Ciel in Wonderland – 02 [END]

There’s something dark hidden underneath all this colorful crack…

~LONG TIME NO SEE. With the current crisis in Japan due to the devastating earthquake, the whole anime-manga world has literally been put on stand still for the time being, which means most currents shows won’t have new episodes aired this week. While I’m completely fine without a new Bakuman episodic to do, I still needed something to get my mind of the depressing, monotone newscasters and my curious siblings who keep checking out videos of the tsunami on youtube.

I’ve been distraught by this whole thing since Friday morning, Cali-time, and really haven’t recovered. Luckily, someone out there must have known my predicament and finally subbed the 2nd part of Ciel in Wonderland. This literally made my day, no, WEEK! As you all know how much of a fanatic I am for Kuroshitsuji, you can imagine my excitement. While I have seen the other OVA’s released, I just haven’t had the time to make reviews for them sadly, and I’m still pretty backed up with Starry Sky which has also stopped me from focusing on them. Yet, since I did Part 1 of this colorful and crazy OVA, I couldn’t resist.

Part 2 focuses on our darling Alice-themed Ciel wondering the woods after magically transformed to a smaller size from being the gigantic Eiffel Tower. He ends up meeting the Caterpillar, Lau, and tries to see how he can return back to his normal height. The Caterpillar tells him “the right side will make you grow bigger, the left side will make you grow smaller,” which actually leads to the Mushroom, Ranmao, to…press her right breast on Ciel.

A flash of light and Ciel turns into an adult! Seeing that didn’t work, Ranmao tries again but instead presses her left breast on his face, which turns him into a kid instead. Finally, by placing his face…in…between them he returns to normal without getting any bigger in size. Without being any help towards his size, or in his quest for the White Rabbit, Ciel tries to leave but ends up getting taken away by Ranmao WHO NOW HAS BUTTERFLY WINGS, and she drops him off in a dark forest.

WHY DID I EVEN TAKE SCREENCAPS OF THIS…? I feel like a pedophile more than ever now

Once Ciel lands, he hears a voice calling for the White Rabbit, which turns out to be none other than the Chesire Cat. He asks him which way to go since the Chesire Cat is supposed to be his guide. They end up at sign pointing one way to the Mad Hatter, and the other to the March hare. The Chesire Cat tells him he should go both ways (I wonder what that’s implying HMMM) and continues on with much drabble about love.


My thoughts exactly, Ciel…

After the performance, the two paths transform into by the sudden moving of the trees. The Chesire Cat is about to take his leave when Ciel asks him where the White Rabbit is. Instead though, he asks him why he’s chasing the White Rabbit. Ciel only tells him that he’s his butler, and that he will get him back. The Chesire Cat finally leaves, not before saying Ciel will see the White Rabbit again. With that, Ciel walks down the path.

He comes across a tea party on his way down the path, and encounters the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and another Dormouse. The Mad Hatter sits him down and serves him tea, which begins to show some of Ciel’s memories.

Ciel isn’t amused (of course) and again asks the question as to where the White Rabbit is. To get his answer, he must answer their question and transform it into a mini-quiz show with the March Hare keeping time. Once Ciel finally answers, they laugh, telling him he was wrong. He gets mad and starts to walk off, just as the Mad Hatter asks him if he’s been to the Queen’s castle yet. Ciel tells him no, he hasn’t, and the Mad Hatter gives him a warning not to go.

But it seems that the Queen has already sent for him, and a carriage appears with the three. Once he finds out that the White Rabbit has appeared at the palace, he tells them to take him there.

Ciel arrives at the palace, where he’s then sent to court for trial, already being sentenced to execution by the Queen! He protests, saying that it wasn’t even a trial. The queen asks one of the many Grell-like servants to read off his charges. Turns out, the only thing written on the papers is his birthday.

They start presenting the evidence, and several witnesses come by, including Elizabeth, Sohma and Agni, Meyrin, Finny, Bard, Tanaka, and more, all describing what they suffered because of Ciel. Yet, he doesn’t remember anything. The Undertaker, back to normal, tells him he’s in the land of dreams, the gap between life and death, and he left his memories of the past in the world above.

With that, Ciel is deemed guilty with the crime of memory loss, and the original punishment being execution. He tries to tell them he’s innocent, but they all, in unison, tell him to prove it. Just then, the White Rabbit’s voice is heard overhead, telling Ciel to call his name.

Ciel yells Sebastian’s name, and he comes crashing through the glass ceiling, rescuing him from the legion of Human-Grell’s. Once free, he jumps through the broken roof, and escapes, (going up the rabbit hole).

Suddenly, however, Sebastian is seeing reading from a storybook to a lifeless Ciel, lying on his bed in his darkest clothes. He finishes the tale of Alice in Wonderland, blowing out the candles as he utters a ‘good night’.~

Final Thoughts:  OH LORD, someone PLEASE make me a GIF of Grell’s stripper dance. I will love your forever, seriously. Anyways, let me first rant about the Ranmao scene before I get to the deep-critic stuff. WHY THE HELL DO HER BOOBS AND BUTT HAVE TO JIGGLE LIKE THAT? That whole scene was just AWKWARD. I felt even more like a pedophile for watching that, much more SCREENCAPING it. The whole time I was yelling “WAAAEEEE?! ;A; MY POOR BABY CIEL!”. Why do they do this to him TWICE? It annoyed me so much you don’t even know.

