Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – 08

Let’s go on a four way date! Wait… how does that work?

Welcome back readers to more Zombe desu ka! After last episode with Yuki’s big introduction, and questionable marriage between Aikawa and herself leaves me wondering what else can they throw at us? With this show so far you can always expect something random and fun to happen.

Plot this week is mostly around Yuki getting over her shyness around Aikawa as she gets closer to him and even joins him on a date. Sadly Yuu, Sera and Haruna join in this date for an afternoon of fun, until Yuu meets a grey-haired guy and ends up missing after the fun.

Aikawa-“That’s right, I look great with glasses; hope I don’t see any old ladies…”

Don’t do it, Sera!                             Too late…

Before Haruna wakes up one morning, she has a dream about Aikawa giving her a kiss! Guess someone is quite jealous of Yuki stealing his kiss. We also get to meet some of Yuki’s friends from school; Taeko from the ending song and Kanami an athletic girl; they look like a close group of friends. They even lend a hand on some dating tips for Yuki, telling her to cook him some food! Haruna versus Yuki for a cook off? Who will win this love through the stomach contest?! Lol.

Haruna’s special backbreaker kick!

Yuki’s blush is mega cute! Also side girls are cool characters.


Yuki comes prepared? And yes she puts all of that on his food…

After school Yuki walks home with Aikawa, before they part ways Haruna arrives mad at Aikawa and talks about going out. And of course it turns into everyone going out together! Poor Yuki, one step back in your romantic plans! We need to have a magical girl versus vampire ninja fight btw. During the mass date, there is a strange guy watching them from the side, yeah auto bad dude right there!

Being a magical zombie boy doesn’t pay very well…

Sera- “This will look good on our wedding night, Haruna”       Haruna- “With these I will get more FANS!!”

Aikawa gets harem end! Finalized!

While buying drinks, Haruna confronts Aikawa about the kiss between Yuki again and demands that he kiss her too! Yes, the girls practically throw themselves at him; well just Yuki and Haruna. During all of this Yuu gets a visit from creepy guy from before and ends up missing as the others look for her. Not sure if she got kidnapped, she is a bit too powerful to just be taken away that easily.

Aikawa-“But I have hardcore zombie breath!”                           Haruna “I don’t care, kiss me NOW!”

Yuu, don’t talk to strangers…..errr well never mind!

Red alert missing moe armor girl!

Extra undead fun

Yuki- “So who’s Kuroko and Mikoto in this scene??”


Sera doing her best Professor Green impersonation from Star Driver here!

After this scene many fans were sent to the hospital for cuteness overload disease.

End Thoughts:

Quite a mush episode, first half was more light and fluffy, with a great bit of comedy provided by the overly cute Yuki! Seeing her blush over being closer to Aikawa was a nice change for this series. She is a fun character but I still enjoy Haruna’s personality the best, even though during this episode she was having emotional issues. Then again Haruna is more childish than any of the other zombie characters, so dreaming about a kiss would make her head spin.

Second half was more fluffy fun with Yuki and Haruna fighting over Aikawa’s attention, a few random comedy moments thanks to the shopping scenes. Was funny seeing Sera try on the cat ears! Guess she couldn’t resist trying them out, but it was ripped from so many other shows. And we get more jealous Haruna near the end after she demanded a kiss from Aikawa, which she never gets! Guess beating the hell out of him was more important.

They are setting us up for another bit of story progression with Yuu and the mysterious guy; we can assume he was the original zombie she created before Aikawa. So maybe we will get to have a bit of zombie fighting zombie? Of course, he could just be another servant of the main bad guy. Overall not the most exciting episode, more like a slice of life themed episode and Haruna’s emotions showing her true feelings for Aikawa.


Yuu wants to be the princess of tennis!?

Not really clear on what will happen next week. I think we will have Aikawa and the others searching for Yuu! Hopefully we don’t have to listen to Haruna and Yuki fight over Aikawa for the remaining episodes.



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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22 Responses to “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – 08”

  1. MikADo says:

    That pair of glasses is the avatar of every man’s desire..
    intense moe thie episode had me choking and splitting
    blood all over the floor, but i was fine
    seraphim seraphim~ yuuu~ yuuu~ *nose bleed*

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL yes the magic glasses huh? hahaha yes

      So much Moe this episode! mostly Yuki filled moe but great stuff from her. Yeah Sera and Yuu were great too! Hopefully the next few episodes are more fighting and story progression.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Haruna brings new meaning to the word “Tsundere” Getting all lovey-dovey with Ayumu in a dream only to brutally assault him when he’s sleeping? That’s harsh. You got to give Yuki credit for trying to make the relationship work. She’s even to her friends for advice. And Sera’s as ice cold as ever.

