Level E 11-12

You can’t get in the way of my bromance!

It’s been such a tiring year so far but I’m sure that when summer comes, everything will be more at ease. But enough of that, Winter anime is coming to an end soon and I’m excited for what Spring has to offer. Level E! More humorous stories are here and lets get down to business!

Yukitaka!! Oh how I have missed you~ This episode starts off with Yukitaka in a bus with his baseball teammates stuck in the middle of a baseball field which looks like Koshien. But back at home, Lafferty explains to Craft about the disappearance of the bus that the baseball team was in. Sado explains that the bus must have went into an alternate dimension.

We’re not in Kansas anymore~

The team discuss their situation without panicking and try to figure out if they’re really at Koshien stadium. Meanwhile, the Disckonian try to blame their opposing race, the Ellarian’s region baseball team for the disappearance. Leave it to Craft to try to calm an angry mob.

Children of Saika UNITE!!!

One of the baseball members said he’s been to Koshien before and the guys look at the seat that the member marked to find that it’s different. Prince then chides in with a comment about the situation and we find that he sneaked on the bus so that he could bother Yukitaka cheer everyone on but was surprised at what happened.

This ain’t no field trip yo

We get some of Yukitaka + Prince rage until the manager calls the guys to the locker room. The guys find that it’s a locker room of a different stadium. In fact, the place they are consists of places that they have seen before on TV. Meanwhile, Sado explains a story about a man disappearing due to his daughter’s stress of her parents fighting.

Prince explains the same situation to the team and starts to accuse the players to find the stressed culprit. Yukitaka then gets to let his anger out on Prince. Yukitaka’s baseball team rival appears and the guys have no choice but to play the game and hope that they will be released.

I will buff you up!

Meanwhile, Craft’s group head to the stadium where the baseball team was to play because one of the team’s regulars who might be the cause is at the station. Lafferty tells them that Prince snuck on the bus…


…. which causes a car accident. Craft, in his deep though thinks of a way to save the baseball team and leave Prince in that alternate dimension.

Teee hee heee… Victory! XD

At the stadium, Miho explains to Craft and the guys that the cause of the disappearance might not be from stress but from high concentration. Meanwhile, the team does bad at first but after a while they start to do well in the game and Prince gets upset because then he can’t use his alternate ‘solution’ methods to free them from the dimension. This ticks Yukitaka off and into hitting a home-run on Prince.


The scene then moves to the team huddling up for their real game and don’t seem to remember that they were in another dimension. Craft leaves with a smirk on his face and behold! Prince is still in the other dimension.

Episode 12 starts off with the appearance of a spaceship from Dogura. Prince’s little brother, Mohan arrive on Earth with Prince’s fiance, Luna Mi Mado Magura. Meanwhile, Prince tries to hide from his little brother and fiance at Yukitaka’s place.

Prince explains to Yukitaka about his situation and that he has to marry before adulthood or he will not be able to become King of Dogura. Prince will be considered an adult within a month. It seems that Mohan is set on making Prince and Luna get married. Meanwhile, Miho makes an input and appears to have been listening in on the conversation.

Prince starts to make himself comfy in Yukitaka’s apartment until they are interrupted by Mohan with Luna in a spacecraft. Mohan goes off about Prince having to get married and after Luna introduces herself, Mohan begins their marriage ceremony. But after Luna puts on her ring that stays on her finger FOOREEVVVAARRR, Prince has already made his escape.

Prince: “No woman will come between our bromance!!”        Yukitaka: “GTFO!”

Takahashi Ryousuke IS DAT CHUU?! Initial D ended a long time ago. WTF Chevy car!?

With Prince gone with the help of Craft (who doesn’t want Prince to become King), Luna and Mohan make themselves at home in Yukitaka’s apartment. Prince visits Gendo Miho’s dad for some research help on figuring out Mohan’s plan.

The next morning, Yukitaka finds a surprise in his shower but it turns out to be… Mohan.

