Toaru Majutsu no IndexII -24 [END]

Goodbye for now Touma and your amazing harem.

Wow! This series flew by so damn fast! I can remember the first time I blogged this show on Metanorn, this has been a fun series to review and follow for all the readers here! I will always remember this show for being my first real show, not that Yosuga no Sora wasn’t real… just not my style of anime. Not much going on for me, other than finishing one through six of the Kara no Kyoukai movies! Had to get the OSTs for them and damn so good as our Overlord Kyokai would tell you many times! Well, now it’s time for the final review of Index II.

Plot this episode picks up with Awaki fighting off Ritoku and Accelerator ends up fighting him shortly after. Touma bumps into Mikoto’s mom after she was being hunted by Skill Outs; Touma saves Misuzu and Accelerator and finally agrees to join GROUP.

Awaki starts the party off with a bang!

Awaki- “Why do you fight?”                    Ritoku-“Because I didn’t get any hugs as a child”

During the fight with Ritoku, he thinks he finished her off for good; he even finds her flashlight all smashed up and bloody. She is a pro level-five of course and as I expected she lives. Ritoku then tries his luck with Accelerator using a chaff grenade. Ah yes the chaff grenade, made famous in Metal Gear Solid games.

Ritoku- “Hey, Accelerator, I found you a present”

Accelerator- “HELL YA WHAT IS IT?!”

Accelerator- “DUDE, WHAT THE HELL! Glitter? ”

Rest in peace, side villain number 99!

Accelerator manages to get a shot and uses the air to remove the chaff grenade particles away. He kills Ritoku and meets up with Awaki, who ends up helping him with the fight. He walks off afterwards and finds a drunk Misuzu looking for the Dangai University database center. Oh, and some hilarious events between Accelerator and Misuzu happen too!

She has that look in her eyes! Run, Accelerator, or you really will become Last Order’s dad!

Accele-mones (from pheromones) capturing every size of Misaka one at a time

Before Misuzu makes out with Accelerator, he gets her a taxi and soon after Touma helps her out too only to be tackled by her! And of course Index gets jealous over this. That is until she calls Misuzu old! Yes, it works all the time in anime. Touma points her in the right direction and leaves her, while Accelerator gets a call from GROUP’s leader and refuses an order to assist Skill-Outs to kill Misuzu.

Misuzu- “Wooo hooo! Two young guys tonight! Damn it,  foiled again by the loli”

Yes, Accelerator sees Touma and gets a blast from the past!

Misuzu’s big mission is to obtain an important report from the database center; she is there to help the children leave Academy City before the war breaks out. Skill-Outs hates this idea and they attempt to take her out for good. That is until Touma arrives to lend a hand or fist if there’s a need. Accelerator ends up helping Touma without him knowing it though, but before he has a clean getaway; he gets jumped by Shiage Hamazura a member of Skill-Outs, who looks like a blond version of Touma!

Touma did you turn into a Super Sayjin?!

Sneaking mission failure! You should have packed a cardboard box.

Accelerator “helping” Touma here by popping some caps into the filler guys.

After this, Touma goes on a punching rampage hitting everything… even children.

And like any other closing of arc in Index, Touma goes to his favorite location: The Academy City hospital. I swear he should just ask to live there. We then get to catch up with Mikoto, Uiharu and Kuroko! Poor girls, I am hoping you get more screen time with Railgun season two if it gets made. Index does her usual get angry and skull rapes Touma with her teeth! Ouch, brain damage brother! The episode wraps up with Accelerator doing a slow walk with the other GROUP members, as he finally agrees to join and help them out.

Uiharu-“No, this is not reused animation, just look into my eyes…”

Goodbye side characters! See you around.

SKULL RAPE by Index… Poor Touma! This is how we remember you.


Extra Powers!

Falling out of your shirt there, Misuzu, not that I am complaining.

Mikoto- “Damn it! No texts from mom about Touma”

Trifecta of Mikoto, Last Order and Misuzu COMPLETE!  Last Order needs to meet Misuzu T_T

Fine, quit your bitching, you will be in the extra section too! Now go eat till season three.

Final Thoughts:

First half of this was great as I was happy to see more Awaki and Accelerator get some fights in before the series ended.  The fights themselves were weak, nothing that amazing, but still entertaining. It was good to see Awaki not holding a grudge against Accelerator for knocking her lights out. I just about died when Misuzu met up with Accelerator and Touma! She probably will stalk both of them hardcore now. Of course, she was pretty trashed as I can see her clinging to just about anyone; watch out Tsuchimikado and Stiyl… watch out! You might be next in her list.