Anyways, I was actually left speechless when this ended. Judging from the first part, I expected some more hilarious crack to continue throughout the end. Instead, I was totally caught off guard with that…deep ending. You would think an OVA such as this would be just totally random and for fun, but I loved how they incorporated more of that Kuroshitsuji darkness in there to totally…blow your mind, and reminded you that this series can, and WILL, get very dark. You can’t escape that with Kuroshitsuji; it’s always there, no matter how much crack you can fit into it. I feel like they really went all out for this OVA, not only with the animation, and the rather perve-y scenes, but with the story as well. A-1 should be applauded for this, seriously. They may have fucked up on some series, but with the whole Kuroshitsuji anime, they were absolutely AMAZING with it.

Though it wasn’t as funny or as crack-ish, (with the exception of Grell’s stripper dance) as the first part, I really enjoyed it, especially since they added in that dark, sort of morbid twist at the end. To me, this whole Ciel in Wonderland OVA really just shows how the Kuroshitsuji anime was: butlerxshota goodness and loyalty with some good mystery, some crack moments, and some dark moments all swirled into one. For this Kuroshitsuji fanatic, I truly felt like this was the perfect ending.

So with that, bye bye meow~


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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25 Responses to “Ciel in Wonderland – 02 [END]”

  1. Starry says:

    Ahhh! Now I can’t wait to watch it! You should have screencapped a nice picture of adult Ciel! I really wanna see that! >.<

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I know I tried! But I missed it =A=;
      They didn’t really give a good shot of him anyways…

  2. Junko says:

    I just finished watching that. I liked it, I really liked it. It was pretty sweet, cute and dark for what seemed like utter comedy, pretty true to what Kuroshitsuji is.

  3. anaaga says:

    i didn’t expect the ending too. i thought the ending was going to be like the real alice in woderland, but when the scene changed into the bedroom, i went all -.-? and when sebastian was telling the story, to ciel’s body yada yada, i went O.o That was unexpected. That was deep.
    Show ▼

    anyway, i really really like this ova because of the ending. this wasn’t as funny as the first one, but it’s still enjoyable
    except the mushroom nudity thingy. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Very deep. I was like o___o; too when I saw Ciel’s body…

      Show ▼

      Yeah the ending just made it all the more better.

      • anaaga says:

        hmmm that makes sense, but why does sebastian looks so sad? the only time i saw him looks sad is when cial turned into a demon afterward.


        • Hoshi says:

          ~Ahhhh true….


          • anaaga says:

            so, he didn’t wears his eye-patch. and his eye patch was nowhere to be seen in the room. and his clothes… he only wears that clothes at the last episode right?

            HAH I BEAT YOU *start dancing*

        • MikADo says:

          he looked exactly like his father :3333

  4. MikADo says:

    I believe this is the story between season 1 and 2?
    i dont really know :3 but still it was very random and enjoyable OVA series

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I was contemplating that after watching it the second time xD It would make sense if it were.

  5. sunnypooh says:

    ya.. i think so too.. this ova should be in between season 1 and 2.. haha.. cos ciel is still human in this ova.. am i right? oh gosh.. i totally miss kuroshitsuji!!!!!

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I agree on that xD I guess they were trying to show us what was going on before the beginning of season 2?
      And SAME HERE! ;A; Seeing all these characters again really made me so happy<3

  6. Namika says:

    There is no other way for Kuroshitsuji to be, other than pure awesome.
    That is all for my badass opinion XD

  7. Bluemist says:


  8. Yvoon says:


    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YESSS!!

    i’ve been waiting SO LONG for this its not even funny..

    thank yo SO MUCH Hoshi!! XD

    i hope its as funny as the first half 🙂

  9. CuriousFu says:

    Hello, I hope someone still watching this page… O.O
    May I ask what’s the title of the ending song? Not the cheery one, but the Bloody Vow something.

    I know it’s Bloody Vow, but I don’t know what’s the title or who remixed that song (I think it was also played in the Making of Kuro II, the part before Claude vs Sebastian).

    It was awesome & I wonder why I can’t find anything about it in Google.. I hope someone here knows the answer, if yes, can u please tell me? >.<

    Thank you before… TT^TT

    • mayuRa says:

      I’m also looking for this remixed song…It was in the teaser of Making of Kuroshitsuji, but DUNNO WHY they didn’t put that song on the Original Soundtrack. T_T

    • Emilce says:

      I’m in your same situation…I don’t know if you found the song if you did so please, please tell where and its name.I think that is Dark crow smile..Somebody please tell me the name of that song because I’m getting mad trying to find it.

  10. Ray says:

    Hey *look around* I hope anyone is still here…
    and I LOVE this OVA so very much but… urm.. at the end, Sebastian don’t look so happy now does it?…
    it remind me of how he looks when Ciel was turn into a demon…
    if that is true than… .__. that ciel you seen sleeping is a demon ciel than… well…it did state in the manga that Demon sleep for luxury.. meaning they are able to sleep too .__.

  11. Halibel says:

    lol Ran-Mao !!!!

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