Level E – 13 [END]

Want to marry a Prince? Don’t kiss a frog, you silly girl! Become a BAMF schemer instead.

Kyokai: I’ve been missing out on a lot of animu due to Met’Amour and then a lot of site planning, which includes the editing of our very own Podcast: MetaVerse. Anyhow, getting back into the Level E horse, Baka Prince never fails to amuse me and there were a lot of things that I was wondering about the end. Let’s see how it goes.

Ness: Oh man, this past week has been so hectic. I apologize for the delay in getting this review out. But wow, it’s finally here. The end of Level E for the winter season of anime. Hope this ends leaves me with a good and amusing afterthought. Leaving off from the previous episode, Princess, Mohan and Colin are nowhere to be found. Bugs are found throughout Craft’s home and meanwhile Prince opens up the envelope left to him by Miho’s dad. Prince reveals the envelope to contain scribbled documents, which declares the Princess a psycho.


Prince actually reveals a hidden message for him to meet up with the Princess on the night of a full moon. There is interference with relaying message into space so Prince orders Craft and Sado to ask the Disckonions for help. Prince tries to theorize their enemy’s moves in accordance of the decisions they are to make. Miho compliments on the Princess’ ability to leave such a message and Prince says that she is playing the role of a psycho quite brillianty. Prince then comments how he hasn’t seen the Princess and his brother in a long time. The conversation leads to Miho talking about how similar Mohan is to Prince but Yukitaka disagrees. Prince then butts in realizating of the problem at hand.

“You are a Baka” in ancient Mayan language

The Princess and Mohan could actually be impostors from Magura who are against being treated as a satellite or moon for the planet Dogura. Meanwhile the Princess – Impostor is listening in on the conversation. The impostor’s goal would be to force Prince to marry a fake who will wish for Magura to be liberated.

Hey wait! That’s Rygart-sama’s special quartz toy!

Prince decides to go on a “walk” with Miho and Yukitaka to the crater and show them that Earth is surrounded by a massive amount of alien ships. Prince explains that they are most likely working with the Magura in hopes to hold Prince down on Earth because of course, Prince has a lot of enemies, including the Disckonians. We then realize that Craft walked right into the enemy’s hands. Craft and Sado get detained by the Disckonians. Craft thinks that it’s all a hoax from Prince and goes a bit crazy until Lafferty and the guys get rowdy.

Craft is most likely the most abused character…

Wishing a quick and heartless prayer for his men, Prince continues on with his plans. He heads to the meeting place with the Princess and says that he will have to make sure that she’s the real one with the fact that the Princess has moles on her shoulder as proof. The impostor listening in on the conversation is happy with the new info. Craft and Sado are transported to the imposter’s ship and see the real Princess and Mohan captured.

While the impostors are gone to meet up with Prince, Sado uses a bug to free Craft and him from their handcuffs. Craft frees the real Princess and Mohan and they capture Colin for some info. Meanwhile, Prince meets up with the impostors and asks for proof that the Princess is real. The Princess shows her shoulder to have 2 moles and Prince says that the real one has 3 moles instead.

Mohan attacks Prince who evades with ease until he jumps off a cliff. Craft pulls up in a ship from behind and the others as well with the real Princess and Mohan.

You sure got some very BAMF moves there, Tensai Ouji~

With the impostors captured, the problem arises the the impostor has the royal ring on that cannot be taken off. Prince’s solution: Marry the thief.


A King and a revolutionary, a woman who is dangerous compared to a fragile Princess and they will overthrow the dynasty and raise a nightmarish child who will end up being his arch enemy. But! Prince will need an advisor and appoints his brother for it but first points to the impostor then to his supposedly real one to find out that the impostor is actually Prince’s real brother and the impostor Princess is actually the real Princess.

Prince: We will start a revolution with our devil’s spawn, Luna!

Princess: HAI~ *blushes* (Match made in heaven!)

So we were trolled by the Princess. Also, the spaceships surrounding Earth reveal themselves and the reason that they surrounded Earth was not to attack but to reveal themselves and the Earth to not be under observation. Prince is quite amused by the antics of Princess and what do you know? It was all planned!!!


The bishie sparkles of Prince~

Run for your lives! They are going to kidnap your children!

Keikaku Doori…! TROLLOLOL…

Final Thoughts:

Ness: Man, I can’t believe this series is over already. It slightly feels like it went by slow but then now that I’ve watched this last episode, it feels like the series went by fast. Maybe I am just hoping for more or feel that not much really happened. Oh well, it’s done and over and here we are wrapping things up.

A happy ending for the Prince who is hated by many?! Well, I’m sure Prince wouldn’t let anyone get in the way of his happiness. But who would have thought that even the smart Prince would get trolled himself and by the woman who he is to be married! This was so unexpected and awesome. I could not even guess on how the problems presented would be solved and to build up to such a stage. And now our Baka Ouji is married, he thought that he could escape such a fate but now he is tied down to a woman who is just as strange and maybe even more devious compared to him.

Poor Yukitaka and Miho just got booted from the big revealing scene. Though, I am glad that they made their comeback into the series after the Color Rangers and Macbak Princess arcs. As well, I am glad that in the end, we got to see the Color Rangers again. The scenes of the world discovering about the alien spaceships was just awesome. The art was so detailed and worked well with the mood of going towards that happy ending. This series has ended well for me. I will most likely hit up the manga sometime in the summer. Even though I didn’t get to watch many winter anime, I am satisfied with just this one series for the season. I have watched very few anime with an extraterrestrial theme to it and this series has presented it well on a light side. Aside from that, the humor, the trolling and the Baka Ouji made this series enjoyable. So whats next? Spring anime! Woooo~!

