Supernatural: The Animation – 05

Dean beats up a small child

Hime: I’ve been wearing down the replay button on iTunes listening to Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas. It is a good thing. So, it’s that time again. Supernatural~ Another anime original or a remade classic? I can’t wait to find out. Joining me again is the lovely Foshizzel!

Fosh: Hello again everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend, time for more crazy demon hunting adventures with Sam and Dean! Not much going on for me, so far I am looking forward to drawing some new characters from the new anime coming out in spring. Anyway joining Hime for this tag review, enjoy.

Hime: The boys travel to Colorado to check up on an old case of decapitations and cattle mutilation. Dean spots a bunch of boys playing a daredevil game on a rooftop, naturally it goes wrong and the kid falls off, only to be caught by SUPERDEAN!

Lay off the doughnuts, kid

The kid’s name is Ryan, and he’s a major wimp who gets picked on a lot cause his Dad is also a complete pansy. Tough break. Dean agrees to train the kid to help him fight off his bullies. Sam meanwhile is stalking Jason, a notoriously wack vampire hunter. Gee, I wonder how these two plot points will resolve each other?

Ryan turns out to have some anger management problems, not to mention daddy issues when it comes to training with Dean. Dean of which is the king of these as we see in a flashback. Dean takes Ryan home after his head starts hurting him again.

“I’ll never own a car as awesome as an Impala!”

Dean gets captured by Ryan’s Dad, who is of course a vampire. They have a big moral debate and we see that Daddy Vamps is actually a nice guy who doesn’t feed off humans, only animals. So he was the one responsible for the freaky cattle. His wife was the woman we saw in the beginning getting her head copped off. So Ryan is also a vampire, but he hasn’t “awakened” yet. We need an emotional climax though, so that’s soon to be remedied.

You didn’t listen to me when I say lay off the doughnuts, did you Ryan?

Jason breaks into the barn to ruin their heart-to-heart where him and Daddy Vamps duke it out. Just when it looks like the boys are done for, Sammy shows up to save the day! Ryan, now totally not cute and all …gummy and spikey toothed, stops his Dad dealing the final blow, reminding him of the passive lifestyle they’ve chosen to live by.

A face only a mother could love…oh, yeah…


Ryan was so cute, it’s a shame his face now looks like it’s melted…

Weekly dose of Impala; Satisfied


After appearing on Supernatural Jason was cast in the latest Iron Man


Fosh: Whoa! Another amazing episode this week, finally getting to see more supernatural themed characters popping up with the vampires! Even thou they look quite freaky with all those teeth, makes them look strange but it works for this series. You can also really tell Dean really saw a lot of himself in Ryan, even training him I thought that was great. And I had to laugh at Sam’s computer again! All those stickers, also the Google placed advertisement at 1:28 or so.

Also more new characters! But I think Jason is in the live action series, he was a cool character a bit crazy in the head and looks like Tony Stark from the Iron man anime! Thankfully he gets owned in the end anyway. Ryan’s dad was also an interesting character; you can easily tell he just wants his son to be happy. However he seems just as crazy as Jason hahaha well almost as crazy.

I really wanted to see the vampires tear Jason apart! Oh well guess they want to show us even vampires can love! And cry too. So pro tip from Dean! Don’t train random kids they could be demons or vampires. Hopefully we get to see more creatures, really hope we get some werewolf’s next! Maybe a few zombies next time? I want sam’s laptop by the way, Hime you can have the car.

Hime: Haha! I can live with that deal Fosh. Yeah, I think Jason was in the series but…wasn’t he black? Why’d they change him to a British guy? I know us Brits are all gun-totting psychotic vampire hunters, but still. It’s like with Jessica and Bobby, they changed their designs too. I don’t really see why. If you’re going to make the main characters look like their actors why not just do the same for the rest of the cast? Oh, well.

I saw the dub of this episode and I have to say it is pretty cool hearing Jared’s voice coming out of Sam. He does a decent job, and even though the Dean they got isn’t Jensen Ackles, you could have fooled me. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. And Jensen isn’t that amazing at voice work anyway, he’s not the worst but if any of you saw the latest animated Batman movie you’ll know what I mean. He played Jason Todd; the second Robin, and he does the same thing as Jared. (BTW you should check out that movie, it’s awesome) But there’s too much excess noise in his voice. It’s like they’re speaking from their throats, so you get a lot of nuances that don’t translate over into animation. Like heavy breathing or …I know this is kind of gross but, you know when you can hear the saliva in someone’s voice when they talk? XD Yeah, that. Too much of that.

But I’m getting all technical. This episode was another anime original I think. I don’t remember an episode where Dean becomes a jujitsu sensei, but I could be wrong. Ryan was soooooo cute, then his face went all vampirey and I was like DAYUM KIDDO U SCAREH. But like with the Impala orgy episode, the themes stayed true to the live-action, only this time it was Fathers and Sons. I’m really liking how they tie the themes into the show, yeah it’s predictable but I’m still just enjoying the style and seeing all those cool demons get animated.


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  1. Foshizzel says:

    Look at dem vampire teeth! SO EPIC

  2. Kyokai says:

    This was another epic episode. I think this anime needs MOAR love as it’s playing really true to the original supernatural franchise. This was very well handled again.

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