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*DRUMROLLS* A METANORN[dot]Net Production

Gotta catch ’em all

Muhawahahahahaaa! Just as planned… I’m sorry, but I can’t contain myself right now. I feel like I have just won a marathon race in Olympics because it seriously feels like it. After days, weeks and almost months, this project is finally complete! If you have been a site regular and following our shenanigans since February, you must be attuned to the fact that we have been up to no good. Well, it’s more than a cook up because it goes beyond the scope of this website as it is more than ambitious.

Honestly speaking, this update was strictly for Valentine’s Day but the said project took so much time in completion; you can guess from the duration of alpha to beta, which took around two months. I’ll not bore you with how much work we put in, you can simply read the credits below for that. However, it’s definitely a Metanorn Team baby and we have nurtured it to grow up since January 10, 2011. Following is just a glimpse of the team effort at final phase after which the first RC was launched at a temporary link and few of our friends and site regulars helped in pointing out some bugs.

Click to Enlarge: The most EPIC SPREADSHEET EVER!!!

As you can guess right now, Metanorn’s Matchmaking Special Service was just a teaser. The real deal is “Met’Amour”, a dating sim game, visual novel style. There, I said it. I would like to thank everyone who nominated one or the other character, showcased above. Rather than just giving you one character, we are giving out eight routes in total with some surprises thrown in. You will be playing the main male/female protagonist of the story. I might post more details as we track how everyone of you is doing and your feedback but we humbly hope that you would like whatever we did with it; discovering the many twists and turns of the storyline. What it’s all about? Well, go play and find out!


If you check out our main menu, you will see the Met’Amour page added. For feedback or reporting problems with the game you might have during play, just comment below. Simple fact; this is flash-based so do update your flash player before starting the game. Some tips:

  • We have checked the cross-browser compatibility in Chrome, FF and IE. No other browsers were tested, let us know if you face any issues as we only did with FF Beta version, which disables arrow function.
  • Not every file loads in the beginning because we have cut this off in levels to save your bandwidth and load time. Let the love flow and load depending on your net connection. xD
  • Recommended Configuration:
    • Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OSX or Linux
    • Adobe Flash Player 9 or better
    • 1GHz Processor or better
    • 1Gb of RAM or better
  • As you can probably guess, I’m not revealing all the information here. There’s a lot to be discovered and what’s the fun if I give you all the tips right now? You are however free to share information and strategize among yourselves with rife discussion.

Metanorn has spun a new tale of aniblogging, you can say. Since I took over, my goal has always been increasing interaction between the authors and readers. The reason to introduce JustChat, comment system and more active twitter accounts was just the beginning. We would not go the forum-way ever, but there will be plenty of opportunity in the near future to simply have fun with us. So, look forward to it!

You can read detailed credit on the Met’Amour page or the first version below but I have to say this here again: We dedicate this game to ALL METANORN FOLLOWERS. Thank you for hanging out with us. Also, quickly, thanks to our beta testers, who are not included in the below credits:

  • Junko, Baka_girl, Bass, TSRL, Baku, Anaaga, Ness, EgoJCs21, etc.

You can move to credits now that scrolls up and down with your mouse pointer. Till next update, Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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197 Responses to “METANORN Presents ~Met’Amour~”

  1. Will says:


  2. Foshizzel says:


    AWESOME GUYS -high fives everyone-

    Throws confetti and candy and everything else.

    • Kyokai says:


      *Meta Party Starts NAO~*

  3. Tofu says:

    HOLY!!! What the hell is this!??!?! xD This is new~ and I like it! Definitely giving this a go…after school.

    Ja ne~ *I can hear the bells ringing…*

    • Kyokai says:

      Muhawahahahaaaaaaa! This party has just started! ^^

      *first commentor cookie*

      • Tofu says:

        Flags is the father?!?! LMAO!!

        Oh… The only person I’m interested in is Kana and I tried two times…. I got rejected both times… :\

        • Flags says:

          That’s right. I’m your Daddy!

        • Ruby says:

          And Kyo is the mother!!! way to spread the motherly love XD
          the game kinda made it like KyoxFlags! hehe

          I got Kana on first try! she’similar to me so it was easy~ hint: just click on the character and read all the background info, Kana likes horror stuff.

          • Tofu says:

            She does!?! D: I HATE horror…. kinda like Mio but not to that extreme xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      YES! Have a good time with this Tofu 😀 Yayyyyyyyz

  4. Hoshi says:


    I can’t believe it’s finally here ;3; Kyokai, Will, you guys are just too freaking AWESOMEEE~ This is the best Monday EVER.


  5. cassi says:

    It’s loading… 😀

  6. anaaga says:


    oh well, i didn’t do much. congratulations Kyokai & Will & Metanorn Team! *making a Love-shaped smoke signal*

    i’ll play it when I’m done with Eyeshield 21 :p

    • Kyokai says:

      Heyyy, you helped loads in scripting! It’s definitely been an awesome ride! :3

    I keep failing -.-

  8. Jamie says:

    Really Awesome*<*

  9. Alynn says:

    Oh my god this is amazing!
    Wow, I am so bad at this.
    Oh well, time to marathon until I get a good ending!

