Starry Sky – Aquarius

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about the bishies did you~?

~Please. As if Hoshi would forget a harem of glorious bishies. The only reason these poor Starry Sky posts have been delayed for so long is because of my mini-hiatus due to typical teenage problems, like I said in my previous comeback posts. Yet for some reason, when it comes to this show, I get a slight cringe when watching it. All I can say is it’s definitely not the animation, nor the characters, but something else. Shall we take a look into it then?

First off, let’s take a look into our second arc, Aquarius, being represented by the darling Tsubasa Amaha. As a kid, he was taken in by a older man, which the other relatives thought as troublesome, and also meets Azusa (his grandson I believe?).

Then flash-forward to him entering high school, where he accidentally bumps into Azusa and they end up going to the entrance ceremony together. There, the Student Council president suddenly points to Tsubasa, making him the Student Council treasurer.

He tries to get out of it by not reporting to the Student Council room after homeroom, but the President manages to find him and drag him away. At the room, he meets the Vice-President Hayato Aozora and Secretary Tsukiko Yahisa. From there on the four have great times together, until one day one of Tsubasa’s inventions goes haywire and explodes in the Student Council room. Hayato tells him that his inventions are forbidden from the office for the time being.

The ban sets poor Tsubasa into a bit of depression and he stops inventing. Then one day as he enters the Student Council room, the others tell him that they’ll be on break for a week, making the excuse that the teachers will be in there making test questions.

Tsubasa follows their orders reluctantly, but as he passes by it one day, he sees Tsukiko and Hayato leaving the room. When they spot him, he runs away, thinking they didn’t want him there. The trio finds him outside, and the President drags him back to the Student Council room.

It turns out the three had been making a laboratory for Tsubasa to invent things in, and had wanted it to be a surprise. He is relieved of that feeling of being a nuisance to them, and things go back to normal again~.

End thoughts: Now coming back from my intro, what makes me cringe? The story lines. There’s been so much much FLUFF from these past two arcs, it’s killing me!! But I’m a person who likes those dark, twisted storylines, so it’s probably why I’ve been cringing when I finish an arc. Don’t get me wrong, I find them enjoyable, and they’re not bad, but it’s just too cute for me sometimes. Animation-wise, I think they’re doing a really good job with it. I don’t get why some fans have complained a bit about the character designs and such. The orignal art for it is absolutely gorgeous, but the anime has done pretty well adapting it. The guys look so…MM-MMM-GOOD. (I don’t think you International people will get the joke x’D).

Honestly though, taking a more serious critic tone here now, this show is just here for the eye candy. I had been hoping for something much more…concentrate and creative where they manage to blend all the characters in one storyline instead of have their own individual stories. I’m not going to bag too much  on the actual stories of the show because I can imagine how hard it must be to do an anime for an otome game with all these characters. Beggers can be choosers I guess; so this shall be the only real criticism I can do for this show. This is all just fluff and eye candy, so the rest of these posts will be all fangirly-ness! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Tsubasa is officially one of my favorite Starry Sky guys now~ He’s just so adorable, and his arc almost brought me tears at the end. I can really relate to his story, which is probably why I’ve grown attached to him. Also, is it just me…or does anyone else totally ship Azusa and Tsubasa? THEY’D BE SO CUTE TOGETHER. Man, I’m going to have fun pairing up these guys, since technically only one have them can have Tsukiko, heheheheheheh.


Next up is Pisces, looking pretty fierce too, heh. Until next time then~!


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11 Responses to “Starry Sky – Aquarius”

  1. anaaga says:

    teenage? TEENAGE!? xD
    man, i totally forgot about this thing. i’m probably gona watch this when i have the timem but tsubasa looks so adorable from the pics! but did he end up with the girl? or it’s an open ending?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Tsubasa is totally adorable *A*

      His story doesn’t really involve the girl, just his problem with thinking he’s a nuisance to his friends; so technically his arc has ended xD

  2. Yvoon says:

    aahhh, bishies, so nice *drifts off*


    thanks for the post Hoshi!!

    i just hope they will stop making SO moemoe…geezus…what with guys these days…grow some nuts! XD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Very, very nice<3 Sometimes I daydream while making these posts LOL.

      LMAO! Seriously! I'm hoping we get some more manly men (not that I don't mind these moe ones ;D)

  3. Namika says:

    Aaaaaw~! I love this show <3 So cute, fluffy and positive !!!!
    It's like I'm getting a rest from all the fighting, drama and just enjoy some eyecandy/earcandy(don't forget the amazing seiyuu cast!!) and calm storyline.
    And fangirl over cute bishies and their hawt seiyuus :3 KYAAAAAA all of my fav. seiyuu are here and I can't stand it! I'm starting to fangirl to much :S
    But….. so much…. bishies…..must…. RESIST……..CAN’T! ><"

    • Hoshi says:

      ~That’s so true, which is why I still enjoy watching the show :3 For me it’s like, “OMFG MADOKA, BAKUMAN, ETC. WAS SO DEPRESSING/DRAMATIC -SOB- Let’s watch some moe bishies 8’D”

      Oh goodness gracious the seiyuus *A* That’s another thing I’m happy about with this show! HIROSHI KAMIYAAAA~<3


      • Namika says:

        Bishyness overlooooooooooad~ *0* Idk if I’ll be able to stay adequate about this show any longer *~*
        Resisting really is futil……..
        Ono/Kamiya/Soichirou/Fukuyama …. !!

  4. leeek says:

    I’ve already noticed this series when metanorn had the 12 bishies banner last time. I tried downloading the game before I even knew the anime. I was quite disappointed when you guys rated down this series. Good thing you guys pick it up again!
    Kanata looks fierce in the preview, I like him better in the game.
    Btw I will marathon this series (and index II) when it’s completed.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I haven’t played the game myself yet, but I’ve been trying to download it, just haven’t had the time @___@

      Yeah I’ve been wanting to write about this for so long but so many things happened that I had to delay it |’D I’m glad I finally managed to~<3

  5. Gunny says:

    Next episode is gonna be the best one cuz Pisces owns everyone.

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