Fractale – 08

Finally, some answers!

Guess what time it is? ASSIGNMENT AND EXAM STUDYING TIME! YAYYYY! By “YAYYYY!” I mean “I hate life” because I have a bunch of things to do all at once now. I probably shouldn’t complain since my program essentially has nothing reminiscent of homework or written assignments. Just massive amounts of studying for 2 tests that determine your entire mark. Can be a good thing or a bad thing. Enough complaining though, for life is good when you have anime and a hot cup of tea~

Clain’s not dead, guys, we have to cancel the celebration party. But he’s captured at least! With Phryne! Of course, they can’t stay in the custody of the Temple peeps for long if we want the plot to roll along, right? That’s where the magic of transmitters come in. The magic of tracking transmitters and Nessa throwing a tantrum and teleporting her way to where Clain is.


WTF IS THIS PEDO DOING, I’M NOT EVEN DESCRIBING THIS, I REFUSE. GEEZ. IF IT’S NOT SHOTA IN UNDERWEAR, IT’S PEDOS. UGH. Okay, back to Sunda. He refuses to rush in guns ablazing to save Clain without a plan and a lot of weapons. In a desperate attempt to try and get the upper hand, he asks the subfactions of LM to help him on his raid. They all flat out refuse him though. Everyone except for that sly fox, Dias, of course.

Fujoshi Law #5: If two guys make eye contact, a fanfic of the two exists somewhere

Clain is magically 100% better thanks to the power of technology and Nessa #2. She acts a lot like a robot and doesn’t seem to understand most of Clain’s questions. She refers to herself as Phryne and refers to Clain’s Phryne as her sister. Weird. With a little convincing, Clain gets her to lead him to Phryne…but he doesn’t quite get what he was bargaining for.

Coming up on episode 9! Clain is now a cyborg with a metal heart!

Clain enters a laboratory filled with rows upon rows of unconscious Nessa’s in tanks. They’re actually all “Phryne’s” but that’s just going to be a bitch to not mix the two up, so they are hereby dubbed Nessa clones. Nessa #2 graciously shows him one of the clones, and it’s NOT a doppel. It’s a real, living, breathing clone used for the Temple’s needs. Well, this isn’t what he wanted but at least he learned something useful! Also, Clain falls and then Nessa #2 helps him by FALLING ON HIM. Clain bandages her up with a bandage he somehow has on him and now Nessa #2 feels speshul.

Meanwhile, Phryne’s creepyass NON-BIOLOGICAL dad is checking if her cherry’s been popped by Clain yet. Before he gets to see if she’s a virgin still, Nessa teleports to the rescue! She pikachu shocks everything and then runs off to find Clain. Phryne helps by spreading her legs, and wherever there is a set-up for an ecchi joke, CLAIN WILL APPEAR. Since Phryne grew up here, she effortlessly leads the two of them down a secret passage…and then gets lost.

One does not simply teleport into an operating room

50/50 chance of being right and Phryne picks the wrong way. They end up in another Nessa-filled room. This time it’s the purging room, where all the deficient Nessas go. Phryne starts crying and explains that they’re all clones of her, and that she looked like Nessa when she was younger, hence the appearance. Clain sees Nessa #2 being taken to the disintegrator, and tries to save her. Speech about individuality blah blah…AND NOW THE FATHER IS HERE. BAM!

Of course they’re not gonna get recaptured, LM IS HERE TO SAVE YOUUU! Well, actually, more like Dias appears and blows shit up as Clain and Phryne make a mad dash for the exit. They’re directed to a shelter in the last second by Nessa #2, who dies with a smile on face in one giant blast caused by Dias. LM isn’t too pleased by this, since the prospect of Clain or Phryne’s survival looks very low given that giant mushroom cloud.

More Clones:

And not a damn was given that day

Best hide and go seek. EVER.

Leaving the stove on = bad idea.


End Thoughts: My God, I love Dias. Can I please transfer that cocky bastard to another, slightly better show? Just seeing a little chat window of him sitting there smugly, not saying a word, was enough to gain more appeal. YOU, my friend, are my favourite character of this show. Please redo this episode so that Clain dies and he becomes the new main character. Sincerely, Cool.