Touma does what he always does best, save the day and get the girl! Well, he didn’t punch Misuzu so no Harem slot for her. Then again does she really need permission? Hahaha. I can see Mikoto’s face now all mad and sparking with lightning if she ever saw this. Once again Index doesn’t do jack this episode but provides nasty faces and skull rapes Touma’s brain. But strangely, I always laugh at those scenes when Index is in revenge mode; I guess she does provide some comic relief there.

As for the last bit, I don’t really know why Touma went to the hospital; did he really get that badly hurt? Or that’s simply the Academy City’s way of hiding him from being found out by Judgment or Anti-skill? Either way, arc ends and Touma visits the ER even for a paper cut. I liked the ending shots of all the other characters doing their daily things; I know I repeated this a few times, but J.C. Staff, give us more Railgun and less Touma doing the punchy punch thing!

Overall this series had plenty of highs and just about the same amount of lows. They did improve Index’s background, giving her plenty of magic themed episodes, which most people hate because they want more of the science versus science arcs. I don’t mind either or both are fine for me. I was really excited to see Last Order and Accelerator getting more screen time this seasonas I prefer Accelerator arcs over Touma themed ones. So, to wrap it up, even if you hate Touma’s guts and can’t stand Index herself, you should at least check out a few of the science themed arcs or read the manga and light novel! Hopefully, a third season will gives us more story and huge progressions for all the characters and please put Saten in there!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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28 Responses to “Toaru Majutsu no IndexII -24 [END]”

  1. Anya says:

    I thought Awaki was a Level 4?
    And Ritoku committed suicide, when he told Accelerator something like “remember this gruesome scene for the rest of your life” and shot his own brains out.

    It’s sad that this season ended, despite it’s flaws I enjoyed watching Index (though the middle of season 1 was boring). And we need more Kuroko XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Awaki is a level 4 but shes with all the 5′s so it wouldn’t work with team 4/5 roll out XD Ah well it’s just for the screen shot anyways.

      Hahah I don’t think Accelerator would give to cents to care about Ritoku’s life story.

      Yep sad to see this end, and Agreed there it has plenty of flaws! But what anime doesn’t? People hate Index because of Touma’s speeches and Index being a lazy main character.

      Kuroko is not my favorite ever but she does make things more comical whenever she is around, hopefully we get some Railgun love!

      • MikADo says:

        Musujime would be a level 5 already if it wasnt for the accident :3 the anime did not explain enough, but once while she was teleporting, Musujime teleported inside a wall, and injured her entire leg (her skin ripped off as she tried to move) so with the traumatic accident, she gets extremely stressed whenever she teleports her self, she has the power of a LV 5, but cant use it on her self, just other objects, so she stays LV 4…unless she gets the trauma behind her, she will never become a LV 5

        • Foshizzel says:

          Right they did leave that hole there didn’t they? Ah well maybe we will get more answers in season three! True she could have been a level 5 easily but still a fun character.

  2. amado says:

    has its ups and downs but it ended on a good note. want railgun S2 before index S3 though, I want more of badass mikoto and some funny slice of life scenes.

    oh and when are you gonna do another “who will win this battle” post.
    if I can suggest, what about engi of yumekui merry vs. sayaka of madoka magica.
    both are into justice, summons swords and can be short tempered.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep ups and downs much like any 25/26 episode series, like stardriver! I love mecha and that series had a few low hitting episodes.

      Yes Railgun S2 should come out before Index S3 and of course more badass Mikoto!

      Hahah good choices! I shall put them in my possible battles folder, I might go with some guys this time to change it up! Gotta give the girls something to like xD Thanks for them!

      Team Merry vs Team madoka! xD

  3. amado says:

    isnt accelerator the only level 5 in GROUP? I must have missed something….

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah yeah ill change it >.> he is the only level 5 with them, the rest are magicians which have no level and Awaki which is a level 4.

  4. MikADo says:

    That guy Hamazura is going to be the 3rd hero from later on :3 Gets his own harem members too as well… and Touma’s adventure for his harem does not stop here and continues to England and than to Russia to pick up foreign girls XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh? sounds great I stopped reading around chapter 14 of the novel, maybe ill pick it up again since the anime is done with. Well he looks like freaking Touma too! All they did was give him a nose piercing and BOOM! New desisnt and blond hair.

