Durarara!! – 12.5


We love DRRR!!, you love DRRR!!, let’s talk about DRRR!! I know, this first special was released a while ago…but we waited so you could have a double whammy of the special episodes. It’s like we’re injecting you with a saturated dosage of WIN, except it’s not lethal. Well, let’s hope it’s not lethal. Where’s the second special you ask? Hey, hey, be patient. It will be worth your wait~

None other than Walker the rabid otaku begins narrating the story, spouting crazy talk about UFOs. Except that his delusional thoughts are backed up by a UFO shooting through the sky. Mikado and his friends see it, Celty sees it, and even Isaac and Miria from Baccano see it. UFOs? In MY Durarara!!?

Well, no, not exactly. It all started with a guy trying to avoid paying all the money he owes and trying to make off with a bag of money, but failing miserably. Him and his lover are in a lot of debt, so Shizuo and Tom come to bust them. The man escapes into a tree, taking a red bag with the girl’s onigiri in it, only to be swung around like a square dance partner by Shizuo’s monstrous strength. Yeah, he ripped the tree from the ground and flung the dude into oblivion.

The poor guy and his bag of undies are separated. Instead, they fall into the hands of Dotachin’s gang. Convinced it belongs to an alien (even though the contents are anything but extraordinary), they decide to put it on the roof of the van and drive around. Surely the alien will see it and retrieve it!

You know you have nothing better to do wheeen….

Meanwhile, Kida manages to trick Anri into wearing a yukata to attend a festival which…isn’t really a festival, it’s more like a bunch of sales and deals at restaurants. He even gets them to go into a maid cafe and don all manner of animal ears (Kida gets away with just two X’s drawn on his face). Why are they even friend’s with the guy? As they continue with their “Festival time” they  become an eyewitness to the debt-guy running past them and later getting beat up like a punching bag in an alley. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance against the engrish-spewing goons. The funny thing is, they don’t take his bag of money…Izaya does though!


Izaya’s secret manbag interest revealed.

As for Celty, she’s just given another red bag and place to be. All we know is that a head might be inside. Ooooo~ Little does she know, Izaya has orchestrated yet another plot for his own amusement. Celty is chased by not one, but two groups of thugs after her bag. Izaya, being the little bastard he is, sent them after Celty himself! Now Celty has to dodge traffic as some engrish-spouting hooligans tail her. What to do?

The Dotachin gang gets caught up in the whole chase too. The police interfere, but stop following Celty to deal with a big car crash. In all the commotion, the bag of undies flies into a bush down below, where Anri finds it. They return it to the police station where the debt-guy’s lover is, and she quickly reclaims it. (Which is how he has his happy ending of getting the same bag back later on. Heh.)

Um, shouldn’t you arrest the guys with the guns?

Celty is chased into the warehouse by the two goon squads, which is where things look grim. That is, until we remember that Celty has darkness powers. Also, the yakuza boss Shiki strides in and claims the goods for himself in dericious engrish. They don’t stand a chance against SUPER RAVE PARTY GLOWING PAINT that makes them easy targets to beat the snot out of. Mission accomplished, and Shiki gets his starter Pokemon Snivy. Izaya appears out of nowhere to throw in his 2 cents of “oh yeah, I planned this whole episode, u mad?” and then heads into the second phase of his plan.

The second phase of the plan was informing the losers that they’d get paid big time for taking down Shizuo. They must be new here, because they fall for it immediately and rush in to kill Shizuo. One punch and they’re sent flying, the paint making them glow like fireworks/a UFO. And THAT is where the UFO came from. Derp.

More UFO Sightings:

Sorry, ran out of Pokeballs. Here’s your Snivy! (and yes, I downloaded non-english subs…)

Kida’s seeing flashing lights from his drugs again, guys…

Haha, silly Celty. Shinra isn’t an alien. But that weird thing on the table probably is.

And they all lived happily every as poverty-stricken hobos

End Thoughts: This is really everything I could ever want from a Durarara!! special – a decent plot, the usual non-chronological series of events, some fanservice and Izaya showing up in a sexy new hoodie. Usually specials have a drop in the quality of the plot and are just for mindless fun, but Durarara!! manages to pull off a legitimately intriguing one shot with the perfect balance of fanservice and substance.

Pretty much every character manages to get screentime, one of the great things about DRRR!! Even Miria and Isaac got screen time and they’re not even supposed to be in this show. It’s still mind-boggling how all of the sideplots manage to intertwine so seamlessly, each character playing their own role in the entire span of things. I know it’s a specialty of DRRR!! but it’s still something that makes me nod my head in complete appreciation. Making you consider aliens as a possibility until the very end was very well-played. XD

Plot and little nuances aside, there’s the obvious fangirl factors. Making Mikado wear bunny ears and Anri wear cat ears and a yukata was adorable. Kida is kind of a douche to force the two most awkward people on the planet to do things for his amusement, but they seemed to kind of enjoy it at the end. The new spring outfits were much appreciated too (even if Shizuo’s outfit didn’t change). Even Dotachin sported short sleeves in the summer spirit! Alternate outfits ftw! *pays a lot of attention to clothes in anime*Also, Shizuo rips a tree from the ground. It’s nothing compared to his truck lift in episode 25, but daaamnnn I love watching that boy let loose and go mad.  All I could really ask for here is more Izaya. But we all expected that. MORE. MOTTO HITO RABU!!!!


