Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 21

That awkward moment when your arm spontaneously mutates

Today is my last day of freedom before I am dragged back into the depths of hell. I enjoyed my short venture back into life, but it was only a matter of time…before school would start up again. *sigh* Back to the abyss I go. If anything, this break just made me lazier and even less willing to so much as lift my finger to do anything. Except video games and anime, there’s always enough energy for those two.

Before the Bees can actually go out and sniff out the Cabernet, there’s a bit of dicking around. Heck, this episode is barely even about Lag and company (who I would preferably call Zaji and company if I had my way, but let’s not confuse anyone) finding that dragonfly. Lag has to have yet another dramatic “I will bring Gauche back” farewell to Sylvette while Connor looks after his comatose girlfriend. Dr. Thunderland has Sunny in his care, so she’ll be fine while he’s away. Zaji? He was just being a badass off-screen or something.

Lloyd left for an impromptu “business trip” QUOTE UNQUOTE WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE so Aria is in charge of the mission. By in charge, I mean she tells them what to do then returns to her paperwork. They head to the Bee-carriage, pulled by chubby ponies, and head to Shark Cape to pick up the scent.

Reverse is starting it’s own reality TV show now where they all live in a mansion and see who is the bitchiest. Except the people who couldn’t become spirit are kind of gloomy and don’t cuss each other out nearly enough to make the show popular. Sad that she has to be on such a lame show, Roda talks to Noir outside if he’s sure about the choice he’s made. Then Roda’s arm starts to mutate. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

COMMERCIAL BREAK! Looking for Gaichuu? That’s what dingo are for! They can sniff out any Gaichuu within a 5 mile radius (+ or – 5 miles), especially the ones about to attack the giant city you live in. For a limited time only, see them in action at the Hill of Prayers as they fend off a Gaichuu! This creepy Reverse spy already did! Call XXX-YYY-ZZZ!

And now we return to our regularly scheduled program. Roda is sick as a dog (see what I did there?) and needs treatment. The solution? Send Noir to go free the Gatekeepers with a key that seems to have been stolen from Lloyd’s cabinet. Obedient as he is, Noir accepts his challenge (or he’ll be eliminated from the house) and brings the two remnants of the thriplets back to the mansion.

In the carriage back, they explain to him that all of those who couldn’t become spirit, including them, are going to be used as human sacrifices to power up Cabernet. Using their power to combine hearts, they will create a giant MEGAFEAST that the Cabernet can eat in one gulp before taking down the sun. This wasn’t in Noir’s contract, nor did his agent inform him of this.

In order to save the show, Lawrence ships the unpopular characters away. Including Roda. By the time Noir arrives back at the mansion, those who couldn’t become spirit are all gone. Noir is pretty pissed, and outright asks Lawrence if the plans he heard from the Gatekeepers are true. Indeed they are, which Lawrence doesn’t even try to hide as he explains every little detail with a look of unhealthy satisfaction on his face.

In a last ditch effort, Noir throws a fit and stomps off the set. But quitting isn’t so easy. He has to dodge bullets from Lawrence’s guns, his bodyguard’s guns, jump through a window, jump off a cliff, and then swim to safety. Well, so much for that reality TV show.

Deleted Scenes:

If that’s what he wears under that cloak, then I declare it my goal in life to BURN THAT CLOAK.

Apparently, this is ALWAYS the aftermath of any girl getting touched by Gauche

Have fun at the sacrificial altar! I mean circus! Circus! Gosh, Freudian slip, am I right?

Zaji of the week: he is a saint to be so nice to a bucket of lard and to actually TOUCH IT TOO.

End Thoughts: I guess this is Tegami Bachi “OH SHIT” episode revealing all the malicious plans in the works. I must say it pales in comparison to Madoka’s revelations, no matter how good a job it does. The anime is doing a stellar job of playing it’s own tune without using material from the manga. Sure, the manga has them chasing Cabernet, but it doesn’t have the big bomb dropped that Reverse is sacrificing those who couldn’t become spirit! Watching Gauche stand there, petrified, as Lawrence delivered that maniacal rant was just too good. Reverse really is just a murderous cult.

While I love where the plot is going, something is bugging me. Who do I cheer for? I know everything isn’t always white or black, but everything here is just….black. The government and Reverse are both royal assholes, killing innocent people for what they think to be a noble cause. Sooo, how does anybody win? Overthrow the government with a new, third organization? Name it Forwards instead of Reverse and then call it a day? The Bees and Noir are certainly the “heroes” of this story, but so few people could never hope to win against the GOVERNMENT. Reverse, maybe, but I don’t see how things are going to take a big change for the better yet.

Must say though, I am psyched for the Cabernet fight. It was AWESOME in the manga (because I am a lover of side characters, and they did it ALL WITHOUT LAG!) and I am gung-ho to relive that moment in this new anime storyline. I don’t think the battle will start too soon since the show still has 4 episodes to go, but if not in the next episode…the one after it will be intense. Not that this episode wasn’t good, I quite enjoyed how swiftly Reverse’s plans were revealed. Something I wish the manga would do <_<

Preview: Looks like the Bees are preparing for the Cabernet’s arrival, maybe they’ll actually be the main act this episode around. Meanwhile, Noir makes a stop to see Sylvette. Guess I should call him Gauche in that case, huh?


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4 Responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 21”

  1. Kuroneko says:

    It was quite a good chapter~ but maybe that`s because I like Lawrence XD. I wonder what will Noir do… Well, the most predictable thing, is that he will fight the Cabernet with Lag. But, I do preffer the Cabernet fight in the manga. I mean… Jiggy. Zazie. That`s all there is to say XD. And I feel sorry for the twins T^T. And yes, let`s just burn that cloack, I will help you. That was the first thing that I thought when I saw it XD. ¡Yay, Zazie of the week! XD. And… I don`t really know what side I`m in. I mean… I like Reverse. But if they`re going to kill everyone… then I don`t know. But we don`t know who is “the governement” neither. Maybe Largo(that sounds horrible in spanish XD) is with them.
    I can`t believe this is going to end… Well, at least we have te manga *it`s the same she said when Kuroshitsuji II ended XD*.

    • Overcooled says:

      I still can’t take a villain named “Lawrence” seriously. I don’t know why, he’s just terribly non-threatening XD

      Unless they manage to top Zaji teaming up with Jiggy then…yeah, it’s gonna be lacking. But hey, final showdown, I’m gonna stay optimistic. Maybe Noir will do an epic tag team with Lag (and then Zaji can steal the kill lololol).

      It annoys me that both sides are equally bad too. It’s a lose-lose situation now <_<

  2. Elyon says:

    I don’t like how they decided to make Reverse even MORE evil than the government now so that you still root for the protagonists…I was totally on Team Noir before this revelation. I just hope the evil deeds of the government don’t get forgotten now that there’s a worse bad guy.

    • Overcooled says:

      The revelation was awesome and fit with the story but…um…how is there a happy ending when everyone is evil <_< Reverse still sacrificed those nuns, mind you, but you still felt like they were the ones starting a good revolution after years of being tortured. Now it's hard to pick a side D=

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