Level E – 07

Story of the Evil Mao and Princess

Ness: Oh man, it’s the day has gone by fast and it’s been kind of meh. I decided to sleep in, skipping my first class and I ended up having nightmares about missing my exam that’s in my second class. Like somehow I was riding a bicycle to school and when I stepped off of it to check my cellphone, it was gone and stolen by some scrapper. Then I tried to get help going to school and I was SOL. Ah well, must be my conscience giving making me feel guilty or punishing me.

Note by Kyokai: My life has gone to hell work-wise, crazy hours is just the beginning; so, except for some special posts and surprises ahead, I would be a bit on the off-side for a week or two. I’m usually okay with providing inspiration to different bloggers with post and discussion ideas but there’s a limit to that. Specifically when it happens IRL over something that has commercial value and something that I really worked hard on; just demotivates and pisses me off. Just gives you an idea that stealing/plagiarizing should be a fucking crime but hell, when you can’t control things IRL, expecting something similar in the webosphere is an idiocy that I can do without. /rant over So, I’ll still be around to clear spam and the usual backend stuff awesomeness and as always be reachable via email/Twitter.

Ness: The Color Rangers make it to Rifst castle and there the King hires the boys to protect his daughter.  The Demon Lord’s Black Sky Dragon Knight General has fallen in love with the Princess and threatened to take her away. The boys try to decide if they’ll take the quest but Prince interrupts and mentions about why he asked them the name of the girl that they like.

Final Fantasy XV: Color Rangers, coming soon

The King then introduces his daughter and behold!!


Yeaaah, not what we expected to see, a Baka Princess and Ito Rina is actually home with a cold. Prince gives some cheesy game dialogue but is interrupted with a few beat-downs by the kids.

Getting your ass kicked by 5th Graders = EPIC

Princess then explains the situation that someone else is the Demon Lord which has its own AI and even Princess cannot predict its actions. As well, the game machine and spaceship is located in the Demon Lord’s castle. So without defeating the Demon Lord, there is no way to leave the game but the same goes for Princess.

Princess, the victim of his own demise~


Aside from the Demon Lord, there’s still the problem of the General which arrives for the Princess. Red tries to be tough about not handing over the Princess but after a wave of a hand by the General, their plan changes because it seems that the Demon Lord has modified his minions. Princess goes with the General while the boys are to head to a shrine to be safe.

– 50 years from your life

The Color Rangers battle some monsters with their uber fruify moves until Prince contacts them and gives the boys info about the Demon Lord which can change its appearance to anything it wants. All the while, Prince is with the General who’s studying about how to spend their marriage night.

Ways to have sex with a machine…. Oh WAIT- this is not EVE NO JIKAN

Crack that whip, baby~

No toys tonight, next up…

There are three ways to end the game: Party being wiped, defeating the Demon Lord or turning the game off. Prince continues his explanation and the boys are still making their way to the shrine. Eventually Prince escapes from the General with foreplay of playing the sensei who has the student (General) stay after class but the sensei forgets. Prince warns the boys who arrived at the shrine to hurry up because a horde of monsters are heading their way. When the boys reach the top, Prince meets up with them on his awesome hover board.

Back to the Future IV: RPG Land~ now in 3D

The monsters surround the shrine and the Demon Lord steps forward in the appearance of a chibi Prince. The Demon Lord offers to help the boys go home because he was at a lost about his existence (Prince forgot to give him a objective) and learned about his creator’s hobby of taking pleasure in others misfortune.

Alternate Retelling of Pinocchio

The Demon Lord doesn’t want to become like his creator and doesn’t want the game to end; thus he offers to help the Color Rangers. The boys do not believe the Demon Lord until he mentions about listening to the Color Ranger song as growing up.

SLAVES, we feel your pain…

The boys agree with the Demon Lords terms except for Prince who then rages about not wanting things to end because he has more plans for the boys and reveals it all. Among Prince’s revealing of plans, he mentions a spell the boys can use which the boys use on Prince.

RAGE Prince, RAGE!!! You deserve your spotlight.

Hooommmmeee Run DA SE!!

With Prince out of the way, the Demon Lord sees the boys off. Back on Earth, the boys go on with their daily lives until we find out that when all five boys are in a room together, they get warped to the game world.

DAT ASS won’t work because the evil Prince is still on a roll! >.>

Extra Screens:


You can’t have him her! SHE’S MINE!!!

Heart POWUH!

Too much Sex Education… Invalid Data~

Soul Eater Full Moon

Another evil ride…Herp derp…

End Thoughts:

Ness: Oh dear baka Ouji, how you never fail to make me LOL. This episode was indeed a good end to the Color Ranger arc and I’m glad that it’s over. I think that the whole Color Ranger concept was funny and the the struggle to get the wristbands taken off. As well, the short integration of Craft was just even more funny. But some part of me feels like that the show doesn’t have the same feeling as Yukitaka’s arc.

Nevertheless, the overall end results of the Color Ranger arc was quite satisfying. Who would have thought that Prince would put himself as the Princess? I for sure thought that it would be Ito Rina, the blue ranger’s crush because of a little scene of Prince doing some game planning after her mention. But I guess it would be bad to kidnap a sick girl and put her into a RPG game. As well, the bits of randomness that always occurs are always funny. Humorous yet wrong monster designs and random raging is always welcome.

My favorite part of the Color Rangers arc would have to be the Princess and General marriage night. The General having to read books to learn how to spend his night while Prince talks to the Color Rangers, was just EPIC. As well, the type of books and the questions that the General asks along with Prince’s clever remarks to further delay having to create a BL scene for Level E. The Demon Lord being a chibi version of Prince was somewhat surprising. When Prince described the Demon Lord, I thought maybe he might take the form of Yukitaka or Craft! But alas, we become the victims of Prince’s schemes and even himself. I look forward to the next arc and the return of Craft!

Preview: Princess Saki of the Makbak Kingdom visits Earth and falls in love with an Earthling which causes all sorts of trouble for Craft and his men.


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9 Responses to “Level E – 07”

  1. MikADo says:

    The episode ended with an Endless Eight, but wtv
    it was enjoyable to see dragon quest parodies XD
    looking forward to the next arc

    PS. PrincessXGeneral part was the best

  2. Jrow says:

    I liked Prince at first, but in this arc and episode 4, he became the type of anime character that I despised; it’s like once I got to know him and how overly self-indulgent he is of himself, I stopped liking him.

    • Ness says:

      Well, I think we get a little breather from him in the next arc. But yes, I know what you mean about Prince becoming unlikeable or even annoying. Usually I would dislike self-indulgent type of characters but somehow for Prince it feels a bit different and I’ve managed to still like certain aspects of what Prince does for the humor.

  3. Junko says:


    Call me hipster but classic anime humor is my cup of tea.

  4. Syn says:

    …Rewatched thus episode and just realized…
    The poster on Ito Rina’s wall,doesn’t it look familiar?

  5. […] “I think that the whole Color Ranger concept was funny and the the struggle to get the wristbands taken off. As well, the short integration of Craft was just even more funny. But some part of me feels like that the show doesn’t have the same feeling as Yukitaka’s arc. Nevertheless, the overall end results of the Color Ranger arc was quite satisfying.” – Metanorn […]

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