Supernatural: The Animation – 03

Ghost Mama; to the rescue~

Foshizzel: here time to do my first tag review with Hime! Hopefully the fans of the live action series get a kick out of this animated version. I wasn’t really sold on the animation all that much, but it has grown on me after seeing the first two episodes. What crazy adventures will Sam and Dean Encounter today?!

Hime: Time to dive into the Supernatural animu verse yet again! The last two episodes kicked all kinds of ass so I’m hoping episode three will deliver just as much awesome action (and copious amounts of the Impala) as the others.

Hime: Starting off with a recap like we can’t remember what happened before…

Foshizzel: Yep hahah mysterious pictures!

Hime: It’s still weird to hear them say english names in Japanese

Foshizzel: totally normal…

Hime: Usually in anime there’s only like one person with an english name

Foshizzel: Deeaaannnn

Wacky vision powers say DOOOOOOM!

Hime: oh dear, closets on fire, run little girl run!

Foshizzel: Lol

Hime: Sammy’s seeing things…time to take him to the shrink!

Foshizzel: Always seeing things probably all the drugs

Hime: DAT CAR…

Foshizzel: Woooooo car!

Hime: God they’re just talking. Go back to the awesome car!

Foshizzel: damn kids and their “monsters”

Hime:This woman is awful nice to just let strangers wander around her house…

Foshizzel: Hahah yep probably likes the young guys…

Hime:She’s a cougar! Run!

Foshizzel: run farrrrr

Hime: Yeah, run to my house!

You can’t handle the awesome.

Foshizzel: So much fire

Hime: Chibi Dean is so sweet

Foshizzel: I loved that background music…so good

Hime:The music is pretty cool

Foshizzel: and dean throws a bottle LOL random

Hime: He’s so full of RAGE~ Die bottle die!

Foshizzel: sam was going to drink that…

Hime: I know it’s implied, but they should probably say Jessica was Sammy’s gf

Foshizzel: Yeah

Sad times~

Hime: I love Sammy’s Matrix jacket, it’s awesome haha

Foshizzel:t his lady was so funny in the dub pure Jamaican accent

Hime: Oh God, I can’t even imagine

Foshizzel: so funny

Hime: I have to admit its a bit over the top for me..Her head is HUGE

Foshizzel: she looks like a troll

Hime: She does, and she’s super short

Foshizzel: shes a witch! yeah dean has people to call..

Hime: Haha the toilet thing was such a bad excuse

Foshizzel: thats a old school phone, yeah this part…

Hime: This was traumatizing!

Foshizzel: Ghost and children not a good combo

Hime: I’m glad they didn’t show us the iron landing on the baby’s face

Foshizzel: YA IT IS…i mean…what because it’s in the script.

Hime: Oh great, more of the crazy troll

A servant of the Horde

Foshizzel: emo dean

Hime: He has such daddy issues

Foshizzel: never got a hug Daawww

Hime: Oh Sammy, stop twisting the knife

Foshizzel: hahaha

Hime: Dean doesn’t want to talk about it

Foshizzel: sam poke poke poke

Hime:I know, haha

Foshizzel:the OH Fuuuu face someone needs life alert.

Dean: “Have you checked the children?”

Hime:This scene reminded me of the movie Poltergeist SO MUCH

Foshizzel: Yes I thought the same thing, just missing the static tv

Hime: They’re heeeere

Foshizzel: Hahahha

Hime:they can really scale a house

Foshizzel: ya wtf super powers

Hime: whoaa fire person

Foshizzel: shes so hot, muhahaha

Hime: haha I see what you did there

Foshizzel: hi5 Yay saved by the fire chick

Hime: lol face palm

Sam’s doing it wrong…

Foshizzel: now drama

Hime: Que emotional moment

Foshizzel: i hear Samu and deaaan engrish is epic.

Hime: Hey! Their mother had long hair

Foshizzel: she looks young

Hime: Why is everything green? It’s like a rave

Foshizzel: saint patricks day?


Foshizzel: WOoooooo

Hime: that scene there where all the light is coming from the house is very Poltergeist too

Foshizzel: Ohhhh mom you are embarrasing us

Hime: haha would you consider her a MILF? if she wasnt dead and all

Foshizzel: Lol probably Manly tears

Hime: totally manly

Raves make for the best emotional moments

Foshizzel: GO AWAY TROLL

Hime: get back under your bridge!

Foshizzel: go collect more gold coins

Hime: she’s like a walking wind chime

Foshizzel: robbed Mario, que the song! Wooooooooo

Hime: Carry on my wayward son~



Foshizzel: their dad totally awesome

Hime: He’s most certainly a DILF

Foshizzel: LOL

Hime: I think the engrish song is actually pretty good

Foshizzel: yeah its grown on me the jap cover

Hime: HNG …they need to stop showing me that car…

Foshizzel: You are going to steal it haha

Hime: I would yano I really would

Foshizzel: So episode three! any comments on that?

Hime: It was another good live action episode translated to animu form I think the ending was a bit overly cheesy though

Foshizzel: Yeah with the dad watching over them lol ya cheesy indeed

Hime: but the good kind of cheese

Foshizzel: so much! but agreed Wonder how their dad stayed hidden so well

Hime: I know, he’s not very subtle

Foshizzel: super secert ninja training?

Hime: Must be, you gotta be a ninja to fight ghosts in this day and age

Foshizzel: the kids are still going to be scared for life

Hime: The little boy will never be able to pick up an iron

Foshizzel: LOL yeah sister won’t ever use a closet ever damn you fire ghost

Hime:It was pretty cool though to see the fire in the closet

Foshizzel: Yeah nice to see the supernatural elements instead of running around playing cops lol

Hime: Yeah, it’s better to see them fight demons than question people

Foshizzel: and see dean stare at the girls lol

Hime: With his pupil-less eyes haha

Foshizzel: guess they did translate the characters personalitys quite well sam always the good guy and dean always wild and crazy

Hime: Dean’s hitting on girls is a bit too ecchi harem seeker, than how it was in the series haha

Foshizzel: True,he only does that a few times in the live series

Hime: I’m sad they’re not doing season 4 because I would love to see the episode where Dean takes Cas to the strip joint

Foshizzel: Hahah yeah I almost forgot about all the angels

Hime:They would be cool to see in anime

Foshizzel: well anything else to add?

Hime: I think that’s about it

Episode Recap
Sam and Dean return to their town they grew up in, until Sam gets a weird feeling about the house and is worried for the safety of the new family living there. After Dean tells Sam the truth about the past and how their mom died, they seek the aid of an old woman who finds two ghosts living at the house. After a freak house fire the ghost of Sam and Dean’s mom appears and drives the evil spirit away, the brother’s drive away unaware their dad was watching in the shadows.


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  1. Foshizzel says:

    Wooooooo Ghost rave! This was a great episode, the next one is even better!

  2. cassi says:

    Home was a good episode, it was even more brutal than the live-action episode.

    Seems like everybody loves the Impala! I think you guys will love the fourth episode. Lol

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