Kyokai: Whoa… an actual happy ending for our Baka Ouji?! DAAAAWWWW~ I was so not expecting this to happen. I just thought, another mindscrew would occur with Prince coming out as the evil end-boss but this was quite surprising. It still ended up being a total back and forth between Luna and Prince with second guessing of who is who but all worthwhile. I can easily say this was Winter’s better titles with interesting plot that never failed to amuse me. I have to say that in the beginning I got kind of tired of Power Rangers but they sure grew on me. When they reappeared, I actually liked it.

And of course, whenever there is Yukitaka, I’m happy because his character is just so win! He should have been in more arcs as I always enjoyed his WTF and GTFO faces. And who can forget Craft, the brilliantly insane Craft who would give anything to destroy the Prince, poor him who could never off the bishie blondie genius. Even the side characters were interesting, like that Kobayashi Yuu character (why does she mostly play traps, huh?!), Mermaid and even Tachibana sensei, who has been a sweet teacher.

It’s interesting to note that this anime had strong women characters rather than those moe ones who would either want your help or are totally girly with no brave qualities whatsoever. I never understand weak people and I guess the reason for me to not like many moe characters. Anyhow, Miho has been a good addition to the Yukitaka and Prince combo and same can be said about Luna. I mean, gotta give it to this girl, who made an idiot out of our Prince who we thought was unbeatable. They are definitely made for each other.

I haven’t read hunter x hunter but I seriously want to now along with Level E of course, because this was such a perky story with awesomely twisted characters. With stand alone arcs, this could have stretched on but oh well, at least some quality from Studio Pierrot and the small yet promising David Productions. I can easily say that during this whole run of the anime, I was never bored and the characters kept me engaged. I definitely enjoyed this and would totally boo you, if you said you didn’t. =P So, here goes our last Winter Review and it has been interesting tagging it along with Ness. Without any further ado, make way for Spring 2011! Ja ne~


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16 Responses to “Level E – 13 [END]”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    A very fun show that had an excellent ending. Also, how infrequently do anime end in marriages? This show managed to surprise me on a regular basis.

    • Ness says:

      Indeed. That’s a good question too, it’s rare for anime to end in such ways unless it’s really focused on slice of life.

  2. MikADo says:

    WHYYYY WHYYYY I demend for second season!
    this was such a fun anime and i laughed my guts out
    every single episode XD
    All Hail Togashi!!

    • Ness says:

      Hi5! I know what you mean! I wish there was mooooooooooaarrrrrr

  3. Overcooled says:

    Hunter x Hunter is awesome, Kyokai. READ IT! The art gets bad halfway through (apparently the mangaka broke his arm and used his other arm OTL) but it’s worth it. I think it’s on hiatus right now though D=

    I predicted everything except the final twist at the very end where it’s like “lol nope we switched TWICE.” Level E got really simplistic and less funny towards the end, but it was better than the other winter shows at least >_< (I almost dropped it though, to be honest...)

    • MikADo says:

      Togashi is a bastard i hoped last year that we will get pass the insect arc, but my dreams were crushed again and my new wish is to get pass the arc this year

  4. nakariri2 says:

    the saddest part is, there would definitely be no second season for sure.:'( unless yoshito usui has a change of heart.. which is definitely not gonna happen…tsk..

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, I figured as much. Thus, I will most likely check out the manga to read. Maybe there might be some differences.. who knows haha

  5. A-chan says:

    I wonder why most of people didn’t like the arc of color rangers :< !
    :'D I really enjoyed watching this anime, and it was my favourite of the season with Fractale, Hourou Musuko and Kore wa zombie.
    I will miss them all :< I read also the manga, there are a chapter honeymoon XD it was actually fun ! but I think they didn't make any episode about this because of maturity ect.

    It was a nice moment to follow all the episodes ~

    Oh color rangers Ike color rangers Tatakare color rangers~~

    • Ness says:

      I enjoyed small bits of the Color Rangers arc but some of the humor just died on me. Indeed there were many good moments in this anime.

      Oooh a honey moon chapter?! I will totally check that out. Thanks for letting me know XD

  6. Balloon Thief says:

    Ok this show was awesome but it is way to short. I would have liked for it to go at least 26 episodes.

    I wasn’t expecting a happy ending but it actually turned out surprisingly well. I wish that the prince could have pulled a few more hijinks before the final bow *shrugs*. Oh well. Ooh I like how the prince didn’t grow up in the end. People always seem to “mature”in these big moments and yet he’s as childish as ever.

    • Ness says:

      Yes, it was an awesome show but short indeed.

      I wasn’t expecting a happy ending either. More like a mysterious or leaving your hanging type of ending considering Prince’s character. I for sure doubt he would have matured considering it’s just what defines who he is and it’s his mentality. Prince is named Baka which says much.

  7. Da5id says:

    Is it me, or has this blog been using the abbreviation BAMF a little too much?

  8. Anya says:

    This is one of those shows I would be happy to have continue on forever even without an overarching plot. Too bad it ended T^T

    And that princess has some serious balls of galactic proportions.

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