      Yeah I know a bit about that stuff xD

  5. Reaper says:

    Kita! The ending! I’m not looking forward to the long wait til Index 3 but at least they ended the series with a funny episode. Flashbacks, drunken Misaka of the future (Don’t worry Foshizzel, we’d all tap that :)) as well as the cross blonde Touma/Accelerator known as Shiage Hamazura, getting a bit of the punching action from Touma. Wanted to see Misaka in the whole, Touma, why are you trying to seduce my mum?, part, would have been hilarious…but alas, it will only be a dream 🙂
    Damn you JC Staff for putting out the season with anticipation til the next season, with GROUP fighting from the shade, Touma gearing to learn English (NO WAY!), Kanzaki preparing a whole season on how to use a washing machine, Kuroko dying underneath the pile of documents to sign, whilst Uihara just humming her way along, stacking more into Kuroko’s in pile 🙂 Ah, great way to end the season, Index III, come here already! Railgun II would be also nice, if Shana III didn’t stand in the way…haven’t watched any Shana but Railgun would blow up a Flama Haze’s ass any day, guaranteed!

    • MikADo says:

      yup Misaka dont have to worry about her size anymore
      it has been genetically proven :3 LMFAO

      • Foshizzel says:

        Nice! So imagine Misaka powers but with Misuzu’s body? Nice Touma better get used to being shocked! hahaha.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True it ended kind of fast didn’t it? Ah well I am looking forward to season three if it gets made at all.

      Hahaha Drunken Misuzu so fun! LOL true xD Ah yeah the blond Touma! strange dude. well there is a part in the novel related to her having his number makes for some good laughs.

      I died laughing when Touma said that line about going to learn english, wow crazy. Yeah I need my Railgun season 2!!, Shana sure why not I guess I could go with that.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Touma should realise that in harems, there are always chances of perpetual punishment and self esteem bashing from the girls in that harem. Namely Index, Misaska and pretty much any girl who he comes into contact with who becomes a part of the harem. I really hope a third season comes along also with another Railgun.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep there is always a an abusive girl in the harem only Index can feel that roll, Misaka just shocks him anyway! Well anyone Touma punches either becomes a friend or falls into his harem.

      Third season should happen! But Railgun s2 first hopefully! I missed Saten T___T

      • BlackBriar says:

        The guys who end in harems are lucky. A different girl to keep them busy. LOL Makes me jealous that I’m not in their place except for the part when they’re suffering all kinds of unimaginable abuse from the Tsundere girls. They might end up in a very unpleasant place if they aren’t being careful. They’re straight up players. We should salute them. Like Ayumu, Touma and Tsukune.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Hahaha you are a Tsundere fan? I guess that character type can be fun, but gets really old for me after so many SHUT UP SHUT UP x 30000 only so much I can take xD

          LOL yep those three are up there in Harem leads xD Index harems are more dangerous thou, all the special powers! xD

  7. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Awww it was only a split second meeting between Accel and Touma (without Touma knowing). I wanted a full blown reunion blast from the past xD

    And yes lets go Railgun II and Index III 😀
    Hearing from novel readers I heard that if they do a S3 on Index it should be action packed (notice the word “should”).

    Anyways see you on your next series.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yes we all got trolled! I wanted them to really meet not oh yeah i saw him, pretty lame if you ask me.

      Yes more Railgun! Wooooo!
      Yes season three is going to happen eventually, there is a lot of chapters left in the series.

      Yes! Can’t wait to see what they do next.

  8. Kabitzin says:

    Need to see more forms of Mikoto! It’s like pokomon evolutions, quite frankly.

    I totally did not realize there was more after the ED started… orz

    • Foshizzel says:

      Theres one more to be shown! But I wont say due to spoilers, agreed so many forms but they are never in the same room for long D:

      Lol yeah there was just shots of everyone else doing random things, now we just wait to see what happens next! Of course we will get those random 4minute “special” videos mostly the parody things.

  9. bobbierob says:

    I hope they release Railgun S2 (if there is an S2) before Index S3. Although judging from the light novels, the stuff that happens after Accelerator’s GROUP endeavours get pretty freakin’ epic.

    Mikoto’s mom really made me laugh with her clinging on the Accelerator. Hope she gets some more screentime in the next series.

    Btw, all of Index II’s science arcs > all of Index II’s magic arcs.

  10. AkatsukiYuki says:

    They can’t just let the anime end like that~~~!Gahhh after I went to read the novel and all~ Need more Accelerator!
    Anyways, the last scene of the group walking together somehow reminds me of a certain scene/image in Katekyo/Starry Sky.

  11. Dan-go says:

    did anyone feel like this episode summed up the majority of index? arcs being too short and anticlimatic with decked up visuals, and it’s always the slice of life moments that you end up enjoying the most? it just feels on a completely weaker level if you compare it to railgun… It promises alot and doesnt seem to deliver

  12. ToumaxMisaka says:

    Sadly, there is still no season 3 to e announced but hopefully they will make one because I love this anime too much to let it slip through my fingers!!

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