    Lol. Once again, the girls prove they are a bunch of freeloaders by going to the store and grabbing every dress they can get their greedy hands on and making Ayumu pay for them and carry the bags. Poor guy. At times, I envy him. Other times, I pity him. Sera’s cute meter just got a lot higher when she put those cat ears on. Vampire cat girl!!!

    That guy who was talking to Yuu before she disappeared is obviously Kyoko’s master, The King of the Night. The zombie Yuu said she had to kill because he was consumed with malice. I mean, look at him. He’s just like Ayumu. His skin, hair and even his eyes are pale in color.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Haruna would be better called a Tsundere yep! But I don’t know why can stand her so much compared to other tsundere characters, well they do make her attacks on Aikawa more comical than most shows.

      Hahaha yep living off Aikawa, well as long as he has Yuu he is fine with anything they throw at him. He does want to be friends with everyone so I can forgive him, then again this show has always been about the laughs for me rather than who he falls for xD

      Of course! He gives off enough creepy vibes to just be a side boss, so I hope we get some great zombie fights coming up soon!

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’d love to see a showdown between a magical girl and a vampire ninja. It would be a catfight for the ages. Lol, next time Ayumu should tell Yuki to go easy on the condiments when she brings the food. I wonder what Sera was really thinking when she saw Ayumu while wearing the glasses. Haruna’s Tsundere jealousy is gonna consume her. Can’t wait to see it.

        Ayumu got two shurikens to the eyes for sneaking behind of Sera while she was wearing the cat ears. She’ll do far worse if he ever tries that again. It’s bad luck to sneak up on a vampire. But she was just so cute.

        Another thing. Sera and Yuki are vampires and they can go out in sunlight and show up in a picture? I guess their hotness broke the laws of vampirism.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Lol yes! That would be awesome to see, wonder when Kyoko will appear again?! She has been my favorite evil character so far. Yeah poor Haruna I hope she can figure out her feelings soon, I think it probably will bother her for quite some time.

          It’s a good thing he’s a zombie xDDD Yes! Sera was quite cute with her ears lolol.

          I blame anime vampires forever killing that! Well besides Shiki they got vampires right.

  3. Dan-go says:

    Yuu chaan, i just loved that “what is this thingy” kind of look she pulled when she held the bra…it’s nice to have a character a little more subtle in the showing of her emotions in comparison to all the emotional volcanoes that permeate this show….Sera “NYAAAA”

  4. Jrow says:

    I was totally invested in that opening scene with the glasses. It pissed me off so much that we didn’t get to see Sera’s underwear.

    While it was a little fluffy for my taste, I still liked it a good bit. I like the little subtle things get mentioned in this episode, like the different types of Vampires or that Taeko appeared a little nervous while Yuki was fixing Ayumu’s meal, kinda as though she likes Ayumu, too. Dragon Crisis (and other series) are very direct when it comes to classroom crushes; I like how Zombie is playing it more subtle. I also could sense that even after pummeling Ayumu that Haruna still kinda held a crush on him. I might’ve picked Yuu as my favorite prior to this episode, but now I gotta go Haruna!

    So much for that Tonkatsu machine…

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL! Yes we were robbed of much needed Sera fan service! Aikawa you have failed the male fans.

      Agreed! I love how its not right in our faces on who likes whom, although I really watch this for the random comedy. However it is nice to have a series that hints at a crush for the main characters, I still enjoy Haruna over Yuki but in the end I know he probably wont end up with anyone but we shall see.

      LOL Yeah! So much for her plot line to defeat more demons, I bet she broke it on purpose hahahaha

    • Dan-go says:

      ehhhhh it’s not so subtle, i mean…she DREAMS of him making out with her, she’s just too idiotic to realise it

  5. stickfanatic says:

    nekomimi nekomimi nekomimi neko- *shot to death*

  6. Tofu says:

    OH FFFFFFFFFF!!!!! SERA WITH CAT EARS GOING NYAAA~~!?!??!?!! I think I just moe-jizzed HARD!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 KYYYYYYAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!!!

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