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35 Responses to “Durarara!! – 12.5”

  1. Alynn says:

    Yay! I loved the special so much. Totally made me go ARE YOU SERIOUS AKDHKEH DID NOT SEE THAT COMING when the glowing paint was what caused the UFO sightings.

    • Overcooled says:

      It kept me guessing until the end too, hahaha. I was like “no..it…it..can’t be a UFO!…What..what is it????”. Who would ever think it would be Shizuo’s victims whizzing through the air XDDD

  2. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Always a joy to see those two together >__<

    I have ep 25 dl'd but didn't have the time to see it yet

    • anaaga says:

      watch episoed 25, naow! it has what u want, more shizuo and izaya 😀

      • Tofu says:

        It’s also got a bit of a special involving their siblings~~~ Especially those two girls… how that caught me off guard…if you know what I mean~~ Nishishishi~~~ xD

        • Overcooled says:

          Yeah, more Shizaya love than in the anime. They intentionally dish out the yaoi fanservice on a silver platter – even some OTHER fanservice as Tofu says. XD …It caught me off guard too. <_<

          • anaaga says:

            i was actually squealing and jumping when i watched episode 25. that episode oozes yaoi
            and the siblings too. although i know that’s gona happen, i like how they animate it ^^

        • MikADo says:

          the sisters are very lovely <3 <3

  3. anaaga says:

    love this episode. heck, LOVE EVERYTHING about durarara. nuff said
    i think episode 25 is better though. because of moat shizuo and isaya in it :3

    • Overcooled says:

      Anything Durarara!! related = instant win. This episode was good too, but I preferred episode 25 for the pure lulz that ensued XD

    • baka_girl says:

      I think the same, episode 25 was a lot better than 12,5, especially with that many Shizaya scene :p

  4. Junko says:

    I’m not the biggest Durarara fan but GOD, I thought this episode was hilarious

  5. Reaper says:

    It has been too long since Durarara!! had been posted on Metanorn 🙂 Glad to see it reviewed. Any chance of episode 25? Just my opinion, but I felt like episode 25 was like a preview to a second season. God, let the second season come already!!! The light novels are great but to see the animation would be awesome!
    PSShow ▼

    • Overcooled says:

      Yes, even i recall reading the old Durarara!! posts here. In that case, you’ll be happy when episode 25 is covered. =D Which is soon.

      I would kill for a second season, but it seems like everything is all wrapped up. Even Izaya is ditching town!

  6. Carla says:

    I didn’t realize how much I missed Drrr until I watched the specials.
    Thank you!

    And respect to the episode 25 I didnt feel it like a preview for a second season… I hope to be wrong

    • Overcooled says:

      I know, it brought back so many memories <3 Ahhh I want to rewatch it now!!

      I don't know how they can do a season 2 when they finished off everything, but I hope I'm wrong too...

  7. Nayu says:

    Amazing episode.

    (it still needed more Izaya in it… but episode 25 had more of that. however, it had less Kida D:< )

    • Overcooled says:

      More Izaya, yessss. Thank goodness for episode 25! I used to really like Kida but now I’m starting to think he’s kind of a loudmouth jerk…XD

      • Nayu says:

        I think he manages to be a fun loudmouth jerk though xD. He always succeeds at entertaining me :D.

  8. Foshizzel says:

    YAY these special episodes are great fun, I really enjoy them. Yes needs more Izaya LOL

  9. amado says:

    I think it was more like kuzuhara made the car crash to teach that guy a lesson.

    • Overcooled says:

      Ah, that sounds a bit more likely. I need to stop tuning out when there are ugly characters on the screen. Bad habit.

  10. MikADo says:

    Durarara!!! i need more i need more!!
    where is the episode 25 postings +_+!!!

  11. Yvoon says:






    BUT THANKS FOR THE POST! i’m literally SO happy right, i can feel me heart beating really fast…yeh…i can overreact sometimes 😛


    • Overcooled says:

      lol, Yvoon, I love reactions like this ahaha. It makes my day to have made someone’s day ;D Well, now you know the twist…so I guess less focusing on the plot and more enjoying the fanservice? Yeah? Izaya’s hot spring outfit? XD

    • MikADo says:

      lol panic mode :3

  12. Namika says:

    This was really fun! And the way they made us believe in aliens throughout the episode was funny too XD And the fact, that Celty is afraid of the UFO too…… and Mikado wearing a rabbit ears too……
    Everything was so great *0*

    • Overcooled says:

      They made it so in the back of your mind you almost considering it being an alien ahaha. Celty’s reaction was so cute…In her special voice on her character single CD (yay, music) she’s talking about UFOs too…it’s cute. XD

  13. Kyokai says:

    DRRR! at Metanorn is like coming back home in loving arms. I know it sounds weird but damn, I still feel that way.

    This was so hilarious. Always love seeing Shizuo going batshit crazy, the UFO idea was so good… those people flying off crazily. Of course, getting to see all the characters again is always WIN too~

    • Overcooled says:

      Blast from the past, am I right? I used to come here for the DRRR!! posts (and steal the screenshots LOL). =D

      I wish I was as strong as Shizuo. Think of all the possibilities! All I need is a rival to chase around now.

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