First Impression – Seikon no Qwaser II


I was actually happy when I heard that there’s going to be a sequel for Seikon no Boobs. Yes, I’m a fan of chemistry. I was so eager to write about this ASAP that I wrote this right away after my English paper. I feel like I have no life now orz

Anyhow, enough about me. I know you’re all EXCITED for some boob-sucking moments. Yes, don’t worry, we got that moment as soon as the anime starts. The censor is bad though, you practically can’t see the whole screen.

Nominated for the Worst Censor of 2011

I wonder what kind of lens he uses…

Sasha has a new mission now. He has to find Magdalene of Thunder, an ancient weapon. But now he has a not-so-new new Maria, Hana the Masochist. The problem is, Sasha has to search for The Girl in an all-girl school. Doomed as a male forever, he has to disguise himself as a girl. Yes, with the boobs and all that. I find the female Sasha to be gorgeous though.

Magdalene is a very shy woman you can’t see her face at all

Before and After. APPROVED

Like all anime, their first day at school is not that well. Since Sasha is really devoted to his work, he ends up grabbing everybody’s boobs to find Magdalene. But hey, it’s an all-girl school. Apparently, it’s fine for girls to grab each other’s boobs since the girls are squealing every time Sasha does that. Oh, and he also sucks lots of girls’ boobs every night just to find Magdalene. He really loves his job, huh?

Boobs massage!

Someone’s mad because she didn’t squeeze any boobs yet

Anyhow, back on the school. The school has a machine that takes their students at a virtual world. In that virtual world, they’re able to release their hidden maximum potential and practice on it. But what’s the use of that is you can’t do it in real life? Anyway, Hana fails at landing, and a girl named Tsubasa *hint hint* helps Hana to get up. They click, and Tsubasa ended up teaching Hana how to use sword in the virtual world. Sasha fails at landing too, but sexier.

Obligatory panty shot


Remember that girl with blue hair which I can’t remember her name? Well she suspects Sasha as the culprit on recent girl assault. And how do they solve that? A battle. Yep, a battle. The winner has to obey the loser. At first, Sasha is losing the battle. But of course, Sasha wins in the end. he realized that in the virtual world, he has to accept his female body in order to move freely.

The armor looks familiar…

The censor is like a whole new armor

Since Sasha won, blue-hair girl has to listen to what he says. He uses this opportunity to suck on the girl’s boobs, which the girl gets mad about. Feeling dirty, she decided to take a bath to “clean herself.” Suddenly Adept appears out of nowhere trying to console her by touching her boobs. What a way to console others. It turns out that Jita, the Adept member, is also a transfer student. I guess Adept wants the Magdalene of Thunder too. Oh, and I just remembered the blue-hair girl’s name. It’s Miyuki.


Reminds me of Freezing

I actually find this pose cute



Obligatory Yuri picture. He got the letter from Jiggy Pepper!

I bet this machine can release my hidden potential in Ad Math

I LOL’ed

Magdalene VS. Maria

End Thoughts:

Well, I’ve always like Seikon no Qwaser. The problem is, I like Seikon no Qwaser in a casual way. When I have time to watch it, I’ll watch it. I don’t watch SnQ on a weekly basis, since there’s nothing special in that anime –except the chemistry–that makes me want to watch it on a weekly basis. I guess it’s one of those anime I use to pass the time. So, when I watched this anime, I don’t feel any emotion toward this.

The story is all right, I find it a little bit dull. I don’t see anything special about the story now, because it’s just about searching for the lost weapon to complete the set – a quest in a modern way? The virtual world gives me the Freezing and Digimon vibe for some unknown reason. I like the design of the weapon and the names of the weapons though. I didn’t expect them go to all Biblical on everything here. Actually, I like the design on everything, except the uniform and the armor. Ugh. Since Sasha X Mafuyu is my favorite pairing here, I’m not too pleased with Hana as Sasha’s new Maria. As for the new cast, I don’t really care about them. Those kinds of characters are so common in other anime that I don’t find them interesting. I like Tsubasa though, I think she’s cute :3

As for the animation, it’s all right. I like that part where the weapons are shown. There are some fail moments though in the animation, such as that scene showing the pink-hair girl using the machine. That was just so effin ugly.

Overall, this anime is all right. Well, for me, since I don’t really care about the boobs and all that. If you don’t like oversized boobs that will give girls back pain, then I don’t think you should watch this anime. But if you can tolerate all that, this anime is good when you’re really bored. As in REALLY REALLY BORED. Just like the first season, I’ll watch this anime when I have lots of free time.


Looks like someone’s going to be raped


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22 Responses to “First Impression – Seikon no Qwaser II”

  1. Carla says:

    If you didn’t get enough epic boobs….
    (Just joking, never is enough)

  2. Hime says:

    I saw an AMV of Sasha kicking ass and did actually regret not watching the first season. Too many boobs for me, but such epicness in battle =( Sad times.

    • Hime says:

      Sorry, just noticed your tag thing. You hate Clannad? Ohmygod, we must rage against it sometime.

      • Dan-go says:


        • Hime says:

          It is the arsemeat of sloppy melodrama. ACCEPT IT DAN-GO, AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED!

          • anaaga says:

            clannad is like the most boring show i’ve ever seen in my entire life.
            oh, and it’s so full of drama, i’m disgusted

        • Amutofan123 says:

          Come on Dan-go! Us Clannad fans must stand up against the haters!!!! D:<

          • bakuhasu says:

            I would have to side with the CLANNAD fans here….Also you don’t have a valid opinion unless you FINISH the series.

      • anaaga says:


        now you can hide me behind your back

        • Hime says:

          Oh, great…I’m the meatsheild. =P

          Sadly I do think we’re the minority. But NO MATTER!

          Haters gonna hate <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I never got to see the first season of this at all. I heard some mixed things about it though but I’m glad there’s a second season. I’m gonna make it a week-end priority to marathon the entire first season so I can catch up with you guys. I see nothing but boobs here. Also, I see harem and big time yuri potential and those are some of favorite genres (Especially Yuri). I heard the second episode of season 2 is already out. Gotta hurry. This is another show to put on my list. Man, this is becoming a very interesting anime season.

  4. Dan-go says:

    what. the heck. IS THIS!?!??! hahahhaha this is so nsfw it’s ridiculous

    • Dan-go says:

      HAAHHAHAHAHAHAH WTF ” It is notable for its heavy violence and use of graphic fanservice, and in particular, the use of breast milk as an actual plot device.”

  5. amado says:

    I didnt regret watching first season. though some parts were a bit hard to watch through, it was interesting and entertaining for me.

    having yuri this season is a big bonus. plus sasha makes quite a good trap. not quite as good as maria from maria holic though.

    wish I could fine the uncesored version though…
    ep 2 is already out, if you plan on covering this.

  6. edru says:

    I agree with your post, well except for the part where you say if your really bored.
    if you can tolerate the boobs, or enjoy it, its a good anime. the religious aspect and alchemy in it does make it an interesting show.

    oh and I dont agree with your sashaXmafuyu pair. I dont ship him with someone though, I think he’s better off as a cold and single guy. falling in love kinda made him less cool for me.

  7. Hato-kun says:

    This got a second season? Lord have mercy…

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  9. YakovStrongoff says:

    Any idea which episode contains that last picture?

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