Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 25 [END]

And thus concludes “super saiyan mailmen”

I feel like I JUST wrote about episode 24. We’re really at the end so soon? Maybe I’ve just been spending too much time playing God Eater Burst, I MEAN studying to notice the days fly by. Well, better this than being delayed like my poor, poor Madoka. T.T

As the Cabernet flies off to om nom nom the artificial sun, Lag hovers over Noir’s weakened body. He manages to sputter a few last words of inspiration and give Lag his shindanjuu before he croaks. Insert BAWWW moment here. Ready to avenge the fallen, Lag asks Niche’s sister (who I will once again call Blondie) to use the Maka to raise him into the air so he can power up his shindanjuu. He makes a mini sun to attract the Cabernet towards him and fires a dual-shot of kokoro right into the bug’s interior. It explodes, everyone cheers, and it’s all sunshine.

Lag takes a while to recover (you would too if you emitted more energy than the sun), but when he wakes up, he’s right as rain. Sylvette and Niche are there by his bed when he wakes up and so is…Noir. Wtf..you guys…he’s…supposed to be dead…I…UGH. ANYWAYS. For the sake of a happy ending, Noir is back to tell Lag he’s going to live with the spirifails. Tegami Bachi just isn’t Tegami Bachi without a melodramatic happy ending. Noir gives Lag a hug and promises that they will see each other again and that they are friends. Okay, I’ll admit it..it was sweet.

I cut off Connor you say? Nonsense. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

As for everyone else, their lives after the event are pretty…dull. Garrard and Valentine resign to wandering around and doing whatever, the Signal twins go back to work, and  Connor, Zaji and Jiggy deliver letters as per usual. The only real change is that Connor is Sunny’s boyfriend. Because one happy ending wasn’t enough, it turns out Dr. Thunderland made massive progress in his research and partially restored Sunny’s heart. She’s out and about baking cookies just like she used to.

Lloyd receives a letter (RABU RETTA~) from Jiggy about how the spirifails have all moved to Blue Notes Blues. Although the government hasn’t really been held accountable for the horrible acts they have committed, the Bees are at least more aware of how sinister the artificial sun really is. Who knows, maybe Lloyd will do something about it one day. On that wistful note, we see Lag go on his last delivery of the series, handing a letter right towards the viewer. Yep, everything back to normal, and we’re back to where we started.

I hope that’s not the hydro bill…That would suck.



Fatal wound? Anime rule #94: bandages heal everything.



End Thoughts: It certainly wasn’t a flashy ending, but it’s better than leaving too many loose threads. Instead of opting for a dragged out battle, the Cabernet was taken out right away so that the rest of the episode could be dedicated to giving us some closure. Much appreciated. I don’t want any nagging doubts after a series has ending. I’ll accept having Lag’s identity as being slightly shrouded in the mist, but if it just ended with the Cabernet being defeated and no explanations afterwards…well…I’d be kind of pissed.

Speaking of Lag’s identity, Blondie said he’s “simply in his human form” right now. So Lag and his mother are some sort of strange type of creatures that can power the sun? Or could even be a human form of the sun itself? (Which would be weird given that the sun is a fetus…) I almost want to say they’re like those ancient spirit insects the Maka talked about before. Or maybe Lag is actually just a giant piece of spirit amber who turned into a real boy, like Pinocchio. Whatever he is, I want to know how the hell he was made. The government hasn’t exactly been stopped, you know. The experiments will still continue without any more opposition and Amberground is not much better off than when the series first started. Moral of the story? The government is untouchable.

As much as I was grateful for the epilogue-like ending, all in all it was only an average sort of ending. Tegami Bachi really tries far too hard to give everyone a happy ending. Noir was supposed to be dead. I hate when the “lol, let’s pretend this character is dead then revive them 10 minutes later” plot device comes into play. If I have already emotionally committed myself to think a character is dead, I don’t want them to revive and make me feel gullible for believing their death. The ending would have been that much more bittersweet if he stayed dead. I needed some sort of bitter moment amongst the plethora of sugary sweet happily-ever-afters that paraded across the screen one by one. Even CONNOR got a good ending and he’s A USELESS FAT KID.