My attraction to those with swagger aside, this was a darn good episode. It’s gonna be tough considering it aired the same day that Madoka’s beast of an episode aired, but it was still respectable.vWe FINALLY have some questions answered. After a lot of meandering, we’ve finally returned to the core premise of Fractale. It feels like the Matrix again, which is a good thing. Almost everything I wanted to know was answered all in the span of 20 or so minutes. Phryne is the original key of which many cloned versions were made from. Why did she have red hair when she was a kid? Noooo idea. Anyways, Phryne’s DNA must have something special in it that can “either destroy or save the Fractale system.” The failures are probably clones with mutations in their DNA, therefore they’re useless. That and/or environmental factors (like Clain) are enough to alter their personality etc. to make them different/useless.

As for Nessa…the doppel one…I guess when you make a doppel of Phryne, you get a super powerful super saiyan girl. o_o Craziness. Of course, there are still some loose threads. They may not be answered, but I’d be curious to know HOW they knew the original Phryne was a key. Also, how does a key even work? You just stick a plug into her and all of a sudden everything is back online? Also, how do you flick the switch from “save” to “destroy”? Because Dias is all up in dat base ready to make that girl shut down Fractale. I guess we’ll see depending on who nabs Clain and Phryne first. (Probably Dias grabs Phryne and leaves Clain for LM to get. Then RESCUE MISSION INITIATE!)



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14 Responses to “Fractale – 08”

  1. Jo says:

    I wonder where Nessa got her name from?

    I don’t know, but maybe because I like my anime to be relatively fun, that whole pedo/cherry checking thing was a bit too out of place for me. Sure they kind of hinted at it in previous episodes, but did they really have to show it?

    Also, Nessa needs more screen time throwing tantrums..


    • Myssa Rei says:

      I think ‘Neesa’ is actually the original ‘Onee-san’, as clone-Phryne alluded to in her confusion. As Neessa probably IS the Fractale system personified, it makes sense.

      • Overcooled says:

        The whole episode had a bit of a dark tone, so it didn’t seem too jarring. Not that it wasn’t 100% creepy regardless….

        Makes sense for Nessa to be the original, especially given her special powers. So Phryne was the only successful key so far? They must be incredibly rare.

  2. Tofu says:

    I’m trolling your Fractale post even though I haven’t seen it (just like how I trolled Shiki in the past) xD


  3. Vivi says:

    >You just stick a plug into her and all of a sudden everything is back online?

    LOL, I saw there was like a circle in the middle of the giant machiney thing, and I thought that maybe you’re supposed to poke her in there like a key haha.

    lol, for some reason I don’t like Dias… what a cocky bastard… and it seems like he’s cool with destroying that place all together, even though “the key” is in there XD Priorities, what.

    • Overcooled says:

      That is one massive keyhole. I think that was just the Nessa destroying machine, but they might have another “Fractale destroying/saving” machine in the back room.

      Awww, it’s a shame, Dias is such a gorgeous sleazeball. He ruins people’s lives with CLASS. XD

      • Vivi says:

        I still wonder why she took Nessa and not another Phryne. Maybe Nessa’s the keyhole and Phryne’s the key? a la Kingdom Hearts lol. Unless Nessa’s the original. Ugh, confusing…

        Gotta admit, he does have a nice character design. Albino traits lulz

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Dia’s such an awesome character! Love that airship of his very cool.

    Yay finally some damn answers behind Nessa and Phryne! Clones man always with the clones. But I didn’t mind it, so far this episode and the previous one great story progression just hope they can keep it up.

    Phryne has a creeepppyyyy “dad” LOL so damn strange.

    • Overcooled says:

      lol, yes, his airship is also cool.

      Yeah, clones are done a LOT, but it’s better than making up something crappy (which is what I was expecting for a while). They need to keep this up!!!

  5. Reaper says:

    That Dias guy in the last pic above…he actually looks like Izaya. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled off the white wig for the whole ‘You got trolled by Orihara’ gag. If only Shizuo was in this…
    That ‘father’…he has some serious deprivation/dysfunctional issues. Kinda wonder how they convinced someone to actually voice act his character…
    Glad that the story’s coming along nicely, not unlike a certain grey wolf/golden fairy *cough gosick *cough. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Overcooled says:

      He is basically Izaya in another body. I kept expecting Kamiya’s voice to come out of him, but no, that’s that OTHER character. If only Clain was super strong and manly, then we’d have Shizuo!

      lol, that poor seiyuu must be very comfortable with himself to pull it off then.

      I haven’t even seen the past few episodes of Gosick, I just kind of gave up…<_<

  6. Junko says:

    Nessa really knows how to BAWW. I would NOT like to pick a fight with her. Also..

    Creepy dad is creepy

    Gorgeous Dias is gorgeous

    Useless Phryne is usless

    And I’m done.

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