and the wall! Run also tries to cut Tooru’s bangs, but as expected, failed…Yet good for Tooru as Run makes her hairstyle similar to hers.


The next day they head off to school where the topic of molesters comes up. Tooru tells Run they usually call out at you from the car, and what do you know, Mr. Satou comes rolling by in his car asking if they need a ride to school. Run gets the wrong idea and runs for it! (I actually feel sorry for Mr. Satou…)

Yuuko gets quite a fright as well when she sees what looks like a signal about a fire in the first year’s classroom. She runs to the class, mop and water bucket in hand, asking where the fire is at. Unfortunately for Yuuko, it turned out they were only dusting off the chalkboard rag. She tries to rid her embarrassing mistake by saying she’s there to clean, but they don’t fall for it, especially Tooru, who keeps embarrassing her more.

Later that night, Yuuko finds out she accidentally left her survey at school. She pleads to Nagi to come with her, and she does, bringing Tooru and Run as well. They manage to get inside, where Yuuko turns into the ultimate scardey-cat, but that doesn’t stop Nagi from suggesting they explore the school.

After roaming the school, Yuuko makes Nagi come to the bathroom with her where they discover a bright flame floating around…The two sprint from the bathroom, then proceed to hide in a classroom, afraid of the supposed hitodama.

However they start to hear footsteps as well, and Tooru, thinking it could be a burglar, goes out to get the person. It turns out it’s actually Mr. Satou walking around with a candle. They explain to him why they’re at the school, while he explains his candle…fetish. Tooru being Tooru, she blows out the candle which actually makes him blackout! The girls struggle to take him to the Nurse’s office, but manage, and try to wake him up. It’s not until Run continues calling him that he does. Tooru immediately gets annoyed and throws the bed over, Mr. Satou being stuck under the mattress. With that the girls end up going home, forgetting the survey page once again.

Don’t. Piss. Off. Tooru. Period.

Heading off into episode 7, Run suggests they go to the Fireworks Festival before their summer vacation ends. After that quick discussion, they decide to spend the rest of the day at karaoke.

Each of the girls sings their own songs, displaying their pretty good vocal talent, except for Tooru, who sits nervously. She almost prepares to sing at one point, but the waitress ends up coming in at the wrong time and Tooru immediately cancels the song.

In the end, Tooru finally gets the courage to sing as Run-chan joins her, and the others join in as well with instruments. Before Run can sing another song though, Tooru stops her and tells the others to listen. It turns out (YET AGAIN) that the person next door is Mr. Satou…

The day of the Fireworks Festival arrives, and the girls meet up to look at the night stalls before the fireworks are set to begin.

They enjoy some festival goodies and games, including ring toss and candy carving. In fact, they get so engrossed in candy carving, they forget that the fireworks have started! Unfortunately a crowd has already formed so they can’t get through.

Luckily Run knows a secret spot on top of a hill where they can view them, but they have to go up long flights of stairs. They manage to catch some of the fireworks, which were actually the grand finale of the show.

A bit disappointed, the girls instead use the sparklers Yuuko won at one of the stalls to satisfy themselves~.

Not-a-Witty-Titled Pic Spam~!!

Run-chan with scissors is definitely not scary, aheh…*hides*


Nagi looks like an evil mastermind with her crew.

Don’t act like you’ve never done this before…I know I do occasionally

It’s all right Tooru; Wearing heels is hard for a lot of girls.

End thoughts: I swear these girls make everything look like SO MUCH FUN, especially the karaoke and summer festival. Those two will be the first two things I do when I go to Japan…Anyways, to be honest, episode 7 was my favorite out of the two. Episode six felt very uneven in the beginning, which I didn’t particularly like. It did get a more set storyline the second half that I found pretty enjoyable. My favorite scene has to be when Nagi and Yuuko just SPRINT out of the bathroom and freak out. Poor Yuuko and Nagi are flailing around, screaming;  I couldn’t stop laughing xD Another favorite part of mine was when Run was slapping Mr. Satou to wake up! That face she has when doing that was hysterical.

I can’t say he deserved it though, even if he was being a total creeper these past two episodes. I’m actually gonna stick up for Mr. Satou! He’s the harmless, innocent creeper to me, I mean, the poor guy just has really, REALLY bad timing and awkward fetishes, but hey! Not like he’s putting them into creepy uses…Also, for some reason I find him to be kind of cute at certain scenes. Creepers are attracted to other creepers I guess?

Now for episode 7, while it did have those typical summer fun moments, they managed to make it pretty entertaining with gorgeous animation as usual. The fireworks and nights scenes during the summer festival looked so lovely! I was literally gawking in awe (I’m a sucker for small little details like that). The karaoke scene was also nice as well. I loved how Nagi’s performance was SO INTENSE, flames in the background and everything xD Oh, what made me get all sentimental was Tooru trying to gather the courage to sing. I FEEL FOR YOU AGAIN TOORU (Why are you so relate-able?)! ;A; Overall, not too bad episodes, though I’ll admit I’m tired of them being on summer vacation already, heh~.