Well, it looks like my time reviewing Tegami Bachi has come to a close. Admittedly, I was a little discouraged at times when I was writing about it since I felt like no one was watching it. That was until I said “…wait, who cares about that?” and started using these posts to experiment a bit and write whatever the hell I want. Quite a nice outlet, I’d say. As for the series itself, it was worth it to see the manga in animated form. Tegami Bachi is like a sappy drama trying to capture a bigger audience with action and the occasional dark concept here and there. Sometimes it meshes well and other times things go a little bit all over the place. Well, at least it’s really good at being shamelessly fluffy and sappy. Also, it has Miyuki Sawashiro. I REPEAT, MIYUKI SAWASHIRO! With this post I have one less Winter show to worry about. The spring season is coming~

Until next time, my darlings ;D


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13 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 25 [END]”

  1. Elyon says:

    ZAZIE’S CAT MOMENT-!! That made me a very happy fangirl. >////< Though for a minute I swear I thought he was going to be like "I actually just hooked up with Lag myself…"

    I wasn't too crazy about this ending either, but at least there was some more Jiggy Pepper in these last two episodes. : D

  2. Tofu says:

    Overcooled! No more Zaji now that Tegami ended, need a tissue? ^^

    For me being hesitant as to how they would of bunched up EVERYTHING into one episode… they did a pretty good job. I don’t mind the Cabernet being killed off quickly. As you said OC, if they dragged it on and left no room for any explanations… I would of been pissed.

    Noir is such a TROLL!!!! We were TROLLED!!! D: This reminds me of the time I got trolled by Kuroneko from Oremo!!!

    I think through growing up I’ve developed a stone heart. I will admit everything after the battle with the Cabernet was sweet and quite sad. I didn’t actually feel anything… I knew it was a nice sweet ending but yet I didn’t feel that emotion myself… Have I become a cold hearted man!?!?! NOOOOO!!!!! D:

    I was one of the few who continued to watch Tegami and comment on your Tegami posts Overcooled :3 I’m glad you kept blogging Tegami till the end.


    • Overcooled says:

      D= I’m sad, but I have the manga, at least…

      lol it’s okay if you didn’t feel anything. I only felt a slight twinge when Lag was saying bye to Noir. Tegami Bachi isn’t the type of show that makes you deeply feel anything, haha, you’re not heartless XD The most prominent emotion I felt was raging over how Noir revived so..quickly

      Haha, thank you for commenting, Tofu. I’m sure there are lurkers who are afraid to comment too, so as long as my posts entertain SOMEONE then it’s worth it ;D

  3. Ruby says:

    The battle between Lag and Cabernet ended within the first 10 mins I was like O_O o_o -_- *disappointment* and lol Noir…such a dramatic scene and he comes back to life no problem, aww I really wanted a tragic ending XD

    With Lag he definitely doesn’t seem human and his mother is the one who stole Gauche’s heart, I wonder what Lag is gonna do about that. If a third season is made, I hope it’ll be dedicated to Zaji! <3

    • Overcooled says:

      The battle was just a OHKO XD I like my tragic endings too, but I guess they wanted to end it with everyone smiling.

      Yeah, Lag seemed pretty okay with the fact that the whole reason Gauche’s heart was stolen was because his mom took it <_< I would love a Zaji spin-off oh my goosshhhhhhh

  4. Starry says:

    Time to follow the manga~! Thanks for your hard work!

  5. anaaga says:

    unfortunately, the ending doesn’t attract me enough to start watching this. but hey, there’s a hole that might even leade to season 3: WHO IS LAG? xD

    and w00t Dr. Thunderland and Noir!! My harem is back! Jiggy Pepper too 😀 at least noir isn’t dead, thank god i don’t have to chop some stuff *hide axe*

    • Overcooled says:

      I think a season 3 would be pushing it a bit XD I’m sticking to the manga…I’ve been following this since it first came out, I think. I feel so attached to it >w< I knew you'd be glad Noir respawned...lol.

  6. lidoxbecky says:

    I think.. Lag is like.. too ‘slow’.. maybe he didn’t completely comprehend that his mom took Gauche’s heart? And when they say Lag’s like only wearing the human shell.. I wish they continued with the series and explain these things :/ I totally didn’t feel much about the cabarnet ending either like most ppl. I guess I like the part Noir is ‘nice’ with his deeds in the end and not become like those super evil masterminds after losing his heart. That would’ve been a blow haha.
    Okay.. maybe not like a third season, but like maybe a movie? or half a season long episodes? some continuing OVAS? those would be nice ^w^

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s been a while so I don’t exactly remember everything, but there were some loose threads like that, unfortunately. All in all, I’d say it was actually a pretty nice way to end things with an original twist since the manga isn’t done yet. It’s still updating at a snail’s pace >_< At this rate I doubt they'd do more anime adaptations - especially since this seems like the final arc. If you're not reading the manga right now, I recommend it!

      • lidoxbecky says:

        lol it’s definitely been a while haha. And yeah.. I’ve seen some threads out there but.. ehh.. and I usually don’t read manga but I’ll probably read this one later(soon) 😀
        But yeah, my opinion still stands, a short ova or movie would be nice~ tegami bachi – only place where mailmen can be a dangerous, exciting, and an extremely important job 🙂

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