  10. Nayu says:

    Oh my goodness. I will need to find/MAKE time for this…

    You are amazing.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Good! Hope you have a fun time getting with the characters 😛

      You are too! Woooo!! We do it for the fans <3

  11. Ruby says:

    I would never have expected something so fun! I thought that the matchmaking thing was just something for V-day but wow! it turned into a VN :O the game is so professional looking, and everything, the graphics, music and script all came together really nicely~ I’m surprised at how you guys managed to pull it off! I think I got a good ending with Jiro lol! it was so cheesy but I loved it!! >u<

    • Ruby says:

      Kay I’m getting all emo here, getting bad endings now…failed 2 so far ;~;

      • Overcooled says:

        It’s okay, I played Tayrin’s arc and then went onto Flags and got verbally abused by both of them OTL. so depressing. Went and conquered Hisoka on the first try to cheer myself up AHAHA.

        • baka_girl says:

          Oh, I must agree with this, Tayrin and Flags verbal abuse combo was soooo depressing! xD

        • Ruby says:

          Lolol yeah Hisoka is totally a K-pop fangirl! 😀
          All the characters are really nice and led you on but then if you failed their test they go all two face on you xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! really awesome hope you have fun Ruby 😀

      Hahah yep we were very sneaky keeping it hidden from everyone 😛

      • Kyokai says:

        Right on Foshy, it was like our best kept secret for like ever!

        Ruby, I’m glad you had a good surprise to be delighted about. Also, I’m tweaking Flags arc for a bit to make it easier. I guess, his became too difficult.

        It’s alright though, we still love you all playas and Metanorn regulars~ <333

        • Ruby says:

          Yay! I’m kinda too scared to go try bc he’s pretty harsh xD is there gonna be a Met’Amour 2? that would be fun :B

          • Kyokai says:

            Actually, Ruby, you should play Samidare for some fun. There’s a surprise for you! Also, Flags have become unscary now. About the second part? Who knows? :3

  12. Snowley says:

    Capitan fell for me.
    Now stalk me, as you promissed. :3

  13. Mint says:



    This reminds me of a project that some anibloggers did in ye old days that featured the actual bloggers themselves. And I’m convinced that Will is a god now.

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL, Minto! I didn’t know about such a project. Do you remember, when was this? Would be most definitely interested to know. ^^

  14. Mint says:


    I suck at this. Oh well aldsjf;a still awesome

  15. Moni Chan says:


  16. sassy says:

    I beat Kana, Samidare, Jiro, and Tayrin all on my first try.

    Damn I’m good

  17. baka_girl says:

    FINALLY, it’s here!!
    I’ll definitely play with Shinji until I win!!
    And I need to try the girls, always play with the boys 😀

    Congrats Metanorn Team, especially Kyokai and Will!!

  18. Bass says:

    I’m still trying to piece my mind back together after being blown by this while beta testing. This is freaking amazing!

    The amount of work you guys have put in really shows, since I didn’t have any bugs whatsoever. This is probably the biggest undertaking I’ve ever seen in the sphere and that’s saying something XD

    I loved everything about this. Pity I suck at it though, played it twice and apparently I beat my own record by being the worse ever employee two times in a row “OTL

    • Foshizzel says:

      Don’t give up! This was fun xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Fufufufuuu~ Thanks, Bass! You should do some coverage of Met’Amour! Lol!

      Though, it has been an amazing experience altogether… as the puzzle pieces were coming together, I was getting overexcited by the minute. There’s loads of hints in my MAL or even many posts strewn across Metanorn to ace my arc. =w=

  19. Will says:

    AWESOME! You guys all together spent 24 hours and played over 100 arcs!
    And that is in half a day! ^.^

    • Kyokai says:

      This is awesome sauce, I should note down average/per day plays for next post. :3
      Btw, it has been just 6 hours since the game release, forget half day.

      • Will says:

        Oh yeah, you’re so right it’s been since 4PM (local time).
        Scratch that earlier statement and replace with:
        “And that is only in a quarter of a day!”

        • Tofu says:

          You guys serious!? That’s crazy! xD I only managed to play twice… failed twice…

    • Namika says:

      Really??? O_O In total, I spend 2 hours or so, playing 3 arcs… >.>
      That was AWESOME!! ^O^
      Though being rejected was scary….. You planned to freak everybody who failed out, didn’t you??? ))))

  20. Junko says:

    Well done everyone! And I think it’s time to take a huuuge break from everything, Kyo XD

    But seriously, this is so awesome, I still can’t even comprehend. I will admit, I find the girls easier than the guys (must be because I’m so manly they just can’t resist) but what ev’s, it’s just awesome (and it’s actually kinda fun to loose, epic music is epic!).

    I’m so so so, like, honored you asked me for help, seriously. Everything Captain did was freakkin’ awesome already so it’s like now I did much anyway XD


    • Foshizzel says:

      Thank you Junko! Hahah yeah Kyo can sleep at peace now knowing all the hard work is finally done 😛

      LOL agreed love the music so good 🙂

      Hope you enjoy the game!

      • Junko says:

        Enjoying all the game, all the time XD

        Just gotta say though, Kyo and Flags lookin’ mighty fine in their aprons~ hint hint

        • Kyokai says:

          Dawww~ <3333

          You kinda rescued us when we were like, HUH Woot now?! And those aprons are sexy~ xD

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