Summer vacation is now over, and it’s back to school for the girls, which also means for Tooru, back to her creeper Yutaka and savior Mipporin. But what has all of them looking so down? Until next week then~!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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21 Responses to “A Channel 06 – 07”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Woooooooooooo!! I am actually caught up with this series episode six was lots of fun, even more reason why Yuuko reminds me more of Mio each time especially when getting scared or freaked out easily.

    Seven was great the Karaoke and the festival scenes so nice, really a good show to chill to not thinking much 😛

    Nagi ftw! She is my fav <3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~That’s what I thought as well with Episode six xD I was like, “IT’S MIO TWIN!”.

      That’s the brilliance of A Channel. After watching a lot of dark and heavy shows, you can come to this show and just chill, admiring these girls.

      Same here!! *highfive*

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    Nagi singing was on FIRE!

  3. amado says:

    needs more tooru being cool. and cute.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Her not flipping Mr. Satou over and getting stuck in between the wall and bed didn’t do enough for you, hahaha? xD Well they did actually focus a bit more of them as a group than just individually this time around.

  4. Reaper says:

    Ah, A Channel, if only high school was that cool…stuck between the bed and the wall, wandering the halls at night time, putting your heart into Karaoke (too long since I hit THAT one :))and fireworks for the summer festival…sigh, you just don’t get that in Australia…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Uwah if my high school was that cool I wouldn’t be celebrating my leave of that place |’D I really want to go exploring my school at night, but of course, they’d just think I’m breaking in -sigh- These girls have all the fun.

  5. Tofu says:

    Hoshi, you made me realize I skipped episode 6 when I was marathoning the series from ep 3 ^^”

    You can’t have a light and fluffly slice of life show like A Channel without a night at school episode. Yuuko is of course my favourite character from A Channel because she resembles Mio from K-On! and her expressions as she was constantly scared were golden. 8D

    I really really want to try karaoke with my friends one day because anime makes it so much fun! Also I had the chance to go to two Japanese festivals during 2011. There were so much of a Japanese atmosphere that I felt so happy throughout the festival like a creep. “OTL

    Tooru reminded me of the Anbu Black Ops from Naruto because of the mask :3

    Mr Sato is a creep as always and I still kinda dislike him for being a creep but god did I feel bad for him when he- oh wait, I was laughing at the fail when he tried to pick up Run >:D MWAHAHAHAHA I’m so evil~

    • Hoshi says:

      ~NO NOT EPISODE SIXXXX. That’s the one you NEEDED to watch!

      I already told you this but, I knew her scared expressions would remind you of Mio xD They just resemble each other too much…

      Same here ;A; I know of a few karaoke places, but they’re in LA -SOB- (I just had this thought, what if one day everyone from Meta and everyone from Seki did karaoke together? LOL). Oh lucky! Japanese festivals look like so much fun!

      THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT AS WELL~ But I forgot to mention it |’D


      • Tofu says:

        AHAHAHA! You know what, if it’s not too late I think it’s be a great idea for Metanorn to record a karaoke between members and maybe Seki and DDD can be included and we’ll post it up through the use of Skype xD Wouldn’t that be fun!?!??!

        • Hoshi says:

          ~That would be so much fun!! *A*
          I will definitely sing Kpop KEKEKEKEKEKE >:D

  6. Zyl says:

    Agree that Ep 6 was somewhat even but Ep 7 was gorgeous. The series really hit its stride with everyone (except Tooru) having fun at karaoke, getting to Tooru in on the action too and then fleeing when Tooru realized who their neighbour was. The summer festival was also interesting in the way that it featured an unusual activity (katanuki) that I have seen in other anime before.

    Also bonus points for Yutaka (eating all the time) being dragged around by Miporin (those two are So Married couple) as well as Miyuki Sawashiro’s “One more beer!” Kamade-sensei.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~They focused a lot on Tooru in earlier episodes, so the fact they’re not showing her too much now is just so the others can get their screen time too. I had actually never heard of katanuki before until I watched this.

      Oh those two definitely are a married couple, hahaha, and I would like to see more of Kamade-sensei.

  7. Hime says:

    So cute…my eyes are melting…It’s like listening to Owl City and watching ducklings cross the road…

  8. Aro says:

    When I watch anime like this, for some reason, I feel like I’m actually living in them. It’s weird.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I get really caught up in the season, instead of the activities, like it’ll be freezing cold outside but I get that summer feel if it’s summer in the show. If that makes sense xD

  9. Elyon says:

    Nagi’s singing > everyone else’s singing. ;D


    • Hoshi says:

      ~DEFINITELY. Everyone else sang really cute, but Nagi’s was like BAM!

  10. Moni Chan says:

    im behind this anime by these 2 episodes

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