Yukitaka: “Nuuuuuuu, I thought he was a she!!”         Mohan: “Yuki-chan, I borrowed your towel teeheeheee”

Later on, Prince is visiting some sort of crater lake and reveals that there’s actually a space fleet surrounding Earth but blocking their presence with a wormhole.


Mohan appears to get Prince to get married but Prince dodges it with asking Mohan if he likes Luna. Meanwhile, Luna talks about her growing up, that her planet, Magura is a moon to Dogura and for peace they have an arranged marriage. Luna grew up communicating with a expressionless Prince and working hard to please him.

Mohan: “The truth is, aniki… I… Yukitaka….”             Prince: “Yes, yes, I know… he has that effect on people”

Awwww, little Prince… kawaii~

Later that day, Miho hands Prince some files from her dad while Prince talks with about the situation and Yukitaka tries to speak up for the Princess. While Prince and Yukitaka are at it, Miho talks about their movements being watched and Prince finds the apartment to be bugged.

WTF Yukitaka, you have Miho!!

Prince’s Hair – Dowsing Rods. Buy now online for just $9.99!

Prince then looks at his alien device (from episode 1-2), to show that Colin placed a bug in the apartment and is a spy for Magura. Prince then looks at the files that Miho gave him while Yukitaka and Miho are shocked at what they see. To be Continued…

It’s always the quiet and innocent looking ones…

End Thoughts:

Wow, these two episodes seem like not much really happened and yet there was some good humorous content. The whole bus disappearing situation was very interesting. But what made it even more great was Prince’s appearance in the alternate dimension along with Yukitaka. Having the Yukitaka + Prince conflict back was so refreshing. Even Yukitaka mentioned that a sort of blood thirst was coming back with Prince’s appearance. Though, who would have thought that Prince would hide in the bus’ back compartment. He never ceases to surprise and amuse me. The solution to getting the baseball team out of the alt. dimension wasn’t really shown at play but I suppose it was fine. The in-depth exploration at solving the mystery of the missing bus was interesting enough. As for the end, how nice that Craft got his wish of having Prince stuck in the alt. dimension. Celebration tonight!!!!

As for the next episode, oh how classic! We should have expected Prince would have to deal with marriage because it’s part of a Prince’s role. But to think that Prince’s brother supports and wants to force the marriage was something else. As well, we got to see Craft’s devious thoughts of not letting Prince get married. The forced marriage ceremony in a… spacecraft was something! As well, Prince’s comments on Luna being a bit psycho appealing to his taste was hilarious. Prince’s tastes are quite unique but then again, he is an eccentric being. But what’s even more funny is Prince’s real name being Prince Baka Ki El Dogura!

I don’t know what to say about what’s to come next. From what I interpreted from the preview, it’s something about Luna and Mohan being kidnapped by another alien race. I’m just glad that there’s some more Prince plot along with Yukitaka and Miho’s appearance. I look forward to the next episode and hope that this anime ends with some great moments.

Inter-galactic Stalker

Preview: Colin is suspicious. Some aliens attack?! Luna and Mohan are kidnapped?! Oh noes~! See you in episode 12.


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7 Responses to “Level E 11-12”

  1. MikADo says:

    Episode 12 made me think that all the characters
    in this anime is somehow twisted in some sorts
    no matter what they look like :3

    • Ness says:

      Indeed, each character seems to be strange in their own way. It’s so funny. Especially Yukitaka, his way of life was changed because of Prince and even twisted to the point of violence when around Prince. Even Miho is twisted because of her father, sensing bugs in the room haha.

  2. Junko says:

    Craft’s little meltdown in ep 11 had me in stiches. I’ve never seen something to funny in my life.

    • Ness says:

      Yes! That scene was just awesome. It’s so like Craft to have such a thing happen and not even care for the car being wrecked. XD The rays of light and sparkles was awesome.

  3. Anya says:

    I didn’t start watching Level E until last week, but I love it >.<
    And who would've thought his real name really is Baka…

    • Elyon says:

      Yeah, I used to think it was a nickname before this XD Who the heck would name their kid that?

      • Ness says:

        Same! I was surprised to find that his real name is Baka. Always thought it was just because he